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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How Truly Blessed Are We?

Written by Mathew Naismith

In my mind we couldn't be more blessed if we tried, all we need to do to become aware of how blessed we are is to observe how truly blessed we are, this act alone will bring a peace on earth that will be beyond most people's comprehension. I will explain this by firstly sharing a reply I received in regards to my last post.     

It will never cease to amaze me - just how far my ego will go to distract me from my priorities..

My Reply
Utterly, you can't be meek and mild, this however doesn't mean we can't be beautiful and passively peaceful within our mentality and behaviour. 

I think Jesus and Buddha in particular  are very good examples of this, how controlling were they? They weren't controlling therefore of the ego, they were however aware and wise, this is one of the reasons why I advocate awareness and wisdom over and above control. For example, as soon as the churches became controlling, they lost what these people were trying to teach in my mind.

I don't get it, we are only relating our meekness/timidness to a beautiful and passive peaceful existence and mentality, to feel this beauty and a passive peacefulness, we have to be meek/timid, this also means, to create a more harmonious existence, we have to become meek. I'm wondering, how many people think this but also think at the same time we have to take control especially over ourselves which doesn't include a lot of our desires/lusts strangely enough? I've come across this quite a lot.....

Meek but firm: You can be meek/timid at the same time being firm and rigid, especially in relation to the controlling ego. Dispelling the ego takes, at times, a lot of firmness within oneself, this doesn't mean you are no longer meek/timid. It's also interesting why I use the word dispelling, it means to firmly disperse, was Buddha timid when faced with his controlling ego? He was firm within his resolutions but timid within his expressions. Jesus and Buddha are prime examples of expressing a firmness and at the same time being timid within this expression, in other words they had to be very assertive but at the same time being timid within this assertiveness.

How many people who are primarily expressive of love are firm within their assertiveness of this love? Most of these people would advocate that they are not firmly assertive but they would be quite incorrect within this perception, to themselves, they just come across as being timid within their nature. Try talking about hate or a another subject they find distasteful, you won't get to far with this, the reason for this is they are very firm and assertive of their own views and vibrations. It is obvious you can be firmly assertive and at the same moment be meek/timid within our whole being.  

Control: There is however quite a huge difference between people like Jesus and Buddha and people who just want to be meek/timid. People like Jesus, Buddha, Rumi, Confucius, used awareness and wisdom to dispel the controlling ego not control it. You might think it took a huge amount of control for Buddha to become enlightened, he had to dispel he's controlling ego within it's entirety, this is no small feat to anyone fixated to the controlling ego in any sense. Buddha did try at first to control he's controlling ego tendencies, it however wasn't happening for him though. The reason it wasn't happening was due to that  he was trying to control the ego within by taking away all he's Earthly desires and even he's needs, this however all changed when he started to observe himself I believe instead of just being a participator.

Trying to control our egoistic tendencies is being a participator and a participator to the ego.  When Buddha observed himself, he saw this, what he did then was simple, he let go of being a participator to the ego. You see it was the ego still in control as it was the ego in the first place that influenced him to try to control the ego within himself, he observed that he was just as expressive of the ego as ever, this was until he observed himself I believe. Once he observed himself, he became aware and wise within his expressions and being which is all that is needed to dispel the controlling ego. When you are truly aware in how destructive and disruptive a controlling ego can be, you wisely dispel such expressions, you realise all what these expressions will create is chaos, destruction and disharmony. What truly wise person would create such a reality to begin with? To be able to create such a reality takes a lot of controlling ways and very little wisdom and awareness.

Now Jesus was a little different in the way he became enlightened, he didn't start off with trying to control the controlling  ego, this I believe was due to his humble beginnings unlike Buddha who was born into luxury and prestige. Buddha actually had a lot more to contented with in relation to the controlling ego within himself. It's funny to think that Jesus was actually a lot luckier than Buddha, he was already humbled where Buddha still needed to be humbled.  

It's really amazing that these two quite different transformation still ended up at the same point of enlightenment and mentality, within this difference alone we have a lot to learn from, we couldn't be more blessed in my mind.

To be honest, what I have written here came through me, in other words what is primarily written here was just channelled through to me, please don't take it as being gospel in any sense.