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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Freeing Ourselves From Ourselves

Written by Mathew Naismith

This whole post is dedicated to a discussion between myself and another person of the name of  Eddie Lau. Eddie's been a bit of a mentor to me as I find his perceptions quite different and interesting. Each persons perception, if you are accepting of them, will broaden your own perceptions and awareness, it's certainly worth trying to comprehend other people's perceptions.

This post is about freeing ourselves from our own created bondage, basically, a bondage of delusions, motion of course being the sole creator of delusions and this bondage. The more we react and counteract, the more delusions we will create. Yes, the delusion might be different in accordance with our motions or reactions but they are still delusions as any motion creates delusions. It's certainly worth being aware of this.....

The moment we have the slightest/subtlest intention/effort with whatever spiritual practice, we are not being truly ourselves and the truth can never revealed ourselves.

My Reply
Utterly so +Eddie Lau, intentions are all about control, as you have stated many times, it's a part of the push and pull effect. To pull something in is to push something out, within this, there is an expression of judgement which gives us even more delusions to exist by. For example, white man is more superior, highly educated people are far more wiser and so on it goes.  

To me, it's obvious from where this chaotic destructive reality came from, a never ending expression of push and  pull. This push and pull effect is of course all about control......   

The movements that we do not even realize even the subtlest/slightest. We realize the delusions that we are the moment we are not pushing them away or pulling towards them but simply being with everything we know as one/whole without the slightest/subtlest mental movement at all. We are not together the moment we moved, mentally.

My Reply
Indeed +Eddie Lau, once we are aware off the delusions, we react by pushing these delusions away by trying to pull some kind of enlightenment in. In doing this, we are not aware we are still a part of the delusion because we have intentions, movement.
Once you create movement, you create delusions!!

However, creating delusions is a part of the whole self, it's a part of the process of our whole being but these delusions are only a part of our whole being. The trick is, just be within these delusions while being aware that any motion causes delusions.

It's an observer observing our own participation, it's like being an observer of our own delusions rather than being the delusions themselves. In a sense, you have a timelessness state observing a consciousness in time......The strange thing is, we are all doing this without question.  

We already are enlightenment ourselves but lost in trying to be enlightened not knowing we already truly are ourselves.

My Reply
+Eddie Lau We are lost in a reality of delusions which makes it difficult to see that we are already enlightened. It's basally impossible to truly become aware of our enlightenment in such realities until we become aware of perceptions beyond these realities. The big picture of course gives us this perception and a realisation we are already enlightened.   

I find it amusing how we are chasing our tail, we just need to let go of all control and only then will we realise we were always what we were chasing.  

+Mathew Naismith We are lost because we always look or think there is beyond which indeed there is only what we already are, the within the all we could sense and what we are chasing are only the perceptions/modifications of our memories from the factors of our conditioning when the delusions/prisons were formed from our very movements towards or away from what we already are.

My Reply

+Eddie Lau A beyond exists, as looking beyond human perception, however it doesn't as you stated here. There is no true beyond, only in a delusional state can there be a beyond. For sure, it's indeed worth being aware of this Eddie.

In a delusional state, we are meant to perceive of looking beyond our own motion, our human conditioning, if we didn't, we would only perceive existing in these delusions.
What we need to be aware of is that any motion causes delusions, the trick is, perceive without motion, in other words don't react or counteract motion with more motion.

When we perceive delusions, the first human response is to react to these delusions which causes more motion and delusions. Instead, perceive these delusions but only perceive, become aware,  of these  delusions without a reaction. We need nothing more than being aware but aware without causing motion. Humans are conditioned to cause motion......Recondition ourselves to become aware without motion, without control.  

Indeed, Eddie and myself are creating motion by reacting to each others responses, you could say we are but causing more delusions!!

Just by being aware of what our motions and interactions are causing, lessons the delusions we will create by being simply aware. They don't call it spiritual awareness for no reason, the spiritual means to become aware beyond our present conditioning and awareness is simple, it means being able to perceive beyond our present conditioning.

Eddie is correct however,  there is no true perceiving beyond but for a consciousness that is conditioned to only perceive delusions, such consciousness needs to perceive in looking beyond but without motion. Basically, become aware or an observer without motion or becoming a participator, as soon as we become a participator, what are we doing? We are causing motion and the more we react (participate), the more motion we will create and the more delusions we will create.

