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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The Search For 100% Truth

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would share my response to a physicist who asked my opinion on a few matters. As of a physicist will do, search for a 100% truth in a mind that is known to be primarily influenced or conditioned to and by bias. If you want a 100% truth, go beyond the human mind.    

It is often perceived that a white man represents positive and a black man negative, even at times by black people. Another example, often yin is seen as negative to yang which is positive. This is how we psychologically perceive, or, are conditioned to perceive xxxxxxxx.

I am not conditioned to a black and white mentality xxxxxxxx, where one is right or positive over the other, within this, my bias or dishonesty is limited. I don't follow a particular ideology or ism for this reason as all human created ideologies and isms are only of part truths. So are the Vedas of 100% truth? Not in my mind for bias is always present within anything created or perceived through human thinking.

Is this pure state of awareness vibrational, a state of motionlessness?

Through vibrations (motion) we have creation, when everything in a motionless state already existed. I wrote a post years ago about vibrations alive, where everything in motion (vibrative) is alive, including a rock, so does this mean this motionless state of pure awareness is not alive? To us, yes, but to anyone who has glimpsed this state, no. Buddhism, in my mind, incorrectly refers to this state as nothingness, only because this state seems dead, as motionless, non-vibrative.

When you glimpse or experience this motionless state, you realise that not everything alive or of existence vibrates. A consciousness of the awareness of all will not vibrate, but a consciousness only aware in relation to its bias or its conditioning will vibrate.

Am I endorsing BD because you agree with me in relation to your own views/bias? If you know anything about the psychology of the human mind, you will realise how bias is a primary influence in all our lives, including my own. The difference is, I am aware of this in the absence of bias.

xxxxxxxx, if you are looking for 100% truth and honesty in the absence of bias, you will never find it through human perspectives and perceptions. I suppose our own bias and the way this bias makes us think is what makes us human!! When you go beyond the bias of the human mind, only then can you truly see this, otherwise your own bias will bias you from truly knowing this. In other words it's pointless searching for 100% truth, even from a written awareness beyond the human mind, for the human mind reading this truth will always express a bias. Try not to be so human, and the truth will fall into your hands as if by magic.    

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Helping the Empathic

Written by Mathew Naismith

If you only relate being empathic to the spiritual or spiritually aware, bare with me as this is not the case. Psychology recognises the existence of being empathic for a very good reason but before we go into this, I think we need to define what being empathic is.  

Empathic; showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

It is important not confuse being empathic to being of empathy. "Empathy is the ability to comprehend or imagine what another might be feeling. Whereas, the Empath can literally feel what another person feeling." It is also wise not to only relate being empathic to being spiritual, in actuality being empathic has nothing to do with being spiritual or spiritually aware, you are either sensitive to other people's vibrations or your not. This is like my wife can't hear a mosquito in the room but I can, my ears are obviously more sensitive to the vibrations of the mosquito flying than my wife. At other times my wife can hear/feel vibrations I can't.

Look at it this way, how many people are more sensitive to what is going on in the world to other people, other people who are far less emotionally involved to what is occurring in the world. Yes, I am relating being empathic to our emotions therefore vibrations for everything that is of energy vibrates. A less emotional person is not going to feel what is going on in the world to the same degree as an empath. Yes, certain atheists, materialists and scientists, are more objective, a state of mind not influenced by emotions, than spiritually aware people. This does not mean that spirituality brings on feelings of an empath but it can certainly help. Spirituality simply works by teaching or conditioning a person's consciousness to be more subjective, a state of mind influenced by emotions.

Sadly, a lot of objectively minded people only see being empathic as a bias, a mind influenced by our emotions giving us bias evaluations of ourselves and our environment as a whole. You could put this another way, giving subjectively minded people a distorted sense of reality. Yes, this is what objective people think, which is also of a distorted reality based purely on objective thinking, one way of thinking and being. This is while none of us are truly unemotional or unbiased by the way we think, either it be objectively or subjectively of mind. Yes, objective minded people think they are not biased by the way they think, even when they primarily think objectively!!          
Everything is of energy therefore everything vibrates, so if my wife doesn't hear or feels the mosquito's vibrations in the room, the mosquito doesn't exist? The same is with ghosts, they don't exist because we are unable pick up on a ghosts vibrations. Yes, some people are more sensitive to certain vibrations than others, just because certain other people are insensitive to these vibrations, doesn't make them unreal. The question is now, is an objective mind, conditioned to certain vibrations only, less sensitive to other vibrations outside of objective thinking? To a person like me who subjectively and objectively thinks, the answer is too obvious.    

Now, how do we help a subjective mind cope better with being empathic? I should point out our objective part of our mind copes a lot better with being empathic. 

As the following will show, there is a psychological way of dealing with being empathic, however, if you prefer to do it another way, my suggestion is through a sense of unconditional love. This does not mean you have to force yourself to love everyone and every situation you find yourself in, this is highly impractical in a reality such as the present reality. All you have to do is have a sense of unconditional love, in other words a general conscious awareness of the existence of unconditional love. Of course if your mind is conditioned to being primarily objective, even a sense of unconditional love doesn't exist, very much like the mosquito in the room.

In a state of unconditional love, it is impossible to feel negative or toxic vibrations, for the love of being unconditional in your thoughts dispels, negates or neutralises the affects of negative/toxic vibrations. Think of it like neutralising the mosquito in the room, dispelling any vibration that is not in tune with your own vibrations. Yes, often I have heard negative /toxic vibrations being expressed while at the same time being expressive of the existence of a sense of unconditional love, which of course is impossible. Make no mistake, being aware of a sense of unconditional love doesn't dispel negative vibration but it does take the toxicity or the ill affects away from negative vibrations. The negative vibrations simply become nullified or neutralised, for one has no sense of conditions. Basically, a sense of unconditional love releases our mind from the numerous conditions we put upon ourselves and the rest of our environment.

I have simply lost count in how many conditions there are on being spiritually aware these days!!               

Extract: The trademark of an empath is feeling and absorbing other people’s emotions and/or physical symptoms because of their high sensitivities. These people filter the world through their intuition and have a difficult time intellectualizing their feelings.

Extract: It’s perhaps not the first accolade you would think of when think of the UAE, but it is an accolade none the less.
A study looking into the psychology of countries and their residents revealed that three countries in the Middle East – the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait – are three of the most empathetic countries in the world.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Avoiding Self-Deception

Written by Mathew Naismith

Within a reality obviously controlled by the ego, the order of the day is going to be self-deception, this is because the ego in control naturally creates self-deception through simply being itself, it's self only of what serves itself. Most often what doesn't serve the controlling ego is often deemed negative or toxic and most often ostracized, within this, self-deception of the existence of what doesn't serve our egos is ignored or destroyed, usually something deemed as negative by the ego.    

