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Friday, 28 September 2018

To Change From Within

Written by Mathew Naismith

"The world can only change from within". ~ Eckhart Tolle

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world". ~ Mahatma Gandhi

What does it mean to change from within? Is it to influence change within our personal individual selves or is it to change within human existence? Human existence is of us as is the entire universe. Its important here not to separate yourself as being a separate entity to all else, in turn dividing energy into separate individual parts. In my mind, any division of energy, especially into numerous different entities, is an abuse of energy. Influencing change from within can only be accomplished if we are a part of what we are trying to influence change upon.

Can change be successfully implemented if we divide everything up into negatives and positives, good and bad, wrong and right, black and white, light and dark, etc? No, because you have now separated yourself from what you wish to influence change upon from within. With this kind of abuse of energy there is no within. Yes, you have your own separate divided self to change from within but while being separate to what you really want to influence change upon. You cannot change the world if you are still separate to that world, all changes must be from within that world, not separate to that world. Of course many people desire to scrap this world/reality for a more positive world of love and light. You are simply not scrapping anything within this kind of mentality of separation and division. With this mentality of separation and division, you are certainly not trying to change from within but from outside to what you are tying to change.

To change from within entails us to change within the environment we wish to change. You have to be a part of what you want to change, not separate to it. Is changing within the personal individual self really a change from within, when we have or are trying to separate ourselves from the world we are within? In truth, this kind of abuse of energy is simply changing your own world, which isn't going to change the world from within because you are no longer within that world. Is being within your own separate individual self truly of an inner self? Simply, there is no separate individual self that we need to change from within, all of existence is the self which, if you like it or not, is a part of you. To continually separate yourself from the rest of the existence you desire not to be a part of isn't changing from within, it's simply abuse of energy through separation and division to only serve the individual self.

I recently came a cross an article where aliens, different forms of energy, told a large group of children about our abuse of energy. I will insert this article latter on. The abuse of energy was not just to do with our natural resources but our abusive use of mental projections upon each other. An example, a true sense of love and light doesn't separate itself from all other energy forms; it certainly doesn't ostracise and banish anything not of its own energy. Within this mentality, a true sense of love and light is found in any reality or world. A true sense of love and light is not an energy form that separates its own energy from any other energy. Today's perception of love and light for a lot of people is all about separation and division, simply, an abuse of energy to serve the individual only. You simply cannot change from which you have separated yourself from in any way, especially when you have the perception you are not within what you are trying to influence. If there is any sense of separation or division, you are not within.

How many people think that love and light is a positive? A true sense of love and light is actually neutral, this is why some people are able to experience a true sense of unconditional love in this state. There are no conditions created by perceptions of positive or negative, black and white. Any form of division and separation is an abuse of energy. Look at how black people were abused because black was simply referred to as a negative by white people. Actually, any other skin colour than white was and still is often perceived to be negative in some way by some people, this is in opposition to white people representing a positive. Separation, division and abuse creates by negative and positive perceptions!!

If you really want to influence the rest of the world, do it from within what you are trying to influence and stay away from anything that promotes separation and division. You cannot change what you critically judge negative in any sense, not in harmony anyway. This means to influence change upon the world, one must truly do it from within this world, this means being a part of what you are trying to change. At no time have disdain for what you are trying to change in any sense, all this mentality will create is even more separation and division, not less. You will find once you become neutral within your mentality, working within what you are trying to change will come so easy to you.

People like me interact with all energy to one degree or another, we simply don't ostracise and critically judge what isn't of ourselves. Yes, at times one must let go of certain energies that are on another journey to yourself but do it without separation and division created by positive and negative perceptions. Remember, a true sense of love and light is not of separation and division, in actuality quite the opposite. It's simply a beautiful conscious state of neutrality which can also lead to experiencing the zone more often.

