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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Love, a Neutraliser of Chaos

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is in reply to another post titled, Does it really matter what we call the creator? Like with any good post, we tend to dive off in all directions that relate, in some way, to what a particular post is all about.  In this case we have gone off on a totally different tangent however this still relates to the question, does it really matter what we call the creator.  Each path we tread gives us a different perspective and within these different perspectives we perceive things differently, what we each call the creator is but one of them.

Kerrylouise To change the path course and to prevent repeating old patterns then lessons have to be learnt as I am sure that you would agree. We only go down the same old road if we have not yet learnt , so to change the course of our life time we need to learn from things change it in the now and forever move forward  xxx

Mathew Naismith If you go back in human history you will find we have repeatedly walked along the same paths numerous times, war is a prime example of this.

War against other humans, nature, ego, ideologies, beliefs & concepts & so on, what is this trying to teach us? I feel it's teaching us opposing energy sources will create chaos & misery. If you are tired of living in a chaotic world changed how you react to it, this of course takes wisdom or maybe a little bit of common sense!!

Why are so many spiritually aware people into love? Love is a neutralizer neutralizing these opposing polarities. This is quite a different path to what we have been on before, that is why it can be quite difficult at times. In this we need to be aware of the differences of love & lust, lust isn't a neutralizer, & being aware of this, we hopefully won't make the same mistakes as before.

Femininity is also a neutraliser because it’s instinctively nurturing & according to the Mayans, we are entering into a feminine cycle.

Much love xxx

What we each call the creator doesn’t seem to be a neutraliser when it should be in my mind, this is where I feel love comes into it’s own.  The love of the creator, no matter what it’s called, is far more important, this should be focused on more often.  Does it matter if you don’t believe in a divine creator? No because then we are all creators in our own right, just look around you in what we have created. In all I think it’s not important what we call what but how we love whatever we call it.