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Friday, 12 February 2016

Perceiving Beyond All Our Fixations

Written by Mathew Naismith

To evolve, everything has to move on, at times this also means the demise of an animal, like the dinosaurs, or the way we physically interact in life like the way we shop or travel. We no longer use a horse a cart like we used to for a very good reason. Trust me, when the horse and cart were being phased out, certain people kept on trying to use the horse and cart over and above motorised vehicles when it was no longer viable or sustainable to do so.

The magic word here is viable because when something obviously becomes unviable,  it becomes redundant and non-progressive towards evolving and if we have too much of an attachment to such practices, stagnation sets in and then most often a reversal of our situation occurs. 

Before I go on, I think we need to look at the definition of fixation to get a better understanding of how our own fixation most often hinders us from evolving.        

- An abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely

- An unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone

- The activity of fastening something firmly in position

To move on just isn't to do with the way we physically conduct ourselves in life, it's also includes to mentally and spiritually evolve from our present situation. This at times also means letting go of our present fixations to what ever ideology, religion, philosophy, path, or what ever we have become fixated to. Have many of us actually taken notice of how nature evolves?  Nature doesn't fixate itself to anything and try to hold onto it no matter what, unless it's still viable and sustainable within the present environment. Everything of nature either adapts to the present environment or becomes redundant to the present environment thus dies out.

We however still today have crocodiles and alligators that have not yet evolved mainly because they are still viable and sustainable to their present environment. This also means that not all our ideologies, religions, philosophies or  paths we are presently following, are unviable and unsustainable.

How do we know when to move on to evolve or not?  Like the alligator and the crocodile, are our fixations still viable to our present environment?

Lets look at our present environment, it's quite noticeably chaotic and destructive, would not anything we have presently fixated ourselves to, conductive and viable to this present environment? In actuality, human history is full of chaos and destruction, this has created our present fixations, in other words, our present fixations were created from and due to this chaos and destruction, isn't it time to let all these fixation go? It would obviously seem not, like the dinosaur, anything trying to hang on till the bitter end, will perish in the end anyway if it no longer fits within the present environment.

I've recently been writing about perceiving beyond our present ideologies and philosophies, this hasn't gone down to well with a lot of people, it wasn't well received at all. A particular group of people stood out in particular, to my amazement, the ideology/philosophy they follow, obviously religiously, was the be and end all, it was better than Christianity and Islam for various reasons to start with but again in whose perception?  Just because an ideology/philosophy is the be and end all for us, this shouldn't mean it the same for everybody else but it would seem it is according to certain groups of people.

I had five different people, from the same belief system, state that their ideologies/philosophies wasn't a religion or an ideology for starters, I of course proved otherwise, only one of these people could see my view however, that's not a good percentage. Being this fixated to an ideology/philosophy isn't healthy, in actually, you can see how such ideologies/philosophies have been created by a reality of chaos and destruction. To create chaos and destruction, you need a consciousness that won't evolve, this means such consciousness won't become aware and wise beyond it's present environment, in this case chaos and destruction. It is obvious fixation are the cause of this chaos and destruction in the first place, this will of course create ideologies and philosophies that fit within this environment!!

We don't realise we no longer need these ideologies and philosophies that were created from such reality, we can move on from this and evolve, OR, yes, we can also stagnate and eventually deteriorate, one way takes wisdom to accomplish, the other a pure absence of wisdom!! 

In a true sense , we never really needed ideologies and philosophies in the first place, all what ideologies and philosophies represent is a desire, a desire to fixate ourselves to something rather than to nothing. As I have always stated in my writing, there is a big difference between living for a need and living for  a desire, one will create the reality we are presently experiencing, the other a reality few of us can imagine.  

Thursday, 17 September 2015

3rd Dimensional Mentalities

Written by Mathew Naismith

I will start this blog off with a reply I gave to a group of people who want to ascend to the fifth dimension.

I'm not sure how many people know this, a group of ancient Egyptian's opened port wholes into other dimensions, even beyond the 5th dimension. When you observe the 3rd dimension from these other dimensions, you observe that the 3rd dimension is about self-deception and ignorance. 

