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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Awareness Brings Us Light

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: I have appended a further supplement at the end of this post to further explain the difference between human knowledge & universal awareness.

This post is for anyone who, at any time, is finding it difficult coping with their newly found awareness. We are used to being aware mindfully but most of us aren’t used to being aware through our feelings and it’s these feeling that can be quite daunting at times. Universal awareness isn’t about knowledge or even knowing, even though our egos would love us to believe this, it’s about our non-thinking quietened side of ourselves, the feeling instead of thinking side to ourselves. 

We are made to believe one can’t be aware unless one is knowing and the more knowing we are the wiser and more aware we would obviously have to be. However our present situation doesn’t support this view, we are more knowing than ever but we are still enacting on the same intellectual behavioural pattern as we did thousands of years ago. This is obviously becoming a problem when feeling this growing and ever expanding awareness instead of just knowing of this awareness.

There are more spiritually aware people, especially in the western thinking community of the world, feeling awareness instead of just knowing of this awareness which is causing our psyche headaches because of the psychological readjustment needed.  We are now feeling this knowing instead of just knowing this knowing which I define as universal awareness.  It’s a huge ask of our psyche’s to handle without trauma of some kind. What seems to be happening is we are becoming this awareness itself but we are questioning that we would have to mentally know before becoming aware of such things. We have mentally judged awareness as being knowledge; you can’t possibly have one without the other. This sounds awfully like the ego talking here to me!! 

We should also take into consideration that when becoming spiritually aware, while our mentality is influenced by the controlling factors of the ego, can cause a lot of psychological trauma, this is inevitable unless we are trained spiritualist’s which most of us aren’t.  Praying, chanting and meditation are but a few spiritual practices one can practice in to alleviate such psychological traumas however most of us are unaware of these psychological traumas before they occur and it’s the sudden impact of such trauma that elevates these traumas to a higher level of effect.   I have seen this many times in others over time especially in the young.

I have a nephew who takes illicit drugs, the reason he gave for taking such drugs is to alleviate the mental pain and anguish of such a chaotic destructive world. My nephew is but one of millions of young people taking drugs for this same exact reason. 

Unbeknownst to most of us, we are now feeling more of this awareness than ever before, we are now feeling this awareness before we mentally know of this awareness; of course the psyche is going to have a hard time of it.  The best way to handle this is become aware of why we feel the way we do at times and have an understanding in why our psyche is going to feel traumatised for no apparent knowable reason.

Human knowledge can only go as far as the mind can consciously understand, human knowledge is needed to become aware but only to a certain extent, mainly because of it’s conscious short falls. The ego tries to make up for these short falls by making us believe this is it, there is nothing beyond our human knowing like a universal consciousness for instance.

I believe once one connects fully to this universal awareness only then we realise human knowledge can actually, at times, hinder our progression towards universal awareness, and at best, assist us in our endeavours towards furthering our awareness. Human knowledge, at no time, should be considered the be and end all nor should we think we need human knowledge to become aware.

I’ve worked with various people with many different kinds of disabilities, the most unknowledgeable people can be the most aware people but of course able people’s egos don’t want to acknowledge this sadly enough. Awareness is light but man’s knowledge can so often dull this light to the extent we think it’s never existed.  

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Psychological Benefits of Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

In the following link there is some info on the positive attributes on being spiritually aware plus there are some interesting little quizzes & surveys to fill out. I only completed the first quiz scoring high on self-direction 5.8, universalism 5.2 & benevolence 5.2. My score in power was zilch.

It matters not if we gain or enhance on our spiritual abilities because the psychological benefits alone are world changing on their own. If everyone or even if the majority took up some form of spirituality that wasn’t preferably dogmatic this world would obviously, just at the psychological level, be a lot better off. The link above & below tells us why scientifically. The link below, specifically, goes into the nitty gritty of why & how spirituality is so beneficial psychologically.   

With the obvious psychological benefits of being spiritually aware & with our own ideological principles & practices one can’t help but not miss the mark in improving on our own lives & the lives of many around us.

The following link takes a different psychological look at how spiritually aware people can suffer more with mental health issues than religious or non-religious people. They of course can’t see why this would be but I’m going to make a stab at it.

Spiritually aware people, unlike religious people, delve into different aspects of spirituality to a greater degree than religious people because usually spiritually aware people have no boundaries or doctrinal inhibitions & because of this spiritually aware people can connect quite differently with the universal consciousness I believe, so what’s the problem with this? A lot of spiritually aware people already well connected realise how difficult it can be in becoming spiritually aware, it can bring out a lot of gremlins in the form of the ego for instance for which our brains have to  psychologically sort out usually without assistance unlike religious people. Reprogramming the brain to accept a lot of human faults as being a flaw is harrowing in any circumstance, we can at times expect too much from our human psyche. There is something in spiritually aware people forming groups to support each other psychologically.  

There is another reason why spiritually aware people can suffer with mental traumas, ESP is one. While becoming spiritually aware we don’t just have to deal with our own psyche but the psyche of others we can automatically pick up on through ESP for example. I could at one time pick up on what the victims & perpetrators of crime were going through physically & mentally & yes this did affect me mentally, I was quite emotionally ruffled/upset at times. But of course this isn’t all what a spiritually aware person has to go through mentally. Our experiences in what we pick up on vary greatly from person to person but of course the up side is, as we become more experienced the less traumatised emotionally we become. Like I said before, I think it’s important for us to think seriously in getting into groups of people with the same spiritual interests either on the net or one on one for our own psychological wellbeing.

I would also like to add here a little more about myself. I don’t have a problem in expressing my ego like becoming involved in verbal conflicts for instance; I accept this as being a part of me. I accept a lot of my human vices & attachments as this is a reflection of my life which wasn’t pretty at times. I just don’t, at the spiritual/soul level, have a problem with this & I do understand why a lot of other spiritually aware people do but we are not all the same nor are we meant to be in this human reality. We are supposed to learn from diversity as only through diversity can our souls learn more about our whole selves.  I would also like to say, please don’t be too hard on yourselves if you can’t or don’t want to stop being your human self, warts & all.