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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Consciousness -Endless Potential

Written by Mathew Naismith

People like myself never fixate ourselves to ideologies, concepts or isms, as we know consciousness itself is infinite. Basically, consciousness itself is endless, there is no starting or ending points to consciousness, only what consciousness creates, the universe and everything within the universe is a good example of this. However, ideologies, concepts and isms are a stepping stone but only to a consciousness that is existing in an unaware state of consciousness, no truly aware consciousness needs these kinds of stepping stones.

Human consciousness has evolved from micro-organisms, the beginning of biological life almost always starts from micro-organisms (viruses). The natural course of evolution, has always stemmed on consciousness evolving from one conscious state to another much more evolved state of consciousness, human consciousness is but one of these states of evolution, a stepping stone. Yes, like our ideologies, concepts and isms, human consciousness as a whole is but another stepping stone into the endless vastness of consciousness itself.

I find it strange today that we have yet another elite people who want to take control of the world, don't think too negative of me but I call this a virus mentality. This virus mentality is as natural as they come, it's natural for any consciousness with a mentality of a virus to take control, and yes, even kill it's host off just like a real virus, the state of our planet is a prime example of this. Viruses only think of one thing, gorging themselves, even to the extent of their own annihilation. As of any actual virus, this kind of mentality has absolute blind faith within it's own abilities, of course only in ignorance can a consciousness become destructive.    

We are once again faced with a master race of people taking over the world to primarily serve  their own ends, this is very natural action for a consciousness that is unwilling or unable to evolve. As man himself is apart of nature, no matter how destructive he becomes, so is a virus mentality. It is obvious that human consciousness is primarily influenced by this very natural phenomena, however, no matter how destructive and antiquated this kind of mentality is, man seems to want to keep on living in this way instead of evolving further in evolution.

I find it quite amusing that human consciousness has not yet evolved from this antiquated state of existing, sure this virus mentality is a natural state of existence, but how far are we willing to stay fixated to this kind of existence, maybe till the host itself (Earth)is destroyed? To someone like me, this is quite a bewildering way to continually exist, especially purposely. It would seem we just don't want to evolve any further in the natural course of evolution, sure this virus mentality is a part of our natural evolution but is it natural to stop evolving further in the natural course of evolution? We are suppose to naturally evolve as we have always done.

Sure there are micro-organisms that didn't evolve, this too is natural but is human consciousness suppose to be the end of our evolution as well? As we have naturally evolved from micro-organisms, we are also suppose to naturally evolve from being human in my mind. We have started on a journey as a species in a consciousness that never has an end to it, it's endless, why go against the natural course of evolution and stay within a certain sphere of existence, especially an existence that has a mentality of a virus. Don't' get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong in acting like a virus, there is also nothing wrong in not evolving further either, the choice is indeed ours to make, I just believe we are suppose to evolve from this kind of state of existence, especially before we kill off the host.

The potentiality of consciousness goes way beyond the mentality of a virus, in all however, if we choose to stay within the sphere of a virus, so be it as a virus is also apart of this vast never ending consciousness with endless potential. The question really comes down to, is this virus mentality the last point of human consciousness or are we suppose to evolve from this kind of sphere of activity and motion?