For any one interested, I will insert any further interaction between Eddie and myself on this post.  


+Mathew Naismith Perhaps the beyond we are referring to is a complete state of being and any separation from this state is still a delusion. We are the light itself but was separated by the darkness of delusion and vice versa. We are the darkness, light and the delusions ourselves is the state of total completion/completeness.

My Reply
Well stated +Eddie Lau. Indeed, a perception of there being a perception beyond human perception (the delusion) is what I call the observer, a state of existence that observes without participating in any sense, this seems to be our truer state. In this state you can observe yourself participating without actually being a participator. As light and dark can exist within the same space at the same time without interacting with each other, so can we.   

We are the light and the dark as we are of time and timelessness, to us in our present consciousness, this seems like a paradox but it's not or we think paradoxes can't exist. For example, you can't have light and dark in the same space but they are.

Go into a dark space an switch on a light, it's light instead of dark, now switch off the light. Light and dark exist within the same space but we perceive they don't at the same time when they do. Where does the dark go when we switch on a light? No where, it's still there it's that we are no longer aware of it because of the blindness of the light.

There is a perception of separation of an observer and  participator or dark and light but this just isn't so, they certainly coexist as one. You can also get into a state of being an observer without knowing you are also being a participator as many people are unaware we are also observing ourselves.

Indeed Eddie, we are the darkness, light and the delusions within ourselves is a state of total completion/completeness.   


+Mathew Naismith We are the all in one. We are the observer, observing and the observed all together as a whole indeed. No separation at all with boundaries of time and space. Directly ourselves as all.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Finite - A Fraction of Who We Are

Written by Mathew Naismith

I made a bit of an error in not relating the finite to time in my last two posts, in actuality, the finite self is of time, in other words the finite is time itself, this of course makes the infinite self of timelessness, the eternal self.

Observing Time: In certain ideologies, it's said to be of the ego to desire that the infinite self exists, it's the ego that's wants to be eternal, this isn't actually the case. The finite and the infinite self exist without the ego deeming it so, this is because they are both a part of the  natural process of our whole being.  When you observe everything off time, you are observing through an infinite state of being without question, there is no question if our eternal state of being exists or not, only an ego would question if such a state exists or not!!

It's quite fascinating observing everything of  time, time, therefore the finite self, is observed as being quite a small part of our whole being, this is quite different to being a participator of time instead of an observer. The participator of time observes that time is expansive, it's quite huge in area and volume, however, when you become an observer of time, time is observed as something very small, everything of time is that small it seems nearly insignificant.

Fleeting Moments: Another thing about observing time, is that once you enter into a state of eternalness, you feel that everything experienced in time was but a fleeting moment, basically, it feels as if everything experienced in time took about a 5 minutes in our time to experience. In time, time feels like it's never ending, it goes on and on, however, once you enter into a timeless eternal state, such feelings of  a never ending cycle of time could be deemed as an illusion.

Can a consciousness delude itself in thinking time is all there is and that everything of time and the finite is massive and expansive?

Deluded?: We might think once we observe time, time itself would have to be deemed as being an illusion as time deludes us to think this is all we are  and that time is massive and expansive. In actuality, there is no question of time being an illusion when observing time, only observing time while also participating in time can we deem this to be so. Time can however  delude a consciousness in thinking this is all we are and that time is massive and expansive.

Time naturally influences a consciousness to become deluded, I wouldn't myself deem anything natural as being an illusion even though these natural states of being can cause a consciousness to become deluded. Yes, a deluded state is natural therefore is not, in a truer sense, a delusion or an illusion within itself!!

You can now understand how certain ideologies deem that the infinite, therefore the God self, doesn't exist, time is ego which influences us to become deluded, basically of Godlessness, a separation from our infinite self  which really never occurs. There is no true separation, only a sense of separation. Once a consciousness observes through the Godless finite self, everything of a natural state becomes an illusion and of the ego self.  

Going Home: When you enter into an eternal infinite state, this feels like home and that you never left this state. This basically makes everything experienced  through time and finite states, like being in a dream state, you never departed from your normal state of an infinite state of being. To me, our own dreams in time are not delusions or illusions, they are an extension of ourselves, why do we then deem everything of time and the finite an illusion when they are only an extension of ourselves?

