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Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Reluctant Teacher

Written by Mathew Naismith 

A student of wisdom was curious to know who was his teacher of wisdom and asked, "Who are you?" In reply the teacher of wisdom said," Ask yourself this question and you should receive the same answer. A true answer can only be obtained if one is void of judging a wrong or right, good or bad, negative or positive. There is no separation, only a perception of separation between the teacher and student of wisdom. It's this perception and separation between teacher and student that asks who is the teacher."......Mathew G.

Who are we really, are we the student or are we the teacher? Human consciousness is the student because it's still in a sense asking who the teacher is, on the other hand the teacher knows who he is, the teacher but also the student.

So if the student is represented by human consciousness, what consciousness is represented by the teacher?

The various traits of the ego, makes human consciousness what it is, human. As of any consciousness like a fish, donkeys, monkeys, plants and so on, it's the consciousness that forms it's form.  Basically, each form has it's own consciousness that has created a particular form, physical form is attributed to the consciousness behind each created form. Human consciousness form is also attributed to the kind of consciousness that has formed it, as of any conscious form, human consciousness is limited, this is evident in the form it creates.

In a real sense, physical form denotes limitations within the said consciousness, this is shown in the physical form the consciousness creates, in other words, all physical creations and existences seem to denote a consciousness that is limited.

How limited is a students consciousness, especially when it asks questions like who are you or even I?

The teacher doesn't ask such questions, not just because the teacher is aware, it's because the teacher is wised to the difference between the teacher and the student when one only perceives as a student, or in our case, human conscious state.

The student = human consciousness but the teacher = something beyond human consciousness. It's basically a consciousness that is beyond the perceptions of student consciousness, the reason for this lies in the teachers unlimited potential. This unlimited potential consciousness can be known as oneness, divine energy, God's consciousness, pure wisdom and so on.

We might think the teacher can never take form as form denotes limitations which the teacher is not of. Basically it's an impossibility for the teacher to take form because once form is created, this instantly denotes that the said consciousness is limited. You can't be of limited and unlimited consciousness at the same time, it has to be one or the other.

This is student thinking, teacher thinking knows that one is always of the student no matter how unlimited the teachers consciousness is. This sounds like separation but it's not, not when knowing that the teacher can never exist without the student and visa-versa, they are one of the same. The only separation expressed, is through student (human) consciousness, even then there is no true separation, only a perceived separation by the student (human) consciousness.

If at this stage you got the idea that the student has always existed and will always stay as the student, this would be correct. It basically states that human consciousness will always be the student, anything beyond this isn't of human consciousness but of a less limited consciousness. The student consciousness is supposed to be limited within it's own consciousness, as the teacher consciousness is supposed to be unlimited. It's wise to be aware than no consciousness, no matter how limited it is within it's own consciousness, is just the student or the teacher for each is of the other. No amount of separation through judgment of wrongs and right, negative and positives, bad and good, will change this, all what judgment can do is keep a consciousness ignorant to it not also being of the teacher.

Now is judgment (ego) all this bad as it's all about separating ourselves from the teacher?

Judgment (ego) gives us the student, the lack of judgment (ego) gives us the teacher, knowing that teacher and student are as of one and never without the other, judgment (ego) and the lack of judgment (ego) is the same, there is no true separation, only an ego in control would think this!!

What would the ego in control want you to fear the most when the ego sees itself being threatened? It would want you to be fearful of expressing judgment, ego period, within this very expression, you are controlled by the ego. It's wise to be aware that the ego in control is very tricky.

The student judges that judgment is of separation, therefore judgment is separating itself from being of the teacher, this is to be avoided at all costs to become a teacher. The teacher however observes that judgment is needed for one to be a student, only as a student is the teacher a teacher, judgment becomes a necessity and at no time avoided when expressive of being a student.

Judgment within itself isn't the problem in keeping us separated from the teacher within, it's the way we judge that keeps the teacher from within being known to the student self. Yes, the teacher is reluctant to come forth as the student (human) consciousness has not yet learnt it too is of the teacher. 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Reconditioning Ourselves

Written by Mathew Naismith

Reconditioning ourselves has to do with reprogramming our mind to think and reason more constructively, this is from an obvious destructive mentality that is conditioned to think only in a certain way. This is not easy to do for a lot of people, it basically takes one to stop judging what is and isn’t worthy, this might sound easy to do but it’s not, mainly because of the way our minds are conditioned from birth to think.

We are conditioned to judge what is and isn’t worthy and unworthy by the environment we are in, for example, a lot of  poorer people see rich people as unworthy and a lot of rich people see poor people as unworthy. Spiritually/religion is the same in a lot of circumstances,  some people think it’s unworthy to believe in a God of man and others don’t, some people follow the bible religiously and others damned such books. Today, once again, we have religious extremists expressing what is and isn’t worthy  according to their own conditioning. We are all in one way or another conditioned to judge what is and isn’t worthy, the strange thing is, before children are conditioned in this way, they don’t judge what is or isn’t worthy, this only occurs when our minds are being conditioned to think in this way. 

Take away this conditioning of judging what is and isn’t worthy, would we be able to even think of going to war? I don’t think so, war, or any conflict, takes a certain kind of conditioning, a conditioning that there is a worthy and an unworthy. It’s really becomes difficult for us to think any differently, there can’t be any other way to exist because we are now unaware of any other way to think but what is and isn’t worthy or unworthy. We have forgotten what it was like not to judge like this from childhood through such conditioning, or probably more precisely in certain circumstances, brain washed to only think in a certain way, religious fanaticism is a prime example of this today. 

It’s funny to think we would be unable to think of conflicting between each other, in any sense, if we weren’t conditioned to judge in this way, this is why it’s so difficult for us to imagine thinking any different, we just can’t comprehend any other way to think than the way we have been conditioned too.

I’ve joined a discussion about judging people who follow the bible and believe in a man of God, for some people it’s unworthy to follow such a fallacy and others think it’s a fallacy if you don’t follow the bible and believe in a man of God. Which one is actually unworthy of expressing? Neither of them, for the main reason,  if we weren’t to judge what is and isn’t worthy, what then would be unworthy? Because we are conditioned to judge an unworthy to anything that doesn’t apply to our own conditioning, we judge anything else as unworthy, this mentality happens quite automatically. Children or adults on the other hand who are not conditioned  to judge what is and isn’t worthy, are unable to judge in this way, they can’t perceive how to judge like this without some kind of conditioning.