When these people opened up these port wholes, the truth opened up to them especially concerning the 3rd dimension and 3rd dimensional mentality. This of course didn't go down very well with anyone fixated and expressing 3rd dimensional mentality. The people within this group were of course called all sorts of names and corruptly ostracised and banished, 3rd dimensional mentality just can't handle the truth. I suppose trying to free the slaves at the same time didn't help their cause either.

I recently observed an obvious discrepancy in a post, which the poster soon showed within their abuse and name calling. I was abused and called arrogant and obviously titled negative, déjà-vu, even though I was the one being abused. Surprisingly, this same person was supported in their actions by a few people. 

People, let go of 3rd dimension mentality, it's highly conductive to deception and ignorance which is not apart of the 5th dimension.  If you continue to fixate yourself to this kind of mentality, you won't be going anywhere.

If you want to call me arrogant, negative and ostracise and probably banished me because I know something, so be it but be very careful, this 5th dimension wasn't opened by a group of people, it's apart of a natural cycle, you will indeed be left behind if you don't stop expressing 3rd dimensional mentalities. 

The following will hopefully explain, in detail, what each dimension is conductive to, we are at present in the 3rd dimension. 

People with an obvious 3rd dimensional mentality often find me irritating, this is because I open myself up to other dimensions, this doesn't mean I actually enter into these dimensions though, it just means I'm open to there reasoning and mentality. Most spiritually aware people, who are open to other dimensional thinking, will most often receive rebuttals from people who are not open to these dimensional thinking processes, this is natural especially within a 3rd dimension.

The 3rd dimensional mentality is of self-deception and ignorance, this is natural for this dimension, trying to bring forth truth from the 5th dimension is obviously going to receive a very aggressive welcome from a 3rd dimensional mentality. This is due to 3rd dimensional mentality not being able to handle the truth, it's actually not meant to especially on a collective scale no matter how bad life gets. This however doesn't mean we can't bring forth other kinds of mentalities from other dimensions into the 3rd dimension, it just means you will receive rebuttals if you express this kind of wisdom.

This group of people, in ancient Egypt, opened up these port wholes into other dimensions, you might think this was ludicrous  to do but it wasn't. These people knew a major famine was coming but they also knew that this famine could be avoided through a simple change of mentality.  

The following isn't usually stated when discussing dimensions, each dimension exists because of a certain mentality or a certain state of consciousness, this of course can be change at any given moment. it's not this easy of course only because of our fixations to this kind of mentality. These fixations are of course brought about by our conditioning from birth, no conditioning  from birth is easy to un-fixate ourselves from, this is unless you become wised to other dimensions and their mentalities.

I should also say that I think people like Jesus, Buddha, Confucius etc. expressed themselves through the 5th dimension, it's no wonder they were ignored by fifth dimensional mentalities. The only people who would understands them, are people who were beyond 3rd dimensional mentalities, in other words people who were not just fixated to 3rd dimensional mentalities.

I wasn't going to write about the 5th dimension, it's not an easy topic to write about because 3rd dimensional mentalities usually aren't receptive and understanding of any other dimensional mentality but the mentality they were conditioned too. I will however write about the 5th dimension in the next post I write, it was inevitable I suppose.   

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Moving Towards the Collective Light

Written by Mathew Naismith

The transition stage: When we die or as I put it, go through a transition period, we can either go into the light or not, that is our choice, do we not also have the same choice on a collective scale?  I think we do....

We are certainly, on a collective scale, going through a transitional phase at the moment in more ways than one, however, any transition means the demise/transition of certain mentalities and practices. This transitional stage can be quite harrowing for some people when they are dying and for others a saving grace, is this any different to what we are witnessing in the present on a collective scale while taking into consideration of religious extremists in particular? To me they don't seem to be going into the light but continuing on there merry way as they have always done, does this mean the collective spirit will flounder around like ghost after the transition?

The collective spirit is in relation to human consciousness as a whole, will the human consciousness as a whole flounder about when they are so distraught while in their death rows, their transitional stage? 