Yes, even an empath, a person who has the ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual, is expressive of pure ego when feeling bad or toxic vibrations. It might not be their own ego they are feeling but its still ego, an ego that separates one from the other. What ego wants to be a part of a toxic vibration? A consciousness less expressive of the ego doesn't have this problem of feeling toxic vibrations, for in this state no other vibration is of serving the ego.

I became aware of this years ego, that all I was doing is serving the ego when, on a continuous basis, I would intuitively experience unbecoming experiences from other people and their experiences. Don't get me wrong here; the ego has a part to play when we intuitively are made aware of certain circumstances, however, what a lot of us do is allow the ego to take control to serve itself through deception. The deception is to deem all that doesn't serve our own egos as negative and/or toxic, this is to separate our egos from anything that doesn't serve our egos desires. How many different and separate spiritual groups are formed today to simply separate the ego from what isn't serving the ego? The ego is simply feeding off itself to serve itself through other like minded people.

Now, what will be the immediate reaction of an ego of self-serving and self-deception be in regards to the truth here? People like me are simply deemed toxic only because we have told the truth, the last thing a self-serving ego desires is the truth in how it actually is. This is why a self-serving ego is self-deceptive; the ego denounces any truth that doesn't directly serve the ego!!

I have had people, who are supposed to be in the know, ask me why I become involved in things that are not of my own, basically, becoming involved in the environment around me that is not of my own vibrations. People like me are simply not controlled by the ego, in saying this, I have observed my own ego in action to the point of an ego in control, the difference is, being aware of this. It's all to do with being aware of when the ego is in control, which isn't easy, especially when the ego becomes self-deceptive to the point of becoming aware of only what serves itself.

People like me couldn't think of anything more destructive than to separate ourselves from what isn't of our own vibrations, to do so would be more of this ego controlled reality, not less. Yes, even a deemed toxic person like me are asked to join these groups in person. I simply make an appearance now and again.

Destruction can only exist within a reality that is separated by various vibrations, try being destructive in a reality where all is one, not of one kind of vibration but the embracement of all vibrations as simply vibrations period. What a lot of us seem to not understand or even comprehend, is it's the separation of vibrations that causes destruction and the creation of bad, negative or even toxic vibrations. It's within this separation of energy that causes one energy to become destructive to what another energy has created. You can't destroy energy itself, only of what energy creates. Energy in motion is ego so anything that energy creates is of the ego. Destruction simply relates to an ego in control, and yes, this includes energy sources like the sun.

More and more people are becoming more of an ego controlled reality, not less. The trick is, to be aware of the ego in control, of course this seems virtually impossible when the ego in control is self-deceptive to the bitter end. It's simply all about awareness; of course a true sense of awareness takes a lot of truth to be acknowledged, which is the last thing the ego desires. Simply being aware of this can help a great deal in overcoming our, the egos, created dilemmas. Yes, even in India self-deception is being embraced over and above the truth.

In deception while ignoring the negatives, of course the world is improving, this within itself is obvious in the ego self-serving itself. To be excessively positive is self-deceptive which goes right along with the present created reality!!

All that is needed is truth within our awareness, not deception within our awareness........

Monday, 16 May 2016

The Creation of What Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

Consciousness works like this, what we perceive is what we create, usually a reality we exist with but not necessarily by. Not every perception we perceive with we exist by but every reality we exist by we exist with, meaning, not every perception we have we exist by. Take evil intent, how many of us are aware of the perceptions of evil intent. How many of us have felt or experienced some kind of intent that would be regarded as evil? Now how many of us actually live by such intentions while living with evil intent? Not every perception we experience and /or perceive we live by while living with these intentions.
We are not what we live with until we start to live by what we are living with. As soon as we give time and effort against what is deemed as evil intent, we start to create reality that is based on by what we are living with, in other words we become what we are living with instead of living by what we are. We usually live by other people's perceptions rather than living by our own perceptions.
Now I highlighted against because there is a difference between giving time against something of evil intent to just giving time to become aware of evil intent. Being against anything isn’t about being aware, it’s about shunning or showing disdain, basically being ignorant to these intentions thus unintentionally living by these same intentions yourself. Allowing any kind of disdainful intent to influence us  is living by such intent because it has influenced us to have disdain. This disdain will only encourage and manifest more of the same evil intent, I think what is occurring in the world at present is a good indication of this.
I will now tell you about some of my dreams last night, one of my first dreams having the feeling of evil intent. I should point out here, we might well and good look at extremist groups as being of evil intent but how many of us know about the evil that is allowed to go on behind closed door within our own society? Most people would be utterly horrified to say the least.
One of my first dreams last night started off as usual, nothing significant to mention, I was coordinating for the arrival of some regal people at a venue, this was until tried the lift/elevator to go up to the twelfth floor of the venue. I couldn’t get out on the twelfth floor so I decided to go back down to the ground floor from wince I came. The lift didn’t stop at the ground floor but kept going down to floors that didn’t exist.
As I was going down, the feeling of evil intent got worse but then the lift/elevator doors opened. What greeted me was brightly coloured toy like animals, however, the feeling of evil intent was just as prevalent. In contradiction, my last dream was of me singing in the most beautiful way one could.
My dreams clearly show that I am aware and accepting of a huge variety of perceptions, however, I still allow evil intent to influence me in one way or another. This is shown in the way evil intent influenced my dream.
Intent is only shown as evil if one has disdain towards an intent or perception, the brightly coloured toy like animals show this. If I entered further past the doors of the lift/elevator, only evil intent would have occupied my dream, the toy like animals would have turned out being sinister in nature. You see, once you cross over living by such perceptions and intent, you become or are influenced, to a great degree, by these intentions.
We do live with these deemed evil intentions because we too are of these intentions, it’s all of one consciousness, it’s not one kind of consciousness separate from another, it’s one consciousness that we can live by and/or with within certain conscious perception.  This separation of course takes a consciousness to be unaware of other perceptions. This now brings us to separation in the ideologies we use and/or become fixated to thus negating all other perceptions.
How many of us separate energy, vibrations and God/Gods consciousness from other forms of perception?  Science often separates itself from one source of creativity from another singular source of creativity many people call God, did not one source of creativity called energy create everything? Religion also does the same thing as science due to a certain fixed ideology being followed. Boundaries and limitations come to mind when separating one source of consciousness from another.
One source of creation = energy + God/God’s consciousness + vibrations
Scientifically, we tend to separate energy into it’s labelled slots but it’s still energy, we also do the same religiously as each religion has it’s own set ideological separate standards. Now vibrations are interesting because all energy sources vibrate, meaning, everything is vibration, however, everything also has it’s own vibrational frequencies, it’s these formation and expression of frequencies that make everything in existence different to each other.  However, just because we are separating everything within it’s own form and expression, should this mean that everything is not vibrating?
No matter what frequency everything is vibrating at, it’s still a vibration, you can’t have everything existing as it’s own individual frequencies if these frequencies are not vibrating.  The root source of creation is therefore vibrations, however, it’s also energy and God/God’s consciousness if you like, it’s one of the same thing. I do love how religion defined vibrations and energy as defining the existence of one source way before science. General science today still doesn’t define energy or vibration as one creative source.