It’s worth being aware of the way we judge is a conditioning, when we become aware of this, we become aware of how we judge, either it be judging a worthy and an unworthy or abstaining from such judgment all together. The reconditioning process takes us to become aware of how we are conditioned to judge and then act upon this. It’s a good practice to go into, what you deem as an unbecoming environment, and practice in observing without judging an unworthy, the more you do this the more reconditioned your thinking process becomes.

You might think this reconditioning process is like brainwashing, like any other conditioning, but it’s not, this is wholly due to the fact all we are doing is turning back the clock, so to speak, to the time of our childhood to when we weren’t conditioned to think in certain ways. You can even turn back the clock to when you were existing in a reality that had no conditioning like judging a worthy or unworthy, and yes, I do believe these realities exist and that many of us, at the soul level, have experienced such realities.

To many people, all this might seem unworthy of not just expressing but knowing about the soul and it’s lives it lived, what is the point of continuing on a fallacy of illusions. However, to judge so to begin with denotes conditioning of what is and isn’t worthy of expressing, if experiencing consciousness through a soul wasn’t worthy,  why would consciousness itself express itself in this way if the soul  wasn’t worthy of expressing?

Consciousness itself is not conditioned to judge what is and isn’t worthy, unlike ourselves,  this can only occur if a consciousness thinks of itself as something separate from consciousness itself in the first place. Only a consciousness that sees itself as a separate consciousness can think in this way, that there are unworthy expressions of consciousness. In other words, as soon as you judge an expression as being an illusion and  unworthy of expressing,  you are denoting a kind of conditioning. This kind of thought process actually takes you away from consciousness itself, not towards it, this is primarily due to the fact consciousness itself is not conditioned to think in any one way. 

Yes, we become deluded when we think we have separate consciousness’s, which creates illusionary realities of separation, but, as soon as we think this kind of consciousness is unworthy of expressing, we become even more apart of this delusion itself. This is primarily due to our conditioning of judging what is and isn’t worthy of expressing. To me,  if it’s of any expression of consciousness, it’s worthy of expressing, in my mind, it’s worth being aware of this.        

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Bullying, Judgment, Misjudgement and Beautiful Inspiring People

Written by Mathew Naismith

Sorry but this is going to be a lengthy post but most worthily so.

I’m even inspired by people who misjudge these days but I am certainly and graciously inspired by people who are open and beautiful within their own being, its certainly a breath of fresh air to what I have put myself under in the last week or so.

The first part of this post is in reference to bullying, my confrontation with cyberbullies who quite noticeably bully people to the extent of causing serious trauma upon a person. One such person was manda88, she came onto this site for help with her obvious traumas, she was bullied and was given clinical diagnosis from a person who wasn’t qualified to do so.

The following was a thread I posted on this site speaking out against bullying as everyone should in my mind.

First of all, should we accept bullying anywhere especially on discussion boards such as this one?

Let’s look at a related question, should we ever accept paedophilia because bullying is just as disruptive and as deadly as paedophilia at times? The answer is of course no, so what defines a bully?

As I have given actual evidence before on this board, bullying takes in trolling, calling people names and abusing people especially on a regular basis as some people do on this board . Trolling by the way takes in people who go onto other people’s threads on a regular basis just to call them names and abuse them in an assortment of different ways.

These bullies have recently and continually called me and other people numerous names like village idiot and Captain Irony, idiot and so forth; this clearly defines these people as bullies. I wonder if the recent name calling is one up from being continually called a coward? The bullies are quite definable on this board.

Bullying, like paedophilia, should never be accepted, yes it would seem most people in the world accept lying and deceiving as being a part of normal life but we should never in my mind accept bullying to the same extent.

Bullying isn’t just disruptive, it can be very deadly as recent findings and actual incidences around the world are proving.

I should point out that most people who have been on this board, before being bullied of the board, have pointed out the actual bullies like I have, if you don’t like being a bully, don’t bully, it is that simple.

Extract: Serial Bully Traits

Perhaps the most easily recognisable Serial Bully traits are:

Jekyll and Hyde nature - Dr Jekyll is "charming" and "charismatic"; "Hyde" is "evil";
Convincing liar - Makes up anything to fit his needs at that moment;
Treats some people in a way that causes them unprecedented levels of stress, frustration and fear;
Damages the health and reputations of organisations and individuals;
Reacts to criticism with denial, retaliation and by feigning victimhood and blaming victims;
Apparently immune from disciplinary action
Moves to a new target when the present one burns out or leaves.

Now does any of this sound familiar? Name calling and abusing people, especially on their own threads, it's bullying without question. The last one is so common on this board, who are the people who have dominated this board?

Now I know I’m going to get bullied for this, and I know third grade mentality won’t be able to help themselves but bully and intimidate me, however in reply I will in turn keep supplying evidence of the effects of bullying has on some people and how disruptive it is especially on discussion boards.   

Now for the beauty, the people who beautifully inspire me:  

In your opinion, what is the difference between judging and stereotyping? They’re both derived from past experiences. They've both been the reason for misunderstanding and wars. You say you don't believe in bullying but in my opinion, some judgement calls are a form of bullying according to traditional definition. I think your blog is great but I'm confused about some of your definitions. It could be about my past experiences 

An interesting perspective Zora Jay, stereotyping is a form of judgment; it's about labelling but more directly, labelling everything that is similar into the same category.

For example, human beings are known to be chaotic and destructive so all humans are chaotic and destructive. Judgment can work in a different way, it's more precise, these humans are chaotic and destructive but these other human aren't, this however depends on if the judgments is bias or not.

You can see judgement is separating and once you separate, you create conflict through such separation, for example, “I judge my religion or my race as being more intelligent and pure”. You could say in the case of the race, that all white people are more intelligent, that’s stereotyping which is a misjudgement.  

Unbiased judgment judges on merit, in this case it has no similarities with stereotyping, however, bias judgment is very much like stereotyping, “all white people are more intelligent than other races”.

Stereotyping is more about misjudgements than unbiased judgment.

Misjudging in my mind is indeed a form of bullying without a doubt, “my race is more intelligent than yours”, this kind of misjudgement certainly leads to bullying, look at slavery for an example, so yes judgment can certainly lead to bullying and most often does.  My recent experiences on a certain site certainly indorse your statement that some judgment can be a form of bullying; judgment can certainly lead to misjudgements especially if they are biased especially by disdain (hatred, contempt).

