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Monday, 8 January 2018

Your Own Social Acceptance

Written by Mathew Naismith

Personally, I think it's advisable to go along with your own social acceptance mentally and physically. The picture above shows me wearing a thawb/thobe, just because in my culture this kind of dress isn't usually accepted, this doesn't and shouldn't mean I shouldn't wear this kind of dress. It's advisable not to be limited to and by your own culture, all this creates is separative ideologies and concepts therefore realities based on separatism.

Yes, at no time cause distress or show disrespect in one's dress but one, in my mind, should always try to dress to one's own social acceptance. If you go to a black tie event, you wear a black tie. I wore this dress at a market that is one of the biggest markets in our area, at no time did I feel I was being disrespectful or giving people grief. Yes, it was obvious certain people of my own culture were unconfutable and non-accepting of my dress, however, it was they who were giving themselves grief through their limitations in accordance with their own culture, not me.

To atheists of extreme views, all else based on beliefs and faith is socially unacceptable, the same is with religious people of extreme views. In Australia, you're not being a real man in certain social circles if you're not interested in football, go figure!! So the coalition forces are not at war with real men because they don't follow football and wear garments like thawb's and kaftans!!

Spiritually, one must sit, eat, think and be a certain way to be spiritual; at no time can one be conflictive, destructive or violent. Light naturally destroys dark, in a sense an unawareness is quite aggressively replaced by awareness. To the light, it may not seem aggressive but to the dark it couldn't be more aggressive. The Earth and the sun can be exceptionally violent and destructive; we can often find ourselves quite insecure and volatile in a natural world/reality. So because the Earth is violent and destructive therefore cause insecurities to ourselves, the Earth and the whole of the universe isn't spiritual!!

To a lot of spiritually aware, it is socially unacceptable for a spiritually aware person to be violent in any sense. Considering that certain spiritualists in India lash out at people and that in certain Buddhist meditative practices violence is acted out, being limited to certain accepted non-violent spiritual social beliefs isn't true in accordance to nature. It's simply not natural to limit oneself to certain set boundaries within nature, for nature has no limitations. Considering that consciousness as a whole is infinite in nature, it's funny that we are still limiting ourselves to certain set social standards, usually in accordance with the culture we fixate ourselves to.

A lot of people experience their most enlightening times under duress!!

Spiritual pertains to the non-physical, just because the non-physical is expressed in a physical way, doesn't make what is expressed physically non-spiritual as it's never not spiritual, even when the non-physical is expressed physically. Physical expressions simply mean interaction with different forms of energy sources separated by various differences. Just because I separate one energy source into different energy sources, doesn't make these different energy sources not of energy, then why do we think that by expressing the non-physical physically make it non-spiritual, especially if it's violent!! As energy is always energy, no matter how different the energy becomes, the spiritual is always spiritual, there is always a spiritual, a non-physical state, to the physical.

We are having a physical experience; does this mean we are not of our soul? We are never not of our soul no matter how physically expressive we are, in actuality, try having a physical experience void of a soul or the spiritual. Try mentally creating something physically void of thought, one comes before the other and is always of the other. 

We might then think that we are being more spiritual the less physically expressive we are. To people like me, we are being more spiritual being expressive of physicality, not less spiritual. For starters, we are humbling ourselves and we are not allowing our egos to control how humbling we express ourselves physically. Secondly, to be expressive of everything physical, is to be aware of everything physical, in actuality, to be aware of separateness of physicality is to truly be spiritually aware. How truly aware and unlimited, infinite, are we when only aware of what we desire or perceive to only be spiritual?

In all, I simply could not imagine myself being limited physically and mentally to a certain cultural standard, in saying this, being limited to certain set standards like this is also apart of the spiritual journey. I was not accepted by certain people at the market in my dress, however, they too have a right not to be accepting therefore be expressive of their own culture in accordance with their own social acceptance.  

It's not what we think, it's what we don't think that creates the problems we have in life!!      

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Shine - An Inwardly Reflection

Written by Mathew Naismith

Shine; a simple word with a much deeper inner meaning than the word itself can ever possibly reflect, this is because the word shine to human consciousness is but created therefore perceived. As light and love is a perceived reflection of a far more aware consciousness, what the word shine depicts humanly is but a fragment of it's truer deeper inner meaning.

Inward Perceptions: Human consciousness is unable to become aware beyond of what it is able to perceive, anything beyond these created perceptions can't be perceived by the human consciousness. If there is no comprehension or will of comprehension, how is then one to perceive, in this case beyond what the word shine actually means inwardly. Outwardly, the word shine means to glow or shine as light. The perception of light gives us an outwardly reflection of shining, this is by no way an inwardly reflection.

We perceive light as in opposition or opposing dark. Light means to be aware, like turning on a light in a dark room where's darkness means to be unaware, like turning off the light to a light room. The perception of light and dark, negative and positive, good and bad, are but of outwardly perceptions because they are created and of the outer world or self. It's like the Earth turning around the sun in orbit to the sun; this gives us a created perception of night and day, light and dark. We are simply conditioned to light and dark, positive and negative.

It's handy to look at it this way, all outwardly perceptions are created as all inwardly perceptions are creators, one is of the finite, the other of the infinite.

Outwardly reflections/perceptions = created + separation + finite + light and dark

Inwardly reflections/perceptions = creators + oneness + infinite + nothing and everything as one

When we are only able to perceive the differences between light and dark, this is an outwardly reflection, it's created through the perception of separation. Once you separate energy into different parts, it becomes of the outer world, a created world from the inner world. Outwardly, light and dark, negative and positive, are different because they are separate to each other, this is simply not the case inwardly as everything becomes one.

The World Stage: Recently, we had state elections, the party that was more efficient with their scare campaigning won the day. We were literally threatened that if we voted a certain party in, in our electorate, we would be held accountable. Because people today are conditioned to fear, they not just abided by this but accepted being threatened.

On the world stage, the UN, backed by US force and control, is doing the exact same thing, holding the world to ransom. You will be black listed, and no doubt aggressively dealt with, if you don't recognise Jerusalem as Israel's new capital.

If today's perception of love and light is so powerful, why are we not just living more in fear but accepting being in fear more than ever?

How many different perceptions of light and love are there? How many different manifestations of numerous perceptions are present at present in the world? What perceived manifestation will win out against all other counteractive manifestations and perceptions?

