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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spirituality-Love You’re Mount

Written by Mathew Naismith

Ha-ha…this is funny, I was about to write a post about some of the differences between Eastern and Western spiritual ideological practices and how I feel Eastern spiritual ideologies are far less about control than Western spiritual ideology. We do, in the West, tend to use eastern ideologies to take control instead of just using them to become aware. This was going to be yet another hard core post which I’m getting a little tired of writing until I replied to a message relating to a specific post on Google community written by Carolyn Field. I soon changed my mind in what kind of post I was going to write.  I love this lass and her light heartedness.

I should explain firstly what we meant by riding a horse. The horse is in relation to riding a mount on our journey towards spiritual awareness, the horse seems to, at times, buck us off repeatedly every time we try to mount the horse towards any goal we have in mind but especially in spiritual awareness.  

The link below will take you to Carolyn’s post titled Path of Joy.

The following is an exchange that Carolyn and I had on the subject of Path of Joy.  

+Mathew Naismith
Changing our mentality and keeping hold of our new found attitudes is sometimes a bit like staying on a runaway horse! Getting thrown off a few times but always trying again! :)

+Carolyn Field
The funny thing is I know I'm not being thrown off these days but deliberately dismounting the horse.

Once your one with the horse the horse will only react with you in what you want. I visualise myself moulding into the horse as one. Another funny thing is, the horse will always react to us, if it throws us off are we in tune & moulded within the horse itself as one?

Next time your thrown off, visualise how out of tune you were with the horse, you will find you weren't' in tune & moulded within the horse before you were thrown off.

Once we become aware of becoming moulded as one with the horse we no longer see ourselves being thrown off of the horse.

You would wonder why I dismount, I accept all for what it is even my non-acceptance at times.

Love your horse.


I feel Carolyn has pointed out, that many of us seem to have no idea why we are always being thrown off of our mount until we become aware of such reasons which can be daunting to find at times for a lot of us.  Love your mount is one clever way of avoiding being dismounted abruptly and without warning. Carolyn has always tried to portray this I feel in all her posts.

A good horse rider will always feel at one with the horse thus in turn the horse will most likely feel the same towards the rider.  If we envision the horse being our spiritual path and we are the one walking/riding this path, loving your horse becomes easier. What we are doing is accepting our path and loving the scenery this path is taking us on and when the scenery becomes unsavoury in some way, we are not bucked off because we love our horse/path so. 

When you envision the horse as your path and you’re the one walking this path and the scenery around this path is just life experiences, loving your horse/path is made a lot easier.  We should also remember, we can always change the scenery without changing our path. Life lessons are learnt in many ways so changing the scenery around your path won’t take you on a different path or give you a different horse to ride along our spiritual journey towards furthering our awareness I believe but a different way to learn.