A number of years ago I wrote about how reincarnation is about one life lived, not many lives lived. Each different segment to this life is simply a journey to be experienced, like a stage play where you have one play but a number of acts that make up a play. Looking from a human perspective, there are many lives lived. Looking from the soul perspective, there is only one life lived. The point is, it would seem I am not conditioned to separating and dividing everything into separate divided segments. In saying this, depending on the environment I am in at the time, I still express perceptions of negatives and positives but I am aware of this kind of abuse of energy. This is important; avoid looking at the abuse of energy as something negative or bad for obvious reasons. I am also aware that most people are conditioned to express perceptions of negatives and positives (separatism) most of the time in their lives.

As the following article shows, other entities from other places within the universe are saying the same thing I am, be aware of how you use and abuse energy in every sense.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Unconditional Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would create a few videos so that my readers are able to put a persona behind what I write, also, it would seem the visual effect is more preferable these days. 

In brief; the basis and makeup of unconditional love is of no conditions, basically, the main attribute of unconditional love is the absence of conditions. This means a state or an awareness of a true form of unconditional love is of the absence of positive and negative, good and bad, light and dark, wrong and right, black and white, there is simply no perception of separation.

Most often unconditional love is associated or even attributed to love and light. There seems to be a misperception here, the ideology of love and light has huge amounts of conditions, being of or limited to the light and positive thinking are but a few conditions the ideology of love and light has. Another primary condition of love and light is avoiding or separating oneself from anything deemed negative.

People like me today are now deemed/judged negative and even toxic, only because we tell the truth in what is obvious. Within my 54 years, the obvious truth has become negative; this is in favour of believing love and light is associated with unconditional love when love and light obviously has huge amounts of conditions attached to this kind of ideology today.

A true sense of love and light is of unconditional love but only if unconditional love is not limited to conditions. 

Sunday, 27 May 2018

To What Is What

Written by Mathew Naismith

Before I continue, the above title is what is known as a prepositional phrase in English, for example of this, in Japanese, house from instead of, from the house, and in Finnish, house.from instead of, from the house. I tend to use both prepositions and postpositions, being that the English language is predominantly made up of prepositions, it's no wonder people like me are often misunderstood.      

Like any ideology, the ideology of love and light has its place; it is what it is because of its environment, without this environment it simply couldn't exist. This is known as a postposition as the example of Japanese and Finnish show above. The house, the environment, which created love and light, comes first instead of love and light coming first.

What we are talking about here is a mentality of postposition instead of a mentality of what is known as prepositions. A consciousness conditioned to the English language is obviously going to have a mentality of prepositions; love and light have always existed way before what created it, all that is negative/toxic to love and light. In actuality one creates the other; this is a postpositional and prepositional view/mentality. If you like, a balance of yin and yang, negative and positive, one not being above the other or less worthy than the other.

When I try to assist people into the ideology of love and light to become less imbalanced within their negatives and positive, I am often scorned. The reasons for this to do with the mentality of being prepositional, people like me are negative /toxic towards love and light. Looking at this in a postpositional and prepositional way, this is clearly not the case.

The truth can't be found in one way or the other, it takes all to see the truth as it truly is, not what we desire the truth to be in either one or the other. The point is, if today's love and light was of prepositions and postpositions, love and light could exist in any reality, not just within its own reality, it's simply not doing this at this stage. In actuality it's doing quite the opposite, it's denouncing anything not of it's own as negative/toxic.

In the case of today's ideological concepts of light and love, the house from is simply wrong (negative) when in actuality that is not the case at all, not in truth and/or truth in not.                

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Overcoming a Hostile Environment

Written by Mathew Naismith

The universe and our present reality is naturally hostile, this is its natural state. We might think a pristine environment like a rain forest isn't hostile, try existing in this kind of environment without some kind of protection. The stars are beautiful, try existing outside the Earths atmosphere without some kind of protection, in saying this; nothing is hostile to the spirit, the non-physical self.

If you could condition your mind to non-physicality void of crutches and fixations, all that is left is pure spirit, put in another way, pure energy. It's this state that is known as the shining, a state void of crutches and fixations. Look at it this way, what is negative and positive in the absence of crutches and fixations? Materialism, religion, new age spirituality, atheism and so forth, are created crutches and fixations in retaliation to other crutches and fixations. Yes, even love and light can be and often is a crutch and fixation as it's in retaliation to a hostile environment, however, a true sense of love and light is shining as it's not in retaliation to anything.

