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Monday, 15 October 2018

A consciousness outside the square

Written by Mathew Naismith

"This is the first lesson ye should learn. There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it doesn't behoove any of us to speak evil of the rest of us. This is a universal law, and until one begins to make application of same, one may not go very far in spiritual or soul development." 

The following makes reference to past lives (reincarnation), the phenomena of time and ancient Egypt. Keep in mind that I have an open mind that is often free of our present conscious limitations. It is okay to think I am delusional, I just see it being able to look outside the square, outside our present conscious conditioning. The following is copy of a discussion I had with another person who is also able to look outside the square. It is quite a long post though, sorry for that.       

The ancient Egyptians felt all souls are offered two paths.

People can enter into the process of reincarnation and learn life's spiritual truths in this physical dimension. Or they can choose to remain in the spiritual realm.

The Egyptians associated Osiris with the reincarnation path I think. This is interesting for me because Edgar Cayce was I believe the reincarnation of Osiris. And reincarnation was one of the central themes for Edgar Cayce.

Cayce had the ability to tell people about their past lives going back to Egypt and even Atlantis. And he didn't just tell them about their past lives. He told them how those experiences were affecting them in their current life and the deeper meaning about those experiences.

Here's a classic book about reincarnation. During a past life experience in Egypt Elisabeth Haich experienced the Egyptian initiation rites. She was shown her future lifetimes and given the choice of whether or not she wanted to have those experiences in this physical world.

Elisabeth Haich chose to have those experiences even though it would involve a lot of suffering.

[Paperback – July 28, 2000]
by Elisabeth Haich

There's theories about what exactly reality is.

Some people say there are an infinite number of universes. Although I have read and believe there are 12 universes.

However the following message gets into some very strange questions about the nature of time.

Time is a very mysterious subject that is not well understood by scientists today.

There are strange theories about reincarnation like people can be reincarnated into any time period past or future or even live the same life over again to try to change something they deeply regret.

The idea that someone could live the same life over again raises many strange a paradoxical questions about the true nature of time. It implies that time is something other than a strictly sequential, linear process.

It also implies that everyone, everything, and really the entire universe exists in an infinite number of possible futures which may or may not actually play out in this physical dimension. Because to be reincarnated for the same life and change even one thing creates a different path into the future.

If I recall correctly Edgar Cayce said he repeated a life experience in the American Old West time period. During the first incarnation Edgar used his psychic abilities in bad ways like to win money gambling. That incarnation ended in disaster for Edgar. Then when Edgar repeated that incarnation he lived his life differently.

This starts to get into questions that are far beyond human comprehension I think. It may be an indication of how all of our destinies are intertwined in ways that are very subtle and complex.

The Lives of Edgar Cayce
[Paperback – August 1, 1995]
by W. H. Church

My Reply
As of always, very informative Jeff, thank you.

Yes, if we limit ourselves to only living one life that is all we will remember, this of course doesn't mean we only lived one life. It's the same with astral travelling, they say everyone astral travels, it's just we are unaware of it or choose to be unaware of it.

I was aware I had a choice in how I was going to lead the rest of my life from my late teens. I chose ignorance over awareness, or, a common normal life to a spiritual life. I didn't like being able to ask any question and get an immediate correct answer. Sounds stupid doesn't it but it's true. Being able to ask any question and get a correct answer out of the blue felt normal within myself but it wasn't normal in regards to the rest of my environment.

However, I tried to be average in relation to my environment, this did not always eventuate. I at one time I could feel and know of the thoughts and feelings of perpetrators and victims of crime. Not the best of experiences to have but it gave me a better understanding of how human consciousness works.

Yes, souls can choose to exist as a God (immortal) or of a mortal being. Can a soul that chose a mortal existence choose at any time a God like existence? Time is a strange phenomena, can you go back from choosing an immortal or mortal existence again and choose differently? It's the same as choosing to relive a life again in my mind.