So why isn't today's love and light working?  It's all to do with perceived separation and denial and deliberate ignorance of anything remotely judged as negative/dark. In actuality, anything based on separation will always be a part of what it detests the most, a never ending cycle of separation and counteractive motions.

Acceptance: Firstly, the impotence of acceptance is to realise one doesn't have to become of what one accepts. If I accept this reality as being of a cycle of separation therefore conflict, this doesn't mean I accept this as being who I am or what I am as a whole, it simply means that I accept these cycles of separation as simply being cycles of separation.

Cycles of separation are simply to do with the outer world, our outer selves, accept this as being a part of who you are while at the same time being aware of your inner world or self.

Shine: To shine is to be at one with everything void of separative perceptions, not the obvious separation from a perceived dark/negative.

Imagine for a moment being in a reality or state of consciousness void of the necessity of positive perceptions, there is no negativity therefore no positivity. We would of course perceive this state would only be of light. The trick with light, in relation with awareness, is that the light is also of the dark, how aware are we if we are only aware or desire to be aware of the light? One must be aware of the whole to be truly of the light, to be truly aware of the whole as one, not of separated energies counteracting each other.

I actually perceive a true oneness state as shining, of course we perceive shining as referring to light void of darkness, this simply isn't the case. We are conditioned to separation so shining has to be opposite and separate to dark. Shining is simply the acceptance of everything for what it is, be it of the inner or outer world/self. Yes, we could judge that the outer world is an illusion; this simply gives us a false denial of what we are as a whole, it's also of separation of everything we desire not to be a part of.

I've done this a few times in my life, I shone, even when shining isn't of this kind of separative reality. People couldn't help but stare at me because it's simply not of this kind of reality. To truly shine, one must truly be accepting of all void of being only of what one desires to accept, in saying this, I don't often do this myself as I accept this reality for what it is and myself being a part of this kind of separative reality.              

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Telling It How It Actually Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

The last thing human consciousness wants or desires to be come aware of is how it actually is, especially if the ideology we are using limits us to certain perspectives and perceptions. This is certainly the case if these perspectives and perceptions make us feel good, in actuality, anything that threatens our limited perspectives and perceptions is usually denounced or critically judged as being negative and even toxic. Not sure where oneness fits within this kind of critical separative perception though!!

Until now, human consciousness has been about telling it how it's not, in-effect creating a reality based on deception, including self-deception. Any new constructive conscious change will entail a consciousness to tell it how it is, this will no doubt entail a consciousness to be honest with itself while sacrificing it's present desires. All changes take one to close doors so other doors may open.

We might ask ourselves, why is dishonesty worsening thus creating more conflict?

For any mind to become aware, especially a mind conditioned to 3rd dimensional aspects and spheres, the mind needs to become aware of one to become aware of the other. It's very much inline with closing doors so other doors may open, how can you close a door to something you are not truly aware of? If you are not truly aware of a door and what is behind the door, how can you truly close it? You need to acknowledge the door to be able to understand what is behind the door to know when to close it. Yes, human consciousness collectively is obviously still unable to close the door to deception to open another door to openness and honesty; it's simply not ready to do this on a collective scale.

We might now say that many spiritually aware people are aware of the door to deception and closeness, we now need to consciously move on, evolve.

Within the very present, we are trying to build a reality based on love and light, light simply denotes awareness. Can one truly love and be aware void of acceptances and balance? Considering that a true sense of love can't exist without harmony, which is created from acceptance and balance (moderation), how is creating a reality of love and light void of acceptance and balance true. For starters, how many western minded spiritually aware people accept this reality the way it is?

Acceptance doesn't mean you become apart of what you are accepting, it simply means having an understanding of what you have a comprehension of. Yes, many spiritually aware people comprehend our present reality, but do they truly understand what they have comprehension of? Being that our present reality is based on deception, not many people truly comprehend our present reality, even fewer people understand our reality and even fewer people still accept this kind of reality for what it truly is.

How can you close a door you have no comprehension of therefore any comprehension of when to close the door? Very few of us even comprehend that we are in a reality we can close the door to. The door simply doesn't exist to these people but it exists to a lot of spiritually aware people, however, how many spiritually aware people truly understand the reality behind this kind of door? Considering that many spiritually aware people are trying to create a reality of love and light void of true acceptance, balance and harmony, how truly aware are these people to their present reality? They want to close a door on a reality they have no acceptance or clear understanding of to start with, yes, comprehension but no true understanding in my mind.

Consciousness works in this way, it needs to truly comprehend and understand one kind of consciousness to open a door to another consciousness, in actuality, you can't open a door to another consciousness unless a consciousness truly understands its present consciousness. Comprehending this kind of reality is very different to truly understand this kind of reality, in actuality, any kind of reality. Comprehension is not understanding, compression is simply being aware of something you may or may not understand, especially truly understand. I may comprehend the existence of children, do I understand all these children?

Yes, many of us comprehend the destructive traits of a reality based on deception, but how many of us comprehend and also understand that consciousness is of a cycle of processes. Experiencing a destructive reality is but one of these processes. In truth, this kind of reality is but a very small part of the whole process, a process of experiencing everything we comprehend spiritually through a process. Consciousness is simply of a cycles of processes, being that the cycles of consciousness are of certain processes. What the western mind is presently doing, is discarding certain processes thus trying to break the cycle of evolution. The western mind desires to be of one void of the other.  

Being truthful about this kind of reality, which means being open with what is going on within this kind of reality, is the best thing we can do. Discarding anything as simply being negative is the worse thing we can do in my mind, we are simply being ignorant to everything we don't desire therefore deceptive to ourselves and everybody else. Yes, it feels awful being this honest with ourselves at first. One of the best ways of overcoming these feeling is to desist in looking at everything as simply negative or positive, it simply is what it is, a part of a cycle of processes.

Being whole doesn't just mean comprehending what we are as a whole, it also means experiencing (understanding) what we are as a whole. The observer comprehends the experiences of the experiencer where's the experiencer understands what the observer comprehends. The observer and the experiencer (participator) makes up the whole, in-effect, the so-called higher and lower self make up the whole. The higher self, the observer, is not whole void of the participator, the so-called lower self, it takes the whole to be whole, not what we desire to be the whole.                        


