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Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Importance of Grounding While in Motion

Written by Mathew Naismith

Grounding: I think this is worth being aware of, grounding, this is because none of us would be here without this grounding, in other words we couldn't exist in a reality of motion without this grounding.  Actually, motion is grounding, any kind of motion grounds us to a particular reality and of course the motions being expressed creates a certain kind off reality. Yes, like how our motions change as we become more aware, so too is the way we ground ourselves.

I personally knew a person who died for no apparent reason, two autopsies were conducted on her without a cause for her demise being determined. Yes, this person was into spirituality and it's very possible she forget to ground herself, or, she wasn't meant to ground herself any longer. It's like hearing of people who have just disappeared, yes, there could be others reasons for this but when you delve into these disappearances, it's been found that they were heavily into certain spiritual practices. And yes, everyone, and I do mean everyone, can unground themselves to the point of dying or just simply disappearing.

To unground yourself simply takes one to let go of all fixations or attachments to motion (mortal existence), this of course isn't easy if you are still attached to any kind of motion. If you still exist in this reality, you are still grounded in some way to motion.

In recent time it's quite obvious I haven't been grounding myself enough, this is due to the way I have been grounded which can occur quite automatically. I've been mentally feeling down in the dumps, depressed at times. When I start to allow the mundane things in my life to depress me, it's a sign that I needed serious grounding. I usually ground myself but if I lose focus on were my own life is going, I become ungrounded. Putting focus on the mundane things in my life helps me to become grounded again, like I said, this can occur quite automatically to any one who becomes aware. The more aware you become, the more you usually need to be grounded.

Praying, meditating, chanting etc. is grounding, yes, these are motions but they are subtle motions. If we were to become aware without a certain kind of practice to keep us focused, we would no longer be able to exist in a reality like this one.

Material/immaterial worlds: When we are fixated to materialism for example, our grounding becomes the things we are fixated to like anything of the material world, however, the way we become grounded  changes when we become spiritually aware, our focus changes from the material (physical) to the immaterial (non-physical). There is a progression in the way we ground ourselves from the material to the immaterial, at times we will use both material and the immaterial for grounding and at other times we will only use the immaterial.

Don't think the more aware we become the less we will use material grounding, this isn't the case, actually at times you will primarily use material grounding to ground yourself but in a different way to if we were only fixated to the material world. Once we become aware, the material and immaterial world becomes more like mortal and immortal. As you become aware, you became aware of the mortal and immortal world, this changes from a perception of material and immaterial worlds. You no longer have attachments to materialism but you still have an attachment to mortality, an existence that is finite (transitory), limited to time. No one can say they don't have an attachment to mortal worlds, they couldn't be here otherwise, this can be at the human or soul level or both.  

Indeed, to me we have to ground ourselves to a motion we are going to experience, you cannot experience a motion without grounding yourself in some way to this motion. The more aware we become, the way we ground ourselves will change, it's certainly handy knowing this.            

Contemplation: I had an interesting reply in regards to a previous post of mine, the word contemplation resonated with me within this conversation. I hope the following reply of mine assists people in the awareness of contemplating, how important it is to balance out this contemplating with other things like meditating and going into one's own space.  

The expression of contemplation is awareness. We are indeed suppose to naturally evolve through contemplating which seems to take balance to do. Without this balance, we will either destroy ourselves or stagnate through the lack of contemplating.  

Contemplation in a reality of motion takes thought, this thought of course needs balance within itself to constructively put into motion instead of destructively.  

Becoming aware of the soul helps us with this balance while at the same time accepting our mortal physical self  as well. I feel we are also meant to balance out the mortal with the immortal self, this will allow us to exist in a more constructive way.   

I'm about to write a post in relation to motion being all about grounding and how important it is to keep grounded. Each motion grounds us differently as we evolve through further contemplation, we will need to ground ourselves differently. This should happen automatically and naturally unless we are imbalanced in some way. 

Like a person who is mentally imbalanced, we too as a collective, being imbalanced, will also react incoherently and chaotically. Once a specialized person grounds these people, they begin to become balanced again, the collective is no different.

I think it's obvious who our collective specialists were, I mention them quite a bit at times in my posts. I think the specialists of our time have tried to coax us  away from being incoherent and chaotic within our motions, this was done by   showing  us how to become balanced while expressing these motions. We exist in a reality of motion, we just haven't learnt in how to use these motions more constructively as yet as a collective. The wisdom is there, we just need to use it......