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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Our Humanity!!

Written by Matthew Naismith

We have a solicitor in the family that told me to stay with what I am doing. I was considering changing tact and become more tactful. Tactful meaning: Having or showing a sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with other people.

Expressing a sense of honest truth, which is often the opposite of desired truths, is going to be offensive to other people who are expressive of desired truths, there is no way around this. The only way around this is to stop expressing open honest truth which I nearly did on a few occasions. Often being black is offensive to white people. How do you stop being who you truly are? Also, just because you are black and this offends whites, it is not you who is being offensive, it is them. Just because other people are offended by honest truth, doesn't mean you, the black, are being offensive and tactless.

This reminds me of the times I spent on youme, especially the group called Our Humanity on youme, that allowed name calling, endorsed people not to stay on topic, therefore show deliberate disrespect, endorsed, not only robust discussions /debates but argumentative exchanges, etc. Not everyone is treated like this on youme or our humanity, only those who are of honest truth instead of desired truths it would seem. Atheists of course desire that we are all born atheistic which I disproved. I am not against atheism, but I am not supportive of radical deliberate ignorance based on desired truths. I was treated as though I was black on youme, a man of honest truth as much as I can be.

Yes, our humanity also includes desired truths. In all honesty, desired truths seem to be the main stay of our reality at present, a more preferable truth in direct opposition to honest truth it would seem. So should have I accepted such a rebuttal, not just from the moderators of our humanity but youme as a whole?

Our humanity means our humanity as a whole, not just parts of humanity that are more desirable. I was often accused by the people of desired truths that I didn't like my views being questioned; this is while I was the only one presenting evidence to my claims. Of course the more evidence I supplied, the more prevalent the unsupported accusations become, quite excessively at times. They actually had no other recourse, in their mind. 

If you are expressive of honest truth in a reality primarily based on desired truths, being expressive of honest truth is going to lead to disagreements. Sadly, often these disagreements lead to a person of desired truths to turn on you, at times quite viciously. I would have to honestly say that the people who I have had a disagreement with and turned on me, are most often primarily expressive of desired truths. Why are they so offended, especially when I supplied evidence to my honest truths?

In my mind, no matter what, never stop freely expressing honest truth in our humanity, even when by doing so we have to sacrifice our own harmony for a short time.

It is not a fight, but a right......Mathew G