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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Our Darkest Hours

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is awfully hypocritical of me, one minute I’m talking about the light and how true darkness doesn’t exist and here I am posting a post about our darkest hours, where the heck am I coming from!! Actually I still have a view that true darkness doesn’t exist however I believe we are in our darkest times in human history which of course is going to give us a perception of the existence of true darkness, it’s indeed a harrowing time for the collective but we can prevail.  

If you could imagine being out in a ferocious sandstorm stripping away any decency we have, that is our darkest hours and to cope with this a lot of us have turned to spirituality for solace. This sandstorm we have found ourselves in is a culmination of slavery to every extent, pirates running amuck, drug and warlords controlling much of the world and the biggest slavers of the world, multinationals and various politicians who endorse a failing egotistical system to support their own desires.  In no time in human history, on such a scale, have we had such a culmination of people stripping away our decency, we are indeed living in our darkest hours facilitated by egotism.  Did you know in certain parts of the world, they deliberately create slums for the sole purpose of benefiting from these people financially?  In one way or the other we are all slaves to a highly egotistical system which is obviously failing but of course the ego doesn’t want to see this so where does this leave us?

It leaves us with people like spiritually aware and wise people but many of these people are hiding from anything remotely negative, did Jesus, Buddha and others like them do this? Actually Buddha did quite the opposite; he wanted to know the darkness in the world to help heal this darkness within us with light. How can anyone help to heal anything while in denial or in ignorance?  The greatest saviours, prophets and wise people of any day in human history didn’t hide themselves away from any of our dark hours in human history for the sole purpose of feeling personally good. It was never about just them but the collective and to be at one we must all collectively do the same and stop fearing.

If we like to admit it and face it or not, this is our darkest hours in history, you could say the world is dominated by evil/utter darkness but like I have portrayed in previous posts, there is no such thing as true darkness/evil, it’s just a perception.  I really don’t blame anyone for truly perceiving darkness and evil exists, it seems to be in every corner of the planet but for us to begin to release ourselves of this darkness, we must first realise it’s not as dark as we perceive.  Darkness/ egotism wants you to believe that true darkness exists, this keeps us in fear and fear can only feed the ego not starve it!!

Yes we do live in our darkest hours in human history but the light always shines beyond this darkness showing it for what it truly is, a perception brought on by egotism in our case.  If we just want to sit there hiding from this darkness feeling good within ourselves, all we are doing is assisting this darkness to overcome all of what is decent within ourselves.  We must first realise we are living in our darkest hours but also realise how menial this darkness is and how much of the light we truly are, if we don’t do this, things will get progressively worse as they obviously have been.  

I was recently going to stop writing as it’s taken over my life, that night I had a dream of entities/people sucking the life out of people killing them and once they killed these people they just went onto the next one.  The following day I found an article how US multinationals stopped a cancer cure becoming affective, people living off sick and dying people.  This of course related to my dream and changed my mind once again.

It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we are facing our darkest hours with all the light that is within us in any way we can. Just by talking about the light and most importantly the darkness and how we can overcome this darkness without fear will help just like people like Jesus, Buddha and other people like them in history did. Be the Buddha and face it to heal it not bury it under our own egos.