Definitions: Some of my definitions are a little hazy; this is due to lot of spiritual/religious ideological concepts coming under one umbrella such as spiritualty, each ideological concepts has their own definitions but now under the label of spirituality. Each separate ideological concept has their own definition like of God for example, some people say God is pure consciousness, other say it’s pure awareness, others say it’s a creative source and others say God is of man etc.  Each separate ideological concepts has a different definition of oneness as well, putting all these separate ideological concepts under one umbrella, such as spirituality, is a little confusing. What I don’t try to do is separate one ideological concept from another, this can indeed make what I am writing seem a little hazy, unclear at times. All what people need to do is just query me as you have done here.   

I also see why I didn't feel it was the right time to write up on bullying, I was waiting for you obviously. Thanks again for the different perspectives, it's much appreciated by me and no doubt other as well once I write all this up on my blog.  

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Perfect Balance within a Reality of Duality

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve been a little busy lately on numerous discussion boards and communities, what comes out of these discussions are amazing and at times worrying. You see I am an advocate against bullying; this has been something that has been taking up my time recently.  

I was going to share my recent write ups on bullying but I really need to leave this alone at the moment, instead I will focus on different facets of spirituality by sharing some of my replies on these boards and communities with you.  

The following is in relation to judgement and living in the now.

The strange thing is, if everyone just lived in the present, the now, we would have total peace and harmony, this is mainly due to judgement, how can we judge when there is no past or future and how can our egos take ownership if there is only the now? Just be to me is of the now.

Just be is in my mind taking on a non-dualistic mentality as opposed to a mentality based solely on duality, our existence is still in a reality of duality but our mentality is of non-duality, to me this is perfect balance, I could be quite incorrect with this though but for some reason I don't think so.

But Then

Now the following reply of mine is going to sound contradictory to the above.   

Judging judgment as just being bad is awfully negative to me but that is what a lot of self-proclaimed positive people do.

Ego/judgement is a necessary element within human existence, it can't exist without it.

The problem really is when we misjudge and continually misjudge, all wars are caused through misjudgements, "my way is better than yours so I will force my way onto you". Look at the Dark ages for example, my way is better than yours, Hitler was the same and the religious extremists today are but further examples of misjudgement.

What would happen if we didn't misjudge, would there be any conflicts? Surprisingly, if we weren't misjudgement each other, this would mean we are understanding of each other, you can't create conflict through understanding, it's misunderstanding that creates conflict not judgement itself.

I utterly concur with you Lisa, good one.

These two replies of mine were in reply to different topics, the first one titled, Acceptance of what is---the truth of enlightenment....  and the last one titled, The Purpose of Judgment. They are different titles but they both spoke mainly of judgment.

Can we in a reality of duality stop judging altogether, yes but is it necessary? The answer is no as the last comment explains, we need to judge and it’s the way we judge that defines a reality. The point in living in the now helps us to balance out a dualistic existence with a non-dualistic mentality.  Taking on this mentality doesn’t mean we won’t judge at all, it just means we will judge a lot less and at times not at all.  Taking on such a mentality will actually totally stop us from making misjudgements.

In a non-dualistic mentality you cannot judge period, to balance this out, we then also take or keep our duality mentality as well which helps balance out our mentality between non-dualistic mentality and a dual mentality within an existence of a reality of duality.  

Dual mentality = judgments + misjudgements + past + present + future

Non-dualistic mentality = the absence of judgment period + the now

We should remember it’s our mentality that creates realities, if our mentality isn’t balanced; anything could happen and is happening, existence then became random and chaotic.  

Let’s now look at combining a non-dualistic mentality with a dual mentality giving us a balanced mentality.

Duality and non-duality mentality = judgement + past present and future + the now

Notices that within this balance misjudgements and the absence of judgement period is excluded, this is because misjudgements and the absence of judgement period aren’t a part of a balanced mentality.  Within this balance you no longer have conflicts; this is due to there being no opposing trait, once you drop misjudgements, the absence of judgement also become null and void within a balanced mentality in a reality of duality.

If I was to exist solely in a non-dualistic reality, there would be no need to have this kind of balance mainly because there is nothing to balance; it’s all of the same thing, this isn’t the same with existing solely in a reality of duality however.  If we don’t have balance in a reality of duality, this imbalance causes chaos and destruction quite automatically and the less we are balanced within our mentality, the more chaos and destruction we will create.

This is where I feel a balance between non-dualistic and dualistic mentalities is a must if we want to create a better more balanced existence within a reality of duality.  

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Choosing a Better Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

What are spiritually aware people doing? Choosing a better existence that is more constructive and aware, we of course could say modern day science minded people are doing same by becoming more aware and technologically advanced, to a spiritually aware person however modern day science seems to be destroying the very thing most spiritually aware people cherish, life itself and the very thing that life relies on to exist, our very own planet.

Now there is an obvious huge difference between these two choices of existence even though they are both about expanding on our awareness but the big difference is, one is destructive the other is trying to be constructive.  Is one wrong or right over the other? If we judge destructiveness as being negative we are judging destructiveness as being wrong however there are no right or wrongs in spirituality. The reason for this is there is no judgement so if we choose to live a destructive life, what kind of mentality is needed to live in a destructive existence, what do we deem this kind of life to be?  If we can’t judge what a destructive existence relate too what is it then?

Because there is no right or wrongs within spiritualty, because there is no judgement, a destructive existence is but a choice, no more no less, it is neither right nor wrong, negative nor positive, it’s a choice we have in the way we want to exist. Most spiritually aware people have chosen to exist in a more constructive existence, an existence that takes in the consideration of all of life not just the life of man himself over and above all other life forms.  Spiritualty is in contrary to what science is about as it’s quite plain to see that science is about egotism where’s spirituality isn’t or isn’t supposed to be.  Does this make modern day science wrong or negative in some way as it’s in opposition to spirituality in a lot of ways, it’s quite destructive for starters? The answer for me being spiritually aware is no, this choice of existence is neither wrong nor negative; it’s but a choice of what mentality we wish to exist under.

Do we really have a choice? Many spiritually aware and non-spiritually aware people say no, we live in hell or a negative destructive chaotic existence, there is no physical choice, we are entrapped in a destructive existence that’s it!!

I have had to endure a chronic injury since I was six years old, I am now 50 years old, you could say I was entrapped within a physical and mental existence that I had no way in escaping but that’s not true.  Even if I chose to live within a destructive existence, I still wouldn’t have been entrapped for the main reason I still had a choice in what mentality I was going to exist by.  I of course chose a more constructive existence but I know I still have a choice of choosing a more destructive existence if I want too, I still have a choice no matter what.

