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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Purity of Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

Writing about love isn't a normal topic for me as I'm usually focused on other things like motions, ego, vibrations, control and so forth. Just recently however my main focus changed which was brought on by a visionary insight of intuitive love and the creation of a universe through sexual expressions. Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to say the universe we exist in was created through a sexual expression or a sexual interaction of some kind, I am however saying that other forms of universes are created in this manner. It's important at this stage to not just perceive universes only being of a planetary nature of some kind.

The word universe  is actually in reference to the existence of everything everywhere, this includes planetary and non-planetary states of existence and living and non-living matter. Universe can also be created within the defines of another universe, how these separate universes are created within the defines of another universe is amazing, especially when intuitiveness is one of the influential factors of creating these universes.

I love 3rd dimensional spontaneity, this means allowing the natural cycles I am existing in to influence me without knowing exactly what is going to occur next, this includes being less intuitive and aware.  In actuality I seem to have a fixation to a spontaneous existence, I basically don't want to know what is going to happen next, this can however stop me from experiencing the purity of love.

Experiencing the purity of love is like the intuitiveness a mother has for her child, it's like utilising basic natural instincts through intuitive feelings. These natural intuitive instincts seem to be more prominent in mothers who have a lot of love for their children, the more a mother loves their child, the more intuitive these mothers seem to be. In actuality, the purer this love is, the better chance of creating a loving reality  especially in regards to the child.

It's also important here to realise that as we perceive beyond 3rd dimensional thinking, we will inadvertently at times become connected to other experiences from other dimensions and realities, this means we will become in tune with other vibrations that are of other worlds. This also means we will feel other consciousness's consciousness, meaning, we will feel other people's or beings experiences in other dimensions and realities.

Most often though, these feelings are denounced as being a delusion by general science people and labelled as an illusion by metaphysical people. People into general science seem to be only able to perceive through 3rd dimensional aspects, so anything not of this 3rd dimensional aspects, is labelled a delusion.

People into metaphysics seem to be able to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional aspects, however, everything of motion is seemingly pronounced as an illusion to them, there is however a middle ground.

We can indeed delude ourselves which brings on a reality based on an illusion, for example, perceiving that this 3rd dimension is all there is and is all we are, this however doesn't mean everything we feel and experience is a delusion, especially when we start to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional perceptions.

What then happens when we perceive beyond 3rd dimensional perceptions is that we will perceive everything of motion, in one sense or another, being of an illusion. It's all created from consciousness for starters, also, when we are only experiencing a certain reality, we tend to think this is all we are. It of course becomes apparent that this isn't all we are once we perceive beyond 3rd dimensional perceptions in our case, this however shouldn't mean everything we expedience is a delusion or an illusion, this is wholly due to feeling other experiences from other dimensions and realities as an observer.

The question of delusions and/or illusions don't come into it once you observe these feelings and experiences rather than just being a participator of them. Being a participator will always give us perceptions of illusions and delusions, this is quite natural and a normal reaction of any consciousness participating beyond their own  dimensional perceptions.

Now what I am about to share with you might seem like a delusional episode and/or an illusion, the reason it's not is because I stayed as an observer even though I could feel every compelling emotion and interaction. The following is about a visionary insightful experience I had recently evolving a couple making love.

At the precise point of the males ecstasy (ejaculation), both parties involved looked deeply into each others eyes knowing exactly what they have created, they could see the whole life of the life they have conceived. At this point, this life was perceived as a creation of a universe between these two people, they literally felt they created a universe. Only very loving parents or well connected spiritually aware people will be able to perceive what these two people at that precise moment actually felt, it was electrifying to say the least. I should also say, I have never experienced such an experience before.   

Now this might seem delusional in that these people felt they were creating  universe, in actuality they were, especially when you consider that a singular consciousness has it's own body, it's own very vast universe to influence, to me this is very much the same as our universe we exist in.

This might seem like a crazy perception or concept to a lot of people, every body is it's own temple, it's own universe influenced by a singular consciousness. This isn't saying this singular consciousness can't be influenced by other consciousness's, it just means the body (universe/temple) is predominantly influenced by a singular consciousness with it's own perceptions or character. Yes, I do look at people as a universe all of their own.

The reason I titled this blog the purity of love is to do with what these two people felt, especially at that precise moment of knowing what they have created between them. What these two people felt and could envision goes way beyond just conceiving a child, they actually felt and knew they were creating a universe that will be influenced by it's own consciousness. This kind of existence will be quite hard to perceive for a lot of people, having the capability of both parties actually seeing what they were going to create on it's own is way beyond 3rd dimensional perceptions. I do know that some parents look upon their children as some kind of universe or temple, to actually see what you were creating goes way beyond this though at a particular moment.

Can a more purer love bring on our natural abilities of insightful visions and intuition, the more purer the love, the more of these natural abilities we will express?  I think so, this however doesn't mean we all need to fall in love with another person to bring on this pure love, all we need to do is be pure within our love which probably means letting go of our desires and lusts. I think  it's this lustful desiring love of objects and people that replace our natural abilities like insightful visions and intuition, I know now what we can experience if we could just let go of our fixations to our desires over and above a more purer form of love.