How fearful are the people of love and light to the questioning of their love and light? Also, everything else other than what is judged as love and light becomes negative, this is why there are more perceived negatives in today's new age spirituality than ever, not less. Considering that the spirit has no crutches and fixations, therefore no sense of what is and isn't negative or positive, how much closer is today's new age spirituality to the spirit?   

It's our crutches and fixations that create an even more hostile environment within a natural hostile environment. How hostile are materialists to a true sense spirit? Seen as materialism is based on and totally relies on crutches and fixations to exist, it's no wonder materialists are afraid of the spirit, a state void of crutches and fixations!!

Why do a lot of us only shine now an again and not all the time, considering that the shining is different to feeling simply euphoric? The answer is crutches and fixations which are created through fear, a state of insecurity, however, there is nothing wrong or negative to feeling fear or insecure, in turn, attaching ourselves and creating crutches and fixation within an environment that is naturally hostile. Try going into a forest full of snakes and panthers and not being respectively fearful. In this case fear becomes awareness of a danger. Yes, fear is also another kind of awareness but an awareness void of the spirit.

Now try going into the same forest shining, of pure spirit, there is simply no fear for there is no crutch or fixation to physicality, the spirit becomes one with all. However, this state does not mean that a fearful state is negative or wrong, it just simply means existing and experiencing a state void of the spirit. A state of fear is but a different state of awareness but its still awareness. This is very much like having a crutch and fixation to new age spirituality or materialism, there is nothing wrong or negative within this kind of awareness, it's just simply not of the pure spirit.

I thought I would insert a couple of replies of mine to a good internet friend of mine.


My Reply
Many blessings to you and yours as well Mike.

I am thinking of writing further on this, it's just got to come to me though.

The universe is highly chaotic and hostile, in actuality most of the physical realm is hostile to human beings, however, it's the spiritual realm that isn't chaotic and hostile.

I think what has occurred is that we have turned everything spiritual into everything physical. Religion, new age spirituality and materialism, for example, are all based on the physical. God becomes a physical figure of man. Light and love is the opposite of chaos, hostility, negativity. Materialism speaks for itself. It's all to do with euphoric pleasures, if it feels good it must be good. Giving birth doesn't feel good physically but emotionally or even spiritually it feels good!! 

We exist in a hostile environment that is naturally hostile, all we need to do is balance out this hostility with the spiritual, or, a balanced psyche.  The psyche is non-physical therefore spiritual in my mind.

My Reply
Do you mean people like you and I or humans as a whole Mike?

Human consciousness isn't infallible, it's most often conditioned to certain conditioning, spiritual consciousness however is infallible as it has nothing to be conditioned to.

Human consciousness on it's own is always going to be in the dark however in conjunction with the spirit, it's infallible to one extent or another.

The funny thing about light, the truth, is it's blinding to all else conditioned to the dark, untruths, therefore a negative!!


An important point to remember and to specifically accept, we exist in an environment that is naturally hostile, violent and destructive at times, the spirit accepts this and has no desire to change this very natural state. However, the non-spirit trying to become the spirit always desires to change this state, it's simply apart of the process to become the spirit. It's an awareness of what is hindering the process of becoming the spirit within a hostile environment, the trick is, don't become too fixated to one part of the process, all this does is continue the cycle of hostility thus creating more negativity, not less negativity. Simply accept it as a hostile environment, and move on, evolve, it's this simple.        

Monday, 4 September 2017

Infinite and Finite Ideologies /Philosophies

Written by Mathew Naismith

Before considering following an ideology and or philosophy consider this, which one's are limiting and which one aren't. A good example of this is the ego limiting or liberating  physically and through it's ideologies and /or philosophies. Is one set of ideologies and /or philosophies stifling/limiting to all other ideologies and /or philosophies within an ideology/philosophy?

Can an ideology/philosophy be infinite in nature if it has limits within it's ideologies and philosophies? The answer of course is no as all limitations are of the finite and not of the infinite, infinite simply refers to which that is limitless where's finite refers to which that is limited. Do we want to be governed by what is finite or infinite in nature? Considering that human consciousness is limited and that divine consciousness is limitless, we need to make a choice which one we want or even need to be governed by.

