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Sunday, 22 September 2013

True Acceptance is The Key

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is going on from my last post titled The Illusion of Time & Space/Physicality, synchronicities a funny thing indeed.

Presented by cosmicwarrrior:
William Cooper - Truth Isolation

G'day cosmicwarrior

Yes it's a little bit that way.

Becoming spiritually aware isn't an easy road to tread & it's even harder if you are using spirituality to run away from something or have some sort of psychological issue that you are using spirituality to calm yourself in some way. Spiritual awareness can bring out the gremlins in more than one way, in ourselves & the rest of humanity, one must be wary of this.

The real truth in time & space, (duality), doesn't exist, it's only what we perceive to be the truth at any given time. Time & space give us the duality's of truths, there is no one truth in realities of duality, time for one changes truths at a drop of a hat so is there a real truth? No time & space, (non-duality), gives us the real truth as it's of oneness however living in realities of duality again gives us dual truths which is only a portion of the real truth. We are only living & experiencing part of the conscious knowing in realities of duality, time & space, so no we can't experience the real truth because then we wouldn't be in a duality reality.

So why are we living in & creating realities of duality? In a pure oneness state we can't physically experience all of the knowing of the universal consciousness so we break it down into separate portions which is basically separate truths, (duality), this is why we are so different to each other, we are all a separate portion of the whole real truth. This is actually saying we are experiencing the whole real truth but in separate forms, now how special is that!!!! No wonder I look upon this reality in amazement at times.


This explains quite clearly, I feel, why self-discovery through sciences as well as spirituality is important & is all a part of spirituality. Science/psychology is helping us to put these conscious pieces together again & when we do this, in how many years’ time, we will see quite a different reality to what we are experiencing today. You could argue spirituality does this anyway without science/psychology so why would we need science & psychology to help put these pieces of conscious truths together? Science/psychology are about realities of duality & spirituality is about non-duality reality. If we were to put these conscious truths together through just spiritual means we would lose this duality reality however if we use science/psychology as well as spirituality we will have the best of all worlds/realities I believe. On the other hand if we continue to use science/psychology on their own the obvious will continue, we will keep floundering about like lost children.      

This of course comes down to using all the tools we have at hand in unison in finding out the whole real truth & by doing this we will indeed be able to live the whole real truth & knowing of the totality of consciousness in a coexisting duality/non-duality existence. This is a huge WOW because everything will be truly at one when this happens & it will happen one way or the other I feel. Like I have always said, “true acceptance is the key”.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Illusion of Time & Space/Physicality

Written by Mathew Naismith

When in a oneness conscious state we see this reality being an illusion because we feel that this oneness state is who we truly are not this state of duality. Duality of course refers to time & non-duality (oneness) of no time & space believe it or not; however time & space has always existed for the main reason when in a state of no time when was time created? Time couldn’t have been created like with everything else because with no time you don’t have a starting or end point so this means that time always existed & if time always existed so did duality however in these oneness states, states of duality feel like an illusion because they are not of this oneness so we presume anything not of this oneness to be an illusion. There is also another seducing factor in this that gives us the perception of duality being of an illusion, God/creative source or consciousness. This source is of no time because it always was obviously so this has to be our true state/being!!!

The problem with this is when did duality start to exist in a conscious state/reality of no time & even space? Duality has obviously always existed as well right beside non-duality, non-duality (God) didn’t create duality (time) as it always existed as of everything however physicality itself seems to us to be an illusion & actually it is in a sense. So is this now saying duality is an illusion? No, the real illusion is thinking that physicality is all there is. By experiencing duality physicality seems to have been created in this process so this is why physicality seems to us to be the illusion, it was created by us to experience the consciousness’s knowing not just knowing of the knowing however this isn’t saying that duality is an illusion. We tend to lump duality with physicality automatically together but it’s not because we must remember nothing is new or was created within non-duality (no time).

So this all seems to be referring to anything that was created by no time (God) has to be an illusion excluding duality (time & space) but that isn’t quite true either.   Yes I believe physicality was created like anything in time & space because you can only create in time & space so physicality has to obviously be an illusion but only while one is in conscious states of duality. When we, for long periods of time, experience conscious states of non-duality (oneness) we see a different picture especially when we drop all human/non-human emotions, looking at physicality in this way we actually see that physicality, as of everything, always existed however the big difference is the physical experiences are new. Everything existed in conscious knowing even physicality but not in physical form just in its conscious form. We have a preconceived idea that to have physicality one has to be of a physical world as we know it but that’s not true, we only perceive this because that is all we understand consciously at this point in time as a species.  