Friday, 23 January 2015

Understanding Each Other Better in Our Own Space

Written by Mathew Naismith

Does understanding ourselves better take us to just understand ourselves as individual or as a collective?  A spiritualist seeking enlightenment tells us we need to be in our own space to understand ourselves, meditative states gives us our own space to become aware of ourselves as we really are not what we presume we are but while in this state of our own space, are we understanding who we are as an individual or as a collective? It is of course always about the collective not the individual.  

When you become connected to your own space, in-depth, acceptance and understanding of the entire collective become automatic, you don’t have to force yourself to be accepting or understanding.  Most of us however don’t have that connectedness especially all the times, without this connectedness we lose our acceptance and understanding quite automatically, this is of course leaves us open to all sorts of misconceptions, the world in conflict is a good example of this.

So should we all become connected or reconnected to our own space allowing us to accept and understand the collective as a whole a lot better? This obviously at this stage isn’t going to happen, yes it would nice but it’s just not going to happen so what other avenue do we actually have?

I have friends who are religious, agnostic, atheistic, spiritually aware and so on, we get together  quite peacefully annually for a barbecue (B-B-Q) and this is accomplished without having to learn to be in one’s own space.  Trust me; we have huge opposing concepts and beliefs between us, how do all these people with various views come together peacefully?  We accept and understand each other having their own space, we are actually in our own space without imposing on other people’s space which allows us to become accepting and understanding.  Sure it comes up that we have opposing views but we realise everyone has to have their own space. Does it matter who really believes in what?

Sure a lot of my friends think I’m wacky but I don’t take offence to this and this is vitally important, don’t take someone else’s perception as a personal attack. What usually brings this on is the dogmatic views we have about our own concepts and beliefs being the be and end all.

Recently I have been in conversation with two hard line atheists, there concepts and non-beliefs are the be and end all, they will not accept or have a wanting to understand anything beyond these concepts and the belief they have no belief’s!!  It is said that atheism is becoming another religion but not just another religion a hard line religion, thank God not all atheists are like this. The thing is I understand and accept their views because I have taken the time to understand that they need their own space, what I won’t do is accept these people coming into other people’s space which they often do. It comes down to being allowed to be in our own space without infringing on other people’s space and teaching our own be an end all concepts and belief’s. 

I don’t care who it is, I take the time to understand other people’s space, yes the space that some of these people are in isn’t going to propel them along in the same way as a spiritualist, but it is their own space not ours.

The reason I think it’s important to understand other people space is acceptance, once we understand that  everyone must have their own space, we become more accepting and giving. Having your own space is being on you own path, having your own path to follow.  Yes we are all on the same journey together but we are indeed using different paths.

Why are we using different paths, wouldn’t it be better to use the same path?  As individual entities it makes more sense to be on the same path altogether, we would understand each other a lot better and in turn become less conflictive but what would this one whole consciousness be learning about itself by doing this?  We are one source of energy, the collective; it’s this whole collective on different paths learning or expressing itself, in a sense you could say we are all serving God, this one super consciousness.  How often do we learn from others while on our own path in our own space while respecting other people space?  It’s like being on the same road together going the same way but using different parts of the road, each part of the road gives us a different experience.

I don’t judge one person’s path or space being any less worthy or important than another; they all tell us something about this super consciousness, this allows us to know ourselves better through each other’s space.  Is it important to understand each other’s space? I think so, mainly because we are on the same journey together.

My last post was a little confusing for a number of people so I’m going to take this opportunity to explain myself a little better so you can understand my path, our journey, a lot better.

Vibrations; I don’t judge a higher or lower vibrations as being less worthy than the another, to me it’s not about levels but about how little or more a vibrational energy flow  is vibrating at. Describing this super consciousness (God) as a low vibrations was in reference to it’s motionless state, to me it produces very little vibrations mainly because it’ not interacting with itself in this timeless state until this super consciousness interacts with itself in time. To me we are one source of energy interacting with itself in time which causes a high level of vibrational activity. 

High vibrations = realities + time + the expression of this super consciousness   

Low vibrations = timelessness + no interaction or intentions + super consciousness

Now what was also confusing was it seemed I was saying that this super consciousness wasn’t really pure, it was tainted by the interactions of this consciousness in time.  This was due because I stated that everything within a timeless state has always existed, including time, therefore this tainting this pure super consciousness.

To me this super consciousness is everything of time and timelessness, there is no separation, everything is as one, this of course infers this super consciousness is tainted by it’s own expression of itself in time and if time has always existed, this would infer timelessness is tainted by this expression as well?  It’s quite understandable to get this impression but that’s not the case, not within timelessness.

Look at this timelessness, this motionless energy source, as a blueprint, in it’s blue print form, it has no interactions however it does have intentions at this stage because the blue print is reprehensive of time without being actually in time. This blue print has always existed but only as a blue print until expressed or created through realities like this one in time. Time is allowing this blue print to become created, to become real instead of just a blue print, this reality and you and I were created from this blueprint.  What is above is also below. A house isn’t a house until it’s created from a blue print, realities and ourselves aren’t human until this reality and humans are created from a blueprint. 

Pure timelessness consciousness = no interactions + no intentions except in blueprint form + very low (slow) vibrations

Time = creation + realities +interactions and intentions + no blueprint + high (fast) vibrations

I should point out that we can exist in a pure timeless state without a blueprint to follow; this to me would be a state of one with God or the source.   

This super consciousness in timelessness isn’t tainted because this blue print isn’t being expressed until it’s expressed in time as a creation through realities like this one in time.  I also don’t judge anything being tainted or not, is being tainted somehow less worthy than not being tainted?  In a human perspective most definitely but not is spiritual perspective, not to me.  This would be like saying this path (space) is more worthy than other paths; I try to be aware of such judgment.  

No one is truly tainted, we are always of this super consciousness in it’s timeless state but in time we are also expressive and any expression or intentions are going to cause us to be destructive, this means the more expressive we are the higher the vibrations and the more destructive we will become. We can however express what we like from these blue prints, like any plan, they are a diagrams showing what we can create but not necessarily have to create, we have alternatives.  You could say this super consciousness is leaving it all up to us in what we create from these blueprints.

I should point out that I’m not saying this super consciousness has actual blueprints as such; I only used blueprints because we can relate to creating from blueprints a lot better.  It is written but we have a choice of what lines (paths) we want to read (follow), it’s important to accept an understand this as of everything.    