Yes, time and the finite self are but an extension of ourselves, and yes, a very small part of ourselves but none the less a part of ourselves, only the ego would deem otherwise. The perpetual self within time will deem that anything other than it's truer self is an illusion, it will deem that one part of itself is our whole truer self when all of what we experience makes up our whole truer self, this includes our dreams which are but an extension of ourselves.

Special Gifts: We might also think observing time takes a special kind of consciousness to do so, this couldn't be further from the truth for only the ego would deem so. Is walking on water, turning water into wine or healing people by touch a special gift? No, believe it or not these so called special gifts are as natural to us as dreaming and breathing, these abilities are quite common in our infinite eternal state. Just because they are not common in our present state within time and infinite states of consciousness, doesn't mean they are not a natural part of our whole truer being.

Yes, we have deluded ourselves within time of our true abilities, this delusion however is quite natural within time and is but a fleeting moment within our whole eternal existence. The finite is indeed but an extension of ourselves, it's but a fraction of  who we truly are!!                          

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Worthiness of the Finite and Infinite

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've been receiving some interesting responses to my last two posts on my blog, the finite and infinite perspectives are certainly giving us different perceptions. On one side, we have the consciousness of science stating that infinite consciousness is a consciousness in delusion. On the other side we have consciousness of spirituality stating that finite consciousness is a consciousness in an illusion......Science minded and spiritually aware people are stating that each other is in a delusional or an illusional state of consciousness!!  

In actuality, both illusions and the delusions exist but not to the extent of the obvious bias being expressed by either side, both the infinite and the finite has it's place, to me this is obvious.          

The following is an interesting reply to my last post.....  

Hi Mathew I read the blog but still find myself confused at your understanding of truer self and the deception of science and the spiritual nature of the truer self as you put it. I'm not sure what it is you are trying to get across. Do you have a special different understanding of everything compared to the two mentioned above? If so can you explain it so that clarity can be given to that theory. I'm not trying to criticise just would love to see where your thoughts are taking you as it feels a bit off the mark if I'm honest.

My Reply
Finding other people's perceptions questionable, is all about trying to be  aware beyond your own perceptions, this can also include being aware beyond human perceptions at times.  Trying to perceive beyond your own perceptions isn't, to me, being critical Damon, it's quite cool.

Truer Self: Look at your truer self being everything that is infinite, it's a state of being that has no boundaries of the finite, in other words a starting and ending point, it's basically a state of eternalness. In most religions this was portrayed through the knowing of a God and/or Goddesses or anything portraying an eternal aspect. We have always had a connection with our eternal self  through spirituality in one sense or another. It's obvious to me there is something to the infinite self, why would so many people express such  an interest in the infinite if it didn't have some kind of truth about it?  We have obviously felt a connection to the infinite self, our truer or inner self/being.

Science: If I at all portrayed science being of deception, I'm sorry for that, this was not my intentions. Science is of the finite awareness, an awareness based on finite perspectives where's spirituality is based on infinite perspectives. Within any ideology or concept, it's not the ideology or concept that becomes deceptive, it's the people behind such conscious perceptions.

Spirituality = infinite + eternal states of consciousness + infinite awareness 

Science = finite + transitory states of consciousness + finite awareness

It's interesting how general science preconceives that consciousness also dies when the human self dies!!   

Don't be mistaken that these two quite different perspectives don't come together, they often do when a consciousness using such perceptions has no biases/boundaries to contend with. Some of the newer sciences of today use both finite and infinite perspectives as they did before modern day science. I think using both perspectives certainly seems to give us wisdom. This wisdom comes about by perceiving that there are no true boundaries, therefore, there are no preconceptions.

To me, it is obvious why we are lacking wisdom today, we have set up boundaries and biases between infinite and finite conscious perceptions and being. A truly wise person never preconceives what is and isn't, they always stay open to any possibility beyond their own perceptions.

Damon, you yourself have expressed this through querying a perception different to your own......It's not easy staying open to perceptions we have no idea of , only in the wise will we observe this.           

Note: The discussion between Damon and myself is still in progress, I will update this post in accordance with our discussion.

Actually that helped thank you I agree with your explanation   

Friday, 11 December 2015

Are Spiritually Aware People Delusional??

