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Monday, 3 August 2015

Seeing Within – The Enlightened Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

Seeing our truer or whole self isn’t easy for us to do, this is because we usually only see ourselves as a mortal being and that all other immortal beings being of a higher stature to ourselves. This is actually an odd assumption to make, this is all due to mortality denoting motion, the more motion (consciousness) we express, the more like a mortal we think and act, in other words mortality = motion. All this motion is, is an expression of consciousness itself , an expression of what we call God’s consciousness. The more expressive we are of this consciousness, or consciousness period, the more mortal we will feel, of course at this stage we are going to praise any other consciousness more aware than ours as being of a higher stature.

The enlightened self here is really referring to the self that is more aware or more connected to consciousness itself, thinking only in a mortal way, gives us the idea that being enlightened is a heightened state of consciousness when it’s really only a state of consciousness that isn’t being as expressive of consciousness itself, in other words an enlightened state is more aware only because it’s more motionless. You might think this is strange, wouldn’t a consciousness state be more aware while being expressive  of consciousness itself, therefore, the more motion you express, the more aware you become?  The thing is, the more motionless a conscious state is, the more of an observer it becomes and of course the more aware. Being enveloped and involved in expressing this consciousness, hinders our capabilities of being an observer, we have basically become fixated to expressing this consciousness through motion, forgetting how to be an observer in the meantime.

Everyone, without question, in realities like this one, are being expressive of consciousness itself in one way or another, they are expressing some form of motion, however, some people are able to be expressive of this motion and still stay an observer to some extent. Spiritual awareness teaches us this to one extent or another, a good example of this is meditation. You might think praying must also do the same but it doesn’t,  this is because while we are praying, we are  praying to a higher consciousness higher than ourselves in some way, within this action alone, we are demonstrating we are mortal. Yes, while meditating, you can meditate as a mortal but you can also meditate as an immortal, on the other hand, praying only denotes a state of mortality.

This however doesn’t make praying useless, praying teaches us to focus and gives thanks to all the motions we are able to experience, this might not sound important but it is. Praying allows us to be appreciative  of what we experience and allows one to focus on the good things in life when experiencing trauma, chanting works in a similar way. By praying to a higher consciousness, we also become more connected to this consciousness, but in doing so, we most often believe we are less worthy, this couldn’t be further from the truth because all you are doing is expressing this God’s consciousness, is it unworthy expressing this God’s consciousness?  Yes, we become too much about the motion of consciousness itself and neglect the motionlessness state of this consciousness, this doesn’t however make us unworthy, it just make us unaware. By being unaware, does this make these consciousness’s  unworthy? No, it just makes a consciousness unaware of itself and it’s connection to consciousness itself.  

To use an example of how we have become, what is called fallen from grace, I will use Greek mythology. Fallen from grace first of all, to me, means being unaware through too much motion while not being aware of our motionless self. Motionless of course means being expressive of consciousness itself through observation, we on the other hand, while existing in a reality of motion, have neglected keeping in touch with our enlightened self (consciousness itself) in it’s motionless state. 

So often through Greek mythology is it mentioned about God’s and Goddesses becoming expressive of being mortal, so much so that at times that they forget their place, their truer enlightened self. To me, the God’s and Goddesses refer to ourselves falling from grace, from a state of enlightenment to a state of ignorance, and in turn, usually causing chaos in doing so. Chaos is of course caused by a consciousness falling from grace, from a state of awareness to a state of being unaware.

Like anything written for mortals by mortals, there is a higher entity, a higher consciousness, in Greek mythology it’s Zeus, in Christianity it’s a God of man and so on. This mentality of there being a higher stature of consciousness, allows us to stay connected to our motionless self while experiencing and being expressive of motion in a reality of motion, this sadly enough in my mind takes us away from being an observer. A lot of religions do this through their doctrines while forgetting their own true place within consciousness itself, in other words their too focused on the doctrines and not enough on their own connection to consciousness itself.

A lot of people who are into, what is called new age spirituality, focus more on the connection rather than doctrines, well to some extent. I know a number of people who religiously meditate, their doctrine s in this case become meditation practices, this practice however allows them to focus on the connection rather than just the doctrines that were written by mortals themselves for mortal mentalities. Religious doctrines can work in the same manner but only if used in conjunction with this connection, however, I feel his connection can only be obtained if we see ourselves as being immortal as well. This is like someone meditating, if they meditate as a mortal, they won’t become as connected than if they meditate as an immortal, it’s really all got to do with how we perceive ourselves, as mortals or immortals or both.

It’s important to see yourself as a God or Goddess fallen from grace to become better connected to consciousness itself I feel, however within this mentality, we will most often  perceive through a mortal mentality and see this God and Goddess status as being of a higher status, this is quite normal. We perceive this because we are only seeing ourselves as being mortal, try truly seeing yourself as immortal. Once you truly obtain this perception, you become aware that there is no higher or lower stature, just different expressions of motions of consciousness.

Immortal = motionless self + egoless self + awareness +God’s consciousness + timelessness
Mortal = motion + ego self + unaware + expressive of God’s consciousness + time

I should also say here, just because you are immortal, doesn’t mean you won’t express motion, we are a good example of this, we are truly immortal within our truer selves, but in realities of motion, we are expressive of consciousness itself through motion. Being truly immortal is being aware that you are truly immortal before expressing yourself as a mortal, in other words you are an enlightened consciousness before you became unenlightened, unaware of your immortal self.

Now I denoted being immortal to timelessness, this is due to timelessness being of motionless, there is not starting or ending point so there is no movement, no motion therefore no creation. In this case, how could being immortal come before expressing yourself in motion when there is no starting or ending point of origin?

I also mentioned there is no creation in timelessness, how could there be when there is no starting point of creation? You can’t create anything unless you have a starting point and to have a stating point you need time, this means everything was created through time, through motion and a mortal mentality, not this motionless God’s consciousness. We mustn’t forget here that everything is expressed from God’s consciousness, this means everything either it be of motion or motionless is of this God’s consciousness.

In this motionless timeless state, everything has always existed but only as pure consciousness including our mortal selves. Time allows this motionless consciousness to be expressed, once this consciousness is expressed, we have creation, this means before this consciousness is expressed we are immortal before expressing ourselves as mortals. You can only express yourself in time and it’s this time that gives us motion. Pure consciousness on the other hand is of timelessness therefore motionless until it’s expressed in time. Time has also always existed but not the expressing of consciousness itself in time, this is new only because it has a starting point within time itself. The thing with time is it’s mortal, it’s governed by cycles of motion that have a starting and ending point, this is why we think we are only mortal expressions of consciousness, you can easily see why we perceive there has to always be a higher status when there isn’t.