This is my path, my space and it’s worthy.  

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Accepting a new Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Here I was about to write up about how some people have the view that to be a lightworker/spiritually aware one must follow a certain criteria, in other words judged others to be or not to be lightworkers/spiritually aware people through certain spiritual beliefs and actions and then a post written by a Brenda Hoffman appeared.  I think a lot of people just might find this lass quite interesting as I did…but then again maybe not.  We of course all have our own path to follow but sometimes our paths do cross.  

Extract: Some believe it’s not possible to be a Lightworker unless you meditate, eat certain foods or follow rules developed by other new earth entities. Such beliefs are right for those who created them – at least, at that time – but not for the you of the past, now or ever. Your true guide is within you. As you adjust to the new you, your skills will develop – just as is true for a new-born.

My Reply
I couldn't agree with this more Brenda, actually I was going to do a write up about how we judged who is or isn't a light worker/spiritually aware. If you sit and eat right and pray to the right deity you are a light worker, if not, you’re not a light worker, I don't think spirituality works this way!!

Also developing our new skills over and above our old skills has always been a must for new development, spiritually or scientifically. The old skills worked fine within a 3rd dimensional consciousness but we, as always, are developing further so our consciousness needs to change. Human consciousness has always evolved through accepting our new tools like stone tools to bronze tools and bronze tools to iron tools and so on.  We are having the same dilemmas as they did when motorised transport first came onto the scene, many people still preferred horse drawn carriages and had a hard time accepting mortised transport.

I think one of the tell tail signs of a light worker is acceptance……the acceptance of new consciousness’s without judging older consciousness’s so and so.  Sitting and eating right and praying to a particular deity is old conscious that a number of people are having a hard time letting go of. Within this new consciousness you realise that everything was of the spiritual and we all had a role to play to assist in accepting new consciousness’s right throughout human history.

Much Blessings,

Spirituality has become just as much about labels and titles as the sciences, for example,  someone participates in a workshop, after completing this workshop they are then titled a so and so and now they fit within a certain slot. This is obviously all about judgment, now I have my slot and title I’m obviously more of a lightworker/spiritually aware than others. For one we need to get away from this separation and judgment. 

The following was my reply to how I and others see this reality as a play being played out by players of all kinds.  This shows how some people view what is or isn’t a lightworker/spiritually aware isn’t quite correct because these girls are still playing out their role as a lightworker even though they are not spiritually aware.   

You just wonder at times why certain roles need to be played out!!

Recently I was reading about the problem over in China, how males will never find a partner of the opposite sex. This has led to a boom in the sex industry in China.

They coax, kidnap, buy girls as young as 11 yrs old to work in these industries, very few of them live to 20 yrs old. This of course just doesn't happen in China by far.

I wouldn't like to be one of these girls who are continually abused, if I was one of these girls would I be thinking life's only a play being played out? I don't think so.

Will we learn from this, have we ever learnt from past deeds like this? We are still doing these things so we haven't learnt. Are these poor girls playing out their role to show us where we need to change to evolve further consciously?

People are still going to suffer if we haven't learnt from the past. These girls, and all who suffer, deserve our deepest appreciation in showing us we still have work to do before we go on to the next conscious level.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Counter Productiveness in Positivity

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would share a reply I made to a particular post, shown below, to show how loony I’ve become.  

I ask you what is this website for Starseeds? Is it not to encourage, enlighten, share experiences and just be the true Beings that we are? To send light and love to whomever is in need? Are we not the Light that can potentially help humanity as we know it change to their full potential? Well, what would you do if someone told you our safe haven, one of the most unique and loving and encouraging places for Beings like us was IN DANGER of ceasing to exist. What could we do help prevent our little world of communication with each other from going away? We are Starseeds, children of the sky and someone we know and love dearly needs our help!! We as a Great Family cannot turn our backs. We all need to open up and give a piece of ourselves to this site. All of us!

How can we do this? We need to invite more trusted people to. SL. There are so many more that can and will benefit from us and what we have to offer, and that Is Ourselves, our knowledge, our insight and mostly our Love and Support.
 We need to blog more, set up forums to share our passions, stories of life as we know it and life as it could be.

As for Me, I made my choice to be on this miserable planet to help Humanity and I am proud to be able to do that. I will do it freely andwith great love for those who are suffering and those will suffer, to give them Peace!! Brothers and Sisters of the Stars, my beautiful family will you help, That was a silly question, because I know you and at that we are the same that is who we are, we help when needed. It's in our makeup as Star Beings!! I know in my heart and soul that our distant families are very proud of us all! Where I come from my has been written in a book along with so many others as a remembrance of what we choose to sacrifice, and that my Dear Ones, a remembrance should prompt us to remember our greatest sacrifice Them Our real Families!! Honor them!
We can start by blogging and inviting new ones. We all need this, I need this and our Dear and Loving Star Sister needs this. I don't want my safe haven to go away!! I just found all of you and I need you all in my life. I have felt so out of place and alone all of my life till I met all of you, thank you all for accepting me into your lives!!
We are Warriors!! We are as one and so it should be!!

Dearest Pamela, if I'm not mistaken, you have been hurt quite seriously probably more than once, life can be tough if we try to toughen up believe it or not. The trick isn't to toughen up but learn to be sympathetic & caring to those who know no better.

What you & others are doing on sites like this one is learning to be sympathetic & caring over & above toughening up. It seems so logical to toughen up & get on with life forgetting all that has gone before us, this is old hat & of course never worked if what we wanted to do is make life less chaotic.

The strange thing about being hurt is we don't necessarily need to be hurt ourselves to react sympathetically & caring.

When we are hurt or we are seeing/feeling hurt we counter react by only focusing on the positives, the problem I see with this is a counter reaction. By the act of being positive to drown out all the negatives is actually being negative because we are counter reacting to a supposed negative.

The trick is not to drown out these negatives with positives but to see these negatives in a less negative way. I'm happy living in misery only because I know this misery is self-inflicted, misery within itself does not exist, we are the ones who have created misery by seeing it just as misery. The more we try to counter act this misery the more misery exists.

What makes us live & exist in misery? If we all lived for a need instead of a desire this misery wouldn't exist in the way it does today, desire creates misery. Sadly enough our egos won't allow us to live just for our needs these days.