I don’t see my life experience as being any different to the choices we have as a collective, we all have a choice in the way we want to exist which is mainly determined by our mentality not our physical situation. This reality is quite destructive and chaotic for the main reason we have chosen such a way to exist, we now realise from our awareness there are many other ways we can exist  that are far more constructive. 

What happens when we change our mentality to a more constructive way to exist, can this literally change our physical reality? For me I don’t see a wrong and right, negative or positive as much these days in everything around me, I now see it as choices we make in the way we want to exist but can this kind of mentality actually change our physical reality?

I will answer this question like this; I have a chronic injury but I still performed physical tasks, at times, that fully able people didn’t want to do because it was too hard of work, I also accomplished these tasks without pain killers. Now can our choice of existence change our physical and mental reality?  It is obvious it can otherwise how did I do what I did!! Now let’s look at what this choice of constructive existence can do collectively.

The collective has already created an actual physical reality of destruction, why can’t we now collectively also create an actual physical reality of constructive existence that takes in consideration of all life forms not just one life form, man?  I’m a good example that this can quite easily be obtained but to do this we need to stop judging what is good and bad, negative and positive, right and wrong, this kind of judgment is only in relation to a destructive mentality  not a constructive mentality.  A constructive mentality is brought about only seeing choices to be made in the way we choose to exist, none of these choices are seen to be wrong or right over the other, they are just choices we can exist by.  

At the moment I’m conversing with a person who deems themselves to be science minded, they are noticeably highly aggressively abusive and stoop quite often to deceiving to prove their points, this isn’t the only time I have chosen to deal with such people, why would I bother? This is the question that is asked of me quite often by other spiritually aware people, the point is I haven’t judged them to be negative or bad in some way, it’s a choice of existence they have chosen to exist by, that is all. Just because there vibrations are different to mine, does this make their vibrations wrong or negative compared to my constructive mentality and their destructive mentality?  The only difference is one is constructive the other destructive, this is quite noticeable within the aggressive abuse and obvious deception by such people. Do I then judge this kind of destructive mentality as being negative or wrong?  No, it’s just a choice we make in the way we want to exist by, that is all.

When I most often read these people’s replies,   I can literally physically feel the vibrational change within my body, we could probably judge this as being a bad thing to experience but it’s not, actually it’s a very good sign.

The reason this is a very good sign is it shows me, in a physical way, that I am not of this kind of destructive vibration; I’m being told through my physical body that my choice of existence is more constructive than a person who has chosen a more destructive way to exist.  We could of course judge this reaction as being positive if we were to allow the ego to influence us to judge such things in the first place.  Actually this kind of reaction is neither positive nor negative; it’s just a sign that my choice of existence is more constructive.  I wrote about tribe mentality in past posts, this is a part of this tribe mentality in not judging a right or wrong but just a choice in the way we choose to exist, a choice of either a destructive or constructive mentality, nothing more or less.  

People with a destructive mentality can be very forceful and influence us in their own destructive ways, the ego in this case will not doubt judge this as being negative, how do we stop these people influencing us so and how do we stop the ego from influencing us to judge these people negative?  

It all comes down to our mentality, if we are ourselves constructive within our own mentality or not!!  If these people can still get to you and influence you, you are still of their mentality and will judge what is and isn’t negative and positive.  How do we strengthen our mentality to resist other people’s destructive mentality?  There is a huge array of spiritual and psychological information out there that will assist in strengthening our mentally but in most parts, if we come in contact with a person with a destructive mentality, try to see that it was their choice to exist in such a destructive existence, it’s just another way to exist that we can all choose or not choose to experience.  Some people choose to be destructive some don’t, it’s just a choice we all make. Just because we chose to exist in a more constructive way doesn’t mean everybody else should. Being of a more constructive mentality, we really don’t have a right to push our way of existing onto others even though that is what these people do who exist by destructive mentalities.   

Be constructive if you choose and see the way we choose to exist is only a choice as it is for anyone.  

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Preconceptions, Not at All Helpful

Written by Mathew Naismith

Recently I inserted an image, shown below, on a sort of science minded community, this image and the attached message got quite a response as you could imagine. What I didn’t expect, to such a huge degree, was the aggressive response I got and how some people had preconceptions about such an image shown on their community. 

A lot of these people had a preconceived idea of me already as I have posted on this site a number of times before. I did however think they would see the actual message in this image but because of their preconceived ideologies of spiritually aware people they totally missed this message. 

What happened was they first focused on the message itself after obviously taking notice of the image; it made no sense to them that if someone couldn’t perceive evil how they wouldn’t see evil. My argument was of course how would anyone who didn’t know what evil was or couldn’t perceive evil see evil!!  This made no sense to them except for a few people.  I should say here that the post was liked by five members of this community and two of these five people shared the said image.

The next thing they focused on was the word evil itself, which in this case was an obvious metaphor because you could quite easily replace evil with bad or negative for example. They couldn’t again see this because of the preconceptions they had about me and the post image showing what they deemed as Lucifer and Jesus battling it out.  It would seem that is all they could see.

Being logically minded people, you would have thought they would have loved this because in a way it was showing how some spiritually aware people demonise traits like the ego which shows they are of this evil intent in away but they didn’t, they seemed to totally miss this.

The message actually had a double meaning, depending on the way we perceive what the image was depicting. These people, sadly enough, took it as Lucifer and Jesus fighting for control but like some other spiritually people pointed out, it’s two polarities or opposing forces coming together as one to give balance which was represented by the clenching of hands. Perceiving the image like this changed the meaning of the message underneath to perceiving no evil, there can’t be any perception of evil once two become one in unison. 

Becoming the observer, especially through psychological understanding, gives one a weird picture of not just oneself but everyone, everyone’s short falls popup.  One should be aware, while being an observer, not to actually judge but observe. How can one observe and not judge in some way? This is simple, don’t see a wrong or right within others and especially yourself while observing yourself and also see everyone of being of you. You are actually only observing one person in it’s many different forms. Being aware of our many different forms isn’t judgement and it certainly not destructive judgement but just being aware through observation of all ourselves.

Some of the behaviour I observed was from my other selves seemed quite unbecoming to me but it wasn’t wrong, actually they displayed quite understandable reaction towards me.  I suppose we could do without the cussing and name calling, I’ve never been called autistic before, that’s a first, it’s usually liar, delusional, dumb etc. which they also used  but never  autistic before. Are my other selves wrong in doing this? It doesn’t show much intelligence and it’s not polite but it’s not wrong especially when you take into consideration I was an obvious threat to my other selves in some way otherwise they wouldn’t have reacted in this way.  

