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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Is Life Harsh?

Life is harsh when you are no longer apart of this harshness

The less of this harshness you become, the harsher it seems

Can we justifiably judge life being so harsh?

Is it as harsh as we now see it is?

It is but it's not

This is like judging a negative

Is it a negative because we now deem it so?

Is it this judgment that makes it so?

Our own harshness on life doesn't make life harsh

It's our own deemed harshness that makes it so harsh

When we deem life so harsh

Is this not still being of this harshness!!

~Mathew G~

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Being Aware - A More Placid Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's obvious to me that being aware gives me a more accepting disposition, this in turn gives me a more placid existence, this state however is only acquired if one is aware beyond certain conditionings set down in the following.

I have observed that many people are struggling with what is going on in the world at present, I have also observed that others who ignore and /or separate themselves from these adversities, seem content and placid, this is until they are themselves directly influenced by these adversities adversely.  

The following is but a guide to a more aware and accepting placid existence.

~ Condition yourself to all of  what is going on in human consciousness, even to the adversities, this will allow you to cope better with these adversities when they influence you. Staying ignorant or separate to these adversities actually makes you a lot more vulnerable than other people who are conditioned to these adversities. This however doesn't mean you allow these adversities to condition you to become these adversities, it means to only become aware of these adversities. You can be within these adversities without being of these adversities.

~  Now this is a big one, try not to judge what is wrong or right, good or bad, negative or positive, black or white, this also means not to judge what is judged to be positive because one will always create the other to the same extent. To also judge what is positive, means there has to be a negative to compare a positive to, wouldn't it be better if we didn't have a judged negative to begin with?

~ Observe instead of judging. A true observation will only observe a difference without the separation of judgment, for example, one will observe what is and isn't destructive without judging a positive or negative within this observation. Observation means to become aware of your environment where judgment means to stay ignorant to our environment. Observation also means to become aware of all perceptions without bias, however, judgment means to stay ignorant to any other perception but your own.

~ Now we come to love. Love naturally detracts from destructive tendencies, this is because once a consciousness truly loves, it is quite unable to destroy anything. A true sense of love is also of awareness, this is the main reason why this kind of love is unable to be destructive for only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy, a truly aware consciousness is unable to express destructive tendencies, however......

~ It's wise to be also aware that human consciousness is conditioned to abuse and misuse any trait that will seem to benefit it, religion, spirituality, politics, materialism, are good examples of this abuse and misuse, this abuse and misuse in turn will of course create extremes. Human consciousness is but one journey with infinite paths to follow, however to make things interesting, we also have a choice to evolve further from this human consciousness or not.  

~ Become aware that human consciousness is but one journey we are all on no matter what path we are following, however, be also aware that another consciousness that is evolving from human consciousness is developing. This means that some of us will evolve and some of us won't and one consciousness will become more constructive, the other more destructive and some people will be comfortable with what is going on in the world at present, some people won't, there are no wrong or rights with this.

~ Some of us are indeed splitting away from human consciousness, it's likened to human consciousness forking of into a different journey to human consciousness, however, don't get the idea that human consciousness isn't ascending, human consciousness is ascending but it's not evolving into another more aware consciousness. Human consciousness is ascending into a more destructive consciousness, it's wise not to judge this as not being an ascension because it's unbecoming in some way to us. Ascension isn't governed by how a consciousness thinks and expresses itself, an ascending consciousness only has to improve on itself, in anyway.

~ Indeed, the consciousness that is evolving from human consciousness, will once again entail infinite paths while this evolved consciousness is but once again one journey, one consciousness. These paths within this consciousness will be nothing like the paths that are followed in human consciousness's journey, they will be quite different because the journey (consciousness) will be different. One consciousness = journey, individual consciousness's = paths, one journey being taken by many consciousness's on different paths.

~ This new evolved consciousness will be very different to human consciousness, try to let go of this human consciousness, this human consciousness is ascending through technology and corruption but it's still a consciousness that will never be truly aware and passive, it's purely unable to for any length of time.

~ We don't just have a choice of paths to experience, we now have a different journey to choose to experience our paths through, it's indeed a lively time to exist as a 3rd dimensional consciousness.

~ One more thing, try not to judge each other, the journey you have chosen to follow, either it be spiritual or materialistic, is but a journey, one is not wrong or right over the other even though either side might have disdain for the other!! There are of course people who have not judged one journey being more worthy than the other, however, these people have observed that one is more destructive than the other, in the end, you must go with what you feel is the right journey for you to take. 


Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Twelfth Dimension

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think we know more about the 12th dimension than any other dimension, this is due to the ways we have tried to stay connected to this dimension.  So many ancient writings tell us about this particular dimension, the word God is a very good example of this. I also think religions, like Hinduism and Greek mythology for example, tell us of other dimensions when relating to God's and Goddess's, the 11th dimension is a good example of this.

When the 12th dimensional consciousness is expressed as separate consciousness's, we end up with God's and Goddess's especially in the 11th dimension. These conscious expressions in the 11th dimension express themselves as God's and Goddess's, this is because of their close connection with the 12th dimensional consciousness. However, as we regress away from the 12th dimension, the more disconnected we become to the 12th dimensional consciousness, you can see why so many people are disconnected from this 12th dimensional consciousness in the 3rd dimension.  

I thought I would now share an interesting conversation I had with a lady recently, no wonder I love other people's perceptions. The following discussion is in relation to my post, Why Dimensions Are Not Levels!!


But why humble ourselves? What do we gain from confusion, pain, stress and ego? Why the choice to descend to then try our best to ascend? 

My Reply
Interesting questions +Evelyn Gomez

The point is, why do we have to gain anything, why not be expressive without a gain or cause?  

We actually have nothing to gain because we are always of the 12th dimension, this never really leaves us. To gain or to have purpose is ego, why not be expressive without having to have purpose or gain? To ascend or not to ascend is only an experience, nothing more, it's not experienced to gain or acquire anything.

We could say our soul gains and acquires awareness and wisdom from these experiences, to a point this is true but it's not necessary, all of what is, is within the 12th dimension except for the expressions of consciousness itself. The only way consciousness can be expressed, is through the other eleven dimensions. There is really nothing to gain or acquire from this from a 12th dimensional conscious view.

