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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Various Beliefs of Ego

Written By Mathew Naismith

I've lost count in how many people I have come across that are disillusioned and confused in regards to the ego, this is after these people have followed various spiritual beliefs and practices. In certain cases, these people are now just as much if not more disillusioned and confused, so many beliefs contradict each other on this matter, which one is absolute?        

It's wise to be a aware that a controlling ego (egotism) will state which one is absolute over all other beliefs, any belief that is egotistically free, won't state which one is absolute over another. It's also wise to be aware that there is a big difference between ego and egotism, egotism being an ego in control, ego is just being. Each belief system is of the ego, it was created by ego, this means each and every belief system is of the ego to start with, basically, everything of creation is of the ego, however, not everything is of egotism.

If your not bias (egotistical) within your own beliefs, you will find the following various views from different beliefs quite interesting. They basically say the same thing even though the interpretation of ego varies in regards to certain beliefs. There seems to be a cohesive view that ego can give us the illusion of separation from, nothingness, God, zero point, oneness, inner self, our truer being and so on.

Extract: “The anitya doctrine is, again, not quite the simple assertion that the world is impermanent, but rather that the more one grasps at the world, the more it changes. Reality in itself is neither permanent nor impermanent; it cannot be categorized. But when one tries to hold on to it, change is everywhere apparent, since, like one’s own shadow, the faster one pursues it, the faster it flees. 

Extract: From a spiritual perspective, ego means considering oneself to be distinct from others and God due to identification with the physical body and impressions in various centres of the subtle body. In short ego is leading our life as per the thinking that our existence is limited to our 5 senses, mind, and intellect and identifying with them to various degrees.
As per the science of Spirituality, our true state of existence is identification with the Soul or God-principle within us and living our day to day life with this consciousness. As the one and same God-principle exists within all, from a spiritual perspective there is unity in all Creation.
However, depending on the level of our ego, we identify with the God-principle within us, i.e. the Soul to varying degrees. If our ego is high, we identify less with the Soul or the God-principle within us.

Extract: In Taoist practice, when one “sheds the bones” a Taoist will finally fully wash off all the glue that holds the spirit to the bones of our stories. However, until that point of full release, a Taoist allows ego to play a bit, as it’s part of our very nature. Instead at first a Taoist learns how to live their life without that sheep dog in control of our life.


Extract: [Quran 2:54] Recall that Moses said to his people, "O my people, you have wronged your souls by worshiping the calf. You must repent to your Creator. You shall kill your egos. This is better for you in the sight of your Creator." He did redeem you. He is the Redeemer, Most Merciful.


The following gives a more collective view, it also shows a Christian and Judaist viewpoint on this topic as well. 


Extract: Understanding what we call ‘the ego’ will change how you see yourself and the world around you. Your mind has been programmed to believe that the ego is you, but in reality it is just an illusion that we use to help us function in our world. In a sense, the ego is what makes us feel separate from other people.

Even though we play much of our life through the lens of the ego, we are not the ego. We are sitting outside of the ego; a pure and whole individual. We are the observer. Although the ego is in no way the enemy, the ability to see the ego for what it is gives us a lot of power and enlightenment.


It would seem as soon as a belief system states it's absolutely right over all other beliefs, this belief has become egotistical, considering that ego is a separation from our truer being, how separated is a belief system that believes it's absolutely egotistically right over all other beliefs, it's absolute?

Let's put this in a Godly sense, how much of God is a person who categorically states their belief is absolute over all other beliefs? Considering the main consensuses of each belief states that ego can indeed separate ourselves from God, how truly of God is a person who states absolutes?

Let's put this in another way, how much of the inners self or nothingness is a persons when stating absolutes in relation to their own beliefs? Considering that absolutes within anyone's belief system is egotistical, how virtuous and exact is any absolute view in this case when they are themselves obviously showing no connection  to their truer being?

On numerous occasions I have had discussions with people following various beliefs, most people are open minded to one extent or another, others are absolute within their convictions. Even people who call themselves Buddhist, have spoken about absolutes for example, their is absolutely no God and soul, we are nothingness that is completely void of ego. As soon as you talk about absolutes, you are talking not just about ego but egotism. Is the view that absolutes are egotism? No, because again there are no true absolutes.

I should also state that I have talked to other people of Buddhism about other people who state they are Buddhist, but at the same time talk about absolutes. According to these people I've talked to, they are not true Buddhists. 

