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Monday, 17 August 2015

The Spirit Within All Things

Written by Mathew Naismith

In this post I will be making reference to certain Christian ideological principles, this might not go down well with anyone who is fearful of these principals or don't wish to acknowledge these principles period.

This just keeps coming up at present for me, many people I have been in discussion with lately refer to the soul as basically the be and end all, it's untouchable, in other words it's infallible to human fixations. There is however a big difference between the soul and the spirit or the spirit of the soul. It's also been pointed out that the difference between spirits and souls as simple semantics, in other words it's just a play on words. That's not exactly true for the main reason there is a huge difference between the soul and the spirit, it's the spirit that is infallible to human fixations, not the soul.

Let's look at the difference a little deeper between the soul and the spirit

Soul = individualism + duality + ego + mortal or physical consciousness
Spirit = the collective + non-duality + egoless + immortal consciousness itself

1/ The human self is a vessel for the soul to express consciousness through.
2/ The soul is a vessel for the spirit to express consciousness through
3/ The spirit just is, it's what we define as God, God's consciousness, concisions itself, the source, the holy spirit etc.

There are far more souls than existing human beings, this is all due to there being far more souls that are not in physical form of some kind, this isn't the same with the spirit, there is only one spirit, this is why I think Christians refer to this spirit as our father, this is the same with ourselves only having one biological father. Souls represent multiple (many) sources of consciousness, the spirit however only represents one consciousness, one father.

Christianity also refer to this spirit as the holy spirit, any other consciousness that is in reference to one consciousness, is going to seem holy to us, this is all due to our present state of consciousness. Any consciousness that is fragmented (separated) as  represented by souls, will most often refer to a collective consciousness, the spirit, as being holier than their own consciousness. This behaviour and perception is absolutely normal and natural, this is until we become more enlightened (aware) ourselves of the spirit within everything. Even at this stage many of us will still see that this spirit is holier than ourselves, this I think is all due to ourselves still being of individualism instead of the collective spirit.

These souls actually stop us from being truly one with this spirit, we have individual forms were the spirit doesn't, not within itself.  This however  shouldn't stop us from becoming one with the spirit within ourselves, yes, souls are of individual form and so are our human physical selves but the spirit within  all of us is the same.

You can see now when our souls become fixated to physicality, or form period, we at the soul level lose our connection with the spirit within. This spirit within is also called our inner truer self, this of course isn't called this by accident either because it refers to the spirit within. This is the same exact spirit within all of us, the soul is but an individualised aspect of the consciousness of this spirit, in other words the soul is an individualised aspect of consciousness itself, God if you like but the spirit isn't.  

The word God means a supernatural consciousness conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe. God refers to a divine consciousness way beyond the perception and understanding of an individualised soul, this is until these souls becomes reacquainted to this spirit once again.

It's quite understandable that an individualised consciousness, such as souls and human beings, will perceive the spirit as being divine and therefore worshipped. How many children worship their parents?  You can see it's quite understandable why so many people worship this spirit.

In my own mind however, the father and the spirit are in reference to the same thing, it's not like ourselves with a separate soul to our physical selves. Because of our own perception of separation, we have perceived that God would also be separate from it's own spirit.  I don't think this is the case, for the main reason we are not talking about individualisation here but a collective consciousness, there is no separation of consciousness period within this conscious state, this includes the separation of God our father from it's own spirit, this God is it's spirit in my mind.

This consciousness itself, that most people call  God, is the same spirit within all things, it's this energy that creates what it does out of consciousness itself, in other words this spirit within everything is pure energy of neither one thing or another until it's expressed. It's these expressions of consciousness that creates life and all living and non-living matter.

Spirit = consciousness + God + holy father + souls + physical existences

Within the spirit, there is no separation until the soul perceives it's own separation from the spirit within all things.