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Thursday, 31 March 2016

What is What and Faith

Written by Mathew Naismith

In realities influenced by time, it seems to matter what is what, what are we doing here, what is our purpose, what is the difference and so forth. Any consciousness influenced by timelessness however has a different perspective, this is usually called blind faith, for example, a consciousness that believes in a creative consciousness or God or an infinite source of creation/awareness/wisdom, naturally has a different perspective to other conscious forms that don't have an expression of faith. The reason for this lies with faith itself, considering that the faith in anything infinite, naturally defuses numerous questions thus helping in quieting our minds.

Having faith in anything within time, is a big ask considering that purely time based perception are unable to perceive beyond finite perceptions, this of course is due to their conditioning to time. Faith however takes us out of time based perceptions and perspectives thus lessening the continuous questions of what is what, in turn, quieting our minds.

In relation to time, certain quantum physics theories state that realities and time are possibly an illusion for various reasons as the video below explains. To me, their not just illusions and that is that, this sounds like a perception base purely on time because perceptions influenced by time usually set up boundaries and rules, what boundaries and rules are there in timelessness? There are none because to have limitation is of the finite, not the infinite.   

Perceiving from a state influenced by time to a timeless state, gives us the perception that time is an illusion, this of course is also stating that hate and love are an illusion as well. However, when you perceive from a timeless state to state of time, your perception is quite different. The reason for this is obvious, there are no limitations, once a consciousness is no longer only influenced by time, the limited question of what is what becomes obsolete as this kind of questioning and querying has limitations.

Because there are no limitations, this alone should prove that time is an illusion as time is very limiting? Not at all, remember, there are no limitations, meaning, time within itself is real, to state otherwise is limiting!! Time, therefore finite thinking,  tricks us to believe in illusions, basically, it's an illusion of an illusion....however.

To state that time isn't an illusion, is also limiting, time has certainly obscured who we truly are to start with, giving us the misperception that this is all we are, this is an illusion. One of the main reasons time isn't an illusion resides in that times has always existed, if time exists, time can't be a true illusion, only the perception that time influences us with. The main influence being a perception of finite as opposed to the infinite.

As of always in time, what has evolved from what? This kind of querying is of course perceived on the perception that time exists and that there is always a starting and ending point of origin. This perception of course denotes a perception influenced by limitations therefore time. In recent days, I had a theory that denotes that consciousness and thought was created from awareness, the following is my response to this.                 

Good point, is consciousness and thought the creation of awareness instead of awareness and thought being the creation of consciousness? In time, one would presume one comes before the other, in timelessness however there is no starting or ending point for one to be created from the other...

Basically, I'm stating that consciousness is awareness and thought, however  for an example, not every state of thought, awareness and consciousness, is wise as thought and consciousness can lack awareness which is fundamentally vital for wisdom to exist.

We would think that to be wise, wisdom is created because of awareness, in actuality, wisdom is at the exact same point as awareness, wisdom doesn't come from awareness as thought and consciousness doesn't come from awareness.

Because we are conditioned to time, we perceive everything has to have a starting point of origin but it doesn't, yes, in time it does, this is the illusion, but not when we consider timelessness as well.

In time, consciousness and thought can be perceived as coming from awareness, however in timelessness, this is another matter. there are no boundaries therefore their are no rules to what should come before or be created by what....

As of the big picture, there is no boundaries, this means no consciousness or awareness is able to actually observe the whole picture as it has no boundaries, it's infinite, we can however perceive the enormity of the big picture.

I should also state that most human isms and ideologies are time based or influenced in some way by time. 


To me, it's important to have faith as faith is of the infinite self, it has no fixated limitations, on the other hand disbelief has numerous fixated limitations. We do indeed have a choice in what perceptions we live by..........  

Monday, 8 February 2016

Ideologies and Philosophies and Beyond

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was recently asked what is my point I'm trying to make when making reverence to perceiving beyond present day ideologies and philosophies. My point certainly isn't that ideologies and philosophies should have no further part in our lives, so what is my point? I think the following should explain this in some way to some extent, I gave this in reply to someone asking me what is my point.

