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Thursday, 14 March 2019

The Perception of God

Written by Mathew Naismith

Try to keep in mind before reading the following, I was brought up as an atheist and I have never followed a religion or any other ideology or ism in my life. What I have exercised in, after extracting myself from the doctrines of atheism, is finding reason within all the ideologies and isms man has created in discovering the environment man exists in. This of course includes the perception of God.

Before I go on, I would like to share with you a dream I had last night. As usual as in an awakened state, I was looking in all the nooks and crannies I could for whatever presents itself. I usually do this in the absence of bias as a lot of ideologies and isms can create a great deal of bias at times. I saw this cave so I of course decided to investigate even though this cave was quite dark. The cave didn't turn out to be a cave and I found myself looking out over an ocean. I was in awe while listening to the wave's crash on shore. The ocean was quite rough but still so beautiful. I then decided to in my dream on purpose think of the perception of God, what occurred then was quite amazing.

When you are consciously aware that you are having a dream, this is called lucid dreaming. In this state of dreaming, you are able to consciously influence the dream; in my case it was to do with an experiment to see how the perception of God changes my dream. As I said, I like to look into all the nooks and crannies, into all the possibilities in the absence of a much bias as possible. I thought the scenery was beautiful before. As soon as I had a perception of God, the ocean was no longer rough and everything simply sparkled. It is as if everything came alive.

Don't make the mistake and think religion is of God or has to be of God, religion is simply one of many tools for man to investigate he's environment as a whole. As of a lot of atheists who totally denounce that a consciousness can exist outside of the physical brain in accordance with atheistic doctrines, religion can have its own biases as well as human history clearly shows. As history clearly shows, not everyone of religion was of God, far more of the church than God sadly enough. You see, to be of God or have a perception of God has very little to do with religion but religion can keep us in touch with God or the perception of God.

It is also important not to separate religion from science. Take Hinduism for example, where science has always been apart of the religion of Hinduism. How many modern day scientists believe in a God and/or follow a religion of one kind or another?

So many people today are denouncing God just because of the perceptions of religion has in relation to God. In all honest truth, what would we know? We can't actually know so we can only perceive through various religions in relation to God. Try to remember, not everyone of a religion is of the perception of God as history quite clearly shows us, actually quite the opposite at times. Yes, as of any ideology or ism created by man to investigate and examine his environment, the ideology or ism to do this is only as perfect as man himself, considering man isn't perfect, denouncing God just because of a number of indiscretions in religious history, isn't exactly a wise of unbiased way of reasoning. Man is not perfect therefore it is quite unreasonable to expect his created ideologies and isms to be perfect. I actually expect them to be imperfect before expecting them to be perfect, within this, a reasonable an unbiased deduction can be formed. How perfect is numerous science theories taken as being fact? Even some of Albert Einstein's theories that were taken as fact are being questioned as science should to evolve.        

What I have exercised through life is an unbiased culmination of the universe being created by a far more aware and wiser consciousness. If you culminate all the research on out of body experiences (OBE's), reincarnation, CERN, that scientists can create mini universes and on it goes, I would have to be a total ignoramus or a very ignorant atheist to ignore all this evidence. Of course not all atheists are this ignorant, just not convinced enough to believe which is fair enough. Having been an atheist, it is amazing how bias one can get when you religiously follow atheistic doctrines. Of course the same can be the case for religious people as well as history clearly shows again.

God or the perception of God doesn't follow a certain religion; religion simply follows a perception of God or whatever you want to call a more aware and wiser consciousness than our own to be. As of my dream, the perception of God changed my scenery to something even more beautiful and spectacular. In a time of chaos, deception and destruction, what is so wrong in having this kind of perception? My subconscious and consciousness obviously perceives God to be a changer of worlds, but only through our own awakening and intervention.         

Sunday, 15 April 2018

A True Positive Perception

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all perceptions are, "The representation of what is perceived; basic component in the formation of a concept". Concepts are often based on a negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, etc; perceptions are simply to do with the way we look at our environment and ourselves. A good example is the formation of an ism or ideology which is often based on these concepts of opposing polarities, two opposite attributes or tendencies, atheism and religion, God and man, yin and yang, etc.

When one side or attribute is perceived as excessively positive, this instantly makes the opposing side excessively negative. The more perceived the positive is of one side, the more negative the opposing side becomes. So being excessively positive actually creates more and excessive negatives, not less. This is not a true example of positiveness; a true example of positiveness is perceiving the perceived negatives less negatively, not more negatively. In actuality working with the negative rather than running away from them or ignoring them because they are so negative!!

I will explain myself better by using a scenario as follow.

Who would a wealthy person embrace if there was only a choice of another wealthy person, a positive, or a wretched poor person, a negative, to embrace? Now, who would a spiritually aware person embrace, if there was only a choice of a positive spiritual person and a negative non-spiritual person to embrace? The scenario outcome is exactly the same, as the perceived positive person will always be embraced over and above a negative person. What if I told you that a true positive person would always embrace the negative person first and foremost, even if this takes them out of their own comfort zone?

