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Monday, 3 June 2013

A Perceived Dark Swamp

Written by Mathew Naismith 

Looking at this reality as just a dark swamp is in its essence creating that very dark swamp, you could say by not accepting this reality for what it is & conflicting with certain parts of it we are manifesting & adding negatively to its existence on the other hand if we became more accepting & understanding of what this reality is all about this in turn would change our perception of it thus creating quite different reality. As explained in a previous post we create what we perceive.

So many spiritually aware people see this reality as something like a dark swamp but as explained in my replies to these people shown below it’s we who have perceived this thus we have inadvertently created such a reality, we just don’t realise how powerfully creative we are as yet.   

The response I replied to:
Have faith and take a dive... or stagnate in a stinky dark swamp

My reply:
G'day Sarah
Sorry I don't agree that it is a stinky dark swamp, what makes it stinky & dark is our attachments, we are that stinky dark swamp, we are what makes a reality what it is nothing else & we are & have all been a part of it, no good blaming someone else. We must be aware of this otherwise we will take this stinky dark swamp with us in essence unknowingly because it's we who make a reality what it is nothing else.
I accept this reality for what it is because otherwise why did I, like everybody else, choose to live in it. I will learn from it not despise it which represents conflict, acceptance is the key here not non-acceptance & conflict, see it for what it is not what you judge it to be.

The following is in reply to a post I wrote that I thought has relevance here:

G'day Meredith
Quite profound indeed.
Letting go of any attachments isn't easy & that is what we are doing, the more lives we have lead the more attachments we most likely got to deal with, once one sees them as attachments to this reality one can then let go & be one's truer self & then we are able to accept any change coming a lot easier. Change is inevitable in all realities of time & space.
For most of us to accept these changes more readily hard times need to occur to give us that push & this is why things have got to get worse before they get better before we accept any conscious change as this. For those in the know we will push ourselves when the time is nigh I believe.

So what is this reality all about? I have stated many times throughout my posts what I think it’s all about however I believe this reality is about expanding on the creative cores (God) consciousness plus it allows our species to evolve instead of stagnating & the same goes with our souls.  So did this reality need to be as chaotic & conflictive to expand on the creative cores consciousness & for us as a species & our souls to evolve?  Yes, these realities I believe are always difficult to go through & evolve from but the trick is to evolve into a better reality, in other words learn from our mistakes, so to speak, & by doing this we are adding to the creative cores consciousness, expanding the species, our souls & the creative consciousness all at once.  

Below is an interesting link to a post I came across on Spiritual library that I resinate with.