My point is perceiving beyond these obvious limited ideologies/philosophies, especially when people of one ideology/philosophy think their ideologies/philosophies are in anyway somehow above other people's ideologies/philosophies.

In one sense Buddhism is, but in another sense so is Hinduism and Christianity but only to a person who looks beyond these belief systems and isms.

I will explain this further using the sciences as an example.

General science is limited to logics, if it doesn't make logical sense or can be logically proven at a particular point in time, it can't exist. Logics in this case is used as an ideology in a sense that logics is fixated to one point of reasoning, any other reasoning process other than logical is disregarded. The problem with this kind of reasoning or perception is that it is limited to logics, in this case logics within general science has become a doctrine, a belief that if it isn't logically proven, it can't exist.

Like with religions/ideologies, there are different sciences and philosophies that use  different reasoning processes, metaphysics is one and quantum physics is another.  These science techniques perceive beyond the normal practice of general science, does it make these science techniques more superior than general sciences? At first we would say most definitely yes, however, this isn't the case. For example, people into Buddhism or Christianity seem to perceive that their religion/philosophies are superior in some way but the question is to whom?

I recently received the following reply from a good internet friend of mine. 

In discussion once, I mentioned that I see the Creator as a single source; I did, however, acknowledge that much is perspective, illustrating by saying "what appears to be a star from a distance, can become a galaxy on closer inspection.

This is a prime example of someone perceiving beyond a fixated perception that the creator is of a single source, even though the perception at that point in time tells us that the creator is of a single source.

In this case you could perceive that a philosophy, not influenced by ideological concepts, is being used here as a true sense of philosophy never fixates itself to a particular concept or idea. I know this person perceives beyond the thinking mind and uses the inner mind, in other words this person uses a mind not influenced by the five senses. This person still uses the mind influenced by the five sense, but, they obviously, to me, also use what I call the inner mind.  We of course all use the mind influenced by the five senses and logics at times in one way or another. 

If anyone is interested, this person also has their own Google community titled World Peace. 

To whom is a particular ideology/philosophy more superior or more of the absolute truth than other ideologies and philosophies?

If I met Buddha, for example, and he started telling me how he's perceptions are the be and end all, they are supreme to all other perceptions, I would just simply laugh at him for the simple reason no ones perception is supreme over and above another.  For example, are the sciences or Hinduism the answer to all of what is? The answer to this is simply no, consciousness itself is infinite, this means it's forever changing and is  endless within it's possibilities and creations. This also means consciousness isn't fixated to one perceptions or group of perceptions, it's basically boundless and unlimited within it's perceptions.

Lets say my perceptions were actually the be and end all, they were supreme over all other perceptions, in this case I would be able to become aware of the worthiness of all other perceptions, as within the present, each perception has it's place within consciousness as a whole.

OK,  lets put it another way, if I was a devout Christian, would it be wise for me to go into an environment destructive towards such perceptions? Within that present moment, Christianity is more harmful to me, it basically has no value in such an environment, however, if I was to perceive and adjust to my present environment, my experiences would be a lot different. 

What would happen to Buddha and Jesus, for example,  if they returned? They wouldn't last long even though their perceptions go way beyond normal human perceptions. This means their perceptions have no substance or creed within such a reality, there perceptions are seemingly worthless even though their perceptions are more aware and wise.

It matters not how aware or supreme a perception is, either it be an  ideology, philosophy or science, if such perceptions don't belong within a certain reality, they are meaningless. Indeed, a lot of what I write about is meaningless within this reality, it just doesn't fit within the main stream of things, so why do people like me still express themselves? 

Simple, if I wasn't supposed to be able to perceive the way I do, I wouldn't be able to. No matter how you perceive,  it's worthy, maybe not too worthy within the reality we are presently experiencing but it's still worthy no matter what perception you express and follow. This means what ever ideology, philosophy or science you perceive through, it's still worthy no matter what environment you are in, however, just because the ideology, philosophy or science you perceive through is your be and end all, doesn't mean it's everybody else's!!  