Now my view on ego is, all motion is ego, all excessive (extreme) motion is egotism. Oneness, zero point, God, nothingness, inner self and so on, which is in my mind our truer being, are motionless therefore are ego free. The closer we become our truer being, the less motion we express therefore the less of the ego we become.

As I have always said, motion is an expression of our truer being, God if you like. There is nothing wrong or right within this expression, it's how we express our truer being that defines how destructive or constructive we will be. If you wish to judge destruction as being wrong or negative, this is your will but any judgment like this is of the ego, therefore a further separation from our truer being. Is there anything wrong in this separation? No but one should be wised that the further we separate ourselves from this truer being, the more egotistical we become and the more destructive we become, the world around us at present is a good indication of this.

Ego can be a beautiful thing, egotism can be an ugly thing in accordance to it's obvious destructiveness. It's wise not to judge the Ego as you do egotism, this is obvious within it's observation.                          

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Is Humanity Failing Us?

Written by Mathew Naismith

This interesting question came up in a conversation I am presently a part of, in my mind this question should be asked the other way around, “Are we failing humanity?”  This of course poses another question if indeed we are failing humanity, “How are we failing humanity?”  

In the same conversation the following was stated, "The very existence of God too, rests with our Faith and Belief system only." In my mind I think the following replies I gave might just give us an idea why we feel humanity is failing us.  I should be honest here, I don’t follow a religion nor do I exclude any part of consciousness as being unworthy, all of what is, is worthy in one way or another to me.  

I think you are still missing the point here, God, Jesus, Buddha and so on don't actually represent human concepts and beliefs, they actually represent an actual conscious state, it's man who has given this conscious state concepts and beliefs that is amiss here, not the belief in God or Jesus.

Like I said, it's this conscious state of God, Jesus and Buddha that have given rise to concepts and beliefs not the other way around.

Can we do without concepts and belief in a reality of duality? Not if we are ignorant, however this would be quite different if we were aware that all of what is, is consciousness, God's, Jesus, Buddha consciousness, instead of just a concept or a belief.

Religion, science, humanity, social order and so on are all influenced and created by concepts and beliefs only because we are ignorant to what is really behind all our concepts and beliefs.

What I am saying is God isn't man or man's concepts and beliefs but consciousness as a whole, saying that God is just a faith or a belief isn't quite true, this is man's perception of what this God's consciousness is and represents.

Yes, religion has stuffed this up by doing as you are doing, seeing this consciousness just as a faith and/or a belief when it represents a lot more than that. To help ourselves, we need to get past this kind of mentality in misjudging that God just represents a faith and/or a belief, to me it’s far greater than that, Jesus and Buddha were good indications of this but for some reason, probably through disdain brought about by misjudgements, most of us missed this.

I see where you are coming from, you seem to be looking at this through other people’s eyes in relation to God, to these people who are unaware, God represents faith and/or beliefs when it goes much deeper than that, however, within this perception, we just can’t say God is only representative of faith and/or beliefs, this is what I am saying. What connects all religions isn’t faith, doctrines, concepts or beliefs, it’s what God’s consciousness actually represents, pure consciousness void of faith, doctrines, concepts and beliefs.  Within this God’s consciousness, there is no separation of the collective, in other words God’s consciousness represents a complete wholeness void of any separation of consciousness.

 The following reply of mine was in direct response to the question, “Is Humanity Failing Us?

Is humanity failing us or are we failing humanity through our bias judgements like with religion and God for example?

I should state I don't myself follow any religious order or doctrines and I don't believe in a God of man, actually I try to avoid other people's ideological concepts and beliefs altogether, why? Because I know they take me away from knowing that everything in existence comes from consciousness, God's consciousness if you like.

So what do I follow? Anything that isn't encumbered by ideological concepts and beliefs, anything that teaches that everything within existence is of one source which we call God, not numerous sources of consciousness.  Ideological concepts and beliefs separate this whole consciousness up into smaller parts of this whole conciseness which we call a reality of duality. I try to avoid this and the best way to avoid this is to avoid continually separating ideological concepts and beliefs, in other words by not just seeing these ideological concepts and beliefs as just ideological concepts and beliefs but a whole consciousness. All we are doing through misjudgements is separating consciousness even more I feel.  



