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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Space Between the Matter

Written by Mathew Naismith

I got some interesting responses from the following citation I wrote recently, "That space between all matter is what really matters the most, not the matter itself. Should we be concentrating more on this space rather than the matter? I think so my self"....Mathew

The question is now, how do you get a logical mind to  concentrate on this space without a preconceived notion of what this space actually represents?  The following responses and my replies to these responses might answer this to a certain extent. 

There is no need effort to look for anything but when anything comes, just be with it as ourselves. Just be with whatever thing that we sense right now as one. They are not ours but we already are all. 

Indeed Eddie, the act of searching itself just leads to more searching until days end, it's endless. 

When we stop our concentrative investigation of matter. the space between becomes more noticeable without effort. 

What happens when we concentrate on space? Nothing, because all we are doing is concentrating on space, nothingness, this is due to having no preconceptions. To me it certainly looks like it's these preconceptions that create realities and even matter. 

Now what would happen to this reality if we concentrated on this space rather than the matter within this space? It's certainly an interesting perspective, I feel that we would just let things be without interference within any reality. 

However, to become involved in a reality takes us to preconceive what is within this space, this of course ends up with us concentrating on matter instead of this space, this act is ongoing until we start concentrating on this space again without any preconceptions. 

The funny thing is, preconceptions have always existed because they exist within a timeless state of space/consciousness. When did these preconceptions start when there is no starting or ending point of these preconceptions within a timeless state? Everything is within this timeless state, this space, including time, time and it's preconceptions are not separated from timelessness for it's always been within this timelessness, this space.

Mathew, I really feel that we should. The space between holds a kind of secret magic I'm sure.

Carolyn: To me it's neutral state of affairs, it's a consciousness that has no influencing effects on realities until this consciousness decides to become apart of a reality. 

The funny thing is, once we become a part of a reality, concentrating on this space will, I feel, affect these realities, this is only due to us being a part of these realities in the first place. You take out any preconception in any reality, it will change it. 

In our case, taking away such preconceptions, which are chaotic, will only do this reality good, in other cases of a more harmonious species, taking away such harmonious preconceptions will most probably lesson the harmony within such realities. Concentrating on this space alone, can only do this reality in particular good in a sense, it would certainly make this reality more harmonious.

To answer the question, how do you get a logical mind to  concentrate on this space without a preconceived notion of what this space actually represents in anyway?  It is obvious  you don't, such logical minds needs to become aware, logically, that there is more than one way to be expressive of such seemingly non-consciousness. This space doesn't seem to be of a conscious state of any kind but we must remember, all of what is, is within this space, this timelessness, therefore this space, this seemingly non-consciousness, does indeed have a consciousness through time and matter itself.

Does this make science investigations irrelevant?

If science isn't going to evolve to include a different way to express such logics and expressions of consciousness, all past and present science investigations will become irrelevant. However, if science evolves in investigating into different ways to be consciously expressive, all of what was and is of science investigations, won't be for nothing. I do think quantum physics is showing that science investigation isn't irrelevant. What we need to do is allow science logics to evolve as it always has done, just let it run it's course as of anything.

When we meditate without any preconceived ideas, this to me is the space between the matter, any form of thinking that excludes all matter and thinking pertaining and influenced by matter, pertains to this space between the matter which is of course reality changing. To me it makes logical sense to change this reality through such concentrations of this space before we completely destroy everything, in time, I feel all logical minds will become aware of this in time, it's the only thing that makes logical sense.