When we were living for our needs, yes there was hardship but that was a part of normal everyday life, it was accepted but now we live for our desires which have created misery. By living for our desires we no longer expect to suffer & when we do it's utter misery to us so we counter act this with excessive positivity.

The strange thing is you can't get any more positive than acceptance of all for what it is, for in this we are not trying to drown out these negatives but accept them for what they are.  The strangest thing with acceptance is it makes you look at everything in a more positive light than trying to drown out these supposed negatives with positivity.  The extremes of positives & negatives are far less because we learn to live for a need instead of a desire.  When I talk about desire I mean desiring more than what we can be content with, never really being content in what we have.  

In my mind we really do need to change these negatives into something more positive rather than just smother these negatives hoping they will just disappear.  Some people see me as being negative but I don't who is more negative? Some people see what I write as being negative others don't, again who is being more negative. If you see negativity as in opposition to positivity you are most likely negative no matter how positive you think you are!!  

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Accepting Our Imperfections

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is about a state of consciousness I found myself in last night, I was in a state of consciousness that I accepted all imperfections & that nothing at all was perfect, which was a huge buzz. However firstly I will explain about another recent occurrence I had yesterday concerning a movie titled Sleeping With The Enemy.

After watching this movie I immediately had the strongest of feelings that so many people these days were in this same suppressive abusive relationship. I felt a great number of people were still in relationships like this, I could literally feel their despair and fear. These feelings came from the exact same source as when I predicted the space shuttle disaster, these are different feelings to everyday personal feelings so you know the difference.  When I brought this up with a person in the know they replied that these kinds of situations are actually getting worse not better.

Now back to my experience concerning the acceptance of all imperfections which has a little to do with how I felt after watching the movie Sleeping With The Enemy as I will explain a little further on in this post.

We seem to be always humanly looking for perfection either in our mind, body & soul or all three. If we want to better ourselves in any way that is us looking for a more perfect self than what we are at present, wanting to ascend to a more aware consciousness is no different, is this a bad or good thing?

No bad can come from bettering ourselves in mind body or soul however I don’t think it’s a good idea if we are not accepting our own and everybody else’s imperfections at the same time. The main reason for this is judgement; if we are more perfect we have judged and compared ourselves either to our less perfect self or someone else’s less perfect self.   

This brings us to the movie, the abuser or perpetrator feel they are egotistically better than the victim otherwise they wouldn’t be abusing anyone. Anyone remotely threatening this superiority in anyway will be dealt with, abused. In some cases if the victim is too inferior this reflects back on the abuser as being imperfect, it’s a very fine balance and the more perfect the abuser sees themselves the finer this balance becomes. It’s literally living on a knifes edge for the victim, a less perfect person than the abuser.  

The point is, by being able to see these imperfections within ourselves and others doesn’t seem to lead to this kind of abuse. What always happens when one army sees themselves as more superior over an opposing imperfect army or race of people?  We get large scale abuse.

Seeking perfection without seeing our own imperfections seems to always lead to some kind of abuse either of ourselves or others.

What about the people who seek and/or see themselves more perfect than others, they don’t see their own imperfections but they have them. A controlling ego or being egotistical is a huge imperfection so any way you look at it there is always an imperfection.  

Now to another point, how is an abused person supposed to accept the imperfections in an abuser?

If you are living on this knife edge it’s very dangerous to think that the abuser is imperfect in anyway as this can show through.  It’s really great when a spiritually aware person can just say things  like forgiveness and acceptance but it’s quite impossible for an abused to act on this when they and their family are literally living on the knifes edge.    

It’s funny how one experience after another, when collated, comes together to give us a bigger picture at times. Feeling the despair and fear of abused victims and then a few hours later experiencing an unreal conscious state of total acceptance of our imperfections was astounding enough. After collating these two separate experiences together heightening my awareness of abused victim’s plight even more was even more astounding.       

Monday, 3 March 2014

Our Own Story Lived

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is going on from my last couple of posts to do with living our own story or path. We obviously all have our own story we want to live or are living by, each story is unique, no two stories are exactly alike mainly because of the influences of other people living out their story directly around us. This doesn’t or shouldn’t stop us from living out our own story, yes we are influenced but others around us however we still have our own story to live. If we want to allow other stories to influence our own story that is up to us as a whole however we must remember we are all living in a greater story!!  It’s like a story within a much larger story; these much larger stories do & can influence us against our will changing our story, war is a good example & so is consumerist materialism. These are stories that are more collective therefore more influential than our own individual story.

Living our own story doesn’t seem collective but what makes up a collective? What makes up a collective is smaller stories so everyone who is living in their own story is being collective within a larger story. At the moment we are talking about war or consumerist materialism being the larger collective story here, what about becoming spiritually aware, is it not collective to be as one as well and what gives us oneness? It’s a collective condition of multiple stories under one story; in this case we have replaced the larger story of war or consumerist materialism with oneness however we are still being influenced by war & consumerist materialism but to a far lesser extent, they are no longer the main influential story we live under.  

We can take on the main story as being our own, many people do this. A soldier becomes a soldier because of having to have armed forces & a multinational becomes a multinational because of consumers consuming material goods.  Without individuals living out their own story & being coaxed into the main story the main collective story wouldn’t exist. It takes many individual stories to make a collective, you can’t have true oneness if one story or person wanted to become at one. I think oneness only exists because of a collective, if you don’t have a collective you don’t have true oneness. Because everything is consciousness, either it be of a God or an intelligent energy source, it takes a conscious collective consciousness to create things like war & oneness.

What creates a religion, it’s not one person just living out their own story separate to every other conscious source, it’s a collective coming together to be influenced by one story.  There are so many stories we can live under either it be by choice or not, the real question is now, are any of these stories wrong for us to become influenced by? Is it wrong to believe in a God as opposed to an intelligent conscious source or to join in a collective like religion or consumerist materialism?  The collective that it creates itself isn’t wrong but we must realise it can do harm onto others or force other to join under a collective story that they don’t want to be influenced by. We do have a choice in what story we live by however sometimes in making that choice we do have to suffer.

