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Friday, 2 August 2019

Preordained Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Preordained in relation to consciousness simply means that the will of a consciousness is already written, planed out, however, like a house plan, for example, what a consciousness experiences can be changed. If changed in line with finite existence, existences determined by time, motion and space, the change implemented is often inline with the environment. This means the environment determines in how the plan is rewritten or drawn, however, if a consciousness is conditioned to an unlimited infinite consciousness, the plan can be changed in infinite ways thus creating freewill. To me, as it is important to have so-called negatives and positives in a finite reality, it is important to have a balanced consciousness of the finite and the infinite.

This post was actually prompted by a person of the name of Chris. This is not the same person I have recently been in interaction with. It would seem that Chris realises that the questions we often ask are only inline with a consciousness conditioned to the finite, a consciousness often limited by time, space and motion. Why are so many consciousnesses also of the infinite uncomfortable of people who are primarily expressive of a finite consciousness? Materials and atheist are an example of this, where an imbalance of the finite overshadows the infinite, often leading to the perception of the non-existence of the infinite (God). The following that I wrote in reply to Chris will hopefully lead to a better understanding of what I am stating here.                   

Chris, everything is preordained (written), this means that the answers often depicts the questions asked by a consciousness conditioned to the finite. By asking so many questions created by the finite, the answers that the infinite can give are either misconstrued, ignored, often deliberately ignored in accordance with desires/bias, or the answers are incoherent or non-existent to a consciousness conditioned to the finite only.

Often, if the answers are not inline with what is expected or desired, they are dismissed in some way and in anyway possible. Materialist scientists and often atheists make this fundamental mistake, not just by asking too many questions but questions primarily based on the finite and the desires/bias the finite existences create.

I get the same from new age spiritually aware people. These people often ignore the negatives to be positive, thus allowing the negatives plenty of space to flourish in. Their biases/desires determine what they only become aware of, very simular to materialists and atheists.

Has the collective consciousness become mentally disorientated or imbalanced? Excessive abuse of energy is a sure sign a consciousness is not mentally balanced. How abusive to energy are mentally ill people? Now, how abusive to energy is a consciousness going to be when asking numerous questions primarily based on the finite? You get what we have today, why? Because the balance of the infinite and the finite is by no questions imbalanced.

I was brought up as a hardline atheist, I have been aware from my teens, I am now in my fifties, that the perception of God, the infinite, helps give us that balance. How many people today desire to take this balance away? Now, how imbalanced has the collective human consciousness become?

Today, I will only tolerate obvious bias to a certain extent.

By the way, just because everything is preordained, doesn't mean we, as a infinite consciousness, don't have freewill. Infinite means no limitations, no limitations of not having freewill. To state categorically that we don't have freewill, is a limitation, a consciousness conditioned to the infinite (God) doesn't work like this.

I really hope this helps. Try to let go of the conditions of perceptions based on time, space, motion, therefore finite. The perception of an infinite consciousness such as God has helped a lot of people keep a balance between the finite and the infinite. There are of course other ways to do this as well, anything that gives you an awareness beyond the perceptions of the finite thus helping to balance out consciousness with the infinite.                                  

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Deep Within Our Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Reference is made to BD and RD in the following. According to my friend I am presently in interaction with, BD and RD is referred to as below.

RD = God is the creator of the universe, as used by Christians and Hindus.
BD = “God is the spirit” as mentioned in the Bible and Samkhya (Vedas).
What you need to do xxxxxxx is go to a yogi, shaman or alike and ask to experience a timeless state and then come back to me. I can guarantee that your stance on freewill and God would have changed, of course you have to have the will to do this to start with. If you have written that freewill doesn't exist, point blank, this is unlikely to occur and understandably so. 

If you can prove the existence of any kind of God form in and through time, it is not truly a God form, for a true representation of God doesn't exist within a finite existence, only a perception of. You say you have proof of a BD God exists and that an RD God doesn't exist, I am going to suggest this is false. This is like saying that I can prove that water exists in the same exact space as extreme heat, or that light is as present within the darkness as darkness is. How about proving that a mountain is a flat plane!! To me, anyone who has unequivocal proof that a God exists within time, a materiel state based on the finite, I have to dismiss as being a human perceived falsity. 

Everything is written, meaning, that all scenarios that can be experienced is preordained, this doesn't mean freewill doesn't exist. Through the perception of time and a consciousness predominantly conditioned to and by time, freewill seems to not exist. This is like God doesn't seem to exist for a lot of people and understandably so. However, once our consciousness is conditioned to timelessness, the infinite, God and freewill perceived to exist, even though God or freewill can't be proven to exist in time, the finite, but only perceived.        

"There are many videos that say our technology came from the UFO-ETs."

Videos based on a consciousness conditioned to time, the finite, not the infinite xxxxxxx. As you have said yourself, it is all already written, this means everything is preordained way before the creation of aliens or of any form based on time. Our intelligence, awareness, wisdom, knowledge, technology, etc, comes from a source way before any forms creation, as you stated yourself, it is already written.  This makes no sense, as you say, our technology comes from aliens, while everything is preordained thus giving us no freewill!! You are obviously still not going deep enough, beyond the conditioning of time, this is too obvious xxxxxxx.

As I have stated before, get back to me once you have conditioned your consciousness to the infinite, while at the same time desisting in predominantly focusing on time based consciousness and existence.  You have proven to me many times this is exactly what you are doing xxxxxxx

My patience with you xxxxxxx is unquestionable is it not?