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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Living from Inner Happiness

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all I would like to say how sorry I am that Robin Williams took his own life, he made millions of people not just laugh but laugh at themselves, it’s a sad loss to us indeed.  We can speculate all we like in why such a man would have taken he’s own life but it all comes down to not being able to find inner happiness within oneself I feel.

I shouldn’t put Robin Williams above anybody else who has taken their own life but Mr Williams did bring joy to a lot of people’s lives. Many people take their own life for various reasons, there is a huge list of reasons but the main factor behind any of these reasons is one isn’t happy within one’s life when one takes one’s own life. What makes such a brilliantly funny man take his own life, what has made anyone who has taken their own life unhappy?  Relying mostly on external sources to make us happy. It would seem Mr Williams most probably wasn’t happy because of his last show was canned (cancelled); it looks like it certainly added to his unhappiness.  Making people laugh obviously made Mr Williams happy, you could see it within his performance; he exuded this happiness because he was making people happy.  As any great performer lives for he’s audience; this is what made him the happiest as it does of any great performer.

Another great comedy performer is Jerry Lewis, it’s funny to think he is still alive today and Mr Robin Williams is gone from us. It takes a huge amount of effort to be such performers like Mr Lewis and Mr Williams but it takes even more effort to stay happy when you are no longer making other people happy.  I tip my hat to these great performers no matter what happens.   

There is a problem in society, a problem we have created ourselves in needing external sources to make us happy when all the happiness we experience should come from within.  Many people who have taken their own lives relied on external sources to make them happy. This is a problem that doesn’t need to exist if we train ourselves to be happy through our inner selves. Does this mean we shouldn’t be happy when being entertained by great entertainers like Lewis and Williams as they are an external source of happiness?  Not at all but we shouldn’t wholly rely on these people to make us happy in the first place as they shouldn’t rely on their own happiness in making us happy.  

Why is inner happiness so much better than happiness found through external means?  Judgement, judgement of ourselves, happiness found through the inner self doesn’t incur this judgement as the inner self doesn’t pertain to judgment, this is why learning to be happy through the inner self is more reliable. Once we bring in judgment in our lives, we bring in a need for external sources to make us happy; this kind of happiness is certainly not reliable.

We shouldn’t however judge judgement as being negative in some way; it depends again on our inner selves of what judgment is pertaining too.  The outer self  lives by emotions, whatever makes us emotionally feeling good or bad, whatever  we have judged  as negative or positive. Many spiritually aware people will stay away from negative people because they have judged them so and if they have judged others being negative they must have also judged themselves of being positive.  This is the outer self not the inner self, so how would the inner self perceive negatives and positives?

Feelings without emotions, the inner self doesn’t rely on emotions to give it feelings, it relies on the inner self  itself thus giving us inner happiness through the inner self without emotions.  As soon as you bring in emotions you bring in judgment.  Many people have killed themselves through this kind of emotional judgment as their happiness no longer comes through their inner selves but from external sources.  Yes external sources can make us happy for a period of time but finding happiness this way is not reliable, as soon as we judge, we are relying on external sources to make us happy.

The inner self feels and it feels to a far greater extent than our outer emotional selves as our outer selves relies on our emotions to make us happy, the inner self doesn’t have emotions but feelings  which extend way past our acknowledgment.  Once we give judgement away, the inner happiness will fill the void of such judgment a hundred fold.

I hope the bellow link will help a few people in finding this inner happiness, it’s quite basic.