Is it wise to be governed entirely by an ideology/philosophy that is infinite in nature while existing in an existence that is governed by finite consciousness?

Infinite consciousness simply means there are no limitations within the expressions of this consciousness; this consciousness therefore is able to be expressed in a finite existence. However, finite consciousness is unable to be expressed within an infinite consciousness because of it's limitations. You simply can't limit yourself to human perspectives within divine consciousness because divine consciousness is divine because it's unlimited (infinite) nature.

I should say when I talk about a divine consciousness, I am talking about a consciousness that is unlimited and infinite in nature, in actuality, divine consciousness is able to create anything and everything because it's not limited.

The following are my replies to other people on a forum, life can be limiting or limitless, this is our choice.


I don't faze you do I I Spirit 3, I respect this; you simply just go with the flow within the present, in my mind quite commendable.

Yes, I suppose so, is love and light a creation from it's opposite making the opposite just as worthy as love and light or visa-versa.  I suppose motion works like this, action reaction, push and pull, cause and effect. I was speaking with a Malaysian bloke for some time on and off, he often mentioned the natural flow of the  push and pull effect of motion, my western mind had a hard time comprehending where he was coming from at times but in all it made sense to me.  He basically said all we need to do is get off the treadmill for all motion creates delusions to one extent or another. 

I simply concur, everything is of and comes from spirit/consciousness.

You know how I bag/acknowledge the ways of a black and white mentality, I too express this because how is the ego suppose to become aware if it's not put in a way that the ego can comprehend and understand?  Motion is often of black and white for instance, light and dark dominating each other, however, to get off the treadmill one has to learn the ways of the black and white mentality of the ego, the paradox is, the ego needs a black and white comprehension to do this, to start with, but know when to let go of this black and white mentality as well.

It's indeed all natural but I can see that it might not seem that way as well.


Do we need to plan therefore control?  I think the ego needs to plan where our divine self doesn't, what is there to plan when you are everything and are aware of everything?

In my mind, we need to be caring thoughtful of the ego without being controlling, I often think of the ego as my child that needs my loving attention to become aware and adult in it's motions, otherwise it's going to be and act in a self-cantered way like a spoilt brat. I think our present reality shows this.

You don't have to be controlling towards your child, just simply guiding the child through simple awareness. Guiding isn't controlling, it's leading by example, going with the flow of awareness rather than going against the flow of awareness. Control is set to certain specifics of awareness, it's only of the awareness of what can be controlled by the ego, all else is usually discarded or ignored.

The thing with love and light is it's apart of the process that was created by the process itself, the process of the ego being in control. Think of it as a treadmill, the control of the treadmill keeps us in motion but when we get off the treadmill; are we still controlled by the treadmill? We simply got off the process of control. Getting off from one life process creating another life process is the same as getting off from the control of the treadmill; we simply stopped the ego controlling us thus creating yet another process and on it goes.

I think treating the process of love and light as a be and end all is a huge mistake as it's still apart of the process of control. I have spoken to a number of Eastern minded people on this, they all say all we need to do is release ourselves from this control, from this process, to be our whole self. Let's be honest, love and light is still about taking control rather than releasing it. I think the Western mind has a huge problem in comprehending this; it's probably why so many Western minded people are upset with me in what I write, I'm simply seen as a threat to the process of control. 

My stepdaughter Karla has won three world titles in a row now; it's a world record in women's IPSC shooting. We guided Karla rather than controlled Karla.       

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Love and Light, a Real Conscious Choice

Written by Mathew Naismith

I'm going to dedicate this post to Carolyn Field, I hope you won't mind Carolyn.

I recently had an internet friend of mine, who I love and respect a great deal, come up with an interesting perspective as follow, Mathew, what a great post. I am thinking that just as there can be positive and negative stress, there can be positive and negative fear. . . like  stage fright for example giving a performance a surge of energy . . . as for the opposite of love (I could be going out on a limb here!) - personally I'm thinking that love might not have an opposite - especially if love is all there is . . ." My reply was as such, An interesting perspective Carolyn, do we only see hate being the opposite of love because of such a consciousness, if so, can we see an opposite in other conscious states?  I would say not, good one Carolyn.”

