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Friday, 24 May 2013

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.4


Written by Mathew Naismith


Awareness Experiences: A while ago I entered into a small workshop where I was working that day, which is nothing new as it’s a part of what I do, but the thing was on this specific day I opened the door of this workshop &went WOW. The reason the workshop had such an effect on me was I become aware of all the tools that man had developed & built with he’s own hands to help him  build & maintain a certain living standard, I was just in awe with my newly found awareness.

Recently I was mowing a lawn & a similar feeling of awe came over me, I was pushing a toy around in our spiritual playground, I really did feel this, it wasn’t some delusional thought or psychotic episode but a real feeling that this reality is our playground & everything else are our toys to play with including each other. Our most prominent & important toy is our own human body & mind.

I don’t need to meditate to experience such experiences as above, all I have to do is have a feeling of acceptance & not necessarily of all because even the thought of accepting all gives one spiritual awareness experiences & this is why accepting is so important for true spiritual awareness growth.  It’s not the act that’s so important but the intentions & the right intention, this is where so many spiritually aware people fail; they’re not truly accepting because they are in conflict with one thing or another like the ego or consumerist materialism, they actually become more judgmental not less because even the act of not accepting of judgment is judgmental & non-accepting therefore conflictive.

spiritual intentions3
True Intentions: The act of our intentions of acceptance is very important because if one hasn’t got the right intentions they will never find true acceptance & harmony in life. I have conversed with a number of spiritually aware people in different ways who had the wrong intentions to gain eventual harmony in life as their own intentions where to assist themselves above all others &/or position themselves above others. To gain trueness in awareness one must be true within themselves & all others & even humble themselves before others.

The thought & act of acceptance should be benevolent, humbling, truly non-judgmental & peaceful for starters. Like I said before the acceptance of all isn’t an easy road to tread & can be quite tricky at times especially when you’re not consciously & subconsciously accepting, it is important that both your conscious & subconscious are in agreement with each other & the way to find out is through your dreams.

This Western new age spirituality is so unaccepting of so many things like science, the ego, judgment, consumerist materialism & so on, it’s so conflictive & very non-accepting in so many ways, where is the right intentions in this sort of ideology/concept?  But in most eastern spiritual ideologies it’s quite different as it’s quite very accepting, there is an obvious difference between western & eastern spirituality, one is delusional & other is true!!

It is so easy to trick yourself in believing that you are truly accepting when you’re not through one’s own desires & it’s through these desires to change one’s own undesirable circumstances that delude us in being truly accepting. Wanting to change one’s own circumstances to something better isn’t the problem here it’s our intentions in the first place & our non-accepting in our circumstances before we make changes within our lives that is the problem.  By accepting one’s own circumstances firstly one can peacefully make a transition in one’s own life without taking any conflicts from this non-accepting life into a new transitioned/changed life style, the trick is to accept one’s own circumstances firstly before making any changes in one’s life, this is one of the biggest pitfalls that a spiritually aware person has to be aware.  Your intentions & your initial awareness are so important in developing in true acceptance to start with, if you have these the rest is easy going.

spiritual intentions2Serious Playground: When one becomes more accepting this reality will seem more & more like a playground & you will smile & shake your head a lot in bewilderment at times because you start to realise how we have taken this playground/reality so seriously & the more serious it becomes the more deadly & destructive it is. It’s the seriousness of this spiritual playground, this reality, that has made it so dangerous to play in, it’s become a health & safety legislative nightmare.
In being aware of our reality being a spiritual playground one becomes less traumatised by events because of the understanding & acceptance of the circumstances we find ourselves in, in a less serious reality/playground life is less traumatic because these events don’t occur often & when they do they are far less destructive & deadly. It’s our seriousness that manifests such destructive & deadly playgrounds.   Accepting for starters that this is our spiritual playground helps immensely in our spiritual awareness as one can’t help but become accepting even in such a serious playground but as long as one has the right intentions & is aware in the first place while being accepting, it’s not that hard to do!!
“Acceptance leads to the easy life where non-acceptance is its counterpart, a very hard road leading nowhere”