So what does all this mean?

Try to live by your own perceptions and intentions thus creating your own reality that is more in tune with you, it's too easy living by other people's perceptions and intentions these days.

Also, try not to express disdain towards other perceptions, intentions  and realities that are not in tune with your own no matter how destructive they are. This however doesn't mean you should have to put up with these influences, at times this takes one to totally disconnect themselves from such influences. If your own perceptions, intentions and reality are constantly being influenced by influences that cause you discord, if possible, try to disconnect yourself from these influences, if unable to do so, try living by your own perceptions while living with perceptions that cause you disdain.

In all, it's wise not to be in disdain of any other perceptions, intentions and realities not of your own, this isn't easy at times but worth following through with. If other people's path is to be destructive, either get out of the way of such destruction or create your own reality while living with these influences of destructive tendencies. Be aware that you can take on the environment you are existing in by living by as opposed to existing with. Just because you are living with these perceptions and tendencies, doesn't mean you have to live by them.                     

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Our Involvement in Life

Written by Mathew Naismith

The eternal frame of life mysteriously flounders from one to the other, it's what we make of these mysteries that define our own personal reality.

The wise will smile at these mysteries where the unwise will always frown, always be a smiler, the wise....Mathew G

In recent times I have been accused of being hateful and unforgiving, as we say in Australia, this is water off a ducks back, meaning, these accusers and judgmentally inclined people are unable to hurt people like myself unless we allow them. We must be aware that the unaware will most often lash out at the aware thinking that the aware think like them. A good example is the aware avoiding close contact with people who lash out like this, this is often misjudged as being hateful and unforgiving but this can't be further from the truth.

What the unaware are not aware of is that people like myself no longer wish to become involved in certain expression that are disharmonious, in the meantime not judging that anyone heavily involved in disharmony unworthy. If disharmony of one kind or another makes these people happy, people like myself are happy for them, however, what makes these people happy doesn't mean that is what makes other people like myself happy.               

It would also be very unwise of me to think that a harmonious existence would make everyone happy, some people are just not in tune with such harmonious vibrations, this is purely due to how their own vibrations are disharmonious in the presence of harmonious vibrations. An unaware person will noticeably lash out at any other vibration not in harmony with their own, however, the aware will always be aware that other vibrations will be in disharmony in the presence of vibrations not in tune with their own. We should never expect obvious disharmonious vibrations to feel in harmony with harmonious vibrations. Of course people with disharmonious vibrations should never expect harmonious vibrations to be in harmony with disharmonious vibrations either, most often they do because they are simply unaware that certain vibrations will never be in tune with other vibrations not in tune with their own.

Look at it in this way, could you lock a pedophile in a room full of children and expect a harmonious coexistence? In a reality like this one, this is basically what is happening. Mixing harmonious people with obvious disharmonious people won't create a very  harmonious coexistence, as you can't mix fire and water together in harmony, you can't mix one out of tune vibration with in tune vibrations and expect a harmonious coexistence. The reason for this is simple, just because one vibration is disharmonious or out of tune, doesn't mean it isn't in tune with other disharmonious vibrations, however, a disharmonious vibration will always be out of tune with harmonious vibrations and visa-versa. The same is with aware and unaware people and wise and unwise people, it's wise to be aware that your own vibrations are indeed out of tune with other people's vibrations, it's certainly not all one way. It is obvious that any harmonious vibration will indeed be disharmonious to other vibrations not in tune with their own.

Now should harmonious people become totally un-involved in the disharmony of life because life is mainly influenced by obvious disharmonious vibrations?

I have so often said about avoiding motion as all motion creates even more motion, basically avoiding becoming too involved with all other vibrations not in tune with my own. If we were meant to do this, we wouldn't be in the reality we are in, of course we are supposed to become involved but at the same time realising that all motion creates even more motion. What it basically comes down to is balance, don't become too involved but involved enough to make a difference without creating too much disharmony. Of course any display of trying to harmonise disharmonious vibrations is usually going to be met with a disharmonious reaction, don't try too hard, be a subtle as you can. At times even the most subtle motion will be met with disharmonious vibrations, just expect this as no one likes their own harmonious vibrations change.

It's wise to remember, harmonious vibrations will be in harmony with other harmonious vibrations as will disharmonious vibrations be in harmony with other disharmonious vibrations. Just because a vibration is harmonious doesn't mean it's harmonious with the rest of it's environment, what is harmonious to one vibration isn't necessarily harmonious to all other vibrations. Yes, being in total harmony and constructive, as opposed to destructive, is indeed creating disharmony to those not in tune with such vibrations. Yes, harmonious people can be disharmonious to their environment as well, it's good to be aware of this.

In all, try to find balance by being aware that your own harmonious vibrations can also add to the disharmony in the world, it's not all one way, meaning, what is harmonious to one isn't necessarily harmonious to the other!!    

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Influencing the Cycles of Life

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’m impelled to write about cycles again as I received some interesting responses from my last post in relation to cycles. 

Cycles only have an influential impact on us, they don’t define the extent of experience we will experience, yes, they define how we will think and act but they don’t define the level of experience we will have, this is defined in how we react to such cycles. Why don’t all people react the same when influenced by the same cycles, for example,  spiritually aware people react quite differently to the same situations than non-spiritually aware people. This isn’t just because they use certain practices, like meditation and chanting for example, it’s more to do with the awareness than anything. If you are unaware to any situation at hand, you will react quite differently compared to being aware. Dying is a good example of this, spiritually aware people are aware that there is an after life, people who are unaware of  this will react quite differently death.

We all live in a cycle of life and death but people aware to an after life, react quite differently to these cycles of life and death. Anyone aware of an after life has in fact influenced how a cycle is going to affect them, in this case of death, quite dramatically.

Cycles don’t mean this is the way we will think and behave, this is because they don’t define the actual level of influence they have on us, this level of influence is determined basically on how aware we are. Take an experienced soldier to an inexperienced soldier, which one is going to handle going into battle better?  The experience soldier of course only because he is more aware through various experiences.

Take the affects of the moon on people, if you are unaware of such affects, you will react according to the situation you are in, either it be passive or aggressive. An aware person in an aggressive situation will react differently to an unaware person, in turn change the way moon cycles has on them.

