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Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Luminescent Light Abounds

Written by Mathew Naismith

Anyone who has watched movies like Abyss or has had actual experiences &/or feelings of luminescent oneness & love will know what I’m about to refer to, light is everywhere including in what we define & judge as being unbecoming in some way. The reason for this is everything is consciousness & all of what consciousness is, is energy & all energy forms, no matter what, emanate light but what I am mostly going to refer to in this post is light energy without form.

In one state of consciousness one can experience light within every living & nonliving matter but one can go further than this & experience light within every particle, consciousness is utterly alive, not in an organic/biological sense but alive in a different way. When we look at these quite often minute energies of light they are alive, just as alive as any organic form.

I wrote a post in my first blog titled Vibrations Alive, this post is very similar to that, actually Vibrations Alive goes right along with saying everything is alive in one way or another no matter how unalive to us it seems. What we define as being alive is quite different to what is actually alive; these energies of light are in everything in one way or another, they are what everything is. Now to experience this first hand is quite awesome especially to an emotional human being or any emotional being for that matter. How most of us experience such things is when we feel truly at one but we don’t actually experience/see the actual light emanating from what is causing this loving oneness feeling usually. What it is, is light that is actually living, you can feel the life force within. It’s amazing looking/visualising these small particles as being alive if not more alive than we are & at the same time knowing that we are made up of multitudes of these tiny light particles vibrating at different frequencies.

Anyone who has astral travelled will have some idea of the life forces out there, realising all these life forms are of pure light even when they seem so dark is an even more amazing experience.  All what one can see is light, even in the most unbecoming entities & lifeless forms, light emanates everywhere.

This is all coming together in what I have been writing about, not just with Vibrations Alive but just about everything since then, like the experience I had a while ago with souls intent on evil & how I could see the light within.  We could say here, because we can’t see this light within soul’s intent on evil or the light within everything around us is this reality & realities like this are an illusion. I can see how our egos would love us to think this but the reason we can’t see & only at times experience this light is we live in ignorance of such things. Just because we can’t experience all of everything all at once doesn’t make what we are experiencing an illusion, we are just not experiencing all there is at any given time is all.

If we could look from the outside in towards consciousness it would look like a ball of illuminating light with no darkness present at all however time being what it is gives us a sort of an illusion of darkness within consciousness itself. So is everything of light or not?  Because consciousness isn’t influenced by time we only see/experience the light however when we incorporate time, which has always existed, we see dark & light, in other words a fragmentation of consciousness itself. In my mind, just because consciousness is fragmented doesn’t mean it’s an illusion, it’s just not all there is. You can’t experience all there is if it’s fragmented, you have to put all the pieces back together again to experience such non-fragmented consciousness.

I’m constantly being told from these tiny light sources, we are living in a very special reality, every light source wants to create & experience every asset of organic or inorganic life form otherwise consciousness, which is what these tiny light life sources are,  wouldn’t have created such realties. This goes back to my posts explaining about how consciousness wants to experience itself to know of itself in every way & what better way than through time!!

Yes I suppose to a neuroscientist or a logically minded person I’m delusional but like I have stated in some of my older posts, if the ego can’t explain something or it wants to escape from something it will denounce these things as being delusional or of an illusion. It’s funny the lengths the ego will go to protect itself.