This is why I look at this reality of duality as a jigsaw puzzle, at the moment it’s segregated by our individual concepts and beliefs as in Fig 1, this is because we see our own concepts and beliefs as being different to everybody else’s  when in fact they are connected as fig,2  illustrates. Fig, 2 represents connectedness of this fragmentation of separate concepts and beliefs, it’s no longer separated but all connected through knowing all of what is, is as one through one source of consciousness as the completed jigsaw, fig, 2, illustrates.  

So basically what I am saying is, the reason we feel humanity is failing us, or why we are failing humanity, is because of our separateness when there truly is no separateness, all our concepts and beliefs are whole as fig, 2 illustrates in my mind, it’s a collective consciousness. We should be so grateful for being a part of such a consciousness but you can only feel grateful if you see it as a collective consciousness, not a divided chaotic consciousness.  

PS. It has been pointed out that I have a number of miss-spelt words within my blog, this actually isn’t the case. I’m spelling my words in accordance with the Australian spelling standards, not in accordance with the US spelling standards, this is my choice.  

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Infinite Conscious States

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’m going to start this post off with a very important question, remembering the answer always formulates the questions not the other way around within a reality of duality.

Is it the ideological concepts and beliefs that create conscious states or is it the conscious states that create the ideological concepts and beliefs? This is an important question for us to know remembering there is only one true conscious state; all other conscious states are created from ideological concepts and beliefs.

Non-duality = timelessness + stillness +answers + dharma +one conscious state

Duality = time + action reaction +questions + karma + various conscious states

Let’s use meditation as an example here, to meditate we have to focus to quieten our mind and to focus we use certain concepts and beliefs, depending on the ideology used, to meditate. These concepts and beliefs used determine the type of meditation we will experience; this seems to be obviously saying that conscious states like meditation are brought about by certain concepts and beliefs depending on the ideology!!!

This is interesting, why doesn’t everyone have the exact same experiences while meditating? This is simple; the ideology/thoughts/philosophy we use determines our experiences, this produces a unique conscious state so it would certainly seem that concepts and beliefs create conscious states!!

Meditation is a certain conscious state which is determined by the ideology we use, this works quite fine in a reality of duality but what about non-duality?  

It of course doesn’t work, there is no various conscious states produced because there is only one conscious state, within this state, it’s (this) conscious state that creates concepts and beliefs within realities of duality. Concepts and beliefs don’t actually create conscious states; all they do is influence (the) conscious state to produce various experiences, they don’t actually create them.



Fig,1 is a good illustration of our consciousness, like a jigsaw, it’s made up of various pieces and each piece represents different concepts and beliefs, for example, Buddhism and science, these all come together to form a bigger picture. Now you might think this bigger picture is non-duality because it’s complete, it’s whole and is as one but it’s never complete because this bigger picture is always only one part of an even bigger picture as explained in a previous post, so what actually represents non-duality?  Fig, 2 is representative of non-duality, note there are no actual definable jigsaw pieces, this is because non-duality isn’t made up of various pieces, it’s whole.

Now in duality if we keep thinking it’s the concepts and beliefs that create conscious states, we will stay in a reality of duality even after our demise, however there is absolutely nothing wrong with this for within this we experience all of what consciousness is or what we have deemed God is. If on the other hand you at the soul level wish to no longer experience conciseness in this way, all you have to do is truly realise that it’s conscious states that create concepts and beliefs, not the other way around. Take Jesus and Buddha for example, they represented a conscious state not concepts and beliefs, these concepts and beliefs of religion where created from this conscious state. It is quite clear here why religion hasn’t worked the way it should have, religion works on concepts and beliefs not a conscious state as Jesus and Buddha exemplified.

Where does this leave meditation for example within a reality of duality, is it truly created by a conscious state or is it the concepts and beliefs that create the conscious state of meditation? In truth it’s never the concepts and beliefs that create a conscious state, this perception of concepts and beliefs creating conscious states are only brought about by thinking in duality, this isn’t truly what is happening. There is truly only one conscious state; every other conscious state is created from this one conscious state in reality of duality. You can see why so many people see realities of duality as an illusion; there is truly only one state of consciousness!!

Well not really, because non-duality isn’t defined by time, it’s of timelessness, everything has always existed and if everything has always existed, realities of duality can’t be true illusions but we can be delusional mainly because of our lack of awareness of this one conscious state always creates concepts and beliefs not the other way around.  The delusion is we think concepts and beliefs create conscious states in other words when they don’t.  

So what’s the significant of knowing this other than consciousness creates concepts and beliefs?