However, this is were the souls comes into play, to be able to experience this consciousness, one has to express ego, this is accomplished through the soul gaining and acquiring awareness and wisdom through various experiences. However, the soul really doesn't have to experience anything to gain or acquire awareness and wisdom, this is all within the 12th dimension except for the actual expressions of gain and acquiring.       

I should say, pain, confusion and stress are not experienced through the 5th dimension I feel, they are present but they are not expressed, especially to the same  extreme of the 3rd, 2nd 1st dimensions.

So why would any consciousness want to become expressive of these extremes in these three dimensions?

There is no judgement of a worthy or an unworthy, is it more worthy to be less expressive of these destructive expressions? Only the ego can answer this and the answer is obvious, however, a consciousness void of ego would not judge either way thus experience all of what is.

For me, if I didn't go through the pain and hardships of life, I wouldn't be as aware as I am now, human consciousness as a whole is the same. We will learn from our hardships or we will regress to the 2nd dimension. A lot of people have had enough, these people I feel will not regress to the 2nd dimension but there are people who obviously will.

Why am I so adamant about this? Because of their fixations to hardships and their disconnectedness from the 12th dimension.

Makes sense and I'll remember everything you said as I find myself in most struggling times. To me at least. I know there are people struggling and suffer way more then I can dare to imagine.

What are your thoughts and or advise to those that are chronically depressed, who feel like they're whole life is meaningless. Those who chronically complain about everything and can't find nor feel happiness. If you can and have the time please elaborate. I appreciate you and your time. 

My Reply
Release yourself from being controlling, let go of the pain and suffering. 

I've had chronic pain since I was six years old, I'm also estranged from most of my family, I'm basically an embarrassment to them so I was shunned. I went through it all. 

Pain and suffering is a natural part of this dimension, we just haven't learnt how to properly deal with this. I also don't take pain killers, I don't try to control my pain but I do work with my pain by not trying to control it.    

It helps not to focus on the pain and suffering, don't allow it to control you  through focusing on it, focus on something else not painful. 

We tend to focus way too much on pain and suffering, we need to change this focus. It's amazing the amount of focused energy we give to pain and suffering within this dimension, it's utterly astounding.

Will do 😌 I appreciate everything! Every word every thought you share. I would be honored to have some one like you in my family. Gracias Amigo 💜⭐💜⭐💜⭐💜

My Reply
Wow +Evelyn Gomez, I think I would love to be a part of your family, you have a beautiful well balanced mind. Much blessings Evelyn.   

The following exchange relates to my post, God??

Reply So if we are all from the 12D and we become one with the highest of consciousness at the 12D. Are you suggesting that we are all one when at the 12D? No separation, just one whole and as we descend we start the separation through individual souls? So we are all ONE BIG consciousness? We are all one ?

My Reply
Evelyn Gomez Yes, we only become separated from the 12th dimension through expressing this 12th dimensional consciousness through the other eleven dimensions.

Once we express this consciousness of the 12th dimension, we separate ourselves from this consciousness. This makes sense, how could you express this 12th dimensional consciousness all at once? You couldn't. it's too vast, so it's separated into separate dimensions.

We might then perceive that this 12th dimensional consciousness is also of hate and chaos but it's not, this can only occur when this consciousness is expressed. If there is no ego present within a consciousness,  you can't hate or cause chaos, this only occurs when a consciousness is expressed. This 12th dimension is void of ego altogether therefore is unable to express it's own consciousness within the 12th dimension, however, this is another matter in the other eleven dimensions.

It's really quite fascinating observing this consciousness in motion.   

Pain and Suffering: In relation to pain and suffering, it's unwise to suffer needlessly, taking pain killers for physical pain and meditating for mental pain are a required necessity, however, it's also wise to take physical pain killers as little as possible, try not to become too dependant. Try disallowing the pain to control you but don't try to control the pain either, as soon as you start trying to control the pain, the pain has you within it's control.

Meditation is the same believe it or not, if you are meditating to only relieve yourself of suffering, the suffering has you within it's control, try meditating for no reason at all, within this, their is no expressions of control.

This is the same with all our intentions/purpose and gains, try expressing yourself without these controlling factors, just express yourself without expecting something in return.

Void of Judgement:  The 12th dimension is totally void of judgment, it has no egoistic expressions to be able to judge, this means there is no judgment of a worthy or unworthy expression. This doesn't mean it's OK for a consciousness to do as they like, it just means there is no judgment from the 12th dimensional consciousness. What will happen is, if a consciousness keeps on a destructive path, it will end up at the 1st dimension, this is basically where this kind of consciousness belongs.

Our connection to the 12th dimension assists us to avoid this from occurring, however, if a consciousness is persistent in it's destructive ways, it will eventually end up in the 1st dimension.

There is a good reason why we think these eleven dimensions are an illusion, if a 12th dimensional consciousness enters into any of these dimensions, including the 1st dimensions, these dimensions would instantly no longer exist. So we then wonder why this 12th dimensional consciousness we call God doesn't do this, this is simple, judgment, there is no judgment, the only judgment there is, is from consciousness's of the other eleven dimensions. It would be a bit silly using judgment to fix  these problems when it's judgment that created these problem in the first place!!

The wise thing to do is put the fire of judgment out with water, using fire to put out fire by back burning isn't the best way to put out a fire. In Australia, we use what is called back burning, you burn all the flammable matter ahead of the fire so the fire just burns itself out, however, this isn't always successful or even advisable at times. Using judgment to fix what judgment created in the first place works on the same principles of back burning.

So what do we have to put out the fire of what judgment has created? The 12th dimensional consciousness which is egoless, the opposite of egoistic, this is the same as putting out fire with water, water being the opposite to fire. We have all the answers within our environment but we are just unaware of them. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pure Bliss-Pure Balance

Written by Mathew Naismith

"The purity of the world is defined by it's own purity within it's own actions"......Mathew

Definition of purity; Being undiluted or unmixed with extraneous material, it also means, the state of being unsullied by sin or moral wrong; lacking a knowledge of evil. The word extraneous is an interesting word to use for the definition of purity, extraneous defines an outside source, meaning, to be pure is to be unmixed with outside sources and influences, in other words it's pure in substance without any extreme influences.

