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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Inner Wisdom - A Paradox in Motion

Written by Mathew Naismith

Paradoxes; don't really exist, they do however exist in a reality of motion, a reality highly expressive of awareness and knowledge. While a consciousness is existing in a reality of motion created by awareness and knowledge, it's obvious to these consciousnesses that wisdom is acquired from awareness and knowledge, the point is, how do we know that wisdom exists until we become aware of wisdom? You firstly have to become aware and this takes knowledge, so wisdom is acquired by awareness and knowledge, this however is only the case while a consciousness is existing and unaware of it's motionless immortal self. In relation to our motionless immortal self, it's obvious unawareness has created awareness and knowledge otherwise awareness and knowledge wouldn't and couldn't exist.

What part of a consciousness wants awareness and knowledge to exist? Ego, what is ego? Motion, what kind of reality do we exist in? A reality of motion therefore ego. It's quite understandable that any consciousness attached to realities of motion (ego), will want awareness and knowledge to exist, and further more, believe wisdom is acquired from awareness and knowledge. This is actually quite normal and the way we were supposed to be while unaware of our immortal self, if this wasn't normal for a reality of motion, these realities of motion just wouldn't and couldn't exist.

Basically what I am saying is, realities of motion are of consciousnesses that are unaware, no wonder we use so many different ways to search for the truth from science to spirituality. The paradox is, we do need to become aware of our immortal motionless self and at the same time desist in searching for our immortal motionless self. Any motion takes us away from our motionless state, this is due to all conscious states of motion refer to an unawareness, while remembering, it's this unawareness that creates awareness and knowledge, (motion).  All we really need to do is get away from motion, meditating, praying, chanting etc. are good ways to do this, I just go into my own space and observe instead of participating all the times, and yes I do like participating as well. 

It's not easy for a consciousness that is of motion itself to acknowledge that wisdom is not acquired through awareness and knowledge, to such consciousnesses, it's normal to deny otherwise until a consciousness becomes aware of it's immortal motionless self.

The paradox is, you don't actually become aware of your immortal motionless self while in a state of motion, however, we do seem to become aware, how else would we know of our immortal motionless self? The point is, you can't  become aware of anything that is of motionlessness through awareness, this would be like a literate person trying to become illiterate. This infers that an expression of motion (awareness) is going to cancel out a non-expressional motionlessness like our immortal motionless self. This immortal motionless self is pure wisdom while awareness is a motion, wisdom  is motionless, it requires no motion of acknowledgment, this includes in becoming aware of our motionless self. Tricky isn't it?

So what are people like me doing, are we not also making people aware therefore expressing motion?         

Awareness: In actuality I'm not making anyone aware through what I write, yes, any consciousness that is of motion will refer to what people like me write (express) as awareness, this is correct, people like me do make people more aware but only because these consciousnesses are of motion therefore awareness. This isn't the case for our motionless self, this is wholly due to the way people like me use awareness through the process of wisdom, in other words a lot of what I share goes through my immortal motionless self. This is simply done by  being my immortal self while I write. I do have to admit though, at times I will write while expressing awareness, you have to express yourself through awareness so that other people of this reality of motion can acknowledge were people like me are coming from. This is basically what I call whispering, it's expressing wisdom through motion but in a very subtle way.

True wisdom is always expressed in a subtle manner, this is because wisdom is of our motionless self, when wisdom is expressed, it's done in a subtle way. Any expression of course relates to motion, don't ever try to avoid expressing yourself in a reality of motion for two reasons. One, once you try to become non-expressive, this reaction just becomes another motion. Two, we are supposed to express ourselves while in a reality of motion, we just haven't learnt to express ourselves in a more subtle way. This is like trying to not express egotism, don't try to not express this motion, allow it to occur when it naturally occurs and yes egotism is a natural expression in a reality of motion.

The same goes with awareness, awareness is a natural expression in a reality of motion, again don't try to not express this, this is a natural part of the process of motion, instead express your inner wisdom, this will balance out any extreme effects of motion. Yes, by all means become aware of your inner wisdom knowing that the more we are expressive, the less we are of our immortal self. By all means use awareness and knowledge but in conjunction with our inner wisdom,  remembering, awareness and knowledge expressed without wisdom are always going to be destructive. Yes, become aware of this too but in a more subtle way through the inner wisdom.

It's not an accident that more people are into meditating or learning to be in one's space or become the observer these days, this too is a natural process of  our immortal self's reaction to extreme expressions of motions. The trick is to allow this natural process to happen without using this natural process in retaliation to extreme motional expressions, remembering, extreme motions are also a natural process of realities of motions. We can indeed be enticed by this natural process of motions to continue with these extreme motions by expressing a retaliation to motion. Yes, it's indeed this tricky, this is why realities like this one, that express extreme motions, keep going on and on, the thing to try to remember here, remember your motionless immortal self, this will indeed help in balancing out a consciousness of motions.                                                                    
I thought I would end this post off with a reply I received from a bloke in Malaysia in relation to wisdom. 

We already are indeed the wisdom itself effortlessly when we are not seeking elsewhere for ourselves but completely being ourselves truly.  We can never find ourselves/wisdom by seeking but by being ourselves completely, wisdom reveals itself. When wisdom reveals, we finally seeing or being ourselves in all and all in ourselves.

I should also say, any action and reaction is a motion, you can't truly express wisdom, as it's of our motionless self, but you can use wisdom through motion to become less about motion and more about motionlessness, like I said, it's a paradox but only in a reality of motion.