To me it’s important to be aware of my other selves; spiritually awareness after all is about being aware, how else can I help my other selves!!   Did I help them?  Psychologically looking at this, yes I would say I did, maybe not consciously to them but certainly subconsciously. The reason I think this is because of their interactions within me and their actions against me, the unbecoming behaviour was actually a good sign that I was hitting a nerve which the subconscious will think on unbeknownst to their conscious selves.  Most people will just look at this behaviour as either wrong and/or unbecoming but actually it was a very good response.

Preconceptions aren’t just of the domain of science, it’s in everything we feel, think and do no matter what ideological view we abide by. We are very good at predetermining with very little awareness and is a typical human trait that we need to be aware can be quite disruptive and destructive if not checked.  The best way is to believe it just is what it is at this present within our understanding and that there could be something more.  

This brings me to preconceiving while only deductively reasoning. Deductive reasoning used on it’s own will give us predetermining factors however if we used adductive or inductive reasoning with deductive reasoning the predetermining factors is diminished because these two reasoning process give us theories to look further beyond a predetermined factor.  My other selves on this site seem to only use deductive reasoning so how were they going to understand me in what I was saying which they obviously didn’t?   

It is good to be aware of this if we want to help others not of our own frequencies, if not,  it’s a good idea to just believe it just is what it is at this present within our understanding, nothing else…

PS I should also say, by helping others out I am helping myself out as well, this discussion made me a fair bit more aware of my other selves which can only be a good thing…. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Accepting Our Imperfections

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is about a state of consciousness I found myself in last night, I was in a state of consciousness that I accepted all imperfections & that nothing at all was perfect, which was a huge buzz. However firstly I will explain about another recent occurrence I had yesterday concerning a movie titled Sleeping With The Enemy.

After watching this movie I immediately had the strongest of feelings that so many people these days were in this same suppressive abusive relationship. I felt a great number of people were still in relationships like this, I could literally feel their despair and fear. These feelings came from the exact same source as when I predicted the space shuttle disaster, these are different feelings to everyday personal feelings so you know the difference.  When I brought this up with a person in the know they replied that these kinds of situations are actually getting worse not better.

Now back to my experience concerning the acceptance of all imperfections which has a little to do with how I felt after watching the movie Sleeping With The Enemy as I will explain a little further on in this post.

We seem to be always humanly looking for perfection either in our mind, body & soul or all three. If we want to better ourselves in any way that is us looking for a more perfect self than what we are at present, wanting to ascend to a more aware consciousness is no different, is this a bad or good thing?

No bad can come from bettering ourselves in mind body or soul however I don’t think it’s a good idea if we are not accepting our own and everybody else’s imperfections at the same time. The main reason for this is judgement; if we are more perfect we have judged and compared ourselves either to our less perfect self or someone else’s less perfect self.   

This brings us to the movie, the abuser or perpetrator feel they are egotistically better than the victim otherwise they wouldn’t be abusing anyone. Anyone remotely threatening this superiority in anyway will be dealt with, abused. In some cases if the victim is too inferior this reflects back on the abuser as being imperfect, it’s a very fine balance and the more perfect the abuser sees themselves the finer this balance becomes. It’s literally living on a knifes edge for the victim, a less perfect person than the abuser.  

The point is, by being able to see these imperfections within ourselves and others doesn’t seem to lead to this kind of abuse. What always happens when one army sees themselves as more superior over an opposing imperfect army or race of people?  We get large scale abuse.

Seeking perfection without seeing our own imperfections seems to always lead to some kind of abuse either of ourselves or others.

What about the people who seek and/or see themselves more perfect than others, they don’t see their own imperfections but they have them. A controlling ego or being egotistical is a huge imperfection so any way you look at it there is always an imperfection.  

Now to another point, how is an abused person supposed to accept the imperfections in an abuser?

If you are living on this knife edge it’s very dangerous to think that the abuser is imperfect in anyway as this can show through.  It’s really great when a spiritually aware person can just say things  like forgiveness and acceptance but it’s quite impossible for an abused to act on this when they and their family are literally living on the knifes edge.    

It’s funny how one experience after another, when collated, comes together to give us a bigger picture at times. Feeling the despair and fear of abused victims and then a few hours later experiencing an unreal conscious state of total acceptance of our imperfections was astounding enough. After collating these two separate experiences together heightening my awareness of abused victim’s plight even more was even more astounding.       

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Being Kind to Oneself

Written by Mathew Naismith

Try to be kind to oneself, we can be focused too much on others especially if we are influenced by our own femininity and forget or neglect our responsibility to ourselves.  Being spiritually aware can also bring on,” we should be close to being perfect “try accepting who you are at any given time. The Dahlia Lama admits he still loses he’s temper at times, just because we are spiritually aware and even connected doesn’t mean we should even try to be perfect in our own eyes.  We can tend to allow these imperfections in other people but we tend to, at times, disallow these seeming imperfections within ourselves. I did say seeming for the main reason to define a cause is judgement or a wrong, imperfections aren’t a wrong and can’t be wrong in anyway especially in ourselves. 

This is ironical, I wrote the first paragraph of this post two days ago and left it at that which isn’t normal for me to do, once I start writing I usually finish what I’m writing. Something happened to me to do with another person which I will get to later, what I experienced is significant to this post.

If we see in ourselves what other less aware people do, we are making judgement and as soon as we see any trait that is unbecoming in us in any way we are looking down at that trait or even ourselves or another person, as soon as we do this we are judging that there is a flaw. To see a flaw, either in ourselves or another person, is of judgement.  Being spiritually aware, we expect ourselves and others like us to be above normal human behaviour and when we fail in this we tend to often judge ourselves accordingly, either consciously and/or subconsciously. As soon as we see a negative in another person and try to stay away from that negative person we are making judgment and as soon as we judge in this way we have failed in our expected behavioural pattern of perfectionism.  We should at no stage expect ourselves to always behave in an expected appropriate way beyond our present habituations. 

Yes I have myself in the past judged people negative and stayed away from them mainly because they were disruptive to myself and/or others around me, in doing this I have made judgement.  Am I less of a person because of this? If I was to judge that I am less of a person for making such judgement, it is obvious I will see myself as a less of a person mainly because spiritually aware people are not allowed to judge. Who has judged that one is not allowed to judge in the first place? By making such an initial judgment in the first place that spiritually aware people shouldn’t judge is slightly hypocritical it would seem. 