It's important here to not just look at language as something of the mind, therefore, purely of the thinking process of man. Many languages have evolved through spiritual processes and/or a perception beyond human perception, in other words language was created from an inner knowing. Modern day languages are however more about human perceptions but were initially influenced by perceptions beyond human perceptions, at times you can still see this inner knowing through modern day languages.

It is by no mistake I often refer, to what many of us have deemed God's consciousness, as pure consciousness/pure wisdom, this is because it's pure balance, meaning it's of neither one or the other especially to an extreme. This also means there is no extremes of dark or light, positive or negative, bad or good, in other words the absence of judgment period. Pure balance is the absence of judgment because it has no extremes to judge, there are no true opposites so what is there to judge?

It's by no mistake that many of us are trying to learn to live without judgement, this is due to balance being void of judgment, this also means God's consciousness is without judgement.

Now if this God's consciousness is without judgment, it is also void of extremes, this includes light or darkness, this indicates that this God's consciousness isn't of light but of pure balance. Most often we have depicted a God figure in opposition to the devil, the devil of course being representative of darkness in opposition to God's light. I wouldn't myself put this God's consciousness of pure balance in opposition to anything, this is wholly due to this God's consciousness being of pure balance. If this God's consciousness is only of light, it's not of balance therefore it's of judgment, this infers that God's consciousness is of man's consciousness, they are one of the same but there not, this is wholly due to man's consciousness not being of this pure balance.

Pure Consciousness; means a consciousness that is not of judgement for it's this judgment that unbalances a consciousness, a consciousness without judgments is therefore balanced by the lack of judgment. This lack of judgment takes a consciousness to perceive that there is no light or dark, good or bad, except in a reality of motion. As soon as a consciousness is primarily influenced by motion, it becomes judgemental in accordance with the motions being expressed. The more expressive a consciousness becomes, the more judgment a consciousness expresses. Pure consciousness on the other hand is the absence of extraneous influences, the absence of judgement in other words.

Don't get me wrong, this pure consciousness isn't actually pure within itself, it's pure because it's of pure balance, pure bliss. If God's consciousness was to be pure within itself, an opposite would have to also have been created, once you create an opposite, you create judgement. To me this would make this so called pure consciousness impure in my mind, there is nothing pure about judgement but there is of balance.

Wisdom: I also often refer to this God's consciousness as pure wisdom, this is by no a mistake, this is due to this God's consciousness being an observer rather than a participator. It's very difficult being an observer of your own participation, it's of course not impossible either.

It's also wise not to judge a difference as opposed to only observing a difference, this is due to judgment being of motion, however, observing on the other hand takes very little motion.

When we quieten the mind through meditation for example, we most often feel blissful, this is wholly due to lack of motion believe it or not, and yes, we can reflect this blissfulness onto the rest of the world. Basically what we are doing here is influencing the world with pure blissful consciousness, a consciousness void of the motions of judgment. We have in this circumstance replaced  a motion of judgment with a far more motionless expression through the simple process of observing. We would indeed become a lot less destructive through observing more. At the moment, we are judging what is or isn't worthy to ourselves, learning to observe more will make us far less destructive.

Balance: Lacking the knowledge of evil also to me means lacking the knowledge of good, this however doesn't mean being ignorant to evil or good, what this means is lacking the desire to create good or evil which is of course what creates judgement. Knowledge comes about through a desire or a need, there is no desire or need within a pure balanced consciousness!! This is due to this pure balanced consciousness not being of knowledge or intelligence but pure wisdom, this is wholly due that you can't acquire wisdom, you become wisdom basically through balance.

Balance of course takes a consciousness to let go, to let go of control therefore motion, yes, it takes a consciousness to become more motionless. So many people are saying that the Mayan prophecy didn't come true but it did, for example, how many more people are meditating these days? A lot more people, what are we doing when mediating? We are learning to become less of motional expressions and learning to become motionless more often, this is a tiny example of the conscious shift the Mayans talked about. 

The conscious shift is of course a shift towards this pure consciousness. The awareness of judgment these days is also an indication of this shift, this conscious change occurred but we just haven't learnt to observe it yet. To observe takes balance, this is indeed occurring according to my own observations.  

One more thing, you might think to have pure balance there would have to be an opposite, this isn't the case due to this pure balance not being of motions, you can only create an opposite through motion!!         

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What Actually Produces Judgement?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Education and judgement: We ask the question, “What actually produces judgment?”, and we come up with ego, you obviously can’t judge or misjudge without an ego being present for only through the ego can we judge. This post however isn’t just about the ego producing judgment but how the ego produces (creates) this judgement.

We can express ego traits without being in judgment,  it’s called observing a situation without comparing one situation to another, for example, “it’s a beautiful day just because it makes you feel good”, you’re not comparing this to a day that made you feel bad. Judging is comparing one to another and forming a critical opinion, one being more worthy than another to experience, in this case a day that made you feel bad can influence us to make judgment on this day by experiencing a day that didn’t make us feel bad. We then judge this day to be worthy of experiencing, this however actually doesn’t tell us how judgment is formed until we become aware of an imbalance, an imbalance that causes us to judge a situation instead of just observing a situation without judgment or prejudice.  

Yes, I’m saying judgment is caused by an imbalance, an imbalance brought about by how we think, it’s an imbalance of the thinking processes we are conditioned too from birth.  How many people are brought up on a certain style of education, like for example, an education predominantly influenced by religious teachings or hands on skills like farming or even, and probably especially, an education based purely on academics. I have observed on numerous occasions, that highly educated people can also be highly prejudice against anyone not  educated to the same degree, actually, I have even observed these people show prejudice against more highly educated people than themselves. There is an obvious imbalance here and it’s all to do with the way we are taught to think.   

The following is a reply I received from one of my posts, strangely enough, this person didn’t read my actual post but the replies I received from another person in judgment of my poor grammar and writing skills. I’m certainly not the best writer around but I do have my own writing style that doesn’t suite everyone. I come from the bush and my writing style can most often reflect this, I’m OK with this but some people aren’t and that’s Ok too.

