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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Healing Effortlessly

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are numerous ways to heal individually and collectively, this is primarily due to living in time because time gives us numerous or even infinite possibilities in all of what we do. Some of these healing processes take a lot of effort and some of them don’t, so which way should we heal personally and collectively?

Personally we should go with what we are comfortable with; it’s no good going with a healing process we don’t resonate with, this could be anything from healing through active and/or passive intentions, as the link directly below explains about, or we could use a healing process that incorporates no intentions, this is accomplished through purely living and thinking in the now, the present moment.      

Extract: Your intentions play a vital role in your healing process, as a positive attitude promotes healing. This knowledge is undeniable and instinctive. Medical communities in cultures all around the world have known for thousands of years that a focused positive patient is more likely to heal. Yet using your intentions to assist your healing is not promoted in the western medical system. Why is this important aspect of healing overlooked and what can you do about it?

Healing collectively is somewhat trickier; we can’t use any healing processes that other people don’t resonate with, this is obvious in the way other people in the world shun spiritualistic practices for a more scientific way of healing and of course visa-versa.  There seems to be no way to heal the collective collectively or is there?

Let’s look at why we need to heal ourselves, what has caused us to have intentions to heal ourselves and why do we need to be healed in the first place?

What creates everything in time? Intentions, suns are in my mind intentionally created to give life, this is due to the sun also being of consciousness and any consciousness in time can have intentions and most often does have intentions.  Look at what man has created; it was all created through intentions, OK pollution isn’t intentional but the process of an intention can create pollution.  Nothing can be created without intentions either directly or indirectly.  

Everything we have intentions to heal ourselves from has been created through intentions. People can become overweight when they eat too much takeaway food, this might not be intentional by the profiteers but the profiteers do have an intention to become wealthier, overweight people are a by-product  through such intentions. We then need to intentionally heal ourselves from being overweight brought about by intentions, everything we need to heal ourselves from has been created from intentions either directly or indirectly. 

Collectively it’s the same dilemma, someone has intentions to force their own beliefs on to other nations and to obtain peace, another intention is enforced to go to war with such people, action reaction time and time again as human history quite plainly demonstrates.  How do we heal the collective from this, it’s seemingly an insurmountable dilemma?

First of all become aware of what is causing us to have a need to be healed in the first place and then act on this.  It’s seemingly going to take an insurmountable effort to curb our intentions, how is a non-intentional thinking process going to be effortless?

How many well-known spiritually aware people are teaching us about living just in the now? Living in the now is all about this present moment without any reflection of a past or future, to have intentions you certainly need a future and past otherwise you cannot be of intentions. Having intentions has nothing to do with living and being in the now, intentions are all to do with time, however, living and being in the now is of timelessness, there is no true past or future.  Take away the past and future; you take away anything needing to be healed because there are no intentions to cause something to be healed!! 

It takes little effort to live and be in the now, all it takes is to drop your intention which is all about a past and future, all this takes is to think differently, instead of thinking in time, we are now thinking in timelessness.  To a person who can only think in time, this is going to seemingly take a lot of effort but it doesn’t once you realise you truly are eternal. This doesn’t just take being aware of being eternal but knowing you are eternal. Being aware that intentions are only of time also helps in this process; we are indeed timeless sources of conscious eternal energy.

Once you drop intentions and only live and be within the now, this very healing process of living and being in the now will become quite effortless individually and collectively.