As we become more and more spiritually aware judgement and anything else to do with the controlling factors of the ego will automatically dissipate, all we have to do is be aware. However by staying away from negative people because they are not positive or they make us feel bad isn’t a good way to judge, this seems to denote a controlling ego for the main reason we have judged subjectively not objectively.   When judging subjectively that we should stay away from a particular person because they don’t make us feel good is prejudicially making judgement by putting ourselves up above them. We have unwittingly compared others to us and judge them inferior to us, this is subjective judgement. How would a person be deemed as being negative, for us to stay a way from, unless we subjectively compared them to us?

I don’t actually stay away from so called negative people, I try to become aware of the difference but I don’t try to judge others of being more or less negative or positive, as soon as I have done this I have subjectively judged.  Objectively judging is not seeing that others around me are more or less negative than me, what I see is a difference within our behavioural pattern. As soon as a person who is different to me in behaviour becomes too disruptive I say something instead of ostracising them, as soon as I start to ostracise people I have become subjectively judgmental.  However confronting others about their disruptive behaviour doesn’t always work so the only recourse we have is to ostracise them or persist in our endeavours to get through to them either on our own or with other people assisting.  When we persist we are being objective as opposed to subjectively ostracising them for being negative and making us feel bad. We should also remember here, spirituality isn’t just about feeling good, it’s about awareness as a whole which at times means feeling bad as well.

How many spiritually aware people who see negatives in others and the world let a person who is suffering from terminal cancer suffer without giving assistance when needed? These people couldn’t help because they would judge such a negative situation as being bad or negative which of course would make them feel bad instead of good. I try not to judge a person suffering from terminal cancer separate from a person who is just being different to me, this way of thinking is very collective.

This brings me back to my experience with a particular person very few people want anything to do with because of his disruptive behaviour at times.  

I wasn’t feeling my usual sparky self & this bloke knew this. Latter on that evening he ended up making an unbecoming gesture towards me that was quite uncalled for.  Sadly enough this bloke can be quite narky within his gestures.  I confronted him to what he meant, I was met with silence, he couldn’t look me in the eyes at this stage which suggested what he said he meant to say.  I know a little about body language. Eventually after asking three times what he meant by what he said to me he replied, “It was a joke”.  A person who just sees a negative person would have judge him subjectively and most probably ostracised him however that isn’t what I did. I objectively brought other people into the equation and showed how disruptive and unbecoming he’s behaviour was. Being the person this bloke is, he didn’t or couldn’t apologise but according to he’s body language I got through to him. After this altercation we, somewhat, sedately continued to converse into the night without further altercations.  And yes I will have further contact with this bloke for the main reasons I don’t try to subjectively judge plus spirituality isn’t just about (me) feeling good, it’s about becoming aware of the collective. 

On the opposite of the coin, I have very little contact with a few of my rellies because they are too disruptive. Yes I stood by them and tried to reason with them for years on end however at the end I had no choice but to break my ties with them. This is subjectively ostracising them however this course of action can’t be helped at times and one shouldn’t be too judgemental upon oneself in cases like this. If we think perfection all we will do is cause more fragmentation which will cause us to judge more frequently subjectively.  

In all, when we judge, either it be objectively or subjectively, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves for doing so, we are not divine perfect beings nor are we in a perfect world.  Judging objectively can be quite helpful to yourself and others, making ourselves and others aware of their own disruptive behaviour. Making subjective judgement can, at times, have the reverse effect.  We also need to be aware of the difference between objective and subjective judgement, one denotes a controlled ego and the other is just of the ego self, remembering we all have an ego self I believe.  This makes ostracising some of my family of the controlling ego however I will not subjectively judge myself so but objectively look at the positive effects of such actions which are many. 

Either subjectively or objectively judging ourselves and others, we must keep in mind when we judge is it going to be helpful for all concerned even if the other parties can’t see the benefits of such judgement!! The safest and kindest way to judge is objectively however that can’t always be the case when forced in a corner, don’t judge yourself too harshly when forced into that corner.  

Monday, 2 September 2013

Dealing with Judgment Better

Written By Mathew Naismith

Judgment is a bit of a dirty word in spirituality & rightfully so because it can be quite destructive & disruptive & it would seem it’s one human attribute that seems to stick & for a human very hard not to act out in some way. We look at judgment as being in judgment of others because we can see a difference between ourselves & others & it’s this difference that gives us judgment, if there was no difference we wouldn’t & couldn’t judge so judgment is defined primarily of differences, what if it was a presumed difference not an actual difference?

Firstly before answering this question I would like to point out that there are two primary sources of judgment, one is being in judgment of another person’s wrong or inconsistent in comparison to ourselves which denotes a disagreement & the other is being in judgment of another person’s being right  or consistent in comparison to ourselves which denotes an agreement.  Both a disagreement & agreement represents judgment but of course one is constructive the other destructive so should we all be just in agreement to each other? The answer of course is no because we would be lying to ourselves & others so the only recourse we have then is to be in neither agreement or disagreement which solves the problem of being in judgment but is this the answer? Again no because this is like a half lies.  “A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies”, Alfred Lord Tennyson.

So obviously the only real recourse we have is to force ourselves to not be in judgment period for in this we are neither telling a lie or half lies but is this really the answer? If we can’t agree with someone, which is constructive, because we are afraid of being in judgment is this constructive? It’s neither because we haven’t committed ourselves so how are we supposed to be constructive because it’s obvious being consecutive is also being of the ego?  We can’t so what happens is we stagnate in our awareness because if we can’t constructively improve ourselves in becoming further aware because of the fear of displaying ego tendencies we stagnate in our awareness.  

This brings us back to the original question, “what if the difference between ourselves was a presumed difference not an actual difference? There is a trick with accepting judgment within our lives & it all comes down to not seeing each other as an opposing opposite or a difference in some way judging/comparing ourselves positively or negatively  to others which denotes a difference between each other. There is an obvious difference between people not just one on one but culturally as well at the human level but as we become spiritually aware we realise we are not what we presume we are, separate entities fighting it out but one entity judging itself in comparison to itself not other individual entities.

This all brings us back to differences & constructiveness as opposed to differences destructiveness. I didn’t say indifference in relation to constructiveness because it is obvious we are different but there is a purpose to this difference between our human selves & it’s called judgment in determining what the rest of ourselves as one entity is all about & made of at the human level however the problem with this is we have been judging ourselves without knowing we are but one entity instead we judged ourselves as being separate entities & within this chaos & mayhem is sure to follow.