Written by Mathew Naismith

Are we delusional when we look beyond our own human perceptions and become aware of realities that are of pure love and are totally giving in every way? Many people think so but I think we know better.

If you went back in time a hundred years ago and told them what is going to exist in a hundred years time, they would call you delusional. If you went back a thousand odd years ago and told them the same thing, you would probably be burnt at the stake.

Spiritual awareness to me is being able to perceive beyond normal human perceptions, this includes being able to feel and know about other realities that are quite different to ours. Instead of just being able to perceive future events, we perceive perceptions that are not of our reality but of other realities, the question is now, how can this help us within this reality?            

 I received the following interesting response from my last post which touches on this question.

Interesting what you wrote. Reminds me of a Jeannie in a bottle. Life is perfect in a bottle or plastic bubble, but far from our daily reality. It's hard to maintain peace in the world when we live in a bottle or a bubble because all seems perfect when it's not.

My Reply
I have a different perspective on this, the bottle is represented by a reality in chaos which keeps us ignorant to other realities outside of the bottle. The bottle encases us in our own ignorance making us quite unaware of any other perception beyond the existence of the bottle. It's like not being able to look outside the square or box because it has boundaries, as is of the box, outside of the bottle, there are no boundaries.

Maintaining peace in such a reality takes one to look outside the bottle, once we do this, the bottle no longer exists and neither does the chaotic reality within the bottle.

The realities I explained about, perfection isn't measured, it just is, even chaotic realities aren't measured, they just are what they are. 
 I understand.

My reply
It's not easy for me to get my head a round this at times either, it's quite daunting but worth becoming aware of. 

You actually posed an interesting perspective Fran, how can perceiving beyond human perceptions help us? I think it helps change our mentality which will hopefully create a more constructive reality, we can only try. 

I think a lot of spiritually aware people are aware and knowing of other realities, what we feel at times is true, it's just a knowing we have. As I stated in my last post, some of these realities we are aware of  are just purely based on knowing, there is nothing else but a knowing within  these realities. Spiritually aware people are the same, it's just a knowing we have which is right in line with these other more constructive aware realities we become aware of.  My advice is to not just look at these feelings as delusional, they are very true in my mind.

For me it's quite the opposite, it's more delusional to measure everything and label them in accordance with the slot we put them into. Of course, other people label these same things something different and put them in a totally different slot to ourselves, within this, we create conflict through a black and white, wrong and right perception. To me, existing by a black and white perception creates a lot more delusions for us.

In my mind, spiritually aware people become aware of what is outside the bottle or box, within this, there is no boundaries and if you have no boundaries, you have no delusions. It's these endless boundaries that create the real delusions, not the ability to be able to perceive beyond normal human perceptions!! 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Utilising Higher Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

It would seem I need to explain myself a little more in relation to my last post titled, A Collective Psychological Illness.  If the collective has an illness, this doesn’t mean all of us have this illness, what it means is the collective isn’t completely well. As individuals, if we have immunised ourselves from mental diseases, like the controlling factors of the ego for example, we are not ill ourselves but the collective is.  What do I mean by immunising ourselves from such illnesses such as the controlling ego for example?

Before I answer this we must answer another question first, what is so mentally ill about a controlling ego, how does the ego make us psychologically ill at the collective and individual levels?  The ego is delusional, it’s not who we are as a whole and we certainly can’t take these possessions accumulated by the egos with us after we die, the ego is only transitory but it makes us believe it's not.  

A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. [1] As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception.

Delusions can be quite debilitating psychologically and the more delusional we become the more debilitating and even harmful we can become, war is a good example of how debilitating and even harmful delusions can be.  The ego is a delusion, it’s not who we are as a whole and it’s certainly something that is quite transitory, something we are unable to keep from life to life unless it’s through Karma.  Why do we have karma?  It’s to assist us to overcome such potentially debilitating harmful illnesses brought on by the ego.  The thing with karma is we can’t take personal possessions from life to life, we can take the illness with us but that is all, everything else the ego created is left behind.

Now I have defined what psychological illness the ego is at the collective and individual level, we can now answer the initial question of what I mean by immunising ourselves.  These are tools given to us by psychotherapists like Jesus and Buddha for instance and are tools from a higher consciousness, tools like religion/spirituality itself, praying, chanting, singing, meditation and so on.  These are all tools that we could use to immunise ourselves against the psychological illness of the collective like the ego for example, I also call these tools vaccines!! 