The question is now, have people like me adjusted to our present environment?  Absolutely, but not at the total expense of our own perceptions, its wise to adjust to the conditions of our environment for only in this can we still express our own perceptions to some degree.

The controlling ego doesn't like to adjust or compromise for within this, it loses control, it's this simple!!             

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Looking Beyond Our Own Perceptions

Written by Mathew Naismith  

I've been preoccupied recently with work, play and a forum site I became involved on, the owner of the site certainly has her work cut out for her, so many people have a different perspective on each others perceptions. 

What I'm going to do is show you a video first up showing the subtle differences between Eastern and Western perceptions in the same circumstances, I found this quite interesting myself. This post isn't actually about Eastern and Western perceptions though, it's actually about another perceptive that can also lead us to perceive quite differently to other people.    


I'm going to talk about how our own formulations create different perceptions to other people even while experiencing and knowing the same things.  

Formulation; is to do with the way we express ourselves, these expressions are created by the way we form what we know and are aware of, this is what gives the perception of what we are expressing. You can see this occurring in the video, even under the exact same circumstances, we express ourselves quite differently to other people who formulate an occurrence in a different way to ourselves.

We might perceive here that one is wrong or right over the other, I call this black and white perceiving, why does there have to be a wrong or right, why can't they just be a different way to express ourselves which is brought on by the way we perceive through the way we formulate? 

It's interesting how a black and white perception give us boundaries to perceive by where a non black and white perception is void of these boundaries. This kind of perceiving goes beyond a wrong or right, good or bad, negative or positive, there is no true sense of a black and white within this way of perceiving.

People who only seem to perceive in a black and white perception, can make forum sites a chaotic experience, they are unable to perceive beyond their own perceptions of a black and white. These boundaries we give ourselves can hinder our reasoning process which can  lead to conflict. The world the way it is at present is a good example of this.

Every one can formulate according to their own perceptions but not everyone can formulate in an unbiased manner, as soon as we only see a black and white, we have created a bias that we perceive by and express. This will of course give us a totally different perspective from people who perceive beyond the perception of a black and white perspective.

Let's now take a look at people like Einstein and Gandhi, they formulated quite differently which was wholly due to their knowing and circumstances. If we go back to the video, this shows us how different people express themselves in the same circumstances, Einstein and Gandhi however found themselves in different circumstances but perceived the same. Einstein and Gandhi found themselves in quite different circumstances but this  didn't mean they didn't perceive in the same way , there was no simple black and white perception for them.

A Non Black and Whit Perception: In actuality, both these people experienced quite different circumstances but perceived in the same way,  unlike what was shown in the video. They could observe beyond a black and white perception, this gave them a bias free perception and subsequent expression. It's by no mistake why these two people were so great within their fields.  

People like Einstein and Gandhi were lucky, they could formulate their perceptions quite naturally, most people need to be taught to formulate past a black and white perception and even then they just can't do it. You need to be very open minded and don't just judge a black and white, good or bad, this however certainly isn't easy at times except for people like Einstein and Gandhi that is. Einstein and Gandhi never perceived in a black and white perception believe it or not when other people do, this is another reasons why everyone perceives so differently at times other than Eastern and western perceptions. 

I found it quite interesting observing and also participating on this forum site, I observed the different ways people perceived each other, I also observed my own participation and in how I also expressed myself using a black and white perception at times. The way we perceive certainly determines the reality we will create.    

Friday, 13 June 2014

Colour effects On Us

Written by Mathew Naismith

A bloke of the name of Sayan Hernandez asked me some very perceptive questions in regard to my last post titled, The effects of Colour on Us, that just might clear up a few things for a number of people in relation to how colour has an effect on us.

To Mathew: I like dark green but I guess that's bad

To Sayan Hernandez: Not at all +Sayan Hernandez, the effects of dark green is probably needed by you for some reason. All our perceptions are different and each of these perceptions needs a different colour to balance them out. 