What you have is the same exact mentality between a wealthy materialist and a spiritual aware person. The western spiritual perception of this is, materialism is of a 3rd dimensional consciousness where the spiritual is of a 5th dimensional consciousness. Not sure how this works when both mentalities express the same attributes or behavioural patterns!!

A 5th dimensional consciousness is supposed to entail a consciousness to be unconditionally loving, unconditionally accepting, unconditionally compassionate, etc. What we are talking about here is levels where human consciousness evolves to. The main point here is levels, where normally with levels one level is successfully completed to go onto the next level of consciousness. What level of completion, in a 3rd dimension, is there while excluding all excessively perceived negatives from the equation? A 3rd dimensional level can't be completed unless one can embrace all as one. This is clearly not occurring and in actuality quite the opposite is occurring.

Being excessively positive is simply creating excessive negatives in the first place, to go on from this and create even more negatives isn't of a 5th dimension consciousness, it's purely of a 3rd dimensional conscious mentality. 

A 5th dimensional consciousness simply neutralises the negatives by embracing them first and foremost. Being positive has nothing to do with creating excessive negatives and more negatives overall, or, ignoring these insurmountable negatives because they are excessively negative, it's about embracing all as one.

You must understand, this age is known as the age of false prophets, this simply means an age of trickery and deceit especially upon ourselves by ourselves. If you look at the world around us, where isn't there trickery and deceitfulness? We have simply been tricked into thinking we are positive in our thinking when we are not; to someone like me this is too obvious. We are simply trying to separate ourselves to what we have perceived and critically judged as being negative, separation just simply doesn't exist within a 5th dimensional consciousness.

To put it plainly, human consciousness will not evolve to the next level of consciousness with this kind of mentality of separation, not that I believe in levels myself. Levels simply give us the perception we are not at a certain stage or level of evolving, it really is just a perception we have. To see this one must first see everything as one, if everything is as one, where are the levels? Evolving to me simply means awakening, an awakening that everything is as one no matter how much we desire to separate ourselves from what we desire not to be of. 

Does yin and yang, positive and negative exist? Yes, but the perception of how negative and positive they are is really just based on our personal perceptions, no more. To evolve from human consciousness, as we have evolved before, doesn't incorporate us to accept less and separate ourselves more from everything, it takes quite the opposite.

To a lot of spiritually aware people, posts like this are excessively negative; I have simply lost count how many times I have been called negative just by simply pointing out the obvious and truth. Labelling everything that is not of our own vibrations negative is simply not being positive, far from it. This kind of separatist mentality certainly will not lead to evolving consciously, if anything a regression of consciousness.

True positiveness isn't excessive expressions of positiveness, far from it. True positiveness is all about embracing the negatives, in turn, turning them around to become anything but excessive negatives that need to be avoided at all cost.

Fear of what is negative will only create excessive negatives to be feared even more......M G Naismith                       

Monday, 17 October 2016

What's Really Real - Not An Illusion??

Written by Mathew Naismith

Human conscious is all about what is negative and positive, bad and good, real and an illusion, the question is, why does anything have to be one or the other, in the case of this post, real or an illusion?

Human Perception: In regards to human perception, there has to be a perception of one or the other. The reason for this lies within human consciousness's conditioning from birth as human consciousness is conditioned to night and day, hunger or fullness for example, so their of course has to be what is judged as an illusion or what's real. The strange thing is, what is often visually the most beautiful time of day? When the sun is either setting or rising. This time period however makes up only a few minutes of a 24 hour period therefore is often overshadowed by longer periods of light and dark, light and dark therefore becomes more predominant which in turn influences how we perceive. 

How often do we question if God or, as I prefer , God's consciousness exists or not, it's usually either one or the other? Why couldn't this God's consciousness just be without having to exist or not exist? It doesn't and that is exactly what God's consciousness represents, neither one or the other, it just is without definition, it's neither an illusion nor real. In actuality, this God's consciousness represents what is often the most beautiful/stunning part of the day, it's likened to the time period between day and night for me. You can  also relate this God's consciousness to a state of oneness or pure bliss or wisdom.

Illusions: I still find it strange that so called well connected spiritually aware people, talk about oneness on one hand but on the other hand talk about what is real and what isn't. A consciousness in a true oneness state, has no perceptions of what is real and what is an illusion,  there is no perceptions of separation, anything other than this isn't a true sense of oneness. As soon as a consciousness has perceived an illusion, it has become apart of the illusion because it's now created an illusion by it's own human conditioned perceptions. I call this a black and white mentality.

Let's look at time which is supposed to be an illusion. While existing on this planet, which evolves around a sun giving a consciousness a perception of night and day, this consciousness is conditioned to a 24 hour time brought about by periods of nights and days. When we go away from this planet into outer space, there is no night, it's only day as the sun is always visible and shining. If we then go right away from the universe itself, there is then no perception of day, only night because there is no visible sun to give a consciousness a perception of daylight.