You can exist in a reality of duality but at the same time realise that all concepts and beliefs come from one consciousness, this allows one to realise that every concept and belief is really of one consciousness not individual conscious states. The significants of this is you become a lot more accepting of all other concepts and beliefs other than your own; this in turn will obviously give us more harmony and peace.  It all comes down to our mentality either it be egotistically controlled or not, remembering every different concept and belief was egotistically created, what other trait would separate consciousness into small jigsaw pieces?  

Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Collective Reality of Free Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

I found the following thread worth sharing; it’s about letting go of beliefs that have programmed us to believe in certain ways, discarding anything else other than what a certain belief tells us to believe. The conclusion is this has nothing to do with thinking for ourselves.  We need to relearn to think for ourselves again which will take away the pain thus lead us to the light.  Robbie also gives us some handy hints in doing just this within his thread.

Story + Belief

Ok, as regulars here know, I am constantly searching within to release pain, and shift my consciousness. Recently I have a couple more things that have made a world of difference for me, and can for you too.

In the past I have posted about changing beliefs in our subconscious minds. I know this can be difficult sometimes as there may already be opposing beliefs within that resist change. They are not being difficult, it's really a math thing (i.e. +2 + -2 = 0 = resistance/cancelling out). So how do you get that +2 to stick? You need to remove the -2.

Two things that helped:

Brian Grasso - FTR Nation (FTR = Free-thinking Renegades) - regarding our "story"

Seth: The Nature of Personal Reality - awesome book!! - regarding our beliefs and much more to be honest (half way through the book. I highly encourage anyone of the path of self discovery/re-membrance to get this book.)

Here are techniques I am using with myself to great effect, and can you for you too.

The Story. We tell ourselves a story about ourselves and Life. Problem is we think it's true, and so believe, perceive, create, and receive what we believe in. I did not understand that I could change my story, and that was a difficulty for me, and likely for many others. So, point is, simply start telling yourself a different story. You do not need to struggle and be frustrated, but if you tell yourself that old story....

Example: Old story "I am filled with pain and must heal. I am unhappy, and will be happy eventually. I can't afford.. not enough.. (you get the idea). Look at that story, and wow, there it is made manifest. New story: "All of me is in balance, alignment, and harmony. I send/receive peace, love, joy, harmony, oneness, gratitude, and abundance." See the difference there? Huge difference. So, bottom line, be aware of the story you tell yourself about you and Life. The inner self listens constantly and takes as true what you input. (input = output)

Belief: We believe things are true as we grow up ("learning" from the outside-inward). The thing is none of it is really true, however we do not know this, and take what we are told about ourselves and Life is true. Not so. That is only apparent truth (appears to be, because you believe it you experience it), and not absolute truth (remember, Life is actually an illusion, 99% pure space according to science). I have been going through my belief system, and evaluating every belief that comes up, and determine if this represents who I really am in the Now. Most of these beliefs are not resonant with my true self. How to work with beliefs...

Example: "I'm not good enough. Humans suck, we are terrible and destroying ourselves and our planet. I can't afford it. I am unhealthy, and overweight." What you believe, you receive (note: Believe = Be Living). Here's what I do: "I have decided I do not believe that I am not good enough. I have decided I do not believe that Humans suck, and we are terrible and destroying ourselves and our planet. I have decided I do not believe that I can't afford what I want. I have decided I do not believe that I am unhealthy, and overweight." In this, I am telling my subconscious that the prior beliefs are no longer valid. Now I tell myself things like "in my current story, I am good enough.. humanity is awake, enlightened, and being who we really are, and have created Heaven on Earth.. I can afford to buy anything I want.. I am always in optimal health." See the big difference there?

So, yes, beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves are of the utmost importance, as our subconscious takes it as a truth and manifests it within our 'reality'. There are no limits, or 'reality checks' here, just the willingness to let go of everything you think you know about you and Life, and choose to be a conscious Creator (as opposed to unaware Creator). The only thing in your way (or not) is you.

One more thing: I also tell myself "I am being my 5D self and am fully integrated." It's that time. 2014 for me is an energy and consciousness of "[censored] it... it's that time. the old stuff it all goes. the Phoenix arises." Pardon my French...

Lastly, for the doubters, do you believe "it" because it's true, or is "it" true because you believe it?

Love you!!

G'day Robbiesan

Interesting Mr Robbiesan.