When an individual passes over (dies) while still being fixated to certain conscious existences such as extreme religious ideologies, it makes sense such consciousness's will flounder about after the transition period, what we are doing is talking about an actual consciousness here that is very strong within it's fixations. This can also occur in relation to materialism as well or anything else a consciousness becomes fixated too. I have come across this a few times myself where spirits/souls become fixated to a certain consciousness, they just don't want to move on into the light to evolve.

What we are talking about here is the demise/transition of a consciousness, not something of a physical domain, it's about a consciousness that is rapidly changing and some parts of this collective consciousness will find this transition quite hard to take, this is like some people take their own demise/transition in a bad way. The strange thing is, religious extremist views are acting exactly like what some ghosts act like, they just don't want to let go and will do anything to hold onto their fixations.

The big question is now, is the extent of religious extremism today a foretelling sign that religious extremism is actually dead, like a ghosts, they too will hang on to the bitter end and haunt? This of course is no different to anyone being fixated to materialism or anything else we fixate ourselves to. What we fixate ourselves to is a transitory consciousness as we can only be fixated to a transitory states of consciousness, this is due to being in an unaware state while being expressive of a transitory consciousness, a consciousness that is not eternal and aware. I do believe an  aware state of consciousness cannot fixate themselves to anything because of such awareness.

The light: Ghosts/spirits that don't move into the light, are unaware of what the light actually is, some of them honestly just don't want to know because of their fixations to a certain transitory consciousness, is religious extremism and materialism, for example, on a collective scale, truly any different to the way a ghost who have fixations to a certain consciousness any different? 

The light can be very scary for some people personally, but can be even scarier  to a large part off the collective who have fixated themselves to certain transitory states of consciousness, for example,  people fixated to religious extremist ideologies and materialism. This is due to the light not being of any fixations what so ever, all transitory conscious fixation give way to the light, this can be very scary for anyone fixated to a certain conscious state. I have utter empathy for any consciousness that is fixated in this way.     

The light represents awareness, just imagine how a consciousness that has existed in  ignorance for so long, especially of the light, will react to such awareness, it can be quite understandably traumatic to such a consciousness. It's just not going to be an easy transition to make for a lot of the collective consciousness and quite understandably so.      

I can't talk myself, I've deliberately kept myself ignorant as much as I could even though I was aware of the light from a young age, this is because I came here to experience spontaneity like everybody else otherwise we wouldn't be here, however, there is now a need to go along with the change for the sake of evolving or ascending consciously. This partakes us to go into the light, in other words become aware of the light and the difference between transitory consciousness and eternal states of consciousness.

We of course have a choice on a collective scale, do we become ghosts or do we move into the light, the choice is ours!!     

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Let the Children Play

Written by Mathew Naismith

I got the most strangest message this morning, “Let the children play”, the children is in reference to ourselves, the human race, so what does this mean, let the children play? The feeling I get hasn’t got to do with the human self as such but the inner child, let the inner child come out and play.

We have strangulated the inner child so much we have forgotten how to express such inner feelings and thoughts; this I feel is mainly due to allowing ourselves, as adults, to be drawn into the destructive traits of the ego like judgment and ridicule. Yes, children judge and ridicule each other more than ever but I’m talking about the inner child who has no such judgment to contend with.  Children of course will always pick up on what adults do unless they allow the inner child to come out and play.    

The following I found to be very well illustrated in how to bring forth the inner child within.

In the situation I’m in, if I didn’t allow this inner child out to play, my relationship with my wife would be in dire straits. Allowing the inner child to play can indeed assist in keeping relationships together, my wife and I so often act like children at times, pushing and shoving each other in public for example or whistling each other as you would a dog, “ come on girl, you can do it” and so on. Yes most people would take offence to this only because they have no idea how to allow the inner child out to play, we can indeed take life too seriously as adults.  

I’m also lucky that I have certain friends who are the same, they get out there and make utter fools of themselves but they are indeed enjoying life living as the inner child, sadly enough most of these people are female, blokes try too hard to be real blokes (macho) instead of just allowing it all to just hang out, in other words allowing the inner child out to play.

The inner child also has more in relation to non-duality than duality; there is no or little judgment within the inner child, I feel this allows us to be more connected to the collective, take away judgment and what do you have? It’s not duality; once you take judgment out of the equation, you really no longer have duality especially in its present form under the influence of judgment.   