Which reality is real and which reality is an illusion? A human consciousness conditioned to a black and white mentality, would judge which one is what, on the other hand, a consciousness not conditioned to this kind of black and white mentality would think otherwise. This reason for this lies within each reality, being that each reality has it's own reality that it is conditioned to, this conditioning however doesn't make everything else apart from this reality an illusion. We might then think, if every reality has it's own separate reality it exists by, this is anything but a depiction of oneness. This is only the case when a consciousness can only think in what is real and what isn't, a consciousness conditioned to a black and white mentality. If you are in a oneness state of consciousness and you have a perception of everything else but this oneness state being an illusion, you are not truly in a oneness state, there is no true states of illusions or states that are real that are separate from these illusions.

Twilight States: What we seem to have negated here is the twilight between day and night, what is real and what is an illusion. As of the twilight hours of each day represents, a mix of day and night, what is real and an illusion is the same. As of twilight hours in a day, what is perceived as real or an illusion are intertwined which negates what is or isn't real. I am certainly an advocate in that our environment around us tells us who we truly are, this twilight is who we are even though within this particular reality of days and nights, days and nights are predominant. Just because a particular aspect of ourselves is predominate over other aspects of ourselves within a particular reality, doesn't make one aspect more real than another just because it's more predominate.

So often spiritually aware people will get into a oneness state and perceive that anything other than this oneness state is an illusion, this perception within itself tells us that this is not a true oneness state that is being experienced. A true oneness state has no perceptions/judgement of what is real and what isn't, there is no true separation but with the perceptions of illusions and even what is real. Yes that's correct, there is no perception of what is real either in a true oneness state, and in actuality, nothing is real as nothing is an illusion either for one needs the other to exist. This is what I call a twilight state of consciousness, neither one or the other. Because we are humanly conditioned from birth to perceive in a black and white mentality, this is how we perceive everything we become aware of, even oneness itself. Yes, amazingly enough, we even separate oneness from other realities and still judge it as oneness!!

As usual for me, this post expresses a strange perception which is difficult to comprehend, there is no question of what is real and what isn't real. This perception within itself to what is real or isn't, is the creation of illusions, as I have always stated, it's an illusion of an illusion created by the perceptions of an illusion and what is even real. I would suggest to my readers to perceive neither and all of the above, why does anything have to be anything, why can't it just be without this kind of perceiving?  Don't separate everything within a certain perception in accordance with a certain reality, it just is what it is within each reality, it's truly this simple.

Note: Please do not take what I have stated in this post a being gospel or of utter truth, it is what it is, but another perception that can often be, as usual in my case, incomprehensible to a lot of people and quite understandable too. 

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Consciousness of Light and it’s Shadows

Written by Mathew Naismith

I came across an interesting thread recently titled, What is a Spiritual Solution by Deepak Chopra, M.D. It’s about our different stages of awareness we can find ourselves in and how there is always a spiritual solution to any problem that arise in our lives. I thought I would share my reply to this thread with you today….

Good thread, in my mind you have explained this quite well.

There are no problems, only solutions to be sort out through furthering our awareness which in turn gives us more solutions to be sort out furthering our awareness even more. Once you get on the roller coaster, it never stops until you want to get off....which I did!!

The question one would have to ask is, why get off such a roller coaster when it leads to one being of pure light? To begin with that's the wrong question, why wouldn't I get off when I like? Once you realise we are all pure light anyway, with a perception of a darker shadow, why wouldn't you get off, what would be the point in being and knowing who you already are?

There is no darkness, only a perception of darkness or a shadow, some people call this shadow/reality an illusion but how could it be an illusion when it’ obviously an existing source of energy of a kind! I also call realities like this one shadows which to me is brought on by the lights consciousness’s perceptions.  This pure light to me has a consciousness so if it has a consciousness it also has a perception of what it’s own consciousness is about. This perception of this consciousness is expressed as shadows through shadow/darker realties as we are experiencing at the present moment.

I should explain further saying that I call this reality and ourselves shadows which are perceptions of the lights consciousness, to me we are all of this lights consciousness and have always been.  I view us as the perception of this consciousness which is very much the same as what humans do when we perceive but of course on a lot larger scale.  What is above is also below but of course the below is on a much smaller scale within it’s perceptions than the pure lights consciousness that is above.

The consciousness of this pure light, that we are all of, isn’t like the consciousness of man as man’s consciousness itself is mostly influenced by the shadows it exists in, the consciousness of the pure light isn’t influenced by these shadows but by it’s own perception of it’s own consciousness which is pure.  The biggest difference between the lights consciousness and man’s consciousness is man’s consciousness is primarily influenced by the shadow where’s the pure lights consciousness isn’t. No matter what consciousness you are talking about, perceptions still have to come from some sort of consciousness, I view this as our primary problem which of course isn’t a problem but a solution that can be found through furthering our awareness.  We perceive through the shadows of the pure lights perceptions, of course we are going to not get it quite right; we really shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.  