We all at one stage or another feel non-accepting of other people’s individual & collective stories like the many different religions out there for example. As soon as we become non-accepting we have allowed these other stories to influence us like for example a lot of people don’t like the word God. As soon as we have reacted to this word & what it means we have become influenced by it.   God, to a lot of spiritually aware people these days, doesn’t mean a white bearded man or even a higher supreme being but a consciousness that is more aware than our own individual or even collective conscious selves.  Yes a lot of non-religious people have a problem with religion & the belief in a God. The problem is that religion &/or the belief in a God hasn’t proven itself to be reliable or even ethical in the past, religion & the belief in a God in itself has done a lot of harm right throughout history but of course it’s done a lot of good as well.

I use to have a problem with religion & the belief in a supreme God myself but I don’t anymore for the main reason I have accepted other people’s stories that they wish to live under, as soon as I push my story onto others I have become what religion has done at times in human history.  We must allow others to think for themselves & live by any story they wish. Accepting others people’s stories doesn’t mean we are going to live by their story nor does it mean we should allow them to hurt us in anyway through living their story, what acceptance does is to disallow any influence of these stories we don’t want to live by to influence us period. Like I said, as soon as we respond by disliking someone else’s story we have allowed that story to influence us.

So many spiritually aware people these days have a problem with the word God or anything relating to religion period, this is allowing these stories we don’t accept to influence us.  Once we accept that others have a right to live by their own stories, like we do, these stories have very little effect on our own stories lived.  This is sort of like reverse psychology funny enough!!!       

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Spirituality-Uneasiness Within

Written by Mathew Naismith

A lot of spiritually aware & connected people are feeling an uneasiness, is it due to the way this reality is going or is it to do with our transition from one form of existing to another or is it both? I will endeavour to answer this question, let’s first however look at this reality, is there something wrong with it? Well no there can’t be because there is no true right or wrong when looking from timelessness into time, what is is the creation of time of what time has created, that’s all, however while living within time there is a wrong & right & that is what we judge by, time created judgement to judge anything of time by.  So there isn’t anything wrong or right about this reality unless we judge accordingly!!

Now let’s look at our transition from one form of existing to another, is this what’s causing us this uneasiness at times? This again comes back to time because there is no judgement within timelessness because time created judgment, not timelessness, so this transition from one form of existence to another can’t be blamed or judged to giving us this uneasiness we sometimes feel so it comes down to both.  Again it comes down to judging it as both which again is only of time. In timelessness there is no judgement so in fact nothing is really making us feel uneasy so what are we feeling? We are feeling the attachments to time even when we think we are of timelessness, these feelings are telling us we still have attachments to time. Having attachments to time isn’t judged either as being lowly or unbecoming in some way, it’s just of times creation remembering I believe time itself has always existed as explained in previous posts.

So the conclusion/theory is the reason we feel an uneasiness at times is because of all the above which is all of times creation, time has created our uneasiness for without time there would be nothing to feel uneasy about. How about if we just let go of our attachments to time, would this stop this feeling of uneasiness at times? It is obvious it would but do most of us really want or desire to do that?

Once we bring in desire or a wanting what does that pertain too? The ego of course so to desire to be of timelessness is of the ego, a wanting to be more aware is of the ego so no matter what we do in time it is of the ego. It is actually more egotistical to desire to be of timelessness than it is to be in a chaotic existence. If we looked at this in a human way what existence would you choose, one that is beneficial to us or one that isn’t beneficial to us. The ego will always choose what is going to be more beneficial which includes a desire to be of timelessness.  

This brings us back to the question, do most of us want to become detached from the attachments of time & the answer is no because it would seem most people are not truly egotistically driven even though they can be egotistical in time. Is this wanting to be of time driven by the ego because once we are truly of timelessness the ego no longer exists, the ego fears becoming null & void? We really should be asking is it more egotistical to be at one with all & all powerful than to be individually egotistical? The ego only looks at being more than what it is, it sees itself in timelessness as the be & end all even though it doesn’t exist, the ego still exists in the ego mind even once in timelessness because it’s the one. Yes in timelessness the ego doesn’t exist but the ego still thinks it does mainly because the ego can only reason to the extent of time. The ego is very restricted by it’s fixations to time however if one was of timelessness there is no such fixations.  The paradox is one can’t be one without time, when in timelessness there is no one but a oneness with all so one can’t be one within timelessness!! As soon as we see ourselves or become aware of being one or as individuals we are of the ego & as soon as we do this we are of the creation of time. Desiring to be at one with all is of the ego & the more we desire to escape from time the more egotistical we are; it’s one of the many traps of the ego I believe.   

Acceptance of what is which includes the acceptance of being non-accepting at times as well will alleviate a lot of this uneasiness remembering everything is of consciousness not just what we desire to be. This won’t alleviate all our uneasiness however, what is happening is a lot of us are picking up on what this reality is going to be like one day I believe not necessarily what it should be like. Many people are saying it should be like this that or the other, the emotions of time depicts what it’s going to be like so the more we think this reality should be like this that or the other the more we are creating an opposition which of course denotes conflicts.  This reality isn’t supposed to be a certain way but anyway the emotions of time make it. The awareness of our own immortality/timelessness will allow a creation of time to be created without conflict, our ignorance of timelessness has created within time what we have today which of course helps creates some of our uneasiness.

My best advice is just let it flow through you & try not to imagine or expect this reality or yourself to be a certain way, just go with the flow of things without opposition. In my last post I said the cover box of the jigsaw puzzle (bigger picture) is what the bigger picture should look like when not fragmented however one shouldn’t perceive what this bigger picture is until one can see it within it’s entirety otherwise it will stay fragmented. So is this saying we shouldn’t imagine fairies flying around us for example? We can imagine what we like within our own dimension because it is another dimension, what happens is we initiate dimensional link ups to other dimensions without interfering with this reality. While doing this we shouldn’t expect at any time this reality being one thing or another for the reason how many of us perceives a different reality to others? This is one reason this reality is fragmented I believe, we all have our own idea of what this reality should be like & this is where thinking in timelessness comes into it. There are no expectations or judgement within timelessness, what will be will be; it’s all accepted even when we are unaccepting.        

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Control v Releasing Control

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve personally written this post for my avid readers of my blog hoping you might understand better than most what I’m about here; the totality of acceptance is accepting non-acceptance in oneself so one can accept this in others as well & releasing control as opposed to taking or keeping control which this particular post is more about. Non-acceptance you could say denotes control & acceptance of all denotes releasing control but like I have written up in previous posts it’s really all to do with desires as opposed to needs if non-acceptance is of control or not.