These tools come from a higher consciousness and have been adapted for lower conscious use, what happened though was we allowed ourselves to become too ill with the ego first thus in turn such immunisations just didn’t take, just like when we are immunised as humans against certain diseases, sometimes they don’t take and we fall ill.

It would seem we are not utilising this higher conscious immunising vaccines to their full potential mainly because we are too sick to do so, mostly from the disease ego.  This mental disease I call ego has reduced the full effects of the higher conscious immunising vaccines. I think it’s up to the people who these immunising vaccines worked for to help others that these vaccines didn’t work for to become well again.  

 So how do we coax egotistically ill people to become well again when they refuse to take such vaccines? Be our true selves and be as free from the sicknesses like the ego as much as possible, hopefully our actions will take effect in time. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spiritually Seeing Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going on from my last post & shows, with a little bit of patience, what two people can achieve.  After numerous tense replies back & forth, we have both come to acknowledge each other in a different light from our first few exchanges, is it worth the stress and tension? I will answer this with another question, is life worth living for most of us when it also can be full of stress and tension?

The discussion I had with this bloke was about new age spirituality and how new agers can seem delusional presuming to know more about what’s beyond our present mentality than scientists for example.  We can seem to others, not of our beliefs, delusional and fanciful; this of course is to be expected.  Could you imagine saying to people who believed the world was flat that it’s actually round, of course you’re going to seem fanciful and delusional to others not of your belief and awareness. 

What is fanciful? Something far fetched, unbelievable, at that time. It wasn’t too long ago science minded people thought meditation, chanting & praying was a load of croc (nonsense), however today science is discovering a multitude of benefits from these practices. Look at the benefits when they actually believed the world wasn’t flat, you could sail anywhere and not fall off the edge of the known world thus become more aware of our environment.   

Yes, saying we are far more than what we seem would seem fanciful to a non-believer for the main reason, if we were more than what we seem why do so many suffer? This came up in around about way in my discussion with this bloke, the answer is of course to me is; we don’t believe we are any more than we know ourselves to be at present.  If we are unaware of this we will stay within our suffering.  Could you imagine if we still believed the world to be flat, human awareness and evolution would have stalled within a certain consciousness, human history quite clearly shows how awareness does bring huge changes.

Once we realised the world wasn’t flat people in other parts of the world suffered big time because of this new found awareness, awareness can have it’s draw backs, if not to us directly most probably others.  What would be the draw back from knowing we are more than we seem?   If I was wearing rose coloured glasses there is no way I would see these draw backs however I think for most people it is advisable to wear rose coloured glasses, like they did before they found out the world wasn’t flat.

Going by today’s standards, would we have chosen to become further aware of the world being round if we knew what it was going to do to others around the world?  Most of us wouldn’t even consider it today, we would want to stay unaware remembering back then people’s standards and morals were somewhat different from today to a certain extent.  Knowing of the forthcoming atrocities would have turned us off knowing any more than we did but of course it wouldn’t have back then or would it!!

I’ve mentioned in a few earlier posts of mine what will occur when we become further aware, that to most people also seemed delusional and fanciful.  Yes misery and degradation will become less and less the more we become aware but we will obviously also lose something within this awareness, our ignorance. To the inner self this is a big deal, well to my inner self anyway, however in the long run it of course is worth it.  We are supposed to wear rose coloured glasses so we keep consciously becoming more and more aware, if we didn’t we would stagnate within a certain conscious awareness .  The dark ages are a good example of this; a lot of knowledgeable people were killed because the churchmen wanted to stay unaware beyond their present awareness levels.  If the churchmen back then wore rose coloured glasses I feel the dark ages wouldn’t have occurred, they only knew what further awareness outside of the churches domain would do on a negative basis.  If they wore rose coloured glasses they wouldn’t have thought this way and history would have been somewhat different I believe.  

It is funny to think, by wearing rose coloured glasses we are actually collectively becoming more aware and this is why so many non-believers can’t understand this kind of consciousness, it quite understandable.  

Getting back to my discussion with this other bloke about how fanciful and delusional new agers can be, it’s all a part of the course so go with the flow not against it!!

