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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Time and Timeless Conscious States

Written by Mathew Naismith

There is an obvious difference in how consciousness works in time and timelessness, this is worth being aware of in my mind if we want to build upon a more constructive reality.

Time = human consciousness + focusing + intentions + goals + motion

Timelessness = God's (sources) consciousness + no focusing, intentions nor goals + motionless

There is a huge difference between states of time and timelessness, however, we can exist within these two states. It's like meditating while at the same time working in a job that takes a lot of thinking, this is certainly attainable. It actually takes balance between time and timelessness states to create a reality based more on passive motions.

Time is all about a consciousness in motion, in other words thought. It's natural within this state to focus our intentions to attain goals within states of time, it's however not natural within time to be totally unfocused within our intentions to obtaining goals. States of time are all about consciousness in motion where's timelessness is quite the opposite, the less a consciousness is in motion, the more this consciousness is of timeless states of consciousness.

At times, I will only exist within my own space, this means there is no focus nor intentions and certainly no goals in mind. It's usually quite beneficial to get into my own space for no reason what so ever, in other words I have no intentions of a goal before getting into this state and it's certainly not in retaliation to circumstances surrounding me either. This state isn't always attainable though, mainly because I'm still usually focused on certain circumstances surrounding me, at certain times I am unable to just let go of these circumstances. In this case, it's a good idea to be aware of what we are in judgment to at the time, timeless states after all are totally void of judgement of any kind, it's no wonder this state isn't always attainable to us.

The benefits of being able to go into timeless states is huge, especially in a states of time, this is due to time, at times, can be more of motion than other times within time. The more a consciousness is in motion, the more this consciousness needs to be able to go into a timeless conscious state otherwise it will become overly destructive. It's natural for a highly motional consciousness  to be more destructive.

Imagine this; what would instantly occur if we became more the observer (motionless)  than a participator (motional)?  Being the observer would allow us to understand each other better, but most importantly, our consciousness would become less expressive of motions. Wouldn't it be sad if we had less wars and conflicts in the world, this would occur if only we could observe more and act less!!

This is why wisdom is all about being an observer rather than a participator, only through observing can we become wise. This is why I state that God's consciousness is of pure wisdom, it's always in observation of time.

However, don't ever expect your own consciousness to be the observer of timelessness though, no consciousness can observe a consciousness in a timeless state, this is wholly due to there being no motion what so ever in a timeless state. The only conscious state that can be observed is a consciousness's of time, this is wholly due to consciousness within this state being of motion.

So how do we become aware a timeless state if we are unable to observe this state?

This is why we can't observe God's consciousness, it's within a timeless state of observation, however, we are often told about God's consciousness through various means. This however isn't the only way to become aware of this timeless state, you can, through various spiritual practices, enter into a timeless state. I honestly think this is the best way to become aware of this timeless state, as becoming aware of this timeless state, through various ideologies, can be misleading. I don't just mean  misleading because these ideologies are not totally correct, I mean these ideologies can, and most often do, give us more judgment of other ideologies which lead us away from this timeless state. Once we take on an ideology to be the be and end all, all we are doing is misleading ourselves if we think we are becoming more aware of this timeless motionless state.

In certain ideologies, God's consciousness is the only consciousness that is able to judge man, to me this isn't the case, this would mean this God's consciousness is highly expressive of ego through judgment. This would also mean God's consciousness can be highly destructive. This is an impossibility within a timeless state, God's consciousness after all is infinite, when does this consciousness then start and finish being in judgement if this consciousness is infinite and obviously not of time? Only in states of time can judgment exist, God's consciousness to me doesn't exist within time, a state of finite (transitory) state, but in an infinite state.

This however isn't saying that these ideologies are incorrect altogether, this god's consciousness is supposed to be in the image of man therefore in this case this consciousness is of time therefore is able to be in judgement of man.

I, myself, try to stay away from fixating myself to any set ideology and become a participator, I instead prefer to be an observer of such ideologies therefore, I feel,  more connected to this timeless state we call God's consciousness.