The following reply I received, and my subsequent reply back to this person,  reflects on a certain kind of education, a style of education that the governments of the day desisted in financially supporting in Australia. The kind of education is question obviously offered, to a point, a balanced education.               

Good old Yallourn tech, no it was "a" technical trade orientated school! We need these types of schools back so the current teenagers get some good quality skills behind them, instead of being keyboard warriors, like some person above! Which he must have gone to "an" elementary school!!! 

My Rely

Technical trade schools were about obtaining a balanced education between hands on skills and technical thinking, not many educational establishments these days teach on this level. 

As of anything, balance is the key like a balanced diet for example or a balanced mentality which helps one analyse situations and people without bias, it would seem Theadore lacks this kind balanced education. 

As usual , one can know all there is to know and still not  know how to use this knowledge, a balanced education gives one this knowledge I believe. 

My post is about everything being in the now, meaning, when you think of the past, present or future, it's all in the present moment. Yes, my grammar isn't perfect, too much country comes out in the post at times but that is my writing style, that is who I am and I'm proud of it no matter how many flaws it has according to others with an obvious unbalanced education. 

It's sad that they closed these schools but this is a typical  knee jerk reaction you will get from people with an unbalanced education. We wonder why the worlds in a mess, it's dominated by people with a high level of education who know nothing in how to use this knowledge in a balanced way.  

All this knowledge is fine but do we know how to use this knowledge wisely and in an unbiased way? Wisdom gives balance to knowledge, knowledge obviously doesn't give one wisdom, this is obtained through a balanced education which the world lacks at present. 

Prior to going to a technical college, I was  also educated at what was called a technical high school, these schools were also shut down by the government of the day.

Wisdom; comes from a balanced outlook that  comes from a balanced education, not from the huge amount of knowledge we can store inside our heads, if this was the case, the world wouldn’t be going through what it is at present. There is no wisdom in chaos and destruction, we are not lead by wisdom but by a highly educated system which obviously doesn’t know how to use this knowledge constructively.

My own education sadly lacked spiritual teachings, even though I was educated in technical skills, I lacked the balance of spiritual teachings , to a point, I made up for this. How many schools today even teach philosophy? Philosophy can teach you to think outside the square, outside conditioned teachings.

It’s not what we know or how much we know, it’s how we use  what we know that shows how wise we have become. This wisdom isn’t obtained through what we know or how much we know, it’s produced by a balanced education and the more balanced an education is, the less you will judge and misjudge. Wisdom isn’t about judgment, it’s about observations without judgement and prejudice, this I feel can only be obtained through a balanced education.

If you lack a balanced education, try balancing this out with your own studies. I don’t myself think much of human knowledge and know how, in a lot of cases it certainly lacks wisdom in my mind, however, if this education is helping to give you balance, go for it by all means, we need more people with a balanced thinking process that stops us judging and prejudging as we are at present.

Can a balanced education lesson our judgmental attitude? In my mind most definitely.  

Friday, 5 June 2015

The Spiritual Observer

Written by Mathew Naismith

We exist in a reality of observing and judgment, our whole existence is influenced by what and how we observe and judge, good examples of this can be found in psychology/psychiatry and other science modalities for instance. We become aware of our environment through such actions, this in turn creates our reality based purely on observation and judgment, how then does a spiritual observer become aware if it's not through judgment?

Before we answer this we need to understand what it means to be an observer and/or of judgment. In the way we exist at present, we observe and then judge or calculate what is being observed, this allows us to become more aware of our environment, this includes each other and ourselves, this works fine until we take action to what we observed. This is called calculative observation, to observe in this way is to make a calculative judgment of what is being observed, however, calculative judgment through observation isn't the only way to observe as I will explain a little further on.

In our present reality we are using judgment of what we observe, this allows us to judge or calculate what is being observed, there is however a dilemma with this, this kind of action and reaction gives us a perception of a wrong and right, worthy and unworthy, positive and negative. Within this judgment we act and react and so on it goes, calculative observation gives us infinite actions reactions, it's endless, this is until we observe without judgment through calculative observations. This endless action reaction is like energy hammering or pounding itself, it's an endless motion of energy reacting to itself, this action is of course going to create chaos. This is due to it's endless and continuous motions, it's like having a mind that won't stop thinking and we know what kind of chaos that causes us in our own minds.

We have really become expert in calculative observation in main stream society, what we haven't become expert, or even aware of, is observation through non-calculative judgemental means, this is where the spiritual observer comes into it.

A spiritual observer will observe and even state what is being observed, this however isn't done through judgment, there is no right or wrong, worthy or unworthy but there is a constructive or destructive action and reaction, in other words the spiritual observer becomes aware of the different actions and reactions, that is all. Within in this non-reaction of not giving a calculative judgment, there is no reaction therefore this endless motion, brought about by calculative observations, ceases to exist, in other words this infinite motion of actions and reactions is no longer infinite. All motion seems infinite especially when such motion has an endless supply off energy, in this case this energy is action reaction brought about by calculative observations, this is until we stop the flow of energy that is feeding this seemingly endless motion.

We, at this stage of human evolution, seem to only know how to exist through calculative observations, the next step in evolution for human kind is I feel becoming aware and learning to exist primarily influenced by spiritual observation, an existence that mainly excludes calculative observations.

Now we might think, how could human kind evolve without calculative observation, we needed calculative observation to survive and become more aware of our environment?  This is the thing with evolution, nothing stays the same, everything is always evolving, this includes the way we think, in other words instead of using calculative observation to exit by, we are going to evolve and use another way or system of thinking to exist by.

How can anything exist in a reality that doesn't use calculative observations? Take a monkey  for example, they make a calculative observation of what to eat otherwise they could eat the wrong thing, all animals are the same, could you imagine sharks trying to eat steel ships? Calculative observation is used by all creatures to one extent or another. I should state here, observation isn't just in reference to eye sight, it refers to all the senses of all creatures, this also includes the six sense and animal instincts.

