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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Avoid Creating Our Own Dilemmas

Written by Mathew Naismith

Yes, we create our own dilemmas and yes we often blame something else for our dilemmas when we often cause them ourselves, quite inadvertently (unknowingly) though. Spiritual awareness is indeed to me all about becoming aware of the unknown, creating our own dilemmas personally and collectively  is an unknown until we become aware of them. This post will hopefully bring a little light to this topic.

I received the following reply to my last, slightly loony, post. It's in relation to a very good question that, in my mind, needs to be answered, "Why isn't our good will and love upon the world seem to be working, actually, the reality we are in seems to be getting worse not better?"

I think you would have to be sticking your head in the and to think it's getting better, less destructive. Recent events once again tell us we are actually getting more destructive not less destructive on the collective scale. I hope the following will shed light on this quite important topic.         

Though  I will not stop my spiritual practices I just want to know, every morn one of my practices is to fill my self to over flowing with the golden pinkish light of loving kindness and super super healing and I expand this energy to fill my apt. , my city, my state, my Country, the entire planet, and then expand it to enter all of infinitum and all living energies, I do this with extreme hope and desire that there will be universal healing to all, and of course I see violence and sadness still on the news, like the sad little Syrian boy dead on the beach all the war refugees and his family trying to flee this impending war  and unrest , I sadly wonder why my healing meditation seems not to influence the universe to help and protect our planet, I will not stop, but why is this most powerful unconditional energies of love appear to be falling on a deaf universe, Why?

My Response

I most wholeheartedly feel were you are coming from Lori.

In the early part of the nineteenth century, a number of Indian tribes in the US got together to pray for peace and understanding, what came from this was yet another slaughter, similar events occurred in Australia as well. This wasn't the first time these Indians tried to pray for peace and understanding. So why did this good will not only work but seemed to create quite the opposite?

To understand this you need to be aware that everything is consciousness, science experiments like the double slot experiment seem to be saying this as well. You also have two prominent neurosurgeons stating that a type of consciousness of one kind or another exists in everything, including rocks!!

We need to consider this for one main reason, consciousness will react to an action or a reaction, consciousness can indeed be retaliative, the more expressive of motion (movement) a consciousness becomes, the more it will retaliate. For example, the reason why spiritualists from India are far less about motion is to lesson their own retaliative responses to their environment, their not producing more motion therefore more chaos unlike we do. This less motion gives them utter peace and tranquillity no matter what is occurring around them

This is only my view, it's certainly not gospel, giving love, no matter how pure it is in reaction, will only cause a reaction from a consciousness hell bent on destruction. What a lot of people don't consider is, a destructive consciousness is still a consciousness and will retaliate quite automatically to love, actually at times it will use this love against itself.  Unbeknownst to a lot of people who give love in reaction/retaliation, are actually feeding what they are in retaliation against. Of cause consciousness is going to react to a reaction against it, this is how consciousness works. The more of motion a consciousness is, the more chance of it becoming destructive. Retaliating against any kind of consciousness is only creating more motion, this of course is  only going to create even more destruction.

So what's the answer? Become aware of what you are creating when expressing motion especially in retaliation, this however doesn't mean we can't give love to the world and it's people, just don't do it in retaliation.

I know this is hard to do, give as much love, if not more love, to consciousness's hell bent on destruction, don't look at them as victimisers but victims of circumstance. No consciousness will automatically become destructive unless it's influenced to do so in some way.

The main point is, don't give love in retaliation against another consciousness, this will only cause a reaction, give love but a love without conditions. At the moment we are only giving love because of certain conditions when we should have just given love without having to have conditions attached, in other words we just don't know how to love and we certainly don't know how to use consciousness to constructively in love. 

Again, don't take this as gospel Lori, these are only my own personal views, nothing more.

It's funny to think, we have considered our reaction of our own consciousness upon another consciousness, but on the other hand, we have totally ignored any possibility of  counteractions from a more destructive consciousness.

Is a consciousness of love more powerful and domineering over more destructive consciousness's?  When you consider motion here, which consciousness is more of motion, love or destructive expressions? To me you can't retaliate against a consciousness that is highly expressive of motions with more motions, all this will do is create a retaliative response. To me love should never be expressed as a motion if you don't want a retaliative response from a consciousness hell bent on destruction.

Also, love should never be domineering or controlling for starters, when we react in retaliation, this is exactly how we are using love, to control and dominate another more highly aggressive consciousness, of course this consciousness will retaliate with even more motions, it's silly not to think it wouldn't.

I do know of a number of spiritually aware people who give love to the world void of conditions, meaning, they don't need a dilemma or a catastrophe to occur to give love to the world and it's people, they do this anyway. The dilemma that we are causing ourselves is more of us are giving love in retaliation, in other words our love has conditions when it didn't before. How many people could go up to a person, like Hitler or a child molester, and hug them with pure devotional non-conditional love?  Not many, until we learn to do this we will keep retaliating and causing even more motion.

What seems to be happening is there is so many catastrophes occurring, we are reacting more towards what we deem as victimisers/perpetrators, we have become sick and tired of all this destructiveness and are now retaliating more than ever. Yes, all we are trying to do is give love to who we have judged to be victims, this love is of course in retaliation or reaction to  what we have judged as victimisers. As soon as you judge a victim, you automatically, at the same time, judge a victimiser, this is how consciousness works.

The best way is to judge them as all victims in one sense or another or don't judge any of them as being a victim, as soon as we judge, we create an instantaneous reaction that can go on and on, this will keep occurring as long as one consciousness (person) reacts to another consciousness (person).

Truly, never try to dominate/control another consciousness, by interfering and giving love to what we have judged as being victims, we are counteracting what the victimisers are doing, in other words we are trying to control what they are doing. Unconditional love is not controlling, your not trying to change what another consciousness is doing, you are purely only giving love but give this love without trying to change anything that another consciousness is doing. Retaliating in this way is only going to cause a retaliative response.

No matter how we express ourselves, we are all victims of circumstance, there are no true victimisers. With this mentality to start with, we should be able to give love to all without conditions and avoid a retaliative controlling response. All consciousness influenced by unconditional love will change quite automatically without a reaction from any kind of consciousness. Unconditional love is  subtle and motionless believe it or not, this is why it works so so well, this is all due to unconditional love causing  less motion not more.

Yes indeed, we are causing our own dilemmas, we are using love to control and dominate another consciousness when all we should be doing is allowing unconditional love to run it's natural coarse. Yes, this will take time and the more we respond to what other consciousness's are doing, the longer this process will take. By all means give love but give this love unconditionally, any conditions whatsoever will only cause a retaliative response from another consciousness.