The inner child also assists us in intuition and synchronicity, this is due to the inner child not taking life too seriously by not allowing attachments as fixation to rule our whole lives, once this occurs we strangulate the inner child again. Any kind of fixation will hinder our intuition, this is like a child going through a traumatic experience, it can indeed hinder a child’s fun loving openness hindering any intuition and synchronicity that could occur in one’s life.

So in all bringing forth the inner child out to play has huge benefits, not doing so can have disastrous effects upon our existence individually and collectively. It’s interesting getting such messages, it’s a sign to move on from our present mentality I feel.            

Saturday, 18 October 2014

An Advanced Healing Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is going to sound awfully delusional to a lot of people; it will also sadly offend people fixated to set ideological principles. Offending people isn’t my aim, as usual, but I must write down what comes to me and if this offends a lot of people, I’m sorry but I can’t truly help that.  I certainly don’t write for self-gratification or for a popularity award, what must be must be.

This kind of healing process I’m about to discuss here is quite different to what I wrote about recently in relation to healing with light, in the process I’m about to discuss, there is no light. What we heal with is all to do with natural states of existence, when we envision (?) a joint being inflamed for example; we see the joint inflamed not of light.  Everything becomes transparent, you can literally see right into the joint.  I should also state, at this point in this life I don’t practice in such healing processes mainly because this kind of process takes a lot of focus. To focus this much one needs to drop any fixation that will hinder such healing processes, I’m not willing to do that in this life at present as I will explain latter on in this post.

Why did I insert a question mark (?) after the word envision?  This is one of the interesting parts of this kind of healing process, you don’t actually visualise in this process as such as you do when healing through visualising light. What you do is see is the part of the body that needs to be healed, as it is at present, and then you focus on this part of the body that is being healed in it’s naturel form, you don’t actually visualise this natural form. What you are basically doing is reminding the body what it’s natural form is, within this the healing process begins.

Another way to explain this is through a healing process that is proven to actually work. My wife practices in what is called an EMMETT technique where you switch the muscles back on after they have been switched off after a trauma of some kind. What this process is doing is reminding the muscle what it was like when it was switched on.  This advanced healing process I’m talking about here works along the same principles however, once this healing process has been perfected, you can literally see within anyone’s body. The body literally become transparent, this isn’t visualised, you can literally see within people’s bodies.

After this healing process has been perfected, you can actually perform surgery without breaking the skin; this seems utterly ridiculous doesn’t it!!  I should state her that surgery is only needed when a foreign body has entered the body, all other healing is accomplished through reminding the body area you are working on what it was like in it’s natural form.  

How can anyone perform surgery without breaking the skin or traumatise the body any further in anyway?  Again this EMMETT technique works in a similar manner, it causes as little trauma as possible within it’s healing process, but we are not talking about actual surgery here are we?  In one sense no but in another sense yes. What has an actual surgeon achieved after a successful surgery?  It reminded the body what it was like before the said physical trauma became apparent or felt by the said person. What has an EMMET practitioner achieved after a successful treatment?  The same exact thing however, this advanced healing process I’m discussing here goes beyond physicality altogether.  

Now this seems totally absurd, how can anyone heal anybody’s body without this kind of action being physical in any sense?  The part of the body you are working on is no longer in a physical form; it takes on a transparent form without being of a physical form.  You can literally insert your hand into this area of the body that is no longer physical without causing any physical trauma, but surly we are only visualising that the part of the body in question isn’t physical?  No, there is no visualisation occurring at all.  Think of the movie Matrix, this is very similar, there is no actual physical form once one learns to focus enough, this is why we can heal and even perform surgery without causing any further trauma to the physical body and more importantly the mind.

So why can’t anyone we know heal like this? Principles, we can only think in time not in timelessness so all our principles are fixated to time. Thinking in timelessness is important with this kind of advanced healing process; you need to go beyond the bounds of time to heal in this way.  All of what is physical is based on time so we think we need to use various principles of time to heal what is of time, physicality, but that isn’t the case at all. We need to go beyond the principles of time to understand and accept any principles beyond time to become proficient at this kind of healing process. This is exactly why I call this an advanced healing process, you need to drop any principles of time that are going to hinder such participation in such advanced practices, this means dropping any hindering  principles of time from science to religion.  