What this is saying is the actual physical experiences that we get from physicality is new because it was created by time & space but physicality/duality itself always existed within conscious states of no time & space. Because we still perceive in time & space, especially in a oneness states,  if we are emotional we will separate time & space from no time & space, we think they can’t possibly coexist at the same TIME. We are obviously still relating to time so we are still perceiving time exists while in these oneness states but if we go deep enough you will find time really doesn't exist but it does in the same breath. When we experience these oneness states of no time nothing is of duality so therefore we perceive that all else has to be of an illusion but illusion are of time so in fact illusions can’t exist either. This is saying our preconceived idea of an illusion is the illusion however in no time (non-dualities) illusions can’t exist, only in time (duality) can illusions exist. Why are illusions only of time & space (duality)? Illusions only exist if we have an opposite like reality & when we talk about opposites we are talking about duality & duality denotes time. This is saying we are never in a true oneness state if we are still thinking of illusions.

It is extremely difficult for any of us to perceive outside time & space, our whole perception of everything is influenced by our perception of time & space & human emotions, it’s these human emotions that also give us preconceived ideas brought on by our desire to rid ourselves of the harmful & uncomfortable attributes of what time & space give us, we then call what we no longer desire an illusion especially while experiencing oneness conscious states even if we don’t think or feel this to be the case emotionally. When we start to feel more at one it is so emotionally easy to call anything else from this feeling of oneness an illusion for the main reason it's so peaceful but of course as explained illusion can't possibly exist in a true oneness state. If you are still thinking illusions exist or anything else of duality/time & space you’re not truly at one, detach yourself from duality & go deeper & in this deepness you will find duality can exist but only in realities of duality/ time & space not in no time & space (non-duality).

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Why We Are Here??

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wasn’t going to turn this post on another spiritual forum site into another post but I have just become aware why we all see our purpose in realities like this one so differently so I feel it’s important for me to relay this on. The following response of mine is in relation to why we are here not saying it answers it but producing yet another possibility of why we are here which a lot of my blog relates too. This post is in reference to my previous post titled Soul connection & religion.

G’day Schwanke

Most people denote religion to being just of faith which is usually connected to church doctrines of one kind or another however religion can also denote to being of logic not just faith as a scientist will have certain theories they will follow which is a religion or creed for them to follow usually right through their lives.

Certain eastern based religions teach free will & I can’t see them dying in the near future however like western based religion it will have to change with the time or new consciousness as everything does in realities of time & space I believe. While living in realities of time & space boundaries are always set to guide us however realities of no time & space have no such set boundaries, there is no need. I think what is happening now is we are trying to replace time & space with no time & space, in my mind that is not what we came here to do.  I think what we are supposed to be doing is assimilating no time & space within time & space only to give it balance again however of course I could be wrong.
By the sounds of it this is where we differ greatly, I feel our souls need time & space to experience our knowing which is infinite because time & space will always renew itself however it would seem you think we are here to just connect with the source ( true love) thus change this reality into another reality of no time & space.  We were all created from light, yes some souls will decide to reunite with the light, the source, after ones soul has a certain understanding & awareness but I think most souls will decide to keep on experiencing the knowing for this expands the sources conscious awareness of itself even further, you could say that all souls are serving God however we too are that God (consciousness).

What I think what has happened here is certain people have experienced certain states of consciousness to a point where they have formulated a conclusion to what is happening without going further thus we only have the understanding of being here to become what we were in the first place light/love, I feel there is much much more to it than that Schwanke.   


Thinking With the Cycle Not Against It: We need to think past the 3rd dimension or previous consciousness as nothing stays the same including knowledge & wisdom in realties of never ending cycles which are realities of no time & space, if we don’t start thinking past this point or last point I should say we are either going to change this reality into a reality of no time & space while becoming one with the source again or we are going to continue on a life of fixated attachments which will end sooner or later in catastrophe. I feel quite strongly we haven’t come to do either but serve thy lord so to speak which is in turn serving ourselves.

