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Monday, 10 February 2014

Walking in Each Other’s Path

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is strange how we help others out within their path by walking along our own path which at times becomes intertwined with others; this is indeed a very common occurrence. The funny thing is with me I was going to change where I was going numerous times in my life but never did which would have quite dramatically changed where I am now. This of course would have changed my path’s direction which of course wasn’t meant to be obviously.  

I’m a simple down to earth carpenter/joiner who never in a million years considered taking up writing until I could no longer enjoyably & successfully continue in my trade & even then I still had no aspirations to write, it just eventuated. I started off writing my insights down on paper over three years ago, going on the net & starting up a blog was never on my mind at this stage. My writing skills have improved to one degree or another over the said three years. My first blog, which is no longer with us, was titled Science of Spirituality; it was focused more on the sciences of spirituality however with my current blog it’s probably a little more about the spirituality of life & science. My first blog was well received especially by metaphysical minded people however going back & rereading some of my earlier posts from this blog I realised my writing skills have improved believe it or not, I see my earlier posts as being quite….how would I really put it….Yucky. My writing style has also changed.

This brings us to intertwined paths; wanting to further improve on my writing skills I have recently asked my stepdaughter (Karla) to proof read/edit my posts seen as she has a double major in English & music. Karla also wants to go back to uni to study in publishing & editing. Karla is thrilled to help me out but in turn I will be helping her out with her future studies for the main reason that Karla will have to learn to edit such written work.

Many times have I come close to changing my path to the extent I wouldn’t have even met up with Karla’s mum which of course would have changed Karla’s destiny to some degree. At times it’s the little changes that occur in one’s life that can be the most life changing. In my late-teens I could have easily gone off on another path, a seemingly much easier path than what I took but if I did would my stepdaughter have had the help that she will be getting now? It’s not the proof reading that will be challenging but keeping the content of the written work intact, the content within my posts is a little daunting within itself & I can see it will be quite a challenge for her as Karla’s not spiritually minded like I am.

When I write my insights & views down & insert them into my blog I really don’t know if I’m helping anyone or not until someone confirms that I am, this can be quite daunting for a writer at times.  If all I’m supposed to do is help Karla out it’s all well worth the trials & tribulations.  At times we can all feel that life is quite daunting for us in anything we do but then comes the connection that makes the daunting parts of our lives seem worthwhile & ineffective within their discouragement.

It is said that I’m supposed to write a book, at this point in time I can’t see that happening however the interconnectedness I seem to be going to have with my stepdaughter probably infuses such foretelling. Even if a book isn’t on the cards at least Karla will hopefully help me to improve on my posts & writing skills, I certainly need that!!  My best advice is with life period, listen to the gut feelings/intuition & go with the flow.