Let’s look at the human traits we don’t like about ourselves, do we just keep acting out traits we don’t like because they are unbecoming to us & others or do we just accept them & continue them even if these traits hurt others in some way? We discontinue them which seem to denote control would it not? Actually not necessarily because it all depends on if we are doing it for a desire or a need keeping in mind the controlling ego will nearly always try to tell us it’s for a need when it’s of desire. Desire is more of control & a need is more of survival. Releasing control however is not being even concerned if we survive or not, this is not easy for a human to do mainly because of he’s ego. The ego is telling him he must survive no matter what & that is exactly what we are doing today. This is where my recent posts about thinking immoral instead of thinking mortal could help with releasing control. Yes this all sounds daunting so that is why I’ve added a few links that might hopefully explain how simple it really is to let go of being controlling or of being controlled.     

Extract: I’m bossy. Have been since I was a kid. I like to direct things. I keep a clean house, tight schedule, and clear objectives. But, this isn’t necessarily something to brag about. Too often, when we are moving with a mission in mind, we move out of the moment and begin to micro-manage people and things tweaking the details to control outcomes. Not smart. In fact, it’s not even possible. To think that we can control things, means we are rooted in an illusion. Instead of seeing life as it actually is, we get caught up in how it ought to be.

Extract: By allowing everyone and everything in your life to be exactly the way they are, you allow yourself freedom from the chaos inside you. You don’t have to be super spiritual to make this change in your life.

Is this saying we should accept everything the way it is & not be non-accepting of anything? Being non-accepting doesn’t mean you’re going to change anything it just means one has a need to be non-accepting of circumstances that are unbecoming to ourselves & others around us however when change is needed, as opposed to desire, need represents survival in some way either mentally or physically. Living for a need instead of a desire is sort of between control & releasing control all together, you could say this represents a balance between the two. Living for a need is releasing control of the controlling factors of the ego which is what this post is about; all we are living for then is survival which implies that the ego is no longer in control. Some probably have a need or desire of going further to release control altogether, this can’t be done in time because to release control altogether we first need to stop desiring or needing to release control altogether, it’s a paradox because of time.  

This is where being accepting within its totality comes into it which also includes being accepting of our non-acceptance at times as well. I am accepting of my controlling ego, at times, of living for a desire instead of a need, this isn’t about releasing control so I’m contradicting myself here? No not exactly for the main reason I am aware of the controlling factors of the ego & I don’t see a wrong or right because in timelessness there is no right or wrong. In actual fact I’m not contradicting myself at all because there is no right or wrong however in time there is. Is it wrong to be expressive of the controlling factors of the ego? In time it doesn’t seem so for many & it can’t be wrong in timelessness either because timelessness has no wrong or rights so why not just be egotistically controlled altogether if there is no wrong in this?

Some of us in time have a will not to be so expressive of these ego traits & to do this we should become aware of the controlling factors of the ego to release this control within us. So what about everybody else who wishes to express such egoist controlling traits? In time they seem wrong to us who wish not to be so expressive of these traits but there is no right or wrong, only in time is there a right & wrong which again is ego controlled. It’s a paradox because of time once again.

If we thought immortally would we have these paradoxes? The answer of course is no because we wouldn’t think in time which gives us judgement therefore there would be no right or wrong & no paradoxes. To be in timeless thought would also mean far less control quite automatically, if there is no right or wrong what is there to control?  You become totally accepting within its totality only because you have become non-accepting of thinking in time remembering being non-accepting is also accepted. You can’t be totally accepting if you don’t accept being non-accepting as well.

The following link is quite interesting as well only because I relate to it so much like, “The ego in you will almost always deceives you by creating the feeling within that, if you let go, life will'll lose control...even great and terrible things could occur”. Fear unravels us & to take some sort of control of fear we rely on knowledge for an example which seemingly gives us control over fear, the fear of knowing less than others or not knowing enough to support ourselves financially. Is this saying anyone gaining knowledge is fearful & controlling? To an extent yes however this is where a need comes into compared to a desire, if we are gaining knowledge for a need that far less denotes control & fear than if we gain knowledge for desire I believe because fear is controlling, a need isn’t .       

This post also explains about faith, “What it does do is reveal a lot about the lack of faith...what really is the driven-ness of fear within that person who mistakenly thinks they are being faithful when all they're really doing is disguising their fear with platitudes that sound faithful”.

Attaining faith can also be of a controlling thing or not again depending on what’s the driving force behind us attaining faith either it be of desire or of an actual need remembering if we are in a place we don’t want to be in & we see faith as an escape from this that is more to do with desire than a need.

Recently I came across yet another new age spiritual concept mixed with old religious concepts & beliefs that is more about control than releasing control because it was all about escaping from a prison. I would like to inform my readers here today that any concept or belief that entails fear in anyway is of control in my mind as fear denotes a lack of control so all we are trying to do with this kind of faith is take back this control.

This post also tells the story of monkeys caught in traps that wouldn’t let go of bowls full of rice, if they did they would no longer be entrapped. It describes how we are the same & all we have to do is let go of the goodies to become no longer entrapped. I think if we, while meditating, spraying, chanting or whatever, think about releasing control before & during these spiritual practices releasing from being controlling will become a lot easier.  

Is this post urging us to become detached from our attachments? No & yes because again we should ask ourselves honestly is our attachments of desire or need? This doesn’t mean a desire or need for ourselves either but of others & everything around our whole environment, for example we are destroying the environment at an alarming rate because of desire, it’s not an actual need but we lie to ourselves & say it’s for a need. Lying is but one of many attributes control has given us, all we need to do to correct this, if we want too, is just release the controlling factors of the ego & this is why I have added three links to other posts/sites that will hopefully allow you to do this. Happy releasing.   

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Acceptance within it’s Totality

Written by Mathew Naismith

I get this so often with people questioning my concepts of acceptance when all of a sudden I become non-accepting of something; they see a flaw within my concepts which of course denotes a judgmental ego.  This isn’t saying judgment is negative, actually judgement can be quite constructive but the more the controlling ego is in control the more destructive judgment becomes I believe, that isn’t the case here, not to any great extent anyway however one must beware of the pitfalls of the controlling ego.

The following reply of mine was in reply to a young person who seemed rather lost; the reply following this was an indirect reply relating to me. My last reply explains to Risingtide the principles of acceptance within it’s totality to.