Can love exist without an opposite like hate, or in certain instances, fear?

In realities of duality like this one probably not, it would seem to become aware of most things we need an opposite like, to know we are painless we need to experience pain, to know we are poor we need to experience wealth either it be ourselves or someone else, to know love we need to know hate and so on but do we truly, can love exist without an opposite?

In a sense we only know love as an opposite to hate/fear, this is how I feel this particular conscious state works, however, you can put yourself into certain states of consciousness without an opposite to relate something too. This is very difficult for a lot of us to do, mainly because that is the way we are conditioned within this particular reality; we need an opposite to become aware. What we are talking about here is a particular consciousness of opposites but not all consciousness works like this I feel, some consciousness's or realities don't use opposites to become aware, it just is.

Now let’s remove the opposite of love, either it be hate and/or fear, does removing hate change the way love is, does it take away any of the attributes of love?

In a sense it does even though love is love, how does love become something else? It doesn’t but by taking away the opposite of love, love becomes purer in a sense, this is why a lot of people denounce the existence of hate even in a conscious reality such as this one. It is quite obvious love can exist without an opposite as hate/fear but in doing this, the attributes of love do indeed change due to a total absence of hate.

So without an opposite, how do you know you are living in a consciousness of love?

A lot of people are probably going to disagree with the following, you don’t know you are in a consciousness of love without an opposing opposite but does this truly matter? If you are in pure consciousness of light and love, does it truly matter if you are aware of being in this state or not? Of course it doesn’t but it does to the ego self which becomes irrelevant anyway in such a state of consciousness, it’s the ego self that needs an opposite to relate to a particular consciousness, not anything else.

Love is a particular consciousness as is hate, fear, jealousy and so on are, and the more consciousness’s we try to live by, the more chaotic an existence we will create. A good example is this particular reality, you can experience any kind of consciousness you want, this is all good except all these consciousness’s being played out at the same time will create chaos, I think this is quite evident. This is why I think actual spiritualists and spiritually aware people try to focus on one point of consciousness, it makes perfect sense why such focus is quite calming and peaceful, you are no longer trying to express numerous consciousness’s at the same time.

In my case I don’t mind being expressive of certain consciousness’s because I don’t find anyone consciousness more worthy than another, however, I do try to avoid being expressive of more than one consciousness at a time, this of course isn’t easy to do in such a reality such as this one mainly because it can at times be difficult to focus on one consciousness at a time. You can understand why meditating, praying, chanting and so forth are so beneficial to us; they help us focus on one consciousness at a time.

As love is a conscious state so is the way we use God, God is a conscious state that we often associate with love and light, and we wonder why so many people believe in God!! Yes there are exceptions to this rule, in my mind, anyone who is expressive of hate, like religious extremists for example, are actually of Godlessness as hate is more representative of dark and ignorance not light and awareness. I don’t myself believe in a God of man or a higher being over and above myself but I can see why people do, it’s another way to focus and focus on something beautiful such as love and light and indeed why not!!

The big question now is, why experience such extreme consciousness’s? To answer this we need to, in my mind, ask our souls this question, why indeed go through such chaos? I think the answer lies in awareness of the soul to various consciousness’s the soul can experience, the soul in my mind uses the ego self to experience such consciousness’s, I think it’s a simple as that. To become aware of various consciousness’s, the ego self creates realities of opposing consciousness’s, like hate and love for example, for the soul to basically become aware of all it can experience and the thing is why not, the soul after all is no different to the human self, it too wishes to become aware, not just aware through knowing but aware through actual experiences.

God, love and light, it all makes perfect sense to me. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The White Castle of Love and Light

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should point out first that this post is in relation to a dream I had last night about being in a white pinkish hue castle on top of a very high mountain top, however I feel the dream itself has a relevance to all of us as I will explain further.

