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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Time, Infinite Possibilities?

Written by Mathew Naismith

This seems to be coming up a fair bit for me at present, because time is of infinite possibilities is time an illusion? This isn’t an easy question to answer mainly because it’s all to do in how we perceive time. As the reply I received below shows, we need to define time and timelessness however this isn't easy defining what time and timelessness define. Hopefully the following might help with this a little.

Reply by Piper Night
Perhaps the question is how we define time & timelessness. If you consider that all time is folded into the one moment of now then illusion and reality are juxtaposed to create the imagined reality of the group consciousness. All things are infinitely possible here.

The following wasn’t my reply to Piper Night but a statement I made on a spiritually based science site on this same topic.

Most of us depict time as a starting and ending point, this is because what energies form is usually transitory. Another way to depict time is through distance, this again is created through the interactions of various energies forming form to give us one point of origin to another, the expanding universe is a good example off this.

The universe itself is transitory within it’s form but like everything else this is due to various energies creating form, so is time defined by form or by these various energies that give form it’s form?

To me this depends on how we define time, form seams to create time so therefore time is governed by form however this form was created from an infinite energy source that can’t be destroyed just reformed, would not time then be governed by infinite possibilities instead of just form? This of course would make time and everything created from time infinite not transitory in a real sense. The illusion is to think time is transitory, yes the forms that time create change but that is all they are doing, there not being destroyed at all.    

It’s funny to think that high profile spiritual gurus think time is an illusion when the illusion is thinking time is transitory!!  No I don’t have any proof of this but to me it’s something to consider, we are not just this form but primarily the energy of this form, thinking we are just this form gives us the illusion that time is an illusion.

Spiritual gurus know we are not just this form however they still believe time is an illusion, this doesn’t make sense!! In my mind we really do need to perceive time as being infinite not transitory, it’s the way we perceive time that is an illusion not time itself.  Time is really defined by these energies reforming time and time again, it’s infinite.   

It is obvious that energy reforms over and over again, our past lives are a good example of this, we are this energy that reforms over and over again which makes us infinite. Now time is defined by these energies reforming and interacting between each other, are these reforming of infinite energies transitory therefore making these energies also an illusion?

These infinite energies are certainly not illusions because they create form plus they are infinite not transitory. This to me would make the form they form not a true illusion because all what this form is, is infinite energy.  The delusion, as opposed to illusion, is to think we are not this infinite energy to start with because we are still defining time as a starting and ending point when this infinite energy reforms. When this infinite energy reforms this gives us time, this reforming of this infinite energy doesn’t make time an illusion unless we think we are not this infinite energy but just of the form of time.

It’s funny to think time and timelessness are both infinite, timelessness is depicted as the stillness of this infinite energy and time the movement or interactions of this infinite energy, either way they are still of an infinite energy source most of us call God or the source.