Being spiritually aware people, if we really don’t know but only think we are one entity we should avoid making judgment because all we are doing is judging others as separate entities however we shouldn’t stay in this frame of mind too long because this stagnates our awareness as mentioned before but if we know we are one entity we can go back to being in judgment because we know we are only judging ourselves & in knowing we are only judging ourselves we become automatically more accepting & far less judgmental especially destructively. In this frame of mind & only in this frame of mind knowing that we are but one entity is judgment totally constructive. I should mention here, in knowing we are one entity judgment is constructive in being awareness building for without judgment we wouldn’t learn from each parts of ourselves, we would again stagnate within our present awareness not knowing to accept or not to accept, to display the ego or not to display the ego.   

What this is all saying is once you truly know you are one entity even in judgment of yourself judgement will soon cease to exist because in knowing we are one entity we become more accepting of ourselves as one entity. Acceptance has always been the key in furthering our awareness in harmony.  

Friday, 30 August 2013

3rd Dimensional Fear Still Prevalent

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is by no means an easy feat to rid ourselves of 3rd dimensional fear based attachments; this also includes attachments of desires & attachments to inhibition. When we think of attachments we think of what we desire but attachments are also of the things we have inhibition about as well like fear based emotions towards anything we find disdainful.

In this post I will focus on fear of anything to do with the ego including fearing to express oneself egotistically or judgmentally as it’s all based on fear.  Being involved with many forums I've noticed many spiritually aware people won’t comment on something they specifically disagree with, is this fearing of being of the ego in any way? It’s obvious it is & the less we comment on what we deem as incorrect the more fear this denotes that we have about displaying the ego in any form so is this any different to 3rd dimensional fear based religions & other spiritual practices? It’s still all based on 3rd dimensional beliefs which are based on fear so really we haven’t really come very far within this new consciousness that we are supposed to be thinking differently in as opposed to 3rd dimensional modes of thought.

There is a very apt quote by Albert Einstein that goes like this, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. How would one indeed be able to see a problem within the problem itself, one would have to look outside the square which is a different level of consciousness which is outside the 3rd dimension & is hard to do when we have attachments/inhibition like with the ego for instance.

Everything is of the universal consciousness which of course includes all of the horrors as well, this means we are actually one entity (oneness) now anyone who is afraid of expressing the ego in any way can’t believe we are one because they claim we are being judgmental to others but there is no others there is only one entity so when we seemingly judge others we are actually judging ourselves as one entity which is good not bad.  By judging ourselves as one entity we are actually making ourselves more aware of who we are, this is like joining the dots, once the dots have been joined the big picture is displayed but one in the first place needs to judge in where to join these dots to start with, looking at each other in judgement is the same in my mind. We also seem to, with 3rd dimensional thinking, look at judgment in relating to making judgment on the things we disagree on but it is also judgment to agree as well, it’s all to do with ego no matter what we do & think so how do we think outside of this 3rd dimensional thinking process? Don’t just think you are one entity know you are one entity.

There is a huge difference in just thinking we are one entity to actually knowing we are one entity & this is the key in letting go of any attachments of the ego & not disdainfully fighting off the ego like so many seem to be doing & being fearful of displaying such ego tendencies. This of course comes down to accepting all is of who we are  even if we don’t like it egotistically, what part of the ego would want to be associated with horrors but horrors are also a part of the universal conscious, this one entity. Once we really realise who we are the ego automatically dissipates as if it never existed, we don’t have to force it by demonising & showing distain towards the ego & other parts of the universal consciousness but realise we are really one entity & then & only then will we let go of our 3rd dimensional fears. This isn’t of course saying you can’t display the ego even after knowing you are one entity it's just saying we are more aware of who we are when displaying such ego tendencies so sit back & enjoy the ride to further awareness of ourselves as one entity.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Universal Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Universal consciousness denotes a collective consciousness being as one which seems to refer to being & acting as one source not individual sources, we refer this oneness as the spiritual side of life however the problem with this is everything is as one because everything is of the universal consciousness, we don’t have to try to act & be oneness we already are but we are still separating one from the other because it’s not in harmony with our own perception of oneness.  We have perceived, to be at one we need to think & act as one but we are already at one just in different perspectives of this oneness that’s all.

We separate oneness from individuality & through this separateness we are actually doing the opposite to what we think we are doing. We don’t have to all act & be as one we already are so separating spirituality from individuality or from anything that gives us discord & bad feelings isn’t really being at one at all because we have just separated the universal consciousness up into parts of discord & harmony, spiritual & non-spiritual. So what I am saying here is no matter what we are experiencing it’s all of the universal consciousness therefore oneness no matter what we are doing & experiencing, it’s all of the spiritual. What we seem to be doing here is separating anything that doesn’t give us hope & good feelings isn’t of the spiritual therefore universal consciousness which of course is impossible, now does this sort of concept/thought sound a little self-serving?  

My last post was well received by some & judged by others as being unjustly judgmental obviously on the fact that living a life based on fact is living a life of illusions because facts change as we become more aware. I judged people who can only think by facts therefore think in absolute’s as living an illusion because there are no absolute’s as consciousness is always changing.  Judgment is frowned upon by various spiritually aware people but it’s all a part of the universal consciousness/spiritual, where is the true oneness in separating certain parts of the universal consciousness from other parts of the universal consciousness & calling one part that serves us spiritual & all else something else.  This sounds awfully like if you’re not religious you’re a heathen/infidel; we haven’t come very far especially towards oneness by the sounds of it!!

It’s very hard when we are brought up to serve our own needs to see everything that also doesn’t serve our needs & desires being part of the universal consciousness/spirituality but we can’t really refute the obvious, all is one which of course includes anything of judgment & ego as well.  Seeing faults in ourselves & others is awareness building for without such characteristics attaining awareness would be a long hard road to tread, if it’s not already, so why make it harder!!

Universal means all within it’s entirety working together, just because at the human level we seem to be individually working as separate entities doesn’t mean we are truly working individualistically it just means we are seeing different parts of the universal consciousness through each of us as one entity being the universal consciousness. The universal consciousness is one entity warts & all; we must stop serving ourselves through our desires at the human level to find true universal oneness as it’s all as one ego & all.  