I’ve written in previous posts about the soul being of more important than the human vessel self & that we should focus on the soul more to bring balance however the soul has no real precedence on the creative source so what our souls are doing is serving the source (God). The problem with knowing that we are serving the lord (source) we are focusing on the lord primarily not our soul, yes some will say by serving the lord that we are in fact serving our souls but the problem with this is we are putting one above the other by idolising one above the other, where is the oneness in this? We are of the source itself so in fact we are serving ourselves through the soul & human vessel & the reason the soul & human vessel are just as important as the source itself is the human self & the soul are teacher of the source like the human vessel is the teacher of the soul, nothing has less importance or precedence than the other.  

By focusing on the soul we are bringing balance again because the soul is of both realities of time & space & realities of no time & space, if we focus on either the human self or the source we are actually not bringing balance to this reality but unbalancing it even more. The old teaching especially eastern teachings taught us balance for the main reason they had the understanding of balance within this reality, tilting to the extreme either way would give us unbalance & turn this world into something else usually something unbecoming, consumerist materialism is a good example of this & so were the dark ages as both these ideologies gave us an unbalanced world.  So old teachings are still relevant then!!! Yes & no because they too like anything in a cycle of time & space are forever changing so they too must take on change, go with the flow not against it for in this comes true awareness!! 

 “The soul is the key to balance I believe”…Love Mathew

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Soul of Time

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is funny because it’s been said to me, at times, that I’ve conducted a lot of research at times when I haven’t, as I have explained in past posts I wasn’t allowed or I was warned off to reading or even meditating to any great extent on any kind of spiritual matter, it all just comes to me which is left over residue to when I was quite connected in my mid-teens. Like I have said, “Once connected always connected in some way”!!

Becoming Soul Aware: As I have explained in my recent post the soul is of time where’s the creator or creative conscious core is of no time & space, if one ever decided to rid themselves of the soul one would then be automatically of the creative core again which is of no time & space again & that is where I think everything has evolved or was created from. To my knowing no one entity (soul) has ever done this as it’s utterly pointless to do so as once within the core again you play no further role in the creation itself of time & space.  If one wishes one can be one with God, the creative core, without ridding ourselves of our individual soul by just becoming aware of our souls core from when it was first created, at this exact point there is little difference between the creative core & the soul as the only difference is one of time & space & the other one isn’t.

Everything outside the core is of time & space, you then could say everything of time & space could have a soul attachment & I think you would be right because I feel it’s the soul that has created everything of time & space therefore everything is of us, it’s our desire & of course with desire we eventually get chaos & conflicts. Desire & anything else of the ego doesn’t mean it’s negative especially when we are aware but as we go on living out various lives we accumulate attachments. Being aware of this is important if one wants to become connected & aware of one’s soul heart (core) again as explained in my last post, this is why so many other teachings tell us to become aware & deal with these attachments however as I have said in previous posts I don’t agree in ridding ourselves of these attachments all together because then you would have to rid yourself of the soul & become one with the creative core again but of course as I have said this is pointless.  The soul is of attachments so if you rid yourself of attachments altogether you rid yourself of the soul which isn’t very well known obviously.

 Note: Man has never witnessed such a conscious change as this & with all conscious changes our modes of thought change, what I & many others wright about at this point in time relate to the conscious change in thinking differently & furthering our awareness & knowing beyond what has been taught since the dawn of man, we are in fact changing the way we think & feel & our knowing, in other words rewriting the books to further our consciousness & awareness.

In any conscious change as this one, one, if willing, will become aware of their initial soul from when it was first created which is the core of the soul, believe it or not everyone knows of the souls core & a lot of these people become spiritually aware however we don’t realise this because of the distractions or our attachments, once we start ridding ourselves of the most distractive attachments we are actually becoming aware & connected to our souls core again but even when we do this we still don’t know what we are exactly connecting ourselves too, what I am saying is it’s our souls core we are connecting ourselves too here.   

I thought I would insert a conversation between myself & another person which I feel has relevance to what I have written about.

Quote Originally Posted by Goofy2

G'day Three14.......I don't think we can know it all in our present consciousness at the soul & especially the human level of conscious understanding however at the creative core level most defiantly for the main reason the creative core isn't of time & space as it's only of the now with no past or present. As for the soul it resides in realities of time & space & everything within these realities change so it is impossible while in these realities of time & space to know all however if one is consciously connected to the creative core itself a fair amount of knowing will come forth depending on the connectedness & the more connected or closer to God we are the more aware & knowing we will become. Love Mathew

Couldn't have said it better myself, except I would change the word "know" with "realize" as you are correct - everything is evolving.