You might say this isn’t easy to do, as soon as you state such a thing it becomes instantly hard. The only reason it’s difficult to drop such principles of time is we are fixated to these principles of time; we really don’t want to let them go. As soon as we say it’s too hard to do, we have confirmed how fixated we are to anything of time.  To break away from this fixation, we need to realise that nothing actually dies or is reborn from death, the demise of anything doesn’t actually exist, it’s an illusion brought about by the principles of time.  Physically we are born and eventually we die, this is fact but only of time, when we die we don’t actually die but transform into another energy source, but the people and things we love eventually become non-existent. No they don’t, actually when we so call die we are more alive than we are in a physical state of existence unless we are, after our demise, still fixated to the principles time in some way.  

Why when we die from pain related trauma we don’t feel pain in the afterlife?  Pain doesn’t exist, pain can only exist in time, it’s created by the principles of time so when you go beyond the principles of time you don’t cause any more trauma.  So is this saying all pain and trauma in this physical life of time is an illusion?  Not exactly, a lot of people make the mistake in my mind of just judging realties of time illusions nothing more, it’s actually not that simple.  What we experience in time we are actually experiencing but only in time, when we take in consideration of the whole of existence, very little of this existence is of time and physicality.  Most of what exists is actually of timelessness; time isn’t a normal occurrence or is even a normal state of existence for us, this however in my mind doesn’t make anything of time an illusion. The illusion is everything of time isn’t all we are or who we truly are but it is a part of who we are otherwise we couldn’t experience anything of time itself, in other words we can’t experience anything that isn’t a part of us in some way.  

So is pain and trauma a part of us? Again we couldn’t experience anything of time unless it was a part of us but it’s a very tiny part of us however in time we have made it all we are, this is the illusion.

So let’s get back to why I’m not focused enough to heal in this advanced way I speak of, first let us ask another question, why aren’t any of us this focused to heal to this extent?  For exactly the same reason, we are fixated to one or more principles of time which hinder us becoming this focused.  Because time is a very tiny part of our whole existence, none of us obviously want to let go of these principles of time even though we perceive we are in trauma. It would need a huge amount of trauma to let go of such fixation of time and even then it’s probably doubtful we would let go completely.  We are experiencing time and everything of time has to offer, we just don’t want to let go of this otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Everyone who is here, existing in time, wanted to be here, we wouldn’t and couldn’t be here otherwise.

The funny thing is, we have created everything that is of time through our principles and perceptions of time; we can always change what is occurring in time by changing our principles which in turn changes our perceptions.  We don’t have to be destructive; actually we can be quite healing if we wanted too. This would mean giving up certain principles of time that interfere with such healing processes, are we willing to do that? It would seem not at this point, trust me, we all realise, at the inner level,  how exceptional it is to experience time itself in any form, we just don’t want to end this experience but we don’t have too.  We allow the ego to influence us to make such decisions, to continue existing in time; all we have to do is become healers instead of destroyers and still keep the ego at the same time. The ego can be very constructive, it’s just we haven’t learnt to use it in this way as yet but we can if we drop some of our fixations of time.  

As for me, I’m becoming more aware of myself that isn’t of time and influenced by the ego, the process of letting go of my fixation of time for me has certainly begun; this post is a good indication of that.             

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Immortal Free Will

Written by Mathew Naismith

This seems dumb, how can free will exist when we can’t seemingly choose the way we want to live?  When asking this question, are we talking about at the human level of understanding here or are we talking about the God within? When we seemingly have no choice in the way we want to live we are actually only understanding at the human level of understanding or probably more precisely at the mortal level of understanding. Thinking we are just mortal beings is of judgment  however as always I’m not saying judgement is bad or good it just gives us an illusion that we are only mortal beings. If we are truly aware of more than our mortal selves we would realise we have free will, this knowing within oneself is inevitable. 