Cycles are only an influence upon us, they do not determine an outcome, in other words these cycles do not preordain future events, this is determined in how we react to these cycles in the first place. According to the Mayans, the next cycle is influenced by the feminine as opposed to the masculine, this kind of conscious change does not determine an unchangeable outcome, a preordained outcome, all it does is give us an influence to express consciousness in a certain way.

Does this mean nothing is written until it is written? Not exactly in my mind, everything is written except each time we are influenced by a cycle, we have a choice of how we are going to react to such cycles. The reason I say everything is written is due to consciousness itself not being determined by time, if consciousness isn’t determined by time, each experience from this consciousness, God if you like, is prewritten, this means every experience is predetermined. If this consciousness is not determined by time, everything has always existed therefore written.

All what is, is of this consciousness (God), this is why God does not determine how you will use this consciousness under these cycles, we ourselves determine this.  

It would seem I’m saying, “the more aware you are  of the way these cycles influence us the less they will affect us”, this is true, any kind of awareness will detract from such influences. Once you are aware, you can also use these cycles to enhance an  influence of any said cycle, remembering, no cycle defines on what level we will be influenced too, cycles only define a certain influence, they don’t define on what level we will be influenced too.

One thing we can’t do is influence a said cycle, a cycle of events yes but not the cycle itself, we can however lesson the affects of cycles on ourselves by just being aware and accepting of what each cycle helps us and consciousness itself to express. Of course the more expressive we are the more aware we become, this stands to reason.

Can you exist under the influence of cycles and not be affected by such cycles in any way?

Yes and no, if you were conceived within  these cycles, you will always be influenced by these cycles, the only way to not be influenced by such cycles would be to do what occurred to the Mayans, you just disappear. Once you change your vibrations to the extent that these cycles, you were conceived within, no longer affect you, you no longer belong within such cycles. The Mayans no longer belonged within these cycles, once they changed their vibrations to something quite different to the cycles vibrations they were conceived within in the first place, they no longer belonged within such vibrations. In a sense, you can change your vibration that much that you no longer resonate with the current vibrations, you are basically out of tune with these influencing cycles. Basically, you can’t exist within a reality that you are not in tune with.

Many people are going to say I’m not in tune with these cycles, well, it’s possibly more like I don’t want to be in tune, this doesn’t mean your not in tune. Many people still express the ego,  just by deeming the ego being this that or the other, is an expression of ego so once you judge so, you still resonate with the current vibrations.

Now if you weren’t conceived within these cycles of influence, you can exist within these cycles without them having an influence upon you, this is done through taking on the vibrations of these cycles without existing within these cycles. All you are doing is taking on the vibrations of these cycles, this doesn’t mean you are influenced by these cycles. This means you are not expressive of the influence of these cycles, you are only vibrating at the same rate to exist here.

How does physical form exist?

It’s through cycles that influence consciousness to take form, in our case it’s physical form. How does a human being evolve/grow?  Through cycles, each cycle changes our vibration otherwise we would all have whiskers when we were born for example or greying hair.

If you were conceived within a universe, physical or non-physical, you are influenced, to one degree or another, by these cycles within the said universe a universes denote cycles.

Saying, while conceived under the influence of these cycles,  that you can’t just take on the vibrations of these cycles without existing within the influence of the cycles, isn’t altogether true, you can get to a state of consciousness that you only take on the vibration of these cycles. This however is virtually impossible for most people to do, you would have to stop expressing the ego altogether, not  judging that the ego itself is this that or the other is a good start. It’s worth noting that the various expressions of the ego is of our cycles/reality, this however doesn’t mean the ego is apart of all cycles experienced in all realities, each reality has it’s own influential cycles.  

It truly just comes down to being aware…….   

Monday, 1 June 2015

Music-A Better Understanding of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's a good idea to be aware of different perspectives of consciousness, this will allow one to become heightened or more aware within their own consciousness. This post is but one of many perspectives on consciousness that should never be taken as right or wrong, it's just another perceptive, or in this case, a new dance step.

Conscious changes are a sign that we are still evolving, in one sense it's a good thing but if you are having problems with such changes, these changes can seem like a nightmare. If you are evolving, you are going through a conscious change, in other words you are becoming more aware of consciousness itself, this awareness can be quite discomforting to us if we are not prepared. This I think is due to our vibrations, try listening to classical music after listening to heavy metal music, one's harmonious and the other quite chaotic, not everyone is going to be able to handle this, this is the same with consciousness.

We are going through a conscious change, we are coming from a chaotic heavy metal period of vibrations into a harmonious classical period of vibrations, some people are going to handle this better than some.  I can listen to classical music and straight away listen to heavy metal music, I appreciate each individual vibration for what it is, this is only because I can resonate with either vibration at any given time. My wife again is quite different to this, I don't always resonate with my wife's choice of music as she doesn't of mine, this conscious change that we are all going through is to me the same, some people will handle it better than others.

Instead of being predominantly influenced by a chaotic heavy metal music (vibration) to dance to, we will now be predominantly influenced by  classical music, our dance steps are going to be quite different for a lot of us. How easy is it at times to learn new dance steps?  If we are used to dancing to heavy metal music, any dance step that is conducive to this heavy metal music is going to be easier to learn than dancing to classical music. We are now, through this conscious change, expected to dance to classical music, of course the steps are going to be hard to learn, this is until we become aware enough of such dance steps. Being focused and aware of our new steps is going to be vitally important to us, this focused awareness allows us to dance to these new steps a lot easier, this is why I think it's important to be aware of different perspectives of consciousness, in other words different dance steps to the new classical tunes/music (consciousness).

I've noticed a lot of older people just don't want to know about this new consciousness, this is quite understandable, why at this stage in their lives should they have to learn new dance steps to new tunes?  There are also a lot of younger people who don't want to know either for one reason or another, this conscious change is going to be another matter for them, they will either learn these new dance steps or they won't. Learning new dance steps to a new tune isn't going to be easy for these people, we need to all be aware of this.  The thing is,  this conscious change is going to herald a different influence upon us all, a period predominantly  influenced by harmonious vibrations (music) that we will learn new steps to dance to. No, this isn't going to be easy for a lot of people, this is made even harder because they now have to learn to dance to a new tune as well.

Learning new dance steps is one thing, learning these new steps to a new kind of tune is something else, no conscious change is easy to go through but it's made worse when we are ill prepared through not being aware of such changes, in other words it's pointless sticking your head in the sand and hoping this new tune and it's new dance steps don't exist.  It's like being in a reality predominantly influenced by heavy metal music (chaos), it exists but we should also be aware that other kinds of music also exist. This is inline in being aware of the numerous perspectives of consciousness itself, being aware of other tunes that we can dance to.  

