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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Our Internal/external Journeys

Written by Mathew Naismith

“Everything we need is within, everything we desire is somewhere else. One denotes an internal journey and the other an external journey, spirituality is an internal journey!! “

This quote came to me while I was replying to another post about a similar topic, I had to reread the quote I had just written to realise what it said which is quite normal for me as most of what I write isn’t planed.

I tend to forget myself that when I desire that is of my external journey and has absolutely nothing to do with my internal journey or shouldn’t have in my mind, this external journey however can be quite disruptive to our internal journey at times.  The reason I believe this to be so is one is ego driven the other isn’t, I believe they are only opposing and disruptive when the ego is the master, in full control over all our senses.

Can we experience our external journey without disrupting our internal journey?  

Yes I believe so, by just expressing the ego self without the ego actually playing the role of the master. This isn’t however as easy as it seems mainly because of the ego controlled influences we have in our daily lives. The easiest way to overcome this is being aware of our external journey in the first place and secondly being aware of our own controlling ego and lastly we should be aware of the external influential forces controlled by the ego.

This all sounds too hard and complex  to obtain however all what one needs to do is be aware of the controlling factors of the ego, once we are truly aware of this we will be able to quite easily experience our external journey without interrupting our internal journey.

The external journey is worth experiencing in my books even though it is often referred to as an illusion, what makes it unpleasant is our outer control controlling egos, which of course is what gives us chaos.  Just being aware of the controlling factors of the ego, collectively, will one day give us peace and harmony I believe.

Note: The opposite or antonym of chaos is order which also represents harmony.  The reason we have chaos is quite obvious to me.