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Monday, 22 December 2014

A Merry Christmas to the Whole Collective

Written by Mathew Naismith

I hope everyone of the entire collective has a fantabulous season and new year ahead, wishing peace, love and understanding to all of the collective no matter what we have done throughout the year.  It’s very important for the individual to not judge the collective or individuals of the collective too harshly, it’s not easy living in ignorance so show a little understanding and patience for the whole collective’s sake.  

Our own personal happiness is vital for our wellbeing, sit back and enjoy the season but please consider what other parts of the collective are going through in the now, even if it’s for a brief moment of your time.

Being spiritually aware, we can sit back in our positive thoughts and expressions and just live in the now, if we are lucky that is, lucky enough not to be suffering under the influence of ignorance, so many people of the collective don’t have this much luck in the world so be grateful that you are not influenced by such destructive ignorance.  

It’s also a time to be grateful, to be grateful of all those of the collective who have suffered and are suffering in the now for us to be able to live without such destructive ignorance. We should remember, while living in our awareness in the now, other people of the collective living in the now are not so fortunate, living in the now for them is quite daunting to say the least.  

We need to be aware that living in the now for a lot of peolpe at any time isn’t full of awareness, love and harmony, it’s full of ignorance, hate and discord and we need to remember this is also a part of the collective. None of us can be of total awareness, love and harmony if any part of the collective is still living in ignorance.  

Yes we are indeed lucky to be aware so please give a thought to those of the collective that are not as lucky as we.

I will finish off this post with what is going to seem, to a lot of people, like a strange gesture by me towards another, I gave a gift of my time and certain consumables to a multi-millionaire, the look on his face was quite astounding. I look at it this way, is a person living in opulence ignorance any less needy than anyone living in a poverty influenced ignorance? Not to me, my awareness doesn’t judge who is needier and who isn’t, it just sees a need that needs to be met in the present moment without judgement. We are all living in ignorance of one kind or another. I don’t look at a multi-millionaire any less in need of my awareness than anyone else. I should also state I do indeed also give my time and consumables to less financially influential people of the collective, no one in the collective is judged to be of any less importance than another no matter what their stature is. I realised I gave a lot to this millionaire, more than my time and consumables; it was written all over he’s face.