My Reply:
I was just going along with you Three14. It is funny how many people think there couldn't be a reality of no time & space, the world was known to be flat or the sun a God & if you said otherwise you would have been laughed at at best. While living in a reality of time & space I don't think we are supposed to have the same knowing of a reality of no time & space otherwise this would change the outcome which would make realities of time & space void. I've read very little of what I wright about as it just comes to me, actually I only read up on these things afterwards for confirmation.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Creating a Better Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going to be a little humbling to me; here I was trying to stay as disconnected as possible without being totally disconnected from my inner self so that I could experience human existence in its rawest form but ended up neglecting my connectedness too much. In doing this I inadvertently became too disconnected thus I started ignoring signs & feelings especially in regards to others.

It’s funny about things that seem negative at times they can always, in my view, have a positive effect if one is willing to see it as I will explain further. 

Insensitive Traits: As mentioned in my last post my wife & I experienced a non-violent home invasion recently which has brought out a lot more stories of others going through similar experiences, some of them where utterly terrifying to the victim which incurred a certain amount of long term  psychological distress.  I was myself on the wrong side of the tracks when I was in my late teens at one stage, nothing hurtful just inappropriate luckily enough this didn’t include home invasion, coupled with working in the welfare arena twice over by my 49 yrs the darker side of life didn’t seem as terrifying as in how most people acted to it until our own home invasion.  It wasn’t just experiencing this for ourselves first hand that made me realise I was being insensitive but the horrifying stories that were being told to us afterword’s about what other victims suffered  & were still suffering long after the home invasion took place. There are draw backs in disconnecting.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t that insensitive that I didn’t feel remorse or compassion for these victims in the past in actual fact I was very supportive but I lacked the understanding of people who haven’t experienced the darker side of life or didn’t want to experience such a said life in anyway but was forced too.

Before I go on I better explain a little more about realties of time & space & no time & space for those who don’t know as it has a lot of relevance here.  Realties of time & space are realities that are like ours, they have a past & future however were I think we have evolved from or were created from was a reality of no time & space therefore everything is happening within the now, it’s as if everything has already occurred & is in blue print for us to see & experience at any given moment in a reality of time & space.

Realties of time & space give us opposites & at times extreme opposites like with day & night, positive & negative, bad & good, darker & lighter, yin & yang within everything of time & space including boy & girl, male & female believe it or not., the question here is does everyone have to or even want to experience being a male & a female in one life, so why does anyone need to or want to experience both sides of the light & dark sides of life? To have an understanding of both polarities can be quite beneficial but is it a must or did we come here in the first place to experience such things?  Some of us did some of us didn’t or even had too to make a better existence for us all & ourselves.

My insensitivity to these people who no longer or want to in the first place experience such phenomena is quite noticeable, I was catering for those who wanted to or want to experience such things in life which comes down to living within a reality of time & space however these people who want to have little to do with the darker side of life shouldn’t prejudge or condemn those who accept the full extent of experiences in a reality of time & space because that is what these realties are all about. So is it wrong to want to just accept & live a life without the darker side of life thus giving us far less extremes?  No of course not but we must accept that we still live in a reality of time & space which give us apposing polarities at the time.

Living within the Shadow: The funniest thing is the people who live their life in the shadow of darkness like a druggy &/or home invader for instance are actually living within this darken reality or mode of thought because they don’t want to experience terror, they feel fear but not the same fear as their victims. Living within the shadow of darkness actually lessons the effects of terror because it’s a part of you, it’s your reality.  If we were all a part of this reality we wouldn’t feel as terrified because we would have an understanding of this existing reality first hand but if you are living or tying to live within the lighter side of this reality the terror of such opposite will affect you a lot more than someone on the darker side of life.  Coming from knowing & existing in both polarities I didn’t quite humanly understand what the people who have only lived in the lighter side of life were actually going through, they didn’t want to understand the other side of the coin or polarity nor do they have to or should have too.