My dream was about being in a white pinkish hue castle of some kind on top of a very high mountain top, the thing that got me however was while I was looking down from this castle, all I wanted to do is go down to experience whatever was down from this castle whatever that might be!!  Now the feeling I got from this reaction from me was that this is exactly what we have all done, to experience life as we know it, we have descended from this white castle, from our higher selves which is represented by the castle.  The white of the castle represented to me light and the pink represented love.

This to me means we have all chosen to descend from light and love, represented by the castle, to experience life as it occurs in the lower levels of awareness and understanding.  It would also seem the longer we are in this lower level of awareness and understanding the more ignorant we become of our true nature.  This I believe shows us why everyone has a different perspective and chooses different ideological principles to follow in life. Some of us have been here longer and have a more of a need to ascend back to this castle where others have just started their journey in these so called lower levels of awareness and understanding, they have no need of a wanting to leave.

This is interesting I thought, the reason I said so called lower levels is once one is back in the castle, they no longer see a lower level of awareness and understanding as they no longer see a right or wrong or bad and good.  On the other hand, when we are in these so called lower levels of awareness and understanding, we judge levels and labels as being so and so.  This doesn’t seem to occur when we are back in our true nature in this castle atop of a mountain peak even though we are looking down.  There is no true judgement of a higher or lower stature and this is why I feel we so called descend to experience lower levels of awareness and understanding, we don’t judge experiences like this as being lower or higher, we just experience them as they are without judgement while in this castle.  

Judgement comes into being only when we are in these lower levels of awareness and understanding however we can stay too long in ignorance and be caught in such circumstances.  This too however is seen as but another experience by the higher self I feel.  

Quite recently I have been in thought about going home or of thinking of home period, this home, it would seem, is in relation to the castle in my dream last night, I went back home but all I wanted to do is be back where I am now at present.  It would seem to me I haven’t long started my journey where a lot of other spiritually aware people have had enough of such a journey and need to go home.

The other interesting thing is recently I have also wanted to change my mentality which is also represented by the castle in my dream I feel, the mentality that there is no lower or higher levels nor is there a right or wrong, good or bad, just experiences to be had that we choose to experience at our so called higher level of awareness and understanding.  I feel the castle represents a mentality, it’s real but it’s more representative of a mentality than an actual physical reality but being human we see it as a physical reality which is great.  This allows our human selves to relate better with our truer nature, our higher selves.  

This gives us a little understanding to why we take on certain ideological principles and at times stand by them, we are not all on the same journey even though we are experiencing the same journey.  This is represented by how long we have been in ignorance of our true nature and the longer we stay in ignorance the more ignorant we become; this is unless we take on such ideologies such as spiritual awareness for instance.  Spiritual awareness gives us an awareness that we are living in ignorance of our truer selves, this I feel is represented in this case by a white pinkish hue castle atop of a mountain peak in my dream.  

There are a lot of people who don’t take on ideological principles to assist them to become aware of their own ignorance, this could be because they have just started their journey or they have been ignorant too long and are too caught up within this ignorance to help themselves in this way.  This of course is but another journey that the so called higher self chooses to experience!!

This seems to back up any claims that we have come from love and light which is represented by the castle in my dream, I have myself refuted this in the past until it was time for me to realise this love and light seems to be of our true nature.  We should understand that not everyone is supposed to become aware of this as they have their own journey to follow, they are following their own ideological principles as we all have in this so called lower levels of awareness and understanding.

If you are not meant to become aware of what I am saying here, you just won’t understand what I am saying mainly because of the journey you are on. It is quite natural not being able to want or need to understand others however if you have read what I have written here, you most likely have understood some of what I have written here.  If on the other hand you have read this and still have no idea or you still don’t want to understand what I have written here, it is most likely you have still begun your journey to understand what is written here. In any case, if you read this post, you have either begun your journey out of ignorance or you are well and truly on your way back home to the castle.

I should also say, it doesn’t matter if you agree with this or not, it’s only my journey I am expressing here, it’s no big deal. 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Truer Essence of Our Being

Written by Mathew Naismith

Love and light is the true essence of our being where ignorance and chaos are but fleeting moments of our ignorance to our true being. Ignorance is of time and because it’s of time it’s not eternal like our true essence or our inner selves, ignorance is but a fleeting moment within our whole eternal existence but we have allowed it to control the collective.