To Mathew: Not sure I understand but from what I read in the spiritual significance of the colour, it said dark green was medium harmful, has negative energy.

To Sayan Hernandez: It can hinder our spiritual projections/awareness by blocking our perceptions but other factors need to be taken into consideration as well like how bright our perception is in the first place, this may have to be balanced out by dark green in your case. The colour of your car, the place where you live, and the people you live with and so forth, all have a bearing.

If I had a real colourful bright perception, wearing black to me wouldn’t be a negative thing as it would be giving my perception more balance.  Wearing black can be harmful if I had a dark or black and white perception to start with.

How do you tell if you have a dark or black and white perception?  Do you see a yes and no, wrong and right, black and white to everything? If yes, this represents a black and white perception, a logical mind which is unable to perceive past a black and white perception.

However on the other hand if you don’t just see everything as black and white, you most probably have a bright perception which is able to perceive beyond a black and white perception.

I will give you an example of black and white perception; atheists believe there is no way a God can ever exist and on the other hand you have people who say there’s  no way a God couldn’t not exist.  Our perceptions are governed by our black and white perceptions which aren’t necessarily a bad thing it just means we are unable to perceive outside of our own black and white perceptions.  Would a believer in God or an atheist want to look outside of their own perceptions?  The answer is no but I believe a person who has a bright or technicolour perception can. Agnostics are a good example of a brighter perception which enables them to perceive past black and white perceptions.

I believe in an intelligent creative consciousness that we call God, this to me says I have a black and white perception however if it was proven that I wasn’t correct within my perception, that wouldn’t worry me. In this case it would mean I have a brighter perception than just black and white.  Black and white perceptions have their place as do brighter perceptions however I think it’s the black and white perceptions that give us grief. This is due to black and white perceptions being opposing like with religion and atheism for example, technicolour perceptions don’t have opposing opposites therefore are more at peace.  In other words, all the colours are mixed up as one not separate and opposing each other. This also means all perceptions are mixed up and not opposing each other!!

When I say bring on the technicolour dreamtime I mean give us peace by not seeing each other’s perceptions as opposing opposite perceptions but perceptions that are all mixed up together as one, to me this would be utterly blissful and peaceful…….Is this a dream? I don’t think so. 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pure Love of the Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

The Big WOW Factor: Like I have mentioned in previous posts the creative core (God) isn’t actually of love as we know it & neither is the core of the soul from when it was first created however because they are of complete & pure harmonious peacefulness they feel like benevolent unconditional love & for an emotional human that is exactly what they are because it’s what we perceive they are.

Because the creative & the soul core isn’t of attachments, which in the long run gives us chaos & conflicts, they would of course psychologically seem all loving to us humans living in this reality of attachments because of the contrast for example a person living in a third world country would see developed countries as a huge wow for them because of the contrast as the some would be for someone living in the desert & then finding themselves in a rain forest, it’s the contrast that’s the big wow however for the people living within these wow  circumstances it’s not as big a wow factor however most of us are aware of the wow factor we are living in to a certain extent or should be.  

Believe it or not while in the conscious state of our soul’s core we look at realities like this one with a big wow however it’s not the same if we were within the creative core itself, it would just be, as in no big deal. This is funny because looking through the eyes of our souls core centre is like it’s always greener on the other side of the fence, once you’re on the other side you realise what you had before so if you looked through the eyes of a human at the souls core you would see the wow factor being of the souls core not of human life, what are spiritually aware people doing while becoming aware? They see it as always being greener on the other side of the fence of course & looking from the souls core centre to realities like this one is no different.  

Recently I have been doing a bit of a flip flop like with the right brain left brain test with the dancing girl, at times with me she will be just flipping back & forth & that is exactly what she is doing, she’s not rotating at all, I’ve been flip flopping between seeing through the eyes of my cores soul then I will see the core soul through human eyes, yes it always seems greener on the other side of the fence no matter what side you are on.

Dancing girl link just for fun, try to enjoy everything that is human as well as non-human (mystical):

Here is a relevant quote of mine I wrote up some time ago:  “There is nothing mystical about the unknown only the known, so if you are questioned about your beliefs in mysticism just say it’s only mystical to you as you not the understanding of something more than you believe!!!”.....  