G'day LostGirl

Welcome to SB first of all.

Sorry for your loss but I'm afraid loss seems to be a part of life, it's quite natural so try first of all thinking of loss as natural.

If you don't mind me giving you advice on positive living, change your user name or log in under another name which denotes something more positive like bright star, gorgeous me, fabulous me or whatever as long as it's positive or at least not negative in some way. Everything vibrates & is accessible to other forms of vibration which also includes words believe it or not.

Puberty & growing up period can be easy on some tough on others mainly depending on the vibrational influences we have around us so look around you to what is causing you to feel uneasy remembering it could be multiple of things or it could be one thing. Most of all don’t feel you need to take control, spirituality is actually about releasing control not taking control.

I hope this helps in some way StarChild, (LostGirl).



The champion of 'Acceptance of all' argues that more positivity is necessary and more information is required
How is that acceptance?

G'day Risingtide

I sense a hint of bitterness from you Risingtide, I get this thrown at me quite often.

Acceptance is to accept all, correct, no matter what, that would also entail to accept not being accepting at times as well.[wink]

When we get into a pure oneness state we are accepting of all within it's totality it would seem but are we? Can we at this point accept being non-accepting again? Very unlikely at the human level also why would we want too when feeling so connected? 

Unless one is able to, at this pure oneness state, become accepting of being non-accepting again one will never be accepting within it's totality. This isn't easy to do at all because our human emotions tell us why we would want to change from this oneness state of being again while in the form we are currently in.

There is nothing to gain for us in our present form to become accepting within it's totality & in fact it's quite harrowing, which is all we need,  however the wisdom gained which will assist others is worth it.


PS Sorry if I have offended you in the past. 

It is funny that we all at times have judged other people’s concepts & beliefs to be wrong in some way mainly because we are just not understanding enough of any said concept/belief of others, is this wrong to judge like this? There are no wrong or rights within spirituality unless our emotions tell us so, this is our human self not our inner self as the inner self is very collective & far less emotionally volatile than our emotional human selves mainly because the inner self isn’t controlled by the controlling factors of the ego.

To be judged is accepted by the inner self as there are no wrongs however at the human level of understanding there is a wrong & right, we must decide what path we want to follow, the inner self’s path or the human self’s path or both. We should try to remember here that our inner selves are totally accepting within it’s totality otherwise we wouldn’t live different lives from life to life, we would just live our lives conductive only to our human emotional selves in our case.  

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Accepting Imperfections

Written by Mathew Naismith

When we get to a certain level of understanding we become accepting quite automatically even of the imperfections of life, it’s a totally exhilarating experience of benevolent oneness.  This is the acceptance of all imperfections because we no longer see imperfections; we then feel they really never truly existed but is this the be & end all?  Infinite comes to mind when this question is asked & the answer of course is no this isn’t the be & end all however it will do fine especially when we are living in such a chaotic reality.

Some people like myself realise there is no be & end all even when it feels that way because consciousness itself is infinite, so what else is there after experiencing benevolent oneness & acceptance of all? While in this state of benevolence it is nearly impossible to become non-accepting again even at the human level of understanding & in actual fact it seems to be impossible once you have experienced this state of benevolence oneness to become non-accepting again, who would want too anyway?

While in this benevolent oneness state of conscious understanding are we accepting within the totality of all? To answer this question we need to ask another question, why is it seemingly nearly if not totally impossible for people to become non-accepting again while in this state of consciousness?   We can’t accept ourselves being that way again so are we accepting within the totality of all when we can’t accept ourselves being this way again?  Being in a state of benevolent oneness can take many lifetimes to accomplish but to become accepting within the totality of all of course would take many more lifetimes to accomplish but what if you could accept, once again, in one lifetime to become accepting within the totality of all by accepting within yourself to become non-accepting again while knowing you are actually all accepting!!

The big question is now, did existence within it’s totality come from benevolent oneness? Our egos would love to think so but how could it when consciousness itself isn’t of time therefore all has always existed from perfections to imperfections, existence itself has come from all of what is not what we would have liked it to come from!!  

If you don’t understand what I am saying here you’re not meant too so don’t try however for those who do understand you would know there is no be & end all, only infinite realities.  It is interesting being consciously aware of living within more than one reality at a time I have to admit.     

Recently on IONS I got message telling me of my imperfections which was justly deserved & appreciated by me. This same person knows me from other discussion boards & was being quite concerned within my actions towards others who are unbecoming towards me & others.  


I'm new to this discussion board, but have commented on many others. mrmathew1963, your frustration with personal attacks, defamation and topic focus are prevalent on all discussion boards. You have to understand that some enjoy antagonism and arguing just for the sake of it. The more you protest, the more the antagonist engages in this behavior. Like a restrictor knot, the more you struggle the tighter the knot becomes.

Laughing at your own misgivings as portrayed by others, accepting constructive criticism and forgiveness in lieu of hate and resentment are some of the toughest psychological barriers to overcome, but once realized creates open acceptance by others and a sense of inner calm and an increased knowledge source and base for you.

G'day SeekingUnderstanding

The problem is Dusty has chased a number of people away by doing what he is doing to me, I'm bringing this forth to be noticed by people who don't realise what Dusty is actually doing & it has worked I believe.

RE:"Laughing at your own misgivings as portrayed by others, accepting constructive criticism and forgiveness in lieu of hate and resentment are some of the toughest psychological barriers to overcome, but once realized creates open acceptance by others and a sense of inner calm and an increased knowledge source and base for you.'

I do understand where you are coming from with this believe it or not but I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, letting my ego ride the waves without it becoming too controlling.

Believe me SU I don't take what people say on these discussion sites personally, well maybe a little at the human level of understanding as this is just part of riding the waves.

Sorry for being too disruptive SU, thanks for your valued advice. -:)

There is absolutely nothing wrong for a spiritually aware person to be imperfect actually it’s more spiritual to be accepting of all imperfections & what better way to do this than be imperfect yourself.  SU was meant to show me my own imperfections because these kinds of imperfections are hard to tolerate from people trying desperately hard to become perfect. Don’t try to be perfect, consciousness itself is infinite meaning there is no real perfection or imperfections only what we perceive to be perfect & imperfect, all what one needs to do is be yourself.  Being spiritually aware has nothing at all to do with perfection or imperfection just being aware of infinite realities & accepting of all of them at the same time if possible.