One is never in judgement in finding faults in others if we looked at each other as being one entity, what we are doing is finding faults within this one entity which will eventually help us to define ourselves as one. If we keep separating what we perceive as just the spiritual from the rest of the universal consciousness instead of seeing it as one entity we will never become one collectively. Casting judgment onto others of being judgmental & of the ego represents separateness not oneness. Next time you cast judgment onto others think of yourself as one entity, you will then realise all you are doing is casting judgment upon yourself which is the universal consciousness not a separate entity.    

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fear within New Age Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

New age spirituality isn’t about fear as it’s not based on fear like some religions so how can there be fear within new age spirituality, obviously there couldn’t be. Anything fear based is being fearful of reprobation if one doesn’t follow certain beliefs & doctrines within a system of belief, it is obvious that new age spirituality doesn’t have such fear based practices within its core of belief as it’s about feeling good about oneself & the rest of the world, it’s about positive thinking under any circumstance.  

Many new age spiritually aware people will teach positive thinking & to denounce anything that is negative or has a chance of being negative in anyway like the ego & judgment & yes fear itself for fear is fed by the ego.  This all in turn make us feel good about ourselves & the rest of the world & the last thing we would want after finding such tranquillity is ruin it with fear. This of course has a feeling of being ethereal which is highly beneficial to the psyche; mind, body & soul!!  The last thing we would want is anyone trying to ruin that for us & psychologically we will denounce anything to spoil this ethereal state of consciousness to the point of becoming less aware not more aware.

While becoming spiritually aware we don’t just become aware of the spirit world, as in the afterlife, but of everything that is spiritual, of life itself in its fullest extent however this also induces us to become more aware of the negatives not just the positives in life which at times can be quite frightening & uncomfortable so we find ways to dispel these negative feeling which of course makes us feel good again but what are we actually doing to make ourselves feel good?

What are we doing when we dispel these negatives so we can feel good? We are actually inducing fear not dispelling fear & this is the trap we have unknowingly & unwittingly found ourselves in.  In the act of dispelling anything that gives us an uncomfortable feeling we are showing fear & believe it or not will always have that fear of its return once we have dispelled such fears like the ego & judgment for example.  Recently I made a comment & yes judgment of what happens to us when we take fixated attachments into the afterlife, it wasn’t very well received & I was promptly told I was being judgmental which of course is judgmental within itself to say so in the first place. By putting others down for being judgmental is saying your living in fear & I don’t so I shouldn’t listen to you.  What is more fearful, someone who accepts the totality of all being within them including ego & judgment or someone who fears being of the ego & of judgment?  

This is a new age spiritual trap we need to all be wary of, while becoming spiritually aware we will feel awfully good at times & at other times feel awfully bad, this is teaching you, while becoming aware of the totality of all, to accept all for being within yourself. If it wasn’t within you to start with whatever your experiencing while becoming spiritually aware in the first place you still wouldn’t become aware of it as that is consciously impossible, in other words it’s impossible to become aware of anything outside of your souls consciousness so what you feel is what you are if you like it or not. It’s not good just denouncing anything, one must embrace it & within this embracement & following acceptance one finds understanding of what one is fearful of thus automatically dispelling any such fears as if by magic.  So by doing this do we get to feel good within ourselves & the rest of the world? Indeed yes, not just of the things that make us feel good but everything within its totality, this is true acceptance & oneness & far less fearful!!   

“It is far less fearless not fearing fear than it is to fear fear, confront your fears within yourself as being a part of yourself & become fearless”….Love Mathew     

Monday, 17 June 2013

Learning from Diversity

Written by Mathew Naismith 

Think of yourself as being the only being/entity & thing in existence, what do we have in other words what are we aware of?  We are knowing of our knowing & we know we exist but are we actually aware as in knowing past of what we just know?   When you think about this or have allowed yourself to become aware of what it was like when there was only the creative consciousness what did you feel because we all know? In actual fact because there are no comparisons you can only feel aware of your knowing not be aware of your knowing & that is what everything is, just knowing & not being at this conscious stage.

To be the knowing instead of just knowing of you’re knowing one needs to have comparisons of oneself & what do comparisons denote?  Judgment which is of the ego however as I have stipulated in previous posts there is judgment & judgemental & there is ego & egotistical, what we are talking about here is of judgment & ego which can be very positive.  What better way to learn about oneself than to create various souls with different journeys to enact out.  Don’t get me wrong here as it seems like I’m saying being judgmental & egotistical are just negative but they aren’t as explained in previous posts but more likely they are than not.

Being the only existing thing in your world, because there can’t be any other world as there is nothing in existence other than yourself to  compare too, you can only know so much of yourself however once we have comparisons/judgment we become more aware of ourselves.  Judgment & the ego have had a bad rap for some time now & of course to give judgment & the ego a bad rap we needed to judge them so in the first place, we have judged them & labelled them under negativity which seems slightly hypocritical to me.

Now let’s take a look at ourselves, would have man evolved if he didn’t have comparisons & judgment? To answer this, let’s say we are the only living thing on this planet however unlike the creative consciousness (God) at first we have comparisons within our environment because we know we are different from a tree or a rock & what human trait gave us this comparison? Judgment, without judgment we just couldn’t evolve being the only living thing however even with these other comparisons we could only evolve so far plus of course when die that would be the end of it.  What it took for us to evolve & become aware of ourselves is others simular to us for without this comparison man wouldn’t have evolved, no comparison no awareness. In actual fact we have each other & judgment/ego to thank for our awareness & the more diverse we are to each other the more aware we are becoming collectively & individually.

We have judged judgmental & egotistical people & labelled them as negative but without them we would be far less aware of ourselves so in actual fact they are very positive attributes  to our awareness as a whole also the creative consciousness wouldn’t be as aware of itself either if it wasn’t for diversity & comparisons to judge ourselves by. It is impossible for anyone to be totally non-judgmental otherwise they wouldn’t & couldn’t become aware in the first place. To become spiritually aware we judge & compare not just everyone to us but our different feelings we get while becoming aware, how would we know one feeling from another unless we judged them differently for example how would we know love from hate if we didn’t judge them so?   It’s obvious we judge while becoming spiritually aware but at the same time judge them as negatives when in fact they are positive.   

Once we are connected to a certain point to our inner self judgment & the ego become less appropriate automatically because we no longer need them to become aware & the more connected we become the less we need these human traits. What some people are doing is telling everybody to rid themselves of these so called negatives straight up & by doing so cause more conflicts than necessary by teaching them to judged judgment as a negative, be positive & use all the tools we have at hand, don’t discard any tool that we can use positively as in this lies a hard road ahead.