Trying to perceive who we really are through shadows isn’t obviously going to give us a clear picture of ourselves, just glimpses of ourselves.  We need to be either patient for humans to collectively find it’s way through the shadows or realise we are already of that light and all we are doing is expressing the lights consciousness perception of itself. You could say we are serving God…..consciousness itself….. in it’s own perceptions of it’s own consciousness!!  

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Technicolour Dreamtime and Duality

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following post isn’t about honesty within perceiving in technicolour but how my post titled, Honesty within Spirituality, is collative with my recent topic of perceiving in technicolour. The below insightful questions and my answers to these questions show such a collation of these two topics, spirituality after all is about the whole of the collective not just parts of it. These questions are only in reference to the ego and duality but they were induced by the topic of honesty within spirituality.     

Hi Mathew. See this is what I mean by doublespeak. Now, please look at my question, it is genuine.

Duality by its very definition is opposing views. So when you say that its our perceptions of this that is the problem, I fail to understand what you are saying.

How else can one perceive opposing views! But in opposition?

Are you saying that we need to rewrite the definition of duality?

Thank you in advance for helping me to understand. 

G'day Nicetobe

Insightful questions and I will my best to answer them however anything I say isn't gospel here, it's just a view.

From Wikipedia: [i]Dualism (from the Latin word duo meaning "two")[1] denotes a state of two parts. The term 'dualism' was originally coined to denote co-eternal binary opposition, a meaning that is preserved in metaphysical and philosophical duality discourse but has been diluted in other usages to indicate a system which contains two essential parts.[/i]

There is a mention of conflict further on in this link but alternatively it also mentions complement.  You could say the obvious negative and positive here is also making reference to a positive /negative ego because the ego can’t exist without dualism.

Dualism, going by this definition, doesn’t have to be conflictive but can also be complimenting as well. I find it funny how humans only perceive the negative and well before they will perceive a positive.  We have all done this…….

So what is so complimenting about dualism? Wrong and right can be complimenting, hate and love can be complimenting, positive and negative can be complimenting and so on. Let’s look at hate and love, how can these two be complimenting when they are so opposing?  Would we realise the power of love without hate? I don’t think so; hate gives us more awareness of love to start with. Any opposing polarity is going to enhance the other opposing polarity, it is then up to us which polarity we live by…..

It depends on our perception if opposing polarities are going to complement each other or conflict with each other. Do we have a black and white perception or a technicolour perception? We are conditioned to perceive in black and white but some people have overcome this conditioning and can perceive in technicolour.

Yes I know there are people who have demonised duality but these are the same people that demonise anything they perceive in a black and white perception, we need to start listening to people who perceive in technicolour in my mind.

Another collation here is what I also not too recently wrote about, old and new mentality, which collate with black and white and technicolour perceiving.  Everything is indeed connected in some way and if it’s connected it’s really one source not what realities of duality make us perceive…….separation or what I also call fragmented consciousness.  However just because it’s fragmented doesn’t mean it’s negative or has to be negative in my mind, we need to start perceiving differently to build upon a better existence……

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The effects of Colour on Us

Written by Mathew Naismith

Supplement: There's been a few people queering me about the colour of their own clothes they wear and what they would mean. If you click on the links supplied you will get a better idea of this than what I can give you. Also wearing darker cloths doesn't necessarily mean something bad, especially if our perception is colourful and not just black and white. I believe a black and white perception isn't bad it's just not open to other perceptions where's a technicolour perception is open to these perceptions. Colour in our lives helps us to open up to other perceptions, it gives us acceptance of things beyond our present conscious understanding.   

This post is going on from my last post titled Technicolour Dreamtime, A Reality. In this post I will psychologically illustrate the importance of colour schemes in our lives and what they tell us about ourselves and each other’s, I will use different links to help me do this.  I will also show that colour therapy has been around since ancient times and how wearing some colours can protect us from discord.

First of all I would like to go into why technicolouring works at making us feel good as it’s usually a flurry of different colours mixed together randomly.  It’s not the flurry of different colours randomly mixed together that make us feel good but usually a balanced of these colours mixed together, balance is the key here as of anything in our lives. If on the other hand a technicholour image isn't balanced we will get a different reaction to the said image however this can also be balanced out by various symbols used within these images.

Take a pink heart enveloped by a white shade, the white exuberates the love of the pink heart. What if we used a darker shade instead of a white shade enveloping the pink heart? We of course get quite the opposite effect.  You might ask what the point of knowing all this is!! By taking notice of what you are attracted to define where you are at mentally as our mentality defines what awareness around us we are going to take in or not.  If we are attracted to dark images, we are not going to be as open to other perceptions outside of our own perception than if we were attracted to light images.

The following link goes into the effects of colours and shades have on us.

The following link goes into the science of the effects of colours have on us since ancient times.

Extract: Color Psychology as Therapy

Several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy, or the use of colors to heal. Chromotherapy is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colourology and is still used today as a holistic or alternative treatment.

In this treatment:
Red was used to stimulate the body and mind and to increase circulation.
Yellow was thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.
Orange was used to heal the lungs and to increase energy levels.
Blue was believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain.
Indigo shades were thought to alleviate skin problems.