There seems no other way to exist only because we only know one way to exist, this is through calculative observations, we know no other way plus it makes sense we can't possibly exist without such observations. With this kind of thought pattern, we are not going to become aware of different ways to exist absent of calculative observations, within this, the motion is going to be endless.

Imagine for one minute that everyone was a spiritual observer, there would be no actions and reactions, there would be little motion, this motionless state would in turn create utter harmony within such a reality. We might think here that we would then starve to death, if you have no actions and reactions, where is the food, the energy, to sustain our own energy going to come from.

How we are existing at the moment is through motion, we are motion so we need food (energy) that is also of motion, this makes perfect sense, how could we consume (use) energy that has no motion? The point is we can't until we begin to become motionless ourselves. Because at present we exist through motion, we need energy that is also of motion, would not a motionless state also need a motionless form of energy to exist?     

We don't need to know where this motionless energy is going to come from or how it's going to appear, this will happen quite automatically the more motionless we become. The spiritual observer void of calculative observation, will create quite a different reality that is very hard to imagine for most of us, most of us today still can't imagine an existence in total harmony but a lot of spiritually aware people do seem to have some idea of this existence, we are indeed becoming more aware of other ways to exist. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Let the Children Play

Written by Mathew Naismith

I got the most strangest message this morning, “Let the children play”, the children is in reference to ourselves, the human race, so what does this mean, let the children play? The feeling I get hasn’t got to do with the human self as such but the inner child, let the inner child come out and play.

We have strangulated the inner child so much we have forgotten how to express such inner feelings and thoughts; this I feel is mainly due to allowing ourselves, as adults, to be drawn into the destructive traits of the ego like judgment and ridicule. Yes, children judge and ridicule each other more than ever but I’m talking about the inner child who has no such judgment to contend with.  Children of course will always pick up on what adults do unless they allow the inner child to come out and play.    

The following I found to be very well illustrated in how to bring forth the inner child within.

In the situation I’m in, if I didn’t allow this inner child out to play, my relationship with my wife would be in dire straits. Allowing the inner child to play can indeed assist in keeping relationships together, my wife and I so often act like children at times, pushing and shoving each other in public for example or whistling each other as you would a dog, “ come on girl, you can do it” and so on. Yes most people would take offence to this only because they have no idea how to allow the inner child out to play, we can indeed take life too seriously as adults.  

I’m also lucky that I have certain friends who are the same, they get out there and make utter fools of themselves but they are indeed enjoying life living as the inner child, sadly enough most of these people are female, blokes try too hard to be real blokes (macho) instead of just allowing it all to just hang out, in other words allowing the inner child out to play.

The inner child also has more in relation to non-duality than duality; there is no or little judgment within the inner child, I feel this allows us to be more connected to the collective, take away judgment and what do you have? It’s not duality; once you take judgment out of the equation, you really no longer have duality especially in its present form under the influence of judgment.   

The inner child also assists us in intuition and synchronicity, this is due to the inner child not taking life too seriously by not allowing attachments as fixation to rule our whole lives, once this occurs we strangulate the inner child again. Any kind of fixation will hinder our intuition, this is like a child going through a traumatic experience, it can indeed hinder a child’s fun loving openness hindering any intuition and synchronicity that could occur in one’s life.

So in all bringing forth the inner child out to play has huge benefits, not doing so can have disastrous effects upon our existence individually and collectively. It’s interesting getting such messages, it’s a sign to move on from our present mentality I feel.            

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

To the Next Spiritual Level

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going from my last post, Non-duality of absolute truth, I think this is the next level for humans to obtain, thinking past duality altogether.  If we are still making comparison between non-duality and duality, absolute truth and illusions, we are still thinking in duality, the trick is to think past this state to a non-dual state of thinking. You might think non-duality is to not think at all but that’s the trick, thinking while in a non-duality state.

Is thinking all to do with duality, the mind, therefore duality is only of the mind? This is also a bit tricky for anyone thinking in dual format, the brain gives the mind its thinking process which can stay with us from life to life through the soul; this is very much in relation to our karma. It’s the brain that gives us thought not the mind itself, we can be easily tricked to think it’s the mind that gives us thinking processes not the brain when only through the brain can we, at the soul level, obtain a thought process. So what is the mind?

The mind is a culmination of all of what we have experienced in totality, in other words what we have experienced in all our non-physical and physical existences, this can also include our existence in non-duality states.

While thinking in dual format (duality), we perceive the mind as being a thought process when basically all it is, is a hard drive, a place where we store all our experiences, it’s not actually a processing unit like in a computer, it really doesn’t run the show, our lives.

So what runs the show, what is the processor, what determines or sorts out what is going to occur in anyone’s life?

I think it’s a culmination of non-duality and duality that runs the show, however,  don’t make the mistake this culmination between non-duality and duality thinks like the brain or a processing unit of a computer, it doesn’t in my mind. Look at it like an automated processing unit, it doesn’t have to think to create life and experiences, life and experiences just occur through interactions between non-duality and duality. Look at our reactions to becoming aware of non-duality for example, it’s automatically created a reaction, in other words non-duality has automatically given us thought of non-duality itself which has culminated in different reaction and thinking processes and non-thinking processes and reactions.

 So this means at the soul level we don’t run the show, our own lives, we have no free will?

In a sense yes but in another sense no, if we were to only think in duality, I am a separate entity, yes we don’t have free will but, if we were to think in non-duality, I am one entity with all of what is, no we do have free will; we have free will through the culmination of non-duality and duality. This automated process that is created through the culmination of non-duality and duality, is what this oneness has basically chosen to do, it’s become automated by its own free will, mainly in my mind to experience all of what itself, this oneness is.  To say free will doesn’t exist for us is to think in duality not non-duality.

This level of understanding is not easy to understand and comprehend but I do think it’s the next level in a human sense.

We have created a problem by egotistically believing non-duality is the be and end all, it’s our egos telling us there has to be a place or a state separate to our present state that is of absolute truth. It’s funny how the ego can’t, or more likely, won’t see that absolute truth is sitting right in front of it within a state of duality. The ego says to us, “this can’t be the case; this is a horrid reality of duality, there’s no way absolute truth can exist within this reality”. Why is it a horrid reality and why can’t we see the absolute truths within this reality?