It is not easy being aware of other tunes/music while existing in a reality predominated by certain tunes/music, our focus is on the present tunes being played. I believe in our case it's been heavy metal music that created the chaos within such a reality. The way realities behave, I believe, are due to the music being played, this means no reality is the way it is by accident, it's created through certain vibrations being resonated, in our case it's been music that has been chaotic, this of course is going to create a chaotic existence.

So what is this heavy metal chaotic music that we have been dancing to?

This is interesting, the more motion we have the  more chaos we produce, look at how we dance to heavy metal music to classical music, heavy metal music is far more chaotic within the dance than dancing to classical music, classical music naturally produces more of a flow in the dance than just a thoughtless motion.

So what this is saying is this new consciousness is going to take more thought, it's not conducive to thoughtless dance steps like we have been experiencing. We are destroying this planet at an alarming rate, this  is conducive to the dance steps we are dancing to which is brought about by the tune/music that has predominated this reality.  We are basically dancing to tunes that are naturally going to produce  thoughtless dance steps.

You might perceive that this new conscious change is all about thinking less, in a sense it is but in another sense it's not. We are actually thinking less now within this chaotic reality at present, however, once we learn these new steps to the new conscious change, like any dance step once thoroughly learnt, we no longer think of such steps while dancing , these steps become automatic to us without thought. We must also look at the dance itself to each tune/music being played, some are naturally  conducive to flowing dances and other aren't.

Each reality is predominately influenced by a certain tune (vibration) that automatically creates certain dance steps, all we are doing in this present reality is dancing to tunes that influences us in a chaotic way. When we change the tune, we change the way we dance, in other words the way we act and react within a reality. It's not the reality that influences us, we influence the reality that in turn gives us a tune we can harmoniously dance to, we are indeed the reality we experience.           

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Going Beyond Our Conscious Understandings

Written By Mathew Naismith
I was recently confronted with a query from my mother in-law; it would seem she values my opinion in regards to spiritual matters especially concerning spiritual healing. My mother in-law isn’t sure how to respond to spiritual healers as she has two spiritual healers related to her who wish to help her, however, she’s not into spiritual healing at all so her response to her relatives isn’t very favourable at all. This can be a complex issue and hard to comprehend if one has never witnessed actual spiritual healing processes.

The best way to look at this issue is to explain that everything vibrates, in other words everything was created from various vibrational frequencies, now if this is the case, it makes sense how one vibration can indeed affect another vibration. Music is a very good example, if we weren’t vibrating, how would different music affect us in different ways? The thing is, different music does indeed affect us differently, this is because we are also made up out of various vibrational frequencies, it’s basically one vibration having an effect upon another vibration, spiritual healing is no different.

For anyone not able to perceive that we are made up out of vibrational frequencies, this is still going to be hard to comprehend, I think this I due to not being able to perceive past our present conscious understanding.

Recently I was in conversation with other spiritually aware people who were reciting from old texts, they were still following trusted and proven teachings, no matter what I said, they could not perceive past their present conscious understanding, actually they just didn’t want to, this was very much in line with my mother in-law. It’s not easy trying to comprehend in a different way, especially in relation to your own conscious understanding we are familiar with.

So what is wrong with these old teachings?

There is nothing wrong with them, they served our present consciousness quite well but will they serve any newer consciousness we come across just as well? Yes and no, my mother in-law is of the old school thinking, you can’t heal people unless it’s through physical means, this is quite understandable because it’s all they know and it did indeed work at times.

Let’s look at the progression of science over time to get a better understanding here. Science evolved from philosophy and mysticism to general science over time, this was a huge step, but now we have newer sciences that a lot of people into general science are unable or wanting to comprehend, this new science is quantum physics. To comprehend quantum physics takes a different conscious understanding which can be for, some people, be way beyond general science understandings; this is due to quantum physics being of a different consciousness than general science, philosophy and mysticism. You could easily say quantum physics is a part of this new consciousness that the Mayans predicted would occur.

To properly understand these new teachings properly, one must be able to become detached from there old teachings, in this case various general science concepts; to me this is no different to becoming detached from old spiritual teachings. This however doesn’t mean all old spiritual teachings become null and void in a new consciousness, like quantum physics, a lot of the old teachings are adapted to fit within this new consciousness, this automatically occurs when taking on and accepting a new way to consciously perceive but only if we detach ourselves from old conscious understandings.

Actually, as we become more accepting of a new consciousness, a lot of the old teachings from the old consciousness change their meaning, in other words we will decipher them differently in the new consciousness, however a lot of old teachings will also have to go to be able to take on any new consciousness’s. We of course don’t have to do this if we don’t want to, we don’t have to evolve like the rest of the universe, this is our right.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Understanding Each Other Better in Our Own Space

Written by Mathew Naismith

Does understanding ourselves better take us to just understand ourselves as individual or as a collective?  A spiritualist seeking enlightenment tells us we need to be in our own space to understand ourselves, meditative states gives us our own space to become aware of ourselves as we really are not what we presume we are but while in this state of our own space, are we understanding who we are as an individual or as a collective? It is of course always about the collective not the individual.  

When you become connected to your own space, in-depth, acceptance and understanding of the entire collective become automatic, you don’t have to force yourself to be accepting or understanding.  Most of us however don’t have that connectedness especially all the times, without this connectedness we lose our acceptance and understanding quite automatically, this is of course leaves us open to all sorts of misconceptions, the world in conflict is a good example of this.

So should we all become connected or reconnected to our own space allowing us to accept and understand the collective as a whole a lot better? This obviously at this stage isn’t going to happen, yes it would nice but it’s just not going to happen so what other avenue do we actually have?

I have friends who are religious, agnostic, atheistic, spiritually aware and so on, we get together  quite peacefully annually for a barbecue (B-B-Q) and this is accomplished without having to learn to be in one’s own space.  Trust me; we have huge opposing concepts and beliefs between us, how do all these people with various views come together peacefully?  We accept and understand each other having their own space, we are actually in our own space without imposing on other people’s space which allows us to become accepting and understanding.  Sure it comes up that we have opposing views but we realise everyone has to have their own space. Does it matter who really believes in what?

Sure a lot of my friends think I’m wacky but I don’t take offence to this and this is vitally important, don’t take someone else’s perception as a personal attack. What usually brings this on is the dogmatic views we have about our own concepts and beliefs being the be and end all.

Recently I have been in conversation with two hard line atheists, there concepts and non-beliefs are the be and end all, they will not accept or have a wanting to understand anything beyond these concepts and the belief they have no belief’s!!  It is said that atheism is becoming another religion but not just another religion a hard line religion, thank God not all atheists are like this. The thing is I understand and accept their views because I have taken the time to understand that they need their own space, what I won’t do is accept these people coming into other people’s space which they often do. It comes down to being allowed to be in our own space without infringing on other people’s space and teaching our own be an end all concepts and belief’s. 