What’s judgement got to do with making ourselves believe we are just mortal beings? We judge we are alive, we judge we are a physical entity & we judge that we are brainier than all other creatures, this is mortality we are talking about here not anything else beyond mortal being so actually judgment has given us fixations which of course includes our beliefs.  It is nearly impossible for some of us to think or became aware of anything else past these beliefs thus we have become fixated  so of course we are going to think we have no free will unless we enforce our own free will onto others, warring is a good example of this & religion at times is another.  What would happen if we all truly realised & truly believed we are not just mortal beings? I predict we would no longer force our own will onto others & yes it has everything to do with forcing our own free will onto others because we think we don’t have free will to start with.

Being immortal we have chosen freely to live lives as mortal beings thinking that we have no free will & to express any kind of free will we must enforce it, this is expressing our free will at the immortal level of understanding.  It all comes down to, we are actually living in the way we are because we can. This sounds dumb only because we have fixations on mortal life, we can't see past this reality & once again it comes down to why not live within these fixations!!  We must remember here to understand this we are immortal not mortal energy forms, we are actually expressing our free will but only known to our immortal selves because we can. 

This comes down to realising we are immortal & realising we can change things in the world if at the immortal level of understanding we willed it so. At the moment we can’t will it unless we enforce it at the mortal level of understanding however for real change to take effect we must become aware of our immortality which of course give us more awareness.  Any enforcement denotes judgement & fixations thus obscures any further awareness. I'm really thinking though that it would be a super human effort to reverse what we have done all these centuries & actually live within peace itself, why not? That can only be delivered by the God's /realised by the God within I believe.  If we are immortal why not choose, at the immortal level of our understanding, to amend our ways, what a monumental effort that would take & what a monumental ending to a seemingly calamitous existence.  We would indeed prove ourselves to be immortal & God like or of God if we could accomplish this but do we have the will??    

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Consciousness without Time

Written by Mathew Naismith

We have a habit in relating everything to time because anything that isn’t of time couldn’t exist & even if it did how would we comprehend such things as it would be way past our conscious understanding.  Actually because of this fixation/habit about time we are unable to comprehend anything not influenced by time, having a belief that nothing can exist without time is stopping us becoming aware of anything not of time which includes consciousness itself as opposed to human consciousness. I should state here that I believe human consciousness is dominated by time however on the other hand consciousness itself isn’t. This brings us to the ego, the ego is of time but again the ego isn’t of consciousness itself & this is the consciousness I’m going to talk about in this post, consciousness itself or God if you prefer.  

First let’s look at the ego, the ego can’t exist without time as there is no past or future & the ego needs time to create a functional archetype to build upon but for this to happen time is needed so the ego is unable to exist without there being time to create such archetype.  Picture there being no time, there is no past to dwell on & no future to aspire to, there would be no point to collect wealth of any kind nor would there be any point in dwelling on the misgivings of the past & this is why  functional egoist archetype can’t be created without time. What happens then to the human self without this egoist archetype therefore time, does the human self then cease to exist?  No not really because we already have a functional archetype mainly because if there is no time how & when would a functional egoist archetype have been created because to be created we need time to give a starting point of origin? This functional egoist archetype like with everything has always existed but how could a functional egoist archetype exist without time? Time has also always existed as well because if consciousness itself isn’t of time how did it create anything from a starting point without time?

This seems perplexing, on one hand we have time that is needed to create everything as nothing can be created without time & on the other hand we have consciousness itself which isn’t of time & can’t create anything without time.  So is this saying consciousness itself (God) didn’t create anything, time did? No because time is but a tool that consciousness itself used to create, time is a part of consciousness as of everything is, it’s one source not two even though any consciousness influenced by time is of a different consciousness to consciousness itself.  It seems different because it’s only a part of what consciousness is itself like one person being different to another, no matter what the difference seems to be we are still of one consciousness.  

This is actually saying time is only a part of what consciousness itself is however because of our fixation to time we are unable to comprehend anything not of time, we are in fact experiencing very little of what consciousness is.  So how do we experience more of consciousness itself?  Stop thinking of time itself & that everything that exists has to be of time but how can anything exist without time? Time has always existed but under the influence of consciousness itself which isn’t influenced itself by time therefore everything has always existed.  What most of us want to do is experience more of consciousness itself & become aware of consciousness itself not being of time, there is no past or future only the now.