For starters we have judged this reality as being horrid and absolute truth can’t possibly exist within a reality influenced by duality. For starters this kind of thinking process will obscure any absolute truth within this reality; absolute truth is only obscured through our own misjudgement not by the reality we exist in. For starters there is only one reality, so if this one reality is horrid, this one reality can’t possibly be in anyway of absolute truth, absolute truth can’t exist then, it’s also an illusion which of course it’s not. In fact we have created this horrid reality void of absolute truth through judgement.

How many times have we been warned to stop judging but we still judge duality as being one thing and non-duality as being something else, as soon as we make judgment from one state to another, we are thinking in dual format, the trick is to stop doing this altogether. In doing this we have created two separate states, non-duality and duality, through thinking in a dual format. The next step is to get away from this kind of thinking process of judgment now we have become aware and more aware of non-duality.  See now how becoming aware more of non-duality, in culmination with duality, has created a different thinking process. In a sense non-duality wouldn’t exist for us if it wasn’t for duality, duality has automatically given us the awareness of non-duality, thus we have duality and non-duality working in culmination.  

But in a real sense there is no non-duality or duality in a true non-duality state, therefore both non-duality and duality are of a thought process only, they are more of the brain than the mind for only in the brain can we label something as being of non-duality and duality for it takes judgment to label things so.      

Monday, 19 January 2015

The Bliss of Being in the Present Moment

Written by Mathew Naismith

“There is nothing more soothing than being in the moment of love and beauty void of any intentions what so ever “.

I shot consecutive photographs of a lovely sky as the sun was abating, not knowing what was actually in the photographs; I shot these photos just before Christmas and I never knew one of these shots had a heart silhouetted in the sky while taking these shots.  

The funny thing is I took consecutive shots and only one of the photos had this heart silhouetted in the sky, this was quite strange for this kind of cloud pattern because this kind of high level cloud doesn’t move all that quickly. There were no intentions by me to take a shot with a heart silhouetted in the sky, I saw a lovely sky with the sun abating quite low in the horizon and I shot consecutive photos ignorant to the heart in the sky.

The one thing to be aware of with intentions is it’s always in reference to the future; it’s only conducive to aims or plans, it has nothing to do with just being within the present moment.  

What we western people seem to do is try to use more than one spiritual concept at the same time that, at times, can be counterproductive.  Can anyone be within the present moment (now) and also be of intentions? Trying to live by these two concepts at the same time is indeed counterproductive; they can actually cancel each other out depending on what kind of intention we are using.

Because active intentions is more about forcing a plan or goal rather than going with the flow, active intentions can be highly counterproductive to being just within the moment, this isn’t the same with passive intentions. Active intentions are also more likely to be in retaliation to a situation in life like being more positive than negative; this is good except we are still being judgemental of what we have judged as having less value.

Passive intentions is more about allowing a plan to come together rather than forcing it, passive intentions allow us to mould such plans within our present moment (lives) without creating too much trauma. Passive intentions are also not about a retaliative reaction to something we have judged as unbecoming for some reason, this is why, if we need to have intentions, passive intentions works more with the present moment rather than against it.

If you are going to live by the concept of living in the now, it’s advisable not to have too many intentions.

What is also counterproductive in the west is judgment, it is a good idea to lesson our judgments and especially being judgemental, this again is determined by what kind of intentions we are living by.  A lot of people actually judge judgment as being negative therefor unbecoming in some way; this is brought about by active intentions I believe.  We are not supposed to be judgmental but we judge being in judgement quite severally.   

You don’t get this reaction with passive intention, passive intentions is about accepting judgement for what it is, just a different path to follow without judging this path too harshly as just plain negative.

Particularly in the west we need to be aware of the counter productiveness of what certain concept are going to have with each other, yes we have a huge array of spiritual concepts to follow but I think we need to beware of mixing and matching these concepts together, it is in my mind adding a fair amount of confusion into our lives rather than taking this confusion away.  

Self-empowerment is always conducive to future plans but while we are being so self-empowered, we are not living within the present moment and within this stillness of the moment.  Self-empowerment takes a lot of active intentions to bring about, this stops us from experiencing the very moment we are in and experiencing what living in the present moment can give.

Yes it might feel we are in the present moment while being actively intentional but that is not the case, you can’t live for the future with intentions and be of the present moment at the same time, just something to ponder!!   

There is nothing like living in the present moment, this is one path, there is also nothing like living with active intentions, this is another path, each path has it’s merits and is only a path for us to follow or not, they are not bad or good, negative or positive, they are only paths we can either follow or not.  It’s advisable not to try to follow two paths at the same time that can be quite counterproductive to each other, follow one path or the other for they are only paths, there is nothing to judge but of course being in judgement is but another path not to be judged.  

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Finding the Inner Voice

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought the following discussion I had with a First Nation person was interesting so I thought I would share it. The discussion was in relation to my last post titled, Neutral Thinking and Wisdom.

From our First Nations view our definition of judgement is close to your definition of neutrality.

When non-native people talk about judgement this what the outcome is. When judging, they analyze something, then they deem it as either good or bad and they treat the thing or person according to what they believe how one should be treated based on their judgement. eg.. they will treat people good who they have deemed as good. And they will treat people who they deem as bad in a bad way. Their decision from that judgement will dictate in their mind the worthiness of the situation or the person.

When we judge we look and we observe and then we accept the situation or person as it is. Then we adapt ourselves to our analysis and we keep moving. We do not try to change anyone or anything and we do not deem anything as good or bad. We accept and adapt ourselves thereby achieving harmony and when we depart a situation or a person we leave it as we found it .We call it respect and honor. We recognize imbalance, but it is not our imbalance, so we cannot touch it. This is how I understand what you shared.
Thank you.

Interesting +SpiritRider2013, this is what I call judging not judgement, judgement usually refers to something negative but judging is like your First Nation view it would seem.

I don't try to confuse non-native people with this variation of judging and judgment, I usually refer to them as the same to keep it simple. I did however write about this difference in one of my posts some time back.

Most of what I write most western minded people just don't understand or don't want to understand, it's too close to the truth, most people don't like the truth being told especially if it seems to go against their own beliefs.