We use a lot of colour these days but our perceptions are in black and white due to human conditioning. I think a black and white world, especially perceptively, isn’t obviously going to build upon a very harmonious existence but a world built upon colourful perception would, I presume, have quite the opposite effect. Most people who have built this black and white world wear black and white cloths especially to important functions; this does have an effect and an effect on all of us.

The following link looks at colour in a more spiritual sense, how what we wear determines our own moods, vulnerabilities and resistances to outside influences.

Extract: At many formal functions we see people wearing a black and white combination such as a tuxedo. The world sees this type of formal wear as the epitome of elegance and social grace. However at a spiritual level the story is very different. The subtle-vibrations from a very sattvik colour such as white and a very tamasik colour such as black actually fight each other. This fight leads to the creation of distressing vibrations which only increases the possibility of being affected by negative energies. From a spiritual perspective it is therefore not recommended to wear clothes, such as a tuxedo, with a black and white combination.

Colour schemes determine the way we are going to perceive which determines in how we react within ourselves and to the rest of the world.  If we surround ourselves, wear or are attracted to darker shades we will most likely be less harmonious within our perceptions but if we surround ourselves, wear or are attracted to the lighter shades we will most likely be more harmonious.  Lighter shades don’t necessarily mean we will be harmonious but there is a better chance of it. Being attracted to balanced technicolour scheme certainly can help one be more constructively perceptive within our ways.  Bring on the technicolour dreaming…..

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Unifying Fragmented Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was watching a movie recently and one of the actors said to another, “we can’t change the past”, I immediately thought, “of course we can”. You would think I would have to be a lunatic or delusional to believe the past can be changed, this says a lot about me doesn’t it however it’s the way we see the past that makes it what it is I believe!!  Perceiving the past differently can’t possibly change the physical attributes of the past or does it?

Everything in who we are is attributed to the past even at the soul level.  What would have happened if we actually perceived our past in a more positive sense than in a negative sense?  The future of human kind of course would have been a lot brighter as our past obviously influences our present and future.   

We judge everything according to our set ideological standards which are usually hindered because they only see what we want them to see; any other ideological view is soon discounted when they don’t fit in with these set standards of ours. This of course means we can only judge the past according to a view that is only influenced by one set and usually rigid perception giving us a distorted view obviously.  

You could ask for an example, how would perceiving past wars differently change the physical attributes of wars actually occurring?  Actually one can by redefining what war is.  Is it not a war trying to keep a roof over one’s head and food in the stomach, the great depression was one huge world war in many ways for a lot of people? Our whole life is a battle from the day we are born but of course this battle/war is worse for some people than others.  By redefining this one kind of occurrence we can now see war in a different way, perceiving war in a different way. How is looking at life as a war from the day we are born beneficially positive? Instead of separating one war from another and judging one against the other we now see the whole of human history as one huge war/battle, war itself loses it’s negativity.  War is redefined as being life itself, it is no longer defined as something as negative as war.

I should also point out here, multinationals are always at war, no matter how affluent you are you are always at war, this of course is because of our fragmented conscious reality. 

Once you realise that we are always at war, even when we are sitting in our own quietness, you look at war in quite a different way, it’s no big deal as it’s always been a part of life itself. The Earth has always been at war with itself and so have all the animals; it’s a natural process derived from a fragmented consciousness. Once consciousness is fragmented in anyway it’s always at war from there on, so if you perceive life as a battle from day dot we end up perceiving life as being no big deal in being at war.  Yes some wars are more destructive than others. When nature lets go of it’s full furry, it’s far more destructive than what man has ever been only because planets like Earth are again created from fragmented consciousness as we are.

When we separate actual physical conflicts to our everyday life, like what we perceive as just being wars, we become negative but if we lump the whole of existence in as being one gigantic war, what we perceive as negative war no longer seems that negative.  Yes, now we see life itself as being what it truly is, an ongoing war, but in a different sense than what we perceived war was in the beginning.  This is collectively collating this fragmented consciousness into a collective instead of separating consciousness even more in judgment.  War becomes life itself!!

PS And yes I am back from my second half of my holiday at a farm stay. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Timelessness is-It Just Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are very well conditioned to thinking and perceiving in time and it’s nearly impossible to think in any other way for us, this I believe is mainly due to centuries of this conditioning to time. To a lot of people there can’t possibly be any other way to perceive and think, thinking and perceiving in time is all there is.  With this perception we believe there has to be a start and end point to everything, everything, including pure consciousness (God), has to have been created by something else. This is where just perceiving in time fails us I believe.

This intelligent pure consciousness, that some of us call God, I predict isn’t influenced or hindered by such perceptions mainly because this consciousness isn’t of time.

 Below I’ve added a link and my reply to a person concerning this matter of thinking and perceiving only in time on a spiritually orientated site hoping this will explain things a little better for you.

Karnati Kiran….Who is creating the energy?

G'day Karnati.......It's not a who or what, it just is, it's very hard for humans to accept it just is without questioning however the who I would define as the intelligent consciousness some of us call God.