The freedom we get when we truly believe there I no time in pure consciousness is quite exhilarating, freedom from all our vices of time however at the same time realising time has always existed it’s just pure consciousness itself isn’t influenced by time.  There is another thing not to do is make yourself believe everything of the ego & time are an illusion, this is judgement for starters & should be avoided.  Just realise time exists but is only a part of what consciousness is itself. Sit within your quietness realising we don’t have to be influenced by time if we don’t want to, there is no time in pure consciousness & eventually you will have some quite vivid insights & will experience other experiences brought on by truly believing pure consciences isn’t dictated/influenced to by time .   

Friday, 12 July 2013

Living Within Your Divine Self

Written by Mathew Naismith

Finding Oneness: Who wouldn’t want to find one’s truer inner divine self, well hopefully this post will assist in such a venture. Living within your divine self is really just remembering who you really are other than what you think you are or conditioned to believe & even at the soul level through fixated attachments we can forget who we are so in all what we need to do is just  remember who we really are, simple!!!

No of course it’s not simple at all & the more attachments you have from previous lives & consciousness’s the harder it is going to be to remember & most importantly accept who you are as any fixated attachment relates to the negative ego. So what has fixated egotistical attachment got to do with remembering who we are, divine enlightened beings? Fixated attachments give us egotism & individualism; it’s this non-individualism we are not accepting because once you remember who you truly are you become as one with everything, no egotistical person wants to be the same as everybody else. The fear of not being an individual is great in this state of consciousness & awareness.  

There is also another problem that will hinder ourselves knowing about out true selves which has stemmed from the previous old consciousness, idolisation of something higher than oneself. As I have stated in previous posts, to think of something higher or lower of oneself isn’t of true oneness   so if you truly want to experience true oneness one must stop idolising or thinking of yourself & others of being inferior or superior.  Being inferior has stemmed from human conditioning because there is always someone supposedly more higher in stature & power than us in one time or another in our lives while growing up. This of course has nothing to do with oneness so to start with, we must un-condition ourselves from this conditioning; this is of course done by remembering who we truly are.

I would like to state here there is no true oneness as such just a state of being at one, true oneness is of everything being as one with no individualism, we have individualism in existence so we can only be in the state of being at one ourselves which is in itself a great feeling indeed.  We ourselves can feel at one but there is always individualism in existence so not everything is at one at one given time any more.  

Remembering: So how does one remember who they are & to be at one & divine in nature & oneself?  Now this is the simple part, know your fixated attachments exist in the first place at the human & soul level, it is pointless to know of one without the other if one wants to be truly at one & divine in nature so be aware of your whole self not just the human self of having such fixated afflictions/attachments.  Now we need to look at our beliefs, are they conducive to oneness because idolising anything isn’t of true oneness however feeling at one with something else that is divine in nature is conducive towards finding one’s own divine nature & that is what we are trying to do here nothing more or less especially if you are reading this. It is fundamentally important not to idolise or denigrate anything higher or lower than yourself.  It would help a lot if one was to read various past posts of mine & any other material found in the various links supplied in certain posts.

Ridding ourselves of any fixated attachments is difficult which includes idolisation because we are conditioned from birth & right throughout human history to do just that but it becomes a lot easier when we are aware of the difficulties believe it or not because the more difficult it seems the more aware of the problem you have become & in just doing this you will find when you get to a certain point of awareness of your difficulties you will become enlightened of your truer self & yes believe it or not it is that simple however what isn’t simple is dragging out becoming aware of our difficulties, we drag it out because of our attachments & as soon as we realise this to start with you realise you are no longer dragging out becoming aware of our difficulties, you have instantly become aware & knowing of your truer self is but a stone’s throw away from this.  What we really need to do is take on a totally different way of thinking to what we have been conditioned too in the old consciousness, my whole blog is on thinking outside the square & if we can do this & start thinking for ourselves again this process of finding one’s truer inner divine self will be a lot easier.