I don’t care who it is, I take the time to understand other people’s space, yes the space that some of these people are in isn’t going to propel them along in the same way as a spiritualist, but it is their own space not ours.

The reason I think it’s important to understand other people space is acceptance, once we understand that  everyone must have their own space, we become more accepting and giving. Having your own space is being on you own path, having your own path to follow.  Yes we are all on the same journey together but we are indeed using different paths.

Why are we using different paths, wouldn’t it be better to use the same path?  As individual entities it makes more sense to be on the same path altogether, we would understand each other a lot better and in turn become less conflictive but what would this one whole consciousness be learning about itself by doing this?  We are one source of energy, the collective; it’s this whole collective on different paths learning or expressing itself, in a sense you could say we are all serving God, this one super consciousness.  How often do we learn from others while on our own path in our own space while respecting other people space?  It’s like being on the same road together going the same way but using different parts of the road, each part of the road gives us a different experience.

I don’t judge one person’s path or space being any less worthy or important than another; they all tell us something about this super consciousness, this allows us to know ourselves better through each other’s space.  Is it important to understand each other’s space? I think so, mainly because we are on the same journey together.

My last post was a little confusing for a number of people so I’m going to take this opportunity to explain myself a little better so you can understand my path, our journey, a lot better.

Vibrations; I don’t judge a higher or lower vibrations as being less worthy than the another, to me it’s not about levels but about how little or more a vibrational energy flow  is vibrating at. Describing this super consciousness (God) as a low vibrations was in reference to it’s motionless state, to me it produces very little vibrations mainly because it’ not interacting with itself in this timeless state until this super consciousness interacts with itself in time. To me we are one source of energy interacting with itself in time which causes a high level of vibrational activity. 

High vibrations = realities + time + the expression of this super consciousness   

Low vibrations = timelessness + no interaction or intentions + super consciousness

Now what was also confusing was it seemed I was saying that this super consciousness wasn’t really pure, it was tainted by the interactions of this consciousness in time.  This was due because I stated that everything within a timeless state has always existed, including time, therefore this tainting this pure super consciousness.

To me this super consciousness is everything of time and timelessness, there is no separation, everything is as one, this of course infers this super consciousness is tainted by it’s own expression of itself in time and if time has always existed, this would infer timelessness is tainted by this expression as well?  It’s quite understandable to get this impression but that’s not the case, not within timelessness.

Look at this timelessness, this motionless energy source, as a blueprint, in it’s blue print form, it has no interactions however it does have intentions at this stage because the blue print is reprehensive of time without being actually in time. This blue print has always existed but only as a blue print until expressed or created through realities like this one in time. Time is allowing this blue print to become created, to become real instead of just a blue print, this reality and you and I were created from this blueprint.  What is above is also below. A house isn’t a house until it’s created from a blue print, realities and ourselves aren’t human until this reality and humans are created from a blueprint. 

Pure timelessness consciousness = no interactions + no intentions except in blueprint form + very low (slow) vibrations

Time = creation + realities +interactions and intentions + no blueprint + high (fast) vibrations

I should point out that we can exist in a pure timeless state without a blueprint to follow; this to me would be a state of one with God or the source.   

This super consciousness in timelessness isn’t tainted because this blue print isn’t being expressed until it’s expressed in time as a creation through realities like this one in time.  I also don’t judge anything being tainted or not, is being tainted somehow less worthy than not being tainted?  In a human perspective most definitely but not is spiritual perspective, not to me.  This would be like saying this path (space) is more worthy than other paths; I try to be aware of such judgment.  

No one is truly tainted, we are always of this super consciousness in it’s timeless state but in time we are also expressive and any expression or intentions are going to cause us to be destructive, this means the more expressive we are the higher the vibrations and the more destructive we will become. We can however express what we like from these blue prints, like any plan, they are a diagrams showing what we can create but not necessarily have to create, we have alternatives.  You could say this super consciousness is leaving it all up to us in what we create from these blueprints.

I should point out that I’m not saying this super consciousness has actual blueprints as such; I only used blueprints because we can relate to creating from blueprints a lot better.  It is written but we have a choice of what lines (paths) we want to read (follow), it’s important to accept an understand this as of everything.    

This is my path, my space and it’s worthy.  

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Vibrational Energy Flows

Written by Mathew Naismith

Bugger, I wanted to add Sal C’s reply but this would make this post a little too long. This post was brought about by my interactions with Sal C so you can blame Sal C for what I wrote here, only joking J.  

Actually your reply Sal C is just a slightly different perception than what I have of what reality is, am I right, are either of us right???

In a human perspective it's real because we think this is all we are. As we become aware we realise it's not all we are, does this make our existence in this reality an illusion?  Yes and no.  In a human perspective, because we have now become aware of a much greater aware part of ourselves, this is what we want to be in totality, to me it’s psychologically based, we want to psychologically believe we are this more wondrous and aware self, full stop, however I believe there is another reason why we perceive that realities are illusions.  

The simplest way I can put this is that this pure consciousness in it’s total motionless state dreams, in turn we and realities are only a process of this dream state, this goes along with what is above is also blow, this makes perfect sense to me.  

There is a problem with this, I don’t believe our own dream states are an illusion, no there not real as such but there not illusions either, many of my dreams are telling or teaching me something. You could in this case look at dreams from this pure consciousness as doing the same, dreams are trying to tell this conciseness something  about itself and if it’s about itself is it a true illusion?

There is something else to consider, to me everything is energy, to exist this energy vibrates and the more this energy vibrated the more it creates, we and realities are a process of this vibrations of energy, the less we vibrate within ourselves the more in tune we are with this pure awareness. People have totally disappeared because they changed their vibrations that much they no longer resonated with realities like this one.  You could say they became a higher vibration through vibrating less, the disappearance of the Mayans are a prime example of this. There are also people out there that can disappear and appear at will just by changing their vibrational energy flow, this is also how healers heal, through vibrations.

The way I look at it is we are this pure consciousness but this consciousness is also energy, everything is energy including you and I and everything to do with realties, this in my view doesn’t truly make everything of realities an illusion. Yes the energy flow changes vibration, for example, being born and dying is a change of this energy flow, just because this energy flow changes it’s vibrations does this change make everything of realities an illusion?

To me no because no matter what this energy changes into it’s still energy, yes it’s vibrating at a different rate but it’s still none the less energy.
Let’s look at this in another way, you burn a tree, does this then make the tree an illusion because you changed it’s energy flow to another vibrational rate?  

What is accruing is we can become delusional in thinking this is all we are or thinking this pure motionless consciousness is all we are, we seem to be in my mind replacing one delusion with another as we become aware but this is only my perspective, don’t take this seriously.