The thing is, why does everything have to have a start & end point of origin, why couldn't it have always been?

We live in time so we perceive by this time, what if this intelligent consciousness isn't influenced by time? Nothing has a start or end point of origin, it has always existed but only as pure consciousness.

Time to me is a fragmentation of this pure consciousness & once you fragment consciousness you have a start & end point of creation. Timelessness to me is of pure non-fragmented consciousness with no start or end point of origin.

It's very difficult to think & perceive in timelessness especially if one is conditioned to just thinking & perceiving in time. 

It feels utterly strange to me that we are only conditioned and trained to think and perceive in time as we know it, how many other people are feeling this I wonder!! 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Reality Void of Suffering

Written by Mathew Naismith

To most of us it would be utterly impossible to create a reality void of suffering, that is our first mistake because nothing is actually impossible. We should ask ourselves here, what really creates suffering?  Most of us would mention numerous physical & mental causes which seem to have no end but that isn’t really the case at all.  What actually makes us feel we are suffering?  Perception believe it or not for example if everyone in the world couldn’t perceive suffering would we be suffering?  Believe it or not we wouldn’t be.  Are we truly suffering if it’s only a perception/presumption?

 Let’s look at this in a different judgmental way; a child in the west has their Xbox taken from them, are they truly suffering if we compare them to a 3rd world child in hunger? The answer is of course no but they perceive they are now let’s compare this reality to a much more chaotic reality, are we suffering? The answer of course is no. We presume too much because we don’t sit within our quietness enough. Suffering is only in our perception of suffering no matter what we are going through, this concept of course will be quite hard for most people to swallow mainly because our controlling egos tells us otherwise.  

What has the controlling ego got to do with seeing others suffer? What are we doing when we see others suffer? We are actually judging someone else’s suffering compared to ours otherwise you would perceive anyone suffering believe it or not. We should ask ourselves here, what does judgment denote & the answer of course is usually a controlling ego however judgement doesn’t always denote a controlling ego either.  

So making judgement & comparing oneself to someone else who is suffering is this denoting the ego being in control? Yes, for the main reason we see ourselves better off. It’s funny how the controlling ego is so well disguised at times which I have called in past posts the hidden ego.  It is extremely hard for an emotional human being not to allow this to happen, I still today make such judgement however I am now aware of it.  

There is another problem in perceiving suffering, when we perceive such suffering we are actually unintentionally manifesting what we see as suffering, the more suffering we see/feel the more suffering we will perceive & inadvertently create.   Our whole reality is created by our perception, at the moment we are focused on the perception of desires we live for/of desires which supports the current system of existence, consumerist materialism.  If we had no perception of our desires there is no way consumerist materialism could exist & that alone would create quite a different reality to what we have today.   

Using myself as an example again;  I’ve endured a chronic injury since I was 6 yrs old, I am now 50 yrs old & yes this chronic injury also came with chronic pain.  I’ve noticed the only time I am suffering  is when the controlling ego comes into play, I will see other able people & compare them to me & all of a sudden I am suffering , as soon as I make such judgement I’m suffering however when I’m not in judgement I’m not suffering. To an able body person I am suffering but to me I’m not when I’m not in judgement, funny that isn’t it!! This all comes down to perception that can be & most usually is controlled by the controlling ego; it’s the controlling ego that gives us suffering.  It’s extremely hard not to see others less fortunate people as suffering but like I said this is denoting the ego being in control & we know how destructive the ego in control can be.  All we need to do is be aware of the controlling factors of the ego & yes we can create a reality totally void of any suffering if we want to perceive so!! 

Friday, 11 October 2013


Written by Mathew Naismith

To be a true spiritualist is to be most humbling so at the soul level if we wanted to be most humbling wouldn’t we choose to live a life of a maggot or some other so called lowlier creature than ourselves but the big question here is what defines lowlier at the soul level?  There is nothing higher or lowlier at the soul level, only at the human level do we define/perceive this so do we at the soul level take this human definition of a higher/lower life form into consideration?  I believe we do however at the soul level lowlier or more humbling is defined as something quite different than what we as humans perceive I believe.

We need to look at this through the souls perceptive only, what would be more humbling to the soul, not the human, while taking in the human perception of lower/higher forms, what form would it choose to be, to be more humbling? At the human level we would probably say a maggot or a rat for instance but what if I said, “To be most humbling therefore spiritual was to be human”. What creature is more destructive & egotistical? What this is saying is to be more destructive & egotistical is more humbling at the soul level, however as humans we perceive this quite differently. Being more humbling is to be more spiritual so how can a more egotistical person be more spiritual than a non-egotistical person? To us at the human level of perception we can’t see this but what I am saying is at the soul level it’s quite a different story.  