This post came about through being patient with someone who was a little upset and bewildered by so many people wearing rose coloured glasses, is life worth a few moments of stress and tension? It is to me.

Note: The meaning of rose coloured glasses is an optimistic perception of something; a positive opinion; seeing something in a positive way, often thinking of it as better than it actually is.

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Delusions of Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

Delusions: I was talking to a bloke recently about oneness, enlightenment & wisdom & we disagreed with each other on our own evaluations of such things. This bloke seemed to get upset after a while as he said a few things he really shouldn’t have said. This same bloke said he has had experiences of being of awareness itself. I know for sure that if anyone experienced such things they wouldn’t be lashing out at others in any way because this kind of experience is life changing in its totality.  A person who has experienced such occurrences would smile within themselves & say something wise using very few words. There is a huge difference to being of awareness to just feeling of being of awareness, was this delusional? We all go through delusional episodes while becoming spiritually aware that’s just part of it but we don’t like to egotistically acknowledge such occurrences.

There are spiritualists in India who do lash out at people physically but these people are spiritualists & live their lives totally in a spiritualistic reality not in a consumerist materialistic reality. Why do these spiritualists lash out? To become disconnected from their spiritualistic state of consciousness for a few moments as it’s pretty daunting being in a deep spiritual mode all the time for a human being. This is going to sound strange but if I had a choice I wouldn’t become spiritually aware, I would have liked to have stayed ignorant of such awareness but after experiencing even one enlightened experience it does change one’s life somewhat for good. Why do we become spiritually aware? In my case it was helping dilute the hardships I was going through at the time & it did work, a lot of people today are doing exactly the same thing, it’s helping to dilute the hardships & aggressiveness of the world but what is actually behind this attraction to spiritualism? Ego, we wish to better our lives instead of staying humble & accepting of what we are experiencing.  Here we are denouncing the ego on one hand but on the other hand we are using the ego to better ourselves in some way.   If we think we have dropped the ego we are deluding ourselves. To be a true spiritualist is to be humble & accepting in every way, completely egoless.    

Illusions: The concept in thinking this reality is just an illusion nothing more worries me, we started off with the concept of many Gods & Goddesses & then we got the true concept in my mind of oneness under one conscious source (God) but now we have the concept that everything we are experiencing is an illusion which represents separateness again, we have gone back to the concept of many & varied forms of God's & Goddesses but in a different way.

We have many realities thus many separate illusions but it is also said these illusions came from many minds not one mind as in one God. In this concept, each reality of illusions has been created by a separate creator (God) but there are many realities therefore many God's & Goddesses.

The reason we have taken on this concept of illusions is because we are still trying to find out who we are & where we come from, why do we have to be something & come from somewhere?  This is human logical thinking that everything has it's place, reason to be & a starting & ending point but why can't it just be? Everything we are experiencing has always existed because we are talking about the eternal which isn’t dictated to by time, the eternal is of no time & starting or ending point, God (one mind) just is.

The eternal God (source) isn’t of time therefore illusions don’t exist but neither do realities, wrong or right, starting point or ending point & so on so if they don’t exist what are we experiencing, it must be an illusion? The paradox is illusions don’t exist either, it just is but being logically minded people we can’t accept this. So thinking in logical form to find substance & reasoning is it one mind therefore one illusion so it’s still an illusion? No because everything is a part of that one mind & anything that one mind can think of exists. Where not talking about a mind of fantasies & uncontrollable emotions but a calm collective mind here, we tend to keep making the same mistake that everything has to think like us plus we are talking about a universal mind of no time. Time gives us illusions & realities, wrong & rights, starting point & ending point & so on which gives us diversity however, this is the paradox, because no time exists as well there was no starting point with the creation of time, it always existed as well. Yes this is saying illusions have always existed as well which leads us to the cruncher, when you have seemingly two opposites coexisting at the same time they cancel each other out so in fact neither illusion nor realities truly exist however in time they can because we separate them in realities of time.  As long as we only think in time instead of the eternal we will have separateness & illusions.

To get to a true spiritualist state of awareness in human form we need to just let it be within our own quietness, don’t try not to think just think in quietness & within this quietness you will be told what you need to know not know what you desire to know.  It just is!!