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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Where Are We Going Now?

Mathew G Naismith

So where are we going from here? Considering the recent events that occurred and that are still occurring in the US, you have got to wonder where this peace and love is supposed to be coming from. There is no nation as a whole that is leading the way in this area. The hate between democrats and the republicans in the US is bad enough, what is occurring at present is even worse, the hate being expressed towards an obvious flawed man as Trump is astonishing.

We have a saying in Australia, "Never try to judge a book by it's cover, especially before it's had a chance to prove itself true". There is not one person who couldn't honestly say they are not flawed in some way, no one is perfect therefore they are flawed in some way. Also,  human consciousness and form is based on imperfections, it's these imperfections that gives human consciousness it's form and expressions. No imperfections, no human.

We might now think that we need to get right away from these imperfections, basically from being human because of it's destructive ways. However, what better way to be in total harmony at the soul level when existing in the thick of imperfections? We have a true chance here to learn to be in total harmony beyond human consciousness, we instead hate anything that is flawed beyond our own imperfections. Trump is obvious within his imperfections, Obama wasn't and look at what Obama has done, supporting a nation, in a huge way, that is deliberately killing off unarmed women and children. Syria's oil and gas is now being pilfered under Obama, also, what about the treatment of native Americans, is any of this of  peace or going to lead to peace? I suppose if you enslave or kill off an entire race of people, this could lead to peace!! 

We have another saying in Australia, "Be aware of the fox/wolf wearing sheep's clothing", this means not to be fooled by a person who seems righteous but is anything but righteous underneath the fake persona. Trump in my mind has shown us he is anything but a fox in sheep's clothing, however, I don't think he is as crazy as he makes himself out to be either. It's the age of the false prophets, Trump is anything but a false prophet.

Trump is a prime example of the reflection of human imperfections. Some people who are anti-Trump, would say he is the reflection of the worse of human imperfections. I think the present regime we are living under, is at this stage worse than Trumps imperfections, why aren't the people in the US demonstrating and hating the present regime? This action is very questionable in my mind.....!!

I suppose the outcome of the election was a demonstration, it was an expression of a dislike to the present regime which Hillary was obviously going to continue with. Paying out billions of dollars to Israel to kill unarmed women and children, while US citizens are unemployed and without a roof over their heads, is going to lead to some a kind of demonstration, as peaceful as it was. Of course this peace is now being shattered by hateful demonstrations. Don't get me wrong with this, I am not a Trump supporter, actually not long a go I wrote a post stating anything but being a supporter of Trump for various reasons.

I'm for love and peace, very much like any true spiritually aware person, Trump doesn't reflect this, actually anything but, however, he is not a fox in sheep's clothing for starters, this is obvious within his own actions. In an age of false prophets/people's, this is significant. Also, if a true spiritually aware person can't stand or even hates what Trumps stands for, human imperfections, how truly spiritually connected and aware are these people? You see Trump is a prime example of the reflection of human imperfections, we often don't like being reminded of what we too are apart of or connected to. We of course want to separate ourselves from this which has nothing to do with oneness, anything but.

We have a nation that is divided by republican and democratic ideologies at the best of times, at times hatefully so. At present this hate has escalated to the point of bitter hatefulness for a man who is obvious within his imperfections, however, a man that hasn't had a chance to prove himself yet. This isn't just a clear display of judgement but prejudgment or even misjudgement based on a persons imperfections. Don't get me wrong here, I don't think I would like a leader to represent me that is as obvious within his imperfections as Trump, however, once again he is not a fox dressed in sheep's clothing to start with, this is quite significant especially in the age we are in.

It's also an age of awareness which represents a consciousness becoming aware of itself. You could say it's a conscious ascension beyond the boundaries and limitations of human consciousness, this means we will be confronted with the truth of the imperfections and perfections of human consciousness, Trump is a prime example of human imperfections in my mind. It's quite desperate times when a consciousness is faced with it's own imperfections, it's even more desperate when these exact same imperfections are represented by our leaders who are suppose to represent us. What ego would want this and this is the point?

The ego can only exist in ignorance to it's truer being, any kind of awareness displaying this imperfection, will of course be repulsed or rejected by the ego. I look at Trump and all  I see is my own imperfections that I don't often express myself, the ego will do anything to refute this kind of awakening and yes, Trump in my mind is very much apart of the awakening. The reason for this lies in his outwardly expression of his own imperfections, I think it's refreshing to see a leader who is very open with his own imperfections even though, like any imperfections, can be very destructive. It's trumps harkening destructive expressions that irks me, but again, this too is but a reflection of my own imperfections.

We should never expect a leader or nation to only express perfections, within this expectation, all we are going to create is more imperfections. When we expect too much of a leader and then are let down by this leader, all we then focus on is the imperfections thus inadvertently creating more imperfections. Of course in relation to Trump, even before he becomes the US leader, he is hated by many because of his own imperfections. As I said, I wouldn't like a leader with so many known imperfections representing me nationally, however, I would try not to create or heighten known human imperfections by expressing hate or even dislike.

It's amazing, the US is supposed to be a representation of a free world based on democracy, a nation that is at the best of times dived by it's politics, religions and races. Is a nation that is so obviously divided and hateful of it's own, going to be a true representation of a free world? To answer this you must consider that the wakening will incur one to awaken to itself, this sadly means in our case, that we need to express these imperfections to become aware of them. Of course spiritually we know we don't have to express these imperfections to become aware of them, however, it would seem human consciousness as a collective needs to do just that.

Yes, more of our human imperfections are becoming more apparent today, this is a good thing even though it's a hard and difficult way for a consciousness to become awakened!!