Most western mentality is built around preconceived judgement I'm afraid, they lost their inner voice long ago.
You're an interesting person SpiritRider.

Does it seem like one is a physical action and the other a spiritual action?
Thank you.

+SpiritRider2013 Interesting question!!!!!!
Didn't look at it like this but yes I suppose so, one judges by the inner voice and the other the outer voice, one is of the spiritual the other is not. 

This is funny because you can physically see who's voice is the loudest, which voice is more destructive and demanding? The outer voice, it's probably why we can hear this outer voice the most. The inner voice ins't like this, it goes with the flow because it's not judgmental of everything seemingly not of itself.
Thank you SpiritRider, good thoughts.    

It would seem as a western thinking people we have lost our way, we are meandering about lost in a void we created through our own ignorance and ego.  We are trying to use eastern philosophy to correct this, but we seem to not be able to get the full gist of what eastern thinking is about to be able to find our inner voice again.  

I think SpiritRider did a very good job in showing us where we go astray when taking on eastern thinking, he’s explanation of how different First Nation sees judgment, to what western thinkers do, covered this quite well.  

Friday, 15 August 2014

Neutral Thinking and Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

We tend to judge ourselves and others as either positively or negatively thinking at any given time, we give no heart or credence in neutrally thinking which I think is a more natural way to think.  No other animal in nature thinks either positively or negatively, thinking positively or negatively isn’t a natural part of nature or mother Earth, so what makes us so different? The answer is simple, ego; no other living form other than man has a controlling ego. What is this neutral thinking we seem to have lost through the over use of the ego?

Neutral thinking doesn’t need an opposite to exist, positive thinking needs a negative to exist to compare itself with, if there wasn’t a negative to compare with, how would one know one was positive? The same goes with negative thinking, negatives can’t exist without an opposing polarity such as positivity however on the other hand neutral thinking needs no opposite to exist, what does this mean?

When we think of positives we think constructiveness and when we think of negativity we think of destructiveness but what do we think when we are neutrally thinking? Our first thought would be neither because neutral thinking isn’t of judging a negative nor a positive, therefore neutral thinking is of neither of destructive nor constructive thought. This isn’t actually the case with neutral thinking as I will explain.

Take positive thinking, NATO positively thought it could win certain wars but are wars either destructive or constructive? They are both which depends on a lot of factors like who loses or wins a war or who materially benefits from such wars but it is obvious wars are mostly destructive.  You can’t only label positivity with constructiveness; it is obvious positive thinking can be extremely destructive.  Now what if we only used neutral thinking, would wars exist or could wars exist? 

Wars just wouldn’t exist; we wouldn’t contemplate wars, not just because we don’t think negatively or positively but because wars would be seen as being destructive.  Hang on here, how would a person who neutrally thinks judge war as being destructive or not, once you have judged you are not neutral in thought?   A neutral mind isn’t dead or stagnate in thought, it observes what isn’t or is destructive, it’s not judging destructiveness as being negative or bad it’s just an obvious observation of how destructive a war or anything of this nature can be.  You could say a neutral mind is a wise mind, it’s wised up to how even constructiveness can be destructive for example, constructing a house in the bush/forest, what are we destroying while we are being constructive?  This is why a neutral thinking is more natural, it’s aware of nature which we are also a part of.

I would say deciding not to conduct ourselves in wars would be of wisdom, taking on neutral thinking would be the wisest thing we could do because it’s obvious it would mean no more wars  or conducting ourselves in any other kind of destructiveness. 

Neutral thinking does however take us to make certain sacrifices like ridding ourselves of judgment which means we no longer judge ourselves as being positive and others of being negative.  It will take us to rid ourselves of the controlling factors of the ego. This might seem difficult, maybe too difficult but it’s not really, all it will take is to not judge a right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative period.  It’s really easier than you think, all what you need to do is not judge how difficult it would be to do this in the first place.

It is also advisable not to judge judgement as being bad or negative in some way, ask yourself, is judgment bad or negative while your mind is not in judgment?   If you are truly not in judgement it is neither one thing nor another, it’s just another way to think and exist and it can either be destructive or constructive when only observed and not judged.   In all however we really do need to rid ourselves of judgment and learn to only observe through neutral thinking if we want to become more constructive instead of destructive.   I should also state that neutral thinking connects us more to the inner self for the main reason the inner self isn’t of judgment but of observation.  

Exorcising Judgement and Empath’s

Written by Mathew Naismith

Exorcising, banishing, expelling judgement isn’t an easy process for most of us to achieve mainly because most of us are brought up to judge.  I was brought up with atheistic racialist influences, this gave me judgement towards anything not of these ideologies, anything not of these ideologies would then have to be wrong.  You could then turn this around and judge such an atheistic racialist negative in some way but we are still in judgement and in negative judgement of something else that is in opposition to our own ideologies, in this case an atheistic racialist view/ideology.

It would seem we are not getting anywhere in exorcising judgement in our lives, we are still judging what is wrong in opposition to our own views, is an atheistic racialist wrong and negative in some way? The ego of course would say yes in protection of it’s own views/ideologies, this happens quite a lot. We have a view that an atheistic racialist has to be wrong in some way especially if these views are in opposition to ours.

How would another person who isn’t controlled by the ego answer this question, is an atheistic racialist wrong or negative in some way within their views?  Without the ego telling us there is a right and wrong, the answer would be of course no, an atheistic racialist isn’t wrong and if there is no wrong how would there be a negative or even a positive if we haven’t judged so?  If we have judged someone else being negative, we must have also have judged ourselves as being positive as opposed to someone else being negative!!

We are still not getting anywhere in exorcising judgement in our lives while under the influence of the controlling ego, only while not controlled by the controlling factors of the ego can we exorcise judgment in our lives.  If we are still judging ourselves as being positive, we are also judging others of being negative because to have a positive you need a negative for a positive to be recognised. This seems awfully chaotic and we wonder why this reality is also chaotic, we created such a reality through our own judgmental attitude towards anything in opposition to our own ego views/ideologies.