This post was inspired by a bloke called Roger Hamel as most of my posts are inspired by others.  Roger talks so often of the essence, our truer eternal selves, and how this essence quite automatically transforms anything not of our true essence by simply pacifying all before it. There is absolutely no push and pull effect involved, which of course causes more chaos, but a pacifying effect.  This pacifying effect of our true essence I feel is what gives us love and light, as soon as you feel this love and light you know or should now you are connected to your own true essence.  

Indeed Roger, once we become in touch with the essence of our being, the essence itself pacifies the ego to the extent it is no longer in control. You could humanly say the essence takes control but it doesn’t, it just pacifies all before it.  

Does time have to be of ignorance? If we can only perceive ourselves exiting in time, yes ignorance has to be of time in this case but if we looked beyond existing beyond time, ignorance doesn’t have to be of time as we have become aware of our eternal selves, our truer essence selves. It does take wisdom to acknowledge that we aren’t just of time; we are indeed eternal beings of light and love.

I have stated in replies to others, we first of all need to be taught about wisdom before knowledge; you can know all the knowledge in the world and still not know how to use this knowledge especially constructively.  I feel we can also mistakenly confuse knowledge for awareness as awareness to me is more about wisdom not just knowledge, you can gain knowledge without being wise but can you gain awareness without being wise?  True awareness incorporates wisdom; true wisdom wouldn’t use knowledge destructively as there is no point to destruction, true wisdom is very constructive as it’s of our truer essence self.  The only way we can destroy is within ignorance and the reason ignorance destroys is it has no wisdom.

It takes awareness to realise we need to be taught about wisdom before knowledge as wisdom is of our true essence selves, it’s love and light which is very constructive.  We as a collective race have done quite the opposite, relying on knowledge without wisdom which has created chaos and destruction.  If we bring no light within the shadows of ignorance, we will stay ignorant no matter how much knowledge we obtain however bringing forth our inner wisdom of light and love will change this quite significantly.  Once we start delving into our inner wisdom, we become quite automatically of light and love, our truer essence selves.   

So in all what is the truer essence of our being? It’s being aware and aware that wisdom is only of light and love, it can never be of anything else but light and love and once we bring this wisdom forth, we of course quite automatically bring forth light and love dispelling quite automatically anything pertaining to ignorance.  The passive influence of our essence selves is quite remarkable, without effort, or a push and pull effect, our truer essence selves transforms all before thee, you could quite easily say it’s quite magical and mystical.  Our truer essence selves is awareness and wisdom which can only be of light and love.

Spiritual awareness isn’t just about acceptance but being aware of our inner wisdom of light and love, spiritual awareness is about being aware which helps us break our attachments and fixations to anything pertaining to ignorance like how controlling the ego is for instance under the influence of ignorance.  Our truer essence selves passively negate any controlling factors of the ego changing the ego into something more passive and constructive.  Spiritual awareness in all sense is about our inner wisdom and once we bring this forth, love and light will quite passively negate anything ignorance stands for.  

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Spirituality of Awareness, Love, Light and Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

Sitting back observing myself and others becoming aware, and further aware, gives me a view that spirituality void of any dogmas is of the light, a light within the darkness of ignorance.  Ignorance gives us ego, without ignorance the ego would be of little consequence; the ego certainly wouldn’t be ruling/controlling us without ignorance so why live in a reality based on ignorance especially considering ignorance can be quite destructive?

The reason ignorance is so destructive is this ego creates egotism and the more ignorant we are the more egotistical we become, for example, a lot of white men had slaves who were black. The reason for this is because black people were deemed as inferior to white people, an obvious show of utter ignorance and to own slaves had a lot to do with egotism as well showing ignorance and egotism goes hand in hand.  We can try all we like to take the controlling ego tendencies out of our lives but the controlling ego will always come back if we still live in ignorance as we are still creating an environment for the ego to exist in.  The easiest and surest way to rid ourselves of the controlling factors of the ego is rid ourselves of ignorance; the way to do this is become aware like through spiritual awareness.