Any ideology that fixates us to a certain way of thinking & believing, & everything from this we fear should be avoided only if we really want change. If we don't want change this kind of recreating the same thing over & over again is fine.

The controlling factors of the ego tell us to fixate ourselves to certain ideologies that make the most sense to us at the time & an ideology that also makes us feel secure & safe. The ego needs to feel secure within it's cage or more precisely a closed box even though it is suffering.

At the moment I've poked holes in the box & all this light is flooding in but my ego feels secure within this box so I'm not venturing out at the moment. I allow the controlling factors of the ego to influence my life at present but that is changing. I love being expressive of the ego but I have become weary of the unnecessary destructiveness of such control.

Socially & culturally we have been brought up to think in a certain way, actually we have been collectively, as a whole, brought up in this way. It’s very hard for some people to break from this behavioural pattern & yes it is learned behaviour which has taken over from thinking for ourselves.

The light from outside this box is collective but it’s now free will thinking for ourselves instead of others thinking for us. We think, because we are now going to think for ourselves outside the box it’s not collective, that couldn’t be further from the truth I feel.

The ego loves collectiveness, it doesn’t want to be left on it’s own especially when it’s suffering & not at the top of the pile, allowing others to think for us feels secure but of course it’s not.  When the light from outside the box comes through to us at first, we see ourselves thinking for ourselves thus we feel we have lost our security, it doesn’t even seem collective but it is.   

This free will thinking from outside the box is collectively about thinking for ourselves, it’s still collective because everyone is now thinking for themselves. It’s just a different way of thinking to what we have been conditioned to accept.


I should state here that I don’t think life’s an illusion however it’s by no way all of who we are.        

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Atheism-Extremist Belief System or Not?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Reedited: I thought I would add another forum site link address here on this discussion, it is quite interesting on how everyone perceives atheism differently.

The following is from a forum site discussing atheism & spiritualism; it’s worth a look in how some atheists truly see the world sadly enough.  I was of course at my best telling it how I see it straight up & to the point.  

G’day Paul

I see reading the other posts your still Mathew bashing , well that’s OK because that is who you are when someone disagrees with you & questions your belief obviously,  this is a normal reaction in anyone with beliefs & beliefs in isms.

You don’t get it Paul, it’s the black & whites that have caused us so much conflict within the world because there is a yin & yang, atheism & religious  fundamentalism  & so on & so on, one would have to be blind not to see it & that is the problem, we only see a difference but we don’t understand the difference . Nothing is just white or black however for a better understanding of these whites & blacks within each other we need to separate them to bring them together again through understanding of what each element is made of, notice them as black & white to start with.

 For an example, a female psychologist will interact with a male client differently to a female client, one is black the other white but by doing this from the start she can delve into the black & whites of the said person a lot better than if she from the start couldn’t see them as just black & white male & female to start with, comparing atheism to religious fundamentalism is exactly the same in identifying them as black & white to start with & then from this one is able to see their similarities & dissimilarities, black & whites within each other.   

 It would seem to you there is no black & white which leads to ignorance & misunderstanding because by not seeing them as black & white from the start you have no hope in hell in going on to understanding them & then & only then can one bring them together. This is exactly like some spiritually aware people do these days, they only see the ego & judgment as negative & by doing so misunderstand & miss it’s positive purposes in human life. We are told to rid ourselves of these so called profanities from the start but to reach true awareness spiritually & subconsciously one needs to understand the differences of the black & whites of these things first & once we do this the ego & judgment automatically become less of a threat to us as they become null & void after a while but you can’t force this like so many are doing before you understand the negative & positive attributes of these black & whites in everyday human life. We are not born divine we need to rediscover the divine within us to understand it’s purpose within life itself.  

I won’t converse with you again Paul for a number of reasons.



Why are most atheists also dogmatic with their views towards people like Jesus, Buddha & so on & so on as they obviously existed?  Yes I know people can be delusional but come on!! I would like to add that scientists have proven it to be psychologically beneficial to perform in certain religious rituals even when singing hymns so even though I’m not religious myself religion (theism) still has it’s place in society but of course an atheist probably wouldn’t or couldn’t see this because of their beliefs but people like me can.

“Extremism has no balance”…Love Mathew

“A threat is an illusion until we believe in one thing instead of everything”…Love Mathew

“Faith in man is faith in oneself for without faith in oneself one will never have faith in man”….Love

“To believe or not to believe that is not the question, the question is, are we able to believe, that is the question”…… Love Mathew