I always smile at one of my lives in ancient Egypt, even when we ended being separated and banished in outlying areas of Egypt. We were so aware and consciously advanced compared to the rest of our environment. Being banished was a part of our lives at the time.


Wow it sounds like you can remember a past life.

Even though consciously most people don't remember their past lives the memories are still there in our subconscious nonetheless.

Some people can be put into the deep hypnotic state required for past life recall.

I've been able to find out about quite a few of my past lives.

I've been wondering if I was a guy named Imhotep in a past life in Egypt. I don't know if that's correct but I think it could be true.

The name Imhotep means 'I come in peace !'.

One of the best books I've ever read about mysterious subjects is called Initiation by Elisabeth Haich. Elisabeth experienced the Egyptian initiation rites thousands of years ago. Because of those experiences she was able to remember her past life in Egypt in vivid detail.

Elisabeth said she witnessed spaceships arriving in Egypt. I can't remember who she said came to Egypt in this way but Imhotep may have been one of those people.

It's interesting because the Egyptologists cannot find any references about Imhotep's parents and things like this. It's like this guy just appeared out of nowhere.

This is all very strange for me. Because I did not come to this world in a spaceship.

What could it mean? That somehow in another life I was some sort of advanced entity living on another planet ?

My Reply
I concur with everything you have stated here Jeff. Our group was in direct contact to what humans call Gods at the time; I remember how amazing it was in comparison to the rest of the environment at the time. As of today, so many people were kept in the dark to serve the ego of the very few.

It seemed so natural to be a part of this kind of aware consciousness, in fact human consciousness seemed unnatural to us. As of today, I am still trying to help human consciousness to become more aware of itself. Will I be banished again by the same repressive consciousness? When you are dealing with an ego that is completely in control and controlling of most of the populous, anything can happen.

It is sad that we have to become aware of our truer being through books and workshops when it should just come to us. We have always been what we become aware of, it's that we have simply forgotten.

I am thinking of sharing our interaction here if that is alright with you. Yes, a lot of people are kept in the dark but there are a lot of people who are not kept entirely in the dark as well.

What was disappointing of the Pharaohs and their constituents is that the Pharaohs could have created something far more grandiose than they did. To lead human consciousness out of the dark and into the light would have been amazing.

Of course what they actually did was quite the opposite. As they were warned, don't excessively abuse energy, which of course included conscious energy. I remember them paying a huge price for their indiscretions, not unlike we are today. You could say abusing energy like this is sacrilegious (profane) to consciousness as a whole.

There are a few people I can think of who I believe remembered their past life experiences in Egypt.

One was Edgar Cayce. Edgar was I believe the great Osiris and also Ra returned to our modern world. And I don't think there's ever been anyone else like him.

Edgar told how him and his wife 'Isis' (a lovely temple dancer) were kicked out of Egypt. Edgar had another wife but when he saw Isis he could not resist her. This was a violation of the laws of monogamy that Ra Ta himself had set up in Egypt.

Two other people I can think of who wrote about their past life experiences in Egypt are Elisabeth Haich and Earlyne Chaney. I found both of their books fascinating.

Egyptian Heritage: Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings
[Paperback – June 1, 1974]
by Mark Lehner

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Realisation of a Universal Reality

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is going to sound awfully wacky to a lot of people but I suppose what’s new with me, I’ve got to do what is expected of me of course.  As I become detached from various attachments brought on by our ego dominated reality, my awareness expands beyond this ego conditioning, just like anyone. This post describes what is coming from this expansion of awareness in relation to my past life in ancient Egypt which I became aware of three years ago.  I should say at this point that this life I perceived I had in ancient Egypt was confirmed by a total stranger who I had never conversed with before, Aluna Joy in the US.  