Ignorance is related to the controlling ego and all of the ego’s tendencies, ignorance is also related to darkness in not being able to see and feel beyond our own ignorance, our own impeded awareness.  Ignorance is also related to a lack of wisdom, not being able to acknowledge what our own knowledge is destroying and how a lack of wisdom is impeding our common sense.  It makes sense why we are still warring and polluting the very thing we rely on for our own survival, we are still living in ignorance, so what are we living in ignorance of?

As mentioned, wisdom is one of these things we are ignorant too, without wisdom we are unable to use any knowledge sensibly and constructively but this is but one attribute that ignorance obscures from us.  The more aware, void of the controlling factors of the ego we become, the more loving we became and the more of the light we also become.  Wisdom tells us to become aware and while becoming aware we must also become unattached to the controlling factors of the ego, wisdom shows us away to become light and love instead of the darkness and chaos. One way to do this is become aware of our own ignorance first of all and how man has nearly always lived in ignorance. 

Becoming aware will not automatically disperse the ego even though we are no longer ignorant but aware, are we truly aware without being aware of wisdom; we must not just be spiritually aware but spiritually wise.  The only thing that can really dispel ignorance isn’t awareness or knowledge, it’s wisdom, the wisdom in knowing how to use such awareness and knowledge in the first place.  Science is about awareness and knowledge but look at how science is destroying our environment, this isn’t very wise, actually it’s ignorance of the harm of such effects science endeavours has on ourselves and the environment. 

How do we become wise instead of just knowledgeable?  Books are a good source of showing us how to use wisdom, so many of us these days use books, not just to become knowledgeable but wise. Certain literature teaches us to be wise even though we are unaware of this however not all literature will teach us wisdom.  If I was to read literature on Quantum mechanics, would I then be wise or would I just be more knowledgeable about quantum mechanics?  One must take notice if certain literature is teaching us how to use this knowledge wisely not just telling us about a kind of knowledge.  Man has learnt how to split the atom, has he learnt to use it wisely and constructively?  

Literature doesn’t have to be just a source of knowledge but wisdom. If I read literature on someone else’s actual experiences, am I just learning knowledge or am I learning to be wise as well?  I’m learning to be wise as well because I am actually reading about actual experiences, actual experiences are of wisdom.  Can I gain wisdom only through knowledge?  Yes but only to a degree as it’s someone else’s wisdom and knowledge, not our own.  True wisdom comes about by experiencing what we have learnt ourselves through literature not just copying or mimicking someone else’s wisdom, this doesn’t mean we are not learning to be wise through other people’s experiences but to become truly wise we too need to have actual experiences for our own.

Is literature the only way to learn wisdom?  Like I said, our own experiences teach us wisdom which we have learnt through literature but literature isn’t the only way to gain experiences therefore wisdom.  I should also point out not everything we experience ourselves will give us wisdom, how many people go through life who haven’t learnt from their mistakes?  In this case a wise person would learn from others if they are unable to learn for themselves, this can be obtained through literature, other people who have experienced similar mistakes but have learnt from them.  Literature is handy but it’s not the only way to learn wisdom.

Another way to learn wisdom is by becoming connected to inner self or the universal consciousness, this of course again can be learnt through literature or through actual experiences of becoming connected.  Becoming connected without learning how to do this through literature doesn’t suite everyone, in this case these people are best to learn wisdom through literature, through other people’s experiences. At times this connectedness can automatically occur through trauma of some kind or through just being lucky enough to be connected without effort and without learning such things from literature. Learning wisdom to bring us out of our ignorance and into the light of love comes in many forms for us to learn through, once we have begun to become aware and wise, through whatever means, we have begun to dispel ignorance and what ignorance has created, a controlling ego and a reality of chaos.

Awareness and wisdom quite automatically brings us love and light once we start to wisely use what we know, once in the light out of the darkness of ignorance, love becomes a natural phenomenon without effort.  Awareness and wisdom quite automatically creates a reality of love and light where ignorance quite automatically creates an unwise egotistic existence shrouded in darkness and in turn creating a chaotic reality quite automatically.  There is a lot to be said about love and light for they are of awareness and wisdom, awareness and wisdom instinctively creates love and light…….