So in this case we should be really exorcising the ego as the ego is the basis for judgement existing!!  The funny thing is judgement is a good indication of our ignorance which the ego relies solely on to exist, without judgment the ego can no longer take control, you take judgement away you take ignorance away and in turn exorcise ego from our lives.  I haven’t been an atheistic racialist since my early teens because I exorcised judgement out of my life to a certain extent, I no longer saw one ideological principle being right above all other principles. Exorcising judgment automatically takes the controlling effects of the ego out of our lives to the extent of our judgement of a right or wrong, positive or negative.  The more we exorcise judgment out of our lives, the less we judge a right or wrong, positive or negative and the less the ego is in control of our lives.

So for me is being an atheistic racialist wrong or negative? What’s left of my ego says it is but my inner self says no, it’s just another way of thinking through a particular ideology, yes it can be a destructive ideology but am I now going to judge destruction as a negative or positive thing, wrong or right?  If I did this the ego is obviously still in control……

What happens when we judge ourselves as positive? To judge ourselves as positive there has to be a negative and in turn we judge certain people as negative even though we have judged ourselves as being positive. How many times will a person who has judged themselves as being positive stay away from negative people? Would we stay away from the people we have judge negative if we didn’t judge ourselves as being so positive? The strange thing is in most cases not however, being spiritually aware can make us a little bit of an empath , being able to pick up on other people’s vibrations. So we pick up on other people’s vibrations, how do we usually judge them? We judge them negative which is a good indication the ego is still in control no matter how positive we have judged ourselves to be.  So many times have I heard spiritually aware people say they try to stay away from negative people, this is saying the controlling ego is still very prevalent in these people’s lives.

It’s tricky being an empath, we are picking up on vibrations we no longer resonate with so these people feel inharmonious to ourselves, it’s difficult not judging these people as being negative in some way to our own vibrations.  The ego is going to judge anything inharmonious to itself as being negative however the inner self doesn’t judge certain people as being negative who don’t resonate with itself for the main reason it doesn’t also judge itself as being positive.  Positive thinking is great but it’s always in opposition to anything judged as being negative, positive thinking is still all about a controlling ego being in control and in turn creating more chaos.   

If you truly want to exorcise judgement, ego, from your life, it all comes down to not judging yourself as being positive in the first place but a person of neither negative nor positive.  This all comes back to the push and pull effect, judging oneself as positive (pull) is always in opposition to a negative (push), the push and pull effect is of the controlling ego and of course judgment. This interaction between positive (pull) and negative (push) will always create chaos.  

Do we really want too or are able to exorcise judgement, the controlling factors of the ego, from our lives if we have to sacrifice our own judgement of ourselves as being positive?  Are we willing to sacrifice positive thoughts for neutral thoughts so we are then able to exorcise judgment from our lives for good? That is a question we must each answer ourselves individually even though we are a part of a collective.     

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Living from Inner Happiness

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all I would like to say how sorry I am that Robin Williams took his own life, he made millions of people not just laugh but laugh at themselves, it’s a sad loss to us indeed.  We can speculate all we like in why such a man would have taken he’s own life but it all comes down to not being able to find inner happiness within oneself I feel.

I shouldn’t put Robin Williams above anybody else who has taken their own life but Mr Williams did bring joy to a lot of people’s lives. Many people take their own life for various reasons, there is a huge list of reasons but the main factor behind any of these reasons is one isn’t happy within one’s life when one takes one’s own life. What makes such a brilliantly funny man take his own life, what has made anyone who has taken their own life unhappy?  Relying mostly on external sources to make us happy. It would seem Mr Williams most probably wasn’t happy because of his last show was canned (cancelled); it looks like it certainly added to his unhappiness.  Making people laugh obviously made Mr Williams happy, you could see it within his performance; he exuded this happiness because he was making people happy.  As any great performer lives for he’s audience; this is what made him the happiest as it does of any great performer.

Another great comedy performer is Jerry Lewis, it’s funny to think he is still alive today and Mr Robin Williams is gone from us. It takes a huge amount of effort to be such performers like Mr Lewis and Mr Williams but it takes even more effort to stay happy when you are no longer making other people happy.  I tip my hat to these great performers no matter what happens.   

There is a problem in society, a problem we have created ourselves in needing external sources to make us happy when all the happiness we experience should come from within.  Many people who have taken their own lives relied on external sources to make them happy. This is a problem that doesn’t need to exist if we train ourselves to be happy through our inner selves. Does this mean we shouldn’t be happy when being entertained by great entertainers like Lewis and Williams as they are an external source of happiness?  Not at all but we shouldn’t wholly rely on these people to make us happy in the first place as they shouldn’t rely on their own happiness in making us happy.  

Why is inner happiness so much better than happiness found through external means?  Judgement, judgement of ourselves, happiness found through the inner self doesn’t incur this judgement as the inner self doesn’t pertain to judgment, this is why learning to be happy through the inner self is more reliable. Once we bring in judgment in our lives, we bring in a need for external sources to make us happy; this kind of happiness is certainly not reliable.

We shouldn’t however judge judgement as being negative in some way; it depends again on our inner selves of what judgment is pertaining too.  The outer self  lives by emotions, whatever makes us emotionally feeling good or bad, whatever  we have judged  as negative or positive. Many spiritually aware people will stay away from negative people because they have judged them so and if they have judged others being negative they must have also judged themselves of being positive.  This is the outer self not the inner self, so how would the inner self perceive negatives and positives?

Feelings without emotions, the inner self doesn’t rely on emotions to give it feelings, it relies on the inner self  itself thus giving us inner happiness through the inner self without emotions.  As soon as you bring in emotions you bring in judgment.  Many people have killed themselves through this kind of emotional judgment as their happiness no longer comes through their inner selves but from external sources.  Yes external sources can make us happy for a period of time but finding happiness this way is not reliable, as soon as we judge, we are relying on external sources to make us happy.

The inner self feels and it feels to a far greater extent than our outer emotional selves as our outer selves relies on our emotions to make us happy, the inner self doesn’t have emotions but feelings  which extend way past our acknowledgment.  Once we give judgement away, the inner happiness will fill the void of such judgment a hundred fold.

I hope the bellow link will help a few people in finding this inner happiness, it’s quite basic.