There is also another perspective to consider which a lot of people acknowledge, this pure consciousness is nothingness, it isn’t energy it isn’t consciousness it’s nothingness, however,  this view/concept isn’t in line with the saying, “What is above is also below”, this is important because most other view/concept fall in line with what is above is also below.  How can you produce energy and consciousness out of nothingness?

Why I believe some of us perceive this pure consciousness is actually nothingness is because it is very motionless, in this state it’s as if, to a human, it is nothingness. I think taking on this view is due to ourselves perceiving from a highly vibrative state of vibratory flow to a seemingly totally motionless state that doesn’t seemingly vibrate.  Now if we looked at this from this pure consciousness to a highly vibrative state such as realities, would we perceive this pure consciousness as being nothingness?  I don’t think we would, because we can only perceive through a high vibratory flow rate, anything with a much lower vibration like this pure awareness is going to seem psychologically totally still, nothingness.   

To me everything was created through vibrations and the faster these energy vibrations are vibrating, the more they create, for example you and I and this reality in my mind were created form energy vibrations vibrating at a higher rate.  Take healing for an example; healers heal through vibrations by changing the energy flow of the vibrational rate of what is being healed.  

Vibration denote energy, is this saying that this pure consciousness energy flow isn’t very powerful through not vibrating at a higher rate?  Yes and no, it’s not really that powerful until it vibrates at a higher rate, you and I and this reality are prime examples of this power or greatness, this is why I think psychologically we  get hooked on power .  The strange thing is, this pure consciousness or pure energy isn’t that powerful within itself but through us and this reality it is. 

This is why I believe true spiritualists let go of all intentions of power or otherwise, it brings them closer to this pure seemingly totally motionless energy flow, pure consciousness or awareness.  To me all this pure consciousness or awareness is, is energy either vibrating at an extremely low rate or a high rate or something in between, it’s still energy, this is why I don’t think you and I and this reality are an illusion it’s all energy no matter what it changes into. We just can't perceive ourselves as just being conscious  energy no matter what creation we take on.   

Please don’t take what I have stated as being absolute, how would anything vibrating at such a high rate perceive anything, to any extent, that is vibrating at a very low rate such as this pure consciousness?  We in this state of a high vibrational rate can only presume/speculate.      

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Being Aware of our Own Vibrational Signature

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is carrying on from my last post about healing through vibrations, in this post we will look more at our own vibrational signature.  For any real long lasting healing to occur, it is important identify our own signature but first of all we need to become aware of our own signature. To do this it’s as simple as becoming aware, aware of our present and past vibrational signatures.

First of all what is this vibrational signature? Anyone who spiritually aware most likely has already identified this signature probably unbeknownst to them, it’s the way we are at any given time which is usually more identifiable through our own mentality.  What makes up your mentality is different vibrations you have experienced in life, remembering each experience is also a vibration that we can allow to affect us or not.  Spiritually aware people are very good at identifying these signatures because the more aware they become the more they realise their old signature, the way they use to think and live life which is driven by our mentality.  As we become spiritually the more our mentality changes, we most often realise how less destructive we are to ourselves and others than we were before, this is primarily due to changing of our own vibrational signature which changes our mentality.  Again this is one vibration affecting a change in another, in this case our mentality.

Science recognises these vibrational signatures, as the link below explains, but it’s not to the same extent to what spiritually aware people do at this point in time.  It’s funny to think that spiritually aware people know more about vibrational signatures than scientists but that seems to be the case, we experience the changing effects of this signature every time we become more aware and so do scientists or anybody else who becomes more aware.

Extract: This constant push-pull can create a vibration, as if the atoms were connected by tiny springs in constant motion. The vibration is unique for each possible arrangement of atoms in a molecule, and in the language of quantum mechanics, each vibration has a characteristic "energy level." An electron whose energy matches or exceeds that of a vibrational energy level in a molecule can pass through the molecule more easily.

A vibrational signature is created through a culmination of frequencies interacting to create a unique signature; we are indeed all unique because each vibrational signature, which represents our whole selves, is created through our own experiences through life giving us a unique vibrational signature.  Each experience is a certain frequency that we can allow to affect our present signature hopefully making our signature less destructive.  We do have a choice a lot of the times if we want certain experiences (frequencies) to change our present signature either to a more destructive signature or a more constructive signature.  At times we don’t seem to have a choice because we are forced to be in disharmonious situations; actually we always have a choice no matter what we are doing.  We can allow these experiences, these frequencies, to change our present signature or not, the more we are connected to our own more harmonious signature the less these disharmonious signatures will affect us.  

Let’s look at the science link I inserted in this post again, it stated that, “An electron whose energy matches or exceeds that of a vibrational energy level in a molecule can pass through the molecule more easily”.

I can relate this to our everyday lives.  If we are disharmonious, other disharmonious vibrational frequencies will pass through us more easily but if we are more harmonious, the less chances that these disharmonious vibrational frequencies have in changing our present more harmonious signature.  Each person and situation has it’s own vibrational signature and will put out it’s own vibrational frequencies, it’s really up to us or not if we are going to allow these vibrational frequencies to change our own vibrational signature or not. This is why it’s important to become aware of our own present vibrational signature; it allows us to repel anything not of our own signature a lot better I believe.

Now let’s turn the tables around, instead of disharmonious vibrational frequencies affecting harmonious vibrational frequencies, how about a more harmonious vibrational frequencies affecting disharmonious vibrational frequencies.  I did this while working in the welfare arena, I often changed the vibrational signature of other people while disallowing them to change mine. This doesn’t mean you can change other people’s vibrational signature just like that, for me this was done under a controlled situation, I had influence over my clients but they most often didn’t have the same influence over me unless I allowed it.  By the way, my clients had a lot of influence over me at times, it was very constructive so I allowed it to happen and yes they certainly did influence my vibrational signature.

Each and every person and situation we come in contact with will put out a certain vibrational frequencies that can change the way our own vibrational signature is functioning, it’s truly up to us if we are going to allow these vibrations to change our own signature or not.  If they are destructive or they feel disharmonious to us, it’s best to stick close to your own signature disallowing any disharmonious changes to our vibrational signature.  All we have to do in a situation like this is know how harmonious you truly are, feel it while around other disharmonious vibrations; this will disallow any changes to your own signature.  People with disharmonious signatures to ourselves do this all the times, it’s easy for them because that is the way the world is so we do indeed have a bit of a battle ahead of us but it’s better than being disharmonious.    

Monday, 8 December 2014

Healing Through Vibrations

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve written about vibrations on numerous occasions in the past, my first blog was primarily about vibrations and how everything in existence vibrates.  This is important to know especially in relation to healing, not just in relation to healing the human body and mind, but the healing of ourselves as a collective.  We are however becoming once again aware of how vibrations can heal mainly through science studies and from people who have gone through actual experiences of healing through vibrations.

