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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Saviours and Prophets, our Psycho Therapists

Written by Mathew Naismith

I love it when I’m enlightened by others, it allows me to think past my known and unknown boundaries.

While in discussion with another person about my last post titled, Overcoming a Collective Trauma, it was suggested that saviours like Buddha are, what we would deem in the modern age, psycho therapists but on a collective scale.  When you think on this, these people (therapists) taught us how to forgive and be accepting of others thus helping us to release any said trauma at the personal and collective level.  Now the way I look at the collective is as one consciousness so if it’s one consciousness it’s one mind. If this one mind, on the collective scale, is traumatised by past deeds it will react accordingly to the said trauma just like an individual would.  

These traumas on the collective scale can be something like the Dark Ages or famine for example. All these traumas at the collective scale can scar us at the individual level even though these traumas happened some hundreds or even thousands of years before commencing our present life. This is usually done through various ideological beliefs and disbeliefs at the collective level. If our present belief or ideological principle was traumatised in past human history, we tend to take that trauma on as well most often unbeknownst to us.   This of course isn’t the only way we take on this collective past trauma, just like our human selves, I believe the collective has a subconscious and within this subconscious lies these traumas from years ago in human history. This seems farfetched until I remember the saying, “what is above is also below”.  

The strange thing is we, at the individual level, don’t see ourselves, our body and mind, as a collective in our own right, we don’t see ourselves as made up of individual vibrational frequencies  which make us who we are. This is no different to the collective at the human scale, the collective is made up of various vibrational frequencies in a collective form, human and other animal species are a good example of this. When we look beyond the human collective we see ourselves being a part of an even bigger collective, various vibrational frequencies existing in one form or another.  The point is, we are never really an individual entity, we are a part of the collective no matter how you look at it so our traumas are a part of the collective either it be conscious or subconscious trauma.

These days we don’t have a physically alive saviour or prophet as such, we have people like gurus, pops or some other saviour like Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra but we don’t have a saviour or a psycho therapist at the level of Buddha or Jesus for example.  What was given to us however was their teachings which we usually carried through in various religious and spiritual rituals like praying, meditating, chanting and so on.  Science has proven all these rituals are psychologically beneficial by no mistake because these rituals are meant to psychologically ease our traumas at the collective and individual level.  Our minds react quite differently when practicing in these rituals to everyday life easing our traumas which of course are all ego based. Knowing that these traumas are ego based helps us to release such traumas, traumas just can’t exist without a controlling ego controlling us.

We may not have an actual living psycho therapist like Jesus or Buddha but we do have their teachings which were supposed to help guide us to our own salvation from such traumas. Why hasn’t this worked at the collective level? We just didn’t take note of these psychotherapy teachers in how they actually lived without an ego being in control; we just allowed the ego to take control giving ourselves more traumas to contend with not less……

Note: I apologise if I have offended anyone calling saviours and prophets psychotherapy teachers, to me personally, calling these people psychotherapy teachers is a huge reassurance to me, it allows me to understand them better in my own way…….