In actual fact the people who have chosen to live within the shadow have far more fear within them than those who live in the hue of light, to feel this much terror & discomfort is too much for them so they have opted to dwell within the shadow to lesson this discomfort, this makes anyone who wants to build or create a reality of light within a reality of opposites quite courageous.  So what about people like me who accept & have lived within both realties/modes of thought, where do they go?  Where they want or feel more comfortable with or where they are needed. I know & understand, to a certain extent, of living within the shadow of darkness from personal experience but mostly through others, this has given me an insight into life within a reality of time & space of both polarities which isn’t that bad of a thing to have. Many people in this reality have experienced this.

Reality of opposing Polarities: So what are the people of the light trying to do? Reconnect themselves  with what created everything in the first place, the reality of no time & space however the big question here can we or should we change this reality of time & space into a replica of our initial creative reality of no time or space?  No one has a right to change this reality into a different reality of no time & space completely for the main reason people still want & use this reality the way it is however we can & have to a certain extent became reconnected to our initial reality that created us thus this has & can help us bring some of this reality back to this one to change some of its attributes making it more harmonious & peaceful like the creative core of the initial creative reality of no time & space but we should never try to replicate it exactly nor can we I believe. The reality of no time or space has no polarities or opposites as it’s perfectly balanced within itself, if we could replicate this reality all polarities would become non-existing including light so in trying to create or change this reality to just light by replicating our initial creative reality wouldn’t work however creating another reality of just light is possible which would make this existing reality turn completely to the darker shades.   We need to remember no matter what we do we would still be living within a reality of time & space so polarities still exist just in different realties instead of one like we are living in now.    

Living in realties of different polarities isn’t easy as one is always trying to dominate the other which we have seen right through human history however if we could separate the light from the dark would this still be in a reality of time & space?  It would & the opposing polarities within these realities would be somewhat more subtle remembering they would only have one set mode of thought like darkness or light not both. Realties of light & dark still have differences but they are not opposing differences like with the different shades of light, they are a lot more subtle as they are of the same polarity.  Instead of having two completely different polarities within one reality like this one which have different shades of light & dark as well we would only have one polarity not two to contend with. Mixing these two opposing polarities together in one reality was obviously going to be chaotic nothing else which of course it was & is.

We haven’t got the right to change the core of this reality however we do have the right to change it’s attributes & ourselves for a more balanced harmonious existence, in actual fact if we changed various attributes that we want changed we would be doing both the light & dark realties & polarities a service, they would be both balanced within their own reality & mode of thought. You would probably think that the people who are actually of the dark not just living within the shade wouldn’t want to separate with the lighter shades of life as this causes more chaos but they do because there is always a threat that the light will swallow up or become completely dominant over the dark side. The people living within shade will have to choose which way they want to go, it comes down to souls choice.

The creation of Time: The reality of no time or space is utterly blissful as it has no opposing polarities but at the same time it is everything so if it’s of everything it must be of opposing polarities as well?  The core of creation which is this reality of no time & space is the creator of everything but anything else outside the core is of its own creation. Within the core there is no time or space therefore no past or future & if there is no time or future we have no differences in polarity only in realities of time & space does it seem we have polarities but in actual fact we don’t. So does this mean everything of time & space is an illusion? If we were living within the core yes but where not as we are living within a reality of time & space itself which is self-creative but only within realties of time & space. You can’t have time creating no time but you can have no time creating time also you can’t live within the core as an individual which also includes souls so this means only in soul/physical form can these realities of time exist but the paradox is if it vibrates it exists. Time & space only exist because we do or more to the point our souls as only through the soul can time & space exist, the creative core can only consciously exist through us, we are the cores consciousness, now that’s special.  

How can no time create time when there is no time to create within the core?  The creative core itself is of no time but to experience itself & it’s knowing it created souls which desired physical realities to further its experiences of its knowing which inadvertently created time, we or our souls created time directly but the creative core created it indirectly through consciousness expanding into physical realities of time & space through souls. If the creative core wasn’t conscious how did it know of its knowing to create souls? Every intelligent living thing has instinct, could you imagine being the creative core & all of a sudden realising instinctively that everything that you know exists is you, of course you’re going to want to instinctively experience yourself & the best way to do this was obviously through souls which are parts of the creative core itself.    

So in all what the people of the light want to do is create another reality of just light which will take the understanding of the creative core & its influences which will help us create this newer reality, the reality of dark will just be created through this separation process.  We just don’t need to become reconnected with the creative core but to understand what it is to create a better existence & hopefully I have done that with my recent posts.