Now to a sceptic this is all hoogly-boogly stuff, how can an invisible energy source heal an energy source of physical matter and at times without any physical contact?  It’s very simple, everything in existence vibrates so will obviously be receptive to other vibrations.  Let’s look at cancer, how does cancer come into existence where there was no cancer? This of course happens when we come into contact with other energy sources that our already existing dormant cancer cells react too but how does this reaction cause cancer?

It’s one element coming into contact with another element, a toxic element coming in physical contact with dormant cancer cells which causes the cancer cell to react and grow, but this is due to a chemical or some kind of biological reaction, it has nothing to do with vibrations!!

This toxic element only exists as it does because it vibrates at a certain vibrational signature; it has a certain vibrational pattern unique to other vibrational patterns of other elements. When this toxic vibrational element comes into contact with another element vibrating at a different rate of vibration, it changes the vibrational signature of the cancer cell giving the cancer cell quite a different vibratory signature than what it had in the first place giving us cancer of some kind.  This is very much like when two people come together who instantly don’t like each other, what they will produce is a different vibrational signature that is unique  but quite harmful. 

What has this to do with the collective?  I look at chaos as being a cancer which is created through various vibrations affecting other vibrations, in other words a toxic element affecting a non-toxic element which produces a cancer which in this case creates a form of chaos of one kind or another.  Now if all of what exists vibrates, why can’t we rid our cancer through using other vibrations to change the vibrational signature of the cancer back to a less destructive vibrational signature?  If the cancer was created by the interactions of two elements with a different vibratory signature, why can’t we again use another vibratory signature to rid ourselves of such harmful vibrations (cancers)?  There is of course no reason and that is why so many healing techniques work, they all work on the vibrational signature of another harmful vibrational signature, in this case cancer.  

This of course means that conservative modern day medicine works in the same way; they change the vibratory frequencies of other vibrational signatures, this is true, however this can only usually be accomplished through actual physical contact.  Conservative modern day medicine needs this physical contact to work, this is due to our perception, if it’s going to work we need physical contact of some kind.  What if we changed this perception to perceiving from we need physical contact for a healing process to work to perceiving that we don’t need physical contact for the healing process to work?  It is all to do with the way we perceive, if we think we can only heal through physical contact of some kind that is the only way we will heal.

The same mentality creates wars, we need physical contact to change the way certain people are so we do this through war, war is all about changing other people’s vibrations in one way or another. This is like one element affecting another elements vibrational signature to create a cancer.  What if we perceived that to change any other vibrational signature we didn’t need physical contact, we of course certainly wouldn’t have the chaos we have today.  It would seem physical contact can indeed create chaos (cancer) where it wasn’t before.

Now let’s look at what a lot of spiritually aware people are trying to do, they are trying to change their own vibrational signature to something far more constructive, most of this is done without physical contact.  At the moment most spiritually aware people are using physical means to express such constructive vibrations to each other, this of course can at times cause chaos, this is to be expected.  I do eventually believe we won’t need any physical means to express such healing vibrations in the future. I believe this will come about by us changing our perception to, to heal we must do this physically to healing totally without physical contact.  This of course does away with chaos which produces even more toxic elements. By perceiving from physical healing to the non-physical healing we will indeed cut out the effects of chaos (cancer) upon us, this in turn will allow us to stay healed personally and collectively.          

Extract: When Barbara Ann Brennan first began to take seriously the energy fields she saw around the human body, she was employed by NASA as an astrophysicist. Since leaving to pursue her vision, Brennan has almost singlehandedly brought energy healing into the realm of rigorous science. That her focus is also deeply spiritual attests to the growing knowledge in our world that the two -- science and spirituality -- can no longer productively be separated.

The following interview was conducted by Roger Windsor, editor of Spectrum magazine, and originally appeared in that publication. The Spirit of Ma'at is reprinting it here by permission of Spectrum and Dr. Brennan.

Extract: No matter how many high-tech cures modern medicine brings us, alternative evangelists will always argue loudly that the true secrets of well-being lie in esoteric notions such as ‘healing frequencies’, magnets and astrological alignments.
The latest example of this is a book by Matthew Silverstone, a successful London businessman. He became fascinated by alternative medicine after seeing his 19-year-old son recover from a bout of chronic fatigue syndrome so severe that he did not even have the energy to talk to people.
Despite being a tough-minded businessman, Silverstone believes the cure was brought about by an alternative healer who recommended therapies such as feeling the energy given off by trees.

Extract: Experiments with Sound Have Led to Some Startling Revelations
An interesting thing happens when recordings of people speaking are speeded up and slowed down. If these recordings are doubled in speed three times (raising the pitch by three octaves), human speech patterns sound remarkably like birds chirping, When raised in speed by eight octaves, these recordings sound just like crickets chirping. Slowed down from normal speed by three octaves they sound like dolphins and at eight octaves slowed down, sound like the ebb and flow of the ocean.
It is interesting that recordings from the human voice should sound like nature sounds. What happens if we take cricket sounds and slow them down? They sound like birds chirping. Bird sounds slowed down sound like dolphins, and dolphin sounds slowed down sound like people singing.
The famous Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, would have been pleased - this seems to fall directly in line with his theory of the "collective unconscious." A level of the unconscious mind deeper than our personal unconscious shared by us all, populated with universal archetypal images ("primordially recognizable" images, just as these sounds seem to be "primordially recognizable" sounds). The collective unconscious in this sense would be access to my larger body/mind, the planetary level of my collective unconscious, which knows how to "grow" a planetary ecosystem of which my personal body is just a part. It is almost as if the whole universe is one organic being with many parts all designed from variations of the same blueprint.

Now is any of this going to be accepted from people who financially gain from physical healing? The medical industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, these people are not going to give this up lightly so will do anything to deny such claims of non-physical vibrational healing.  Pull the dummy out of a child’s mouth and see what happens quite instantaneously, taking away any fixated attachment like a dummy or monies away from these people is going to cause these people to react; they will do anything to disclaim such healing process to the bitter end which again is to be expected.  The same goes for anyone fixated to,” for it to work and exist it has to be of the physical otherwise it can’t possibly be plausible”, they will do anything to deny such claims no matter how many scientists and science studies prove, non-physical vibrational healing does indeed work  to at least some extent.

It’s really up to use in how we perceive, if we perceive we can only heal through physical means, that is exactly what we will only be able to do but if we perceive healing through non-physical means, we will of course see that through healing through physical means actually causes the chaos (cancer) we are trying to heal ourselves of.  Within this process all we are doing is feeding the ego and our appetite for physical wealth.  In my mind to rid ourselves of this cancer called chaos, all we need to do is perceive in a totally different way, a non-physical way, the way we truly are.