A brief recap: I lived as a lowly priest sometime during the fourth dynasty in an unordinary priesthood, my main function was healer but others in this priesthood were into other science endeavours. I should also mention, there was priestesses as well within our order, none of us religiously payed homage to Gods/goddesses as such because we knew what these Gods and Goddesses actually were.  

We also tried to free the slaves and give all workers better working conditions. When I received these visions of my past life, I thought we were banished for trying to free the slaves and not following the expected protocol of priests and priestesses at that time, which was in part paying homage to the Gods.  For some reason I didn’t realise, at the time of my visions of my past life, that if you don’t pay homage to the Gods/Goddesses you are in turn not paying homage to the Pharaoh and his family’s line. Boy didn’t we push the boundaries….strangely enough I’m still pushing the boundaries in this life.

The next thing I realised was I thought we failed in our endeavour to save humanity from the present brutality and from the forthcoming predicted famine and disease that could have been prevented but I wasn’t quite correct in this assumption.  What dominating human trait do the Pharaoh’s possess and use most often?  We were banished primarily for this reason and the reason for our banishment was ego!!  Because we didn’t pay the expected homage to the Gods/Goddesses/Pharaoh the Pharaoh took offence, we were banished by egotism, this is human history and human reality however it’s not universal reality. What happened in human reality was quite different to what happened in the universal reality so I realised recently. 

What’s the difference between human and universal realities? In our case human reality becomes reality to us by certain events taking place which are usually primarily induced by a particular action/reaction. In our case in this reality actions and reactions are determined by the ego but in the universal reality that isn’t the case. What happened in this universal reality was the slaves were freed, better working conditions were introduced, the Pharaoh’s were no longer deemed as God’s and so forth, in other words the ego was no longer a controlling factor in our lives. This spread right throughout this universal reality which of course didn’t happen in our present human reality.

Why am I calling one reality human and the other universal?  

This universal reality is about balance and the acceptance of all other realties within this universal reality, on the other hand our ego dominated reality is in total denial of any other reality existing, the ego just doesn’t want to know about any other reality but it’s own reality.  The cover up of the antediluvian period and other life forms in this universe is a good example of this denial; this universal reality I’m talking about here doesn’t deny the existence of any other reality or beings/entities, it’s of all that is.

It’s strange to realise our human reality is an offshoot from this universal reality, once a conscious species or a group of species is in denial of anything of the universal reality, it becomes another off shoot reality.  

The outcome of my time in ancient Egypt was different in a human ego dominated reality compared to the universal reality, how could the outcome be different when we are only aware of this human reality, am I also living in this universal reality with a different outcome?  Yes, but of course the ego doesn’t want to know this so it makes us believe we can’t possibly be living out in at least two realities at the same time. We should remember, the way we perceive time isn’t the same in other realities, time isn’t a dominating factor in the universal reality so time doesn’t interfere with it’s workings or the way consciousness reacts to itself.  We honestly perceive way too much in a reality that is primarily dominated by certain fixated perceptions, I have the understanding this doesn’t occur in this universal reality I’m talking about here.  

I realise now we didn’t fail while living my life in ancient Egypt, only in our ego dominated human perception did we fail which counts for what? No wonder I laugh at myself and everything else of this reality so much these days, this reality is really a joke but a joke worth correcting if we are willing enough…….How do we correct it? Firstly by realising we are not conscious of the main reality, (this universal reality), and becoming more familiar with this universal reality I’m talking about here.  By just being aware of a totally more truer reality can change this reality quite dramatically but we have got to really want this and the way to do this is stop the controlling factors of the ego dominating us so much which some of us are doing.  

Once you release the ego you no longer have a problem with the push and pull effect, there is no action reaction; we become accepting of all of what is just like the universal reality I’ve been talking about here. Once we stop reacting we then become a part of the universal reality again, so what happens to this human reality? It becomes no more or other conscious forms will continue to live it out but once you start to have the realisation of a universal reality, you are starting to become a part of this universal reality and no longer a part of this human reality.