If you think on this, why would we think that non-egotistical people are more spiritual than egotistical people? Egotism, we think we have to be better or more spiritual than someone who expresses egotism when in fact what I am saying is at the soul level it’s more humbling therefore spiritual to be egotistical than non-egotistical but only when we take in consideration of human perceptiveness. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that other creatures are less spiritual. At the soul level there is no level of superiority, it’s only at the human level we perceive this. To a human perspective it’s more humbling to be a maggot for instance so in fact what we are saying is, at the human level, to live as a maggot is more humbling/spiritual than living as a human being however at the soul level that’s not the case as there are no levels of superiority unless we take on human perceptiveness at the soul level.  

Human perceptiveness comes into being when we choose to live as a human being which allows us to choose, at the soul level, how humbling we are going to be which is defined by human perceptiveness in what being humble means to a human remembering at the soul level, without human perceptiveness, there are no levels so we wouldn’t be able to choose to be more humbling or not. Human perceptiveness gives us definition even at the soul level to what is going to be more humbling or not when in fact there are no levels, this of course includes defining the soul as being at a certain level, the soul itself doesn’t see itself at a level.  So what this is all saying is humbleness at the soul level doesn’t exist but it does at the human level so in fact one form of animal isn’t above another unless we take on the human perspectives of things. So we have defined that humbleness to a human isn’t being spiritually aware at all which says a less non-spiritual egotistical person is more humble therefore spiritual at the soul level because that is the life the soul chose. A true spiritual soul would choose a more egotistical life not a humble more spiritual life but our human perception of life tells us the opposite. Most souls are spiritual so to be more humble it would choose a more egotistical life but a less spiritualistic soul would see being spiritual as being more humble. I should say here, a less spiritual soul is defined by its attachments; a true spiritual soul has no attachments therefore has no preconceptions.  

Monday, 7 October 2013

Our Perception Are not an illusion Including States of Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following reply of mine was in response to a reply I received on a post I titled Something to be aware of spiritually which I inserted on a site called IONS, I felt I needed to share this with you today.

G'day Ros

Thanks for responding Ros.

Most people seem to want a real reality, it's like they seem to want to perceive a starting & an end point or that we are oneness in our true state nothing else, nothing could be further from the truth. This is so human to want this it's not funny, it's all emotionally driven even when we are in certain deep states of consciousness it's still emotionally driven. Yes if we perceive these things to be so, so shall they be however I’m not sure if it’s wise for everyone to know anything else other than their own perception of things so is it these perceptions of ours that is the illusion?  Just because it’s only our perception of things doesn’t make it an illusion which also includes our oneness states of consciousness.

Nothing can exist without it already being a part of consciousness; this includes our thoughts as well. It’s impossible for us to imagine anything that isn’t already apart of consciousness however what is different is the actual physical experiences we get from consciousness, it’s like mixing & matching or mismatching in relation to our reality.

This comes down to duality & non-duality coexisting in the same space & time but of course in certain realities space & time doesn’t really exist as we think they would. We use our logical human minds to think, how could duality & non-duality coexists at the same time, my question is why not? Why does things have to conform to our way of logically thinking? What a lot of us don’t know is there is more than one way to think logically especially when we look at the rest of existence or even this one universe.

The thing with different energy sources getting together is we think there is only two choices, if we are not resisting we must be accepting each other’s energies in harmony but we don’t realise we neither have to be accepting nor resisting, just be.  But of course being emotional humans we need a directive to give us direction, we must be going somewhere or we must be something but the thing is we don’t.  

So does this perception of our true selves, being of pure oneness, irrelevant because again it’s only our perception of this & is this an illusion?  It has relevance because we can see we need to amend things from centuries of abuse which include our souls as well & not just in reference to our physicality. We are taught through various practices to delve into the universal consciousness & abstract anything which is going to help us amend our misdeeds, feeling all that we are is oneness & love is a part of this, it’s but one of many tools. The feeling at one would seem to be an illusion because it’s only a very small portion of who we really are but it’s not. Any perception we have is real even if it’s only a small part of the universal consciousness. Let’s separate a hand from our arm, is the hand no longer a hand because it’s not a part of our body any longer? It’s still a hand & it’s still a part of us even though we have separated this hand from our whole self, just because it’s only a part of our whole self doesn’t make it an illusion. Now look at the universal consciousness as being the whole of ourselves, if we separate one part of this consciousness does it make it no longer real?  The hand is a portion of our whole self & is only a perception of what we perceive in this reality which doesn’t make it an illusion; it’s just not our whole self, that’s all. The real illusion is thinking this is all we are which includes feeling at one when in certain states of conscious awareness. We are everything we know & perceive & much much more!! 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Seeing Past our Limited Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Because of our various belief systems we take on we tend to have a hard time perceiving & understanding past our perceptions or conscious understandings which is fair enough because how is anyone supposed to perceive past what they consciously don’t understands, however in this lies limitations. Recently on a forum site it came up that science is limited, I replied science is only limited by our thought process, if we think it’s limited it will be limited like anything else. Consciousness is unlimited & for ever changing & science is a part of this collective consciousness so how can science be limited as it is forever changing as well?