Creating Through Perceptions: Because the creative core & the core of our souls have no attachments this peaceful serenity is felt because that is exactly what they are of, love comes from this feeling of peaceful serenity & the more connected we are the more feeling of love we will experience to a point & once we cross this point all we want to do is be human again. Don’t get me wrong the love is always there but it’s more to do with what we perceive because at the cores soul level we can create anything & if its love you will perceive& create love through perceptions but also through this perceiving one can create anything & that is what creates in realties of time & space. So is this saying that love is an illusion because it’s just perceived? Perception’s are like thoughts & if thoughts vibrate therefore exist so would perceptions as perceiving is just another vibration of consciousness so no it’s not an illusion just a different vibration to experience.

So can hate be created as well seen as everything can be created at the cores soul level? Vibrations like hate can only be created like anything else through perceiving, once one perceives hate hate is created but hate is usually generated through many unbalanced chaotic attachments through living numerous lives not through the soul’s core for the main reason it’s of peaceful serenity, at this state of peaceful serenity it would be nearly impossible to perceive (create) hate but it can be done I believe but who would want too.   The reason one wouldn’t want to perceive such a vibration in the first place is one can obtain the perception of hate through living out many lives through various experiences, why rush a good thing!!

Like I have said before in past posts about being attacked by 9 entities at one time all I did is laugh at them because at that exact time I was connected to my souls core not that I humanly consciously realised it at that time. No being, entity or negative vibrative energy form is going to like being reminded of their soul’s core because it’s of pure peaceful serenity. Yes believe it or not the most devilish negative form in any universe or dimension derived from this peaceful serene state of the souls core centre& this is what makes life easier for me realising that everyone was initially of the same as me, a peaceful serene energy form.  Believe it or not if one looked at everything from the creative cores centre you wouldn’t notice any difference between hate & love because everything is of the now so everything, if they realise it or not in realities of time & space, is the same as only in realities of time & space does everything seem different.  It’s time & space that gives us contrasts & opposing differences but it’s through these differences where everything is created thus the creative core is able to experience itself through this process.

It is funny how little we know about our cores soul centre because if we knew more life would be a lot more peaceful & serene but I don’t think many of us are willing to allow themselves to be aware of such things as most people, if they know it or not, have attachments which were obtained through various lives & that is what makes it difficult for us to realise what & who we really are however some negative people & other negative forms of vibrative energy just don’t want too.

Looking at the cores soul from a human perspective is a huge wow factor that should be experienced by everyone wanting a better existence because just in the knowing of the souls core centre one can change their own perception & it’s through these perceptions that create, you change the perception you change existence & create the existence you perceive.  This all comes down to attachments & of course attachments denote desire which are all brought on by the nasty perceived ego. See what I mean about perceiving that the ego is nasty, we have created yet another mode of thought (reality) of negativity through our perception.  So is there anything wrong with the ego, desire, attachments judgment & so forth as they all seem to lead to chaos & conflict? There is nothing wrong or negative with these traits & emotions it’s the way we perceive them that makes them negative. 

Let’s take a look at the soul’s core, it is of peaceful serenity even though it is of the ego remembering that the ego & related attachments are creative. At this point of the soul’s core, even though we are of the ego otherwise we wouldn’t exist, we are still peaceful & serene it’s when we start to perceive more & start living out lives we start to become negative with the ego & related traits & emotions as we accumulate attachments especially negative attachments, it’s our perception that create negative as the negative weren’t there in the first place.  

It’s all to do in what we perceive in what we create & as I have said numerous times we are creators in our own right which is done through our perception & attachments. Becoming reconnected & remembering who we really are brings on a conscious awareness of oneself that gives us this huge wow factor, enjoy being & feeling of your own souls core centre as humanly as possible without going over the top, in this comes a huge wow factor that will never leave you, become truly aware of what you are reconnecting yourself to is so important here I couldn’t state it often enough.