Science like any other belief or conception is limited by its understanding, that is the only limitation they have which is brought on by our limiting thought process but what if we didn’t have to understand to perceive consciousness beyond our understanding? To understand anything we have to have a perception of what we are about to understand first which gives us our perceived conscious understanding , it’s our perception in the first place that gives us something more to understand & it’s this perception that also gives us what we are going to understand & in the way we are going to understand.  For an example some atheist can’t or won’t understand faith because they perceive it as being blind, they can’t see past their conceptions in the first place to be able to understand how faith works & someone who is religious can’t see how a God can’t exist. In both cases it is impossible to see past their conception/belief, this is what’s limiting not what we can’t or won’t understand or even perceive beyond our conscious understanding.

What I am saying here is one doesn’t need to understand to perceive & in actual fact one needs to perceive first to understand, it’s our perception that is limiting which makes our understanding limited, just because we don’t understand doesn’t mean it’s limited as it’s only limiting within our perception not within the collective consciousness I believe. What are we able to perceive within our imagination? This is how unlimited the collective consciousness is, are our dreams limited? They are only limited like our imagination to what we perceive not what actually is or can be. How many of us understand our dreams but it doesn’t stop us remembering them thus perceiving them? Well in actual fact it does seem that way. A lot of us don’t remember our dreams because we don’t understand them because they are too farfetched however this again is brought on by our limitation to what can be, we just can’t perceive such things happening in the first place therefore our understanding of such things can’t exist thus we don’t remember our dreams, conscious life is no different.

The collective consciousness has no limitation because it has no set beliefs or concepts to limit it, science is limited because it’s only perceives within in its understanding, if it has no understanding it can’t perceive beyond what it understands at any given time. If we looked back a thousand years ago could have scientists perceived what modern day science was going to be all about? It could only perceive in what it understood at that time but if scientists of them days allowed themselves to perceive firstly before they had an understanding things could have been quite different & in actual fact at times this did happen in the science & religious/spiritual fields, how could seers see what they did without an understanding of what they were seeing & how did miraculous inventions & discoveries appear out of seemingly nowhere? It all comes down to what we perceive or imagine, not everything needs to be understood first because in this lies limitations which is what a lot of scientists are doing today limiting themselves to understanding first instead of being able to perceive & imagine before one has an understanding in what they are perceiving & imagining.  

Our conscious understanding is limited by our perception which is brought on by our beliefs/concepts, once we realise this the skies the limit or I should say in this case while referring to the collective consciousness the sky is unlimited by what we perceive/imagine, the more limiting we are in our perception the less consciously aware we will be & the more non-limiting we are in our perception/imagination the more consciously aware we will be, it all stands to reason. 

Monday, 3 June 2013

A Perceived Dark Swamp

Written by Mathew Naismith 

Looking at this reality as just a dark swamp is in its essence creating that very dark swamp, you could say by not accepting this reality for what it is & conflicting with certain parts of it we are manifesting & adding negatively to its existence on the other hand if we became more accepting & understanding of what this reality is all about this in turn would change our perception of it thus creating quite different reality. As explained in a previous post we create what we perceive.

So many spiritually aware people see this reality as something like a dark swamp but as explained in my replies to these people shown below it’s we who have perceived this thus we have inadvertently created such a reality, we just don’t realise how powerfully creative we are as yet.   

The response I replied to:
Have faith and take a dive... or stagnate in a stinky dark swamp

My reply:
G'day Sarah
Sorry I don't agree that it is a stinky dark swamp, what makes it stinky & dark is our attachments, we are that stinky dark swamp, we are what makes a reality what it is nothing else & we are & have all been a part of it, no good blaming someone else. We must be aware of this otherwise we will take this stinky dark swamp with us in essence unknowingly because it's we who make a reality what it is nothing else.
I accept this reality for what it is because otherwise why did I, like everybody else, choose to live in it. I will learn from it not despise it which represents conflict, acceptance is the key here not non-acceptance & conflict, see it for what it is not what you judge it to be.

The following is in reply to a post I wrote that I thought has relevance here:

G'day Meredith
Quite profound indeed.
Letting go of any attachments isn't easy & that is what we are doing, the more lives we have lead the more attachments we most likely got to deal with, once one sees them as attachments to this reality one can then let go & be one's truer self & then we are able to accept any change coming a lot easier. Change is inevitable in all realities of time & space.
For most of us to accept these changes more readily hard times need to occur to give us that push & this is why things have got to get worse before they get better before we accept any conscious change as this. For those in the know we will push ourselves when the time is nigh I believe.

So what is this reality all about? I have stated many times throughout my posts what I think it’s all about however I believe this reality is about expanding on the creative cores (God) consciousness plus it allows our species to evolve instead of stagnating & the same goes with our souls.  So did this reality need to be as chaotic & conflictive to expand on the creative cores consciousness & for us as a species & our souls to evolve?  Yes, these realities I believe are always difficult to go through & evolve from but the trick is to evolve into a better reality, in other words learn from our mistakes, so to speak, & by doing this we are adding to the creative cores consciousness, expanding the species, our souls & the creative consciousness all at once.  

Below is an interesting link to a post I came across on Spiritual library that I resinate with.