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Friday, 5 June 2015

The Spiritual Observer

Written by Mathew Naismith

We exist in a reality of observing and judgment, our whole existence is influenced by what and how we observe and judge, good examples of this can be found in psychology/psychiatry and other science modalities for instance. We become aware of our environment through such actions, this in turn creates our reality based purely on observation and judgment, how then does a spiritual observer become aware if it's not through judgment?

Before we answer this we need to understand what it means to be an observer and/or of judgment. In the way we exist at present, we observe and then judge or calculate what is being observed, this allows us to become more aware of our environment, this includes each other and ourselves, this works fine until we take action to what we observed. This is called calculative observation, to observe in this way is to make a calculative judgment of what is being observed, however, calculative judgment through observation isn't the only way to observe as I will explain a little further on.

In our present reality we are using judgment of what we observe, this allows us to judge or calculate what is being observed, there is however a dilemma with this, this kind of action and reaction gives us a perception of a wrong and right, worthy and unworthy, positive and negative. Within this judgment we act and react and so on it goes, calculative observation gives us infinite actions reactions, it's endless, this is until we observe without judgment through calculative observations. This endless action reaction is like energy hammering or pounding itself, it's an endless motion of energy reacting to itself, this action is of course going to create chaos. This is due to it's endless and continuous motions, it's like having a mind that won't stop thinking and we know what kind of chaos that causes us in our own minds.

We have really become expert in calculative observation in main stream society, what we haven't become expert, or even aware of, is observation through non-calculative judgemental means, this is where the spiritual observer comes into it.

A spiritual observer will observe and even state what is being observed, this however isn't done through judgment, there is no right or wrong, worthy or unworthy but there is a constructive or destructive action and reaction, in other words the spiritual observer becomes aware of the different actions and reactions, that is all. Within in this non-reaction of not giving a calculative judgment, there is no reaction therefore this endless motion, brought about by calculative observations, ceases to exist, in other words this infinite motion of actions and reactions is no longer infinite. All motion seems infinite especially when such motion has an endless supply off energy, in this case this energy is action reaction brought about by calculative observations, this is until we stop the flow of energy that is feeding this seemingly endless motion.

We, at this stage of human evolution, seem to only know how to exist through calculative observations, the next step in evolution for human kind is I feel becoming aware and learning to exist primarily influenced by spiritual observation, an existence that mainly excludes calculative observations.

Now we might think, how could human kind evolve without calculative observation, we needed calculative observation to survive and become more aware of our environment?  This is the thing with evolution, nothing stays the same, everything is always evolving, this includes the way we think, in other words instead of using calculative observation to exit by, we are going to evolve and use another way or system of thinking to exist by.

How can anything exist in a reality that doesn't use calculative observations? Take a monkey  for example, they make a calculative observation of what to eat otherwise they could eat the wrong thing, all animals are the same, could you imagine sharks trying to eat steel ships? Calculative observation is used by all creatures to one extent or another. I should state here, observation isn't just in reference to eye sight, it refers to all the senses of all creatures, this also includes the six sense and animal instincts.

There seems no other way to exist only because we only know one way to exist, this is through calculative observations, we know no other way plus it makes sense we can't possibly exist without such observations. With this kind of thought pattern, we are not going to become aware of different ways to exist absent of calculative observations, within this, the motion is going to be endless.

Imagine for one minute that everyone was a spiritual observer, there would be no actions and reactions, there would be little motion, this motionless state would in turn create utter harmony within such a reality. We might think here that we would then starve to death, if you have no actions and reactions, where is the food, the energy, to sustain our own energy going to come from.

How we are existing at the moment is through motion, we are motion so we need food (energy) that is also of motion, this makes perfect sense, how could we consume (use) energy that has no motion? The point is we can't until we begin to become motionless ourselves. Because at present we exist through motion, we need energy that is also of motion, would not a motionless state also need a motionless form of energy to exist?     

We don't need to know where this motionless energy is going to come from or how it's going to appear, this will happen quite automatically the more motionless we become. The spiritual observer void of calculative observation, will create quite a different reality that is very hard to imagine for most of us, most of us today still can't imagine an existence in total harmony but a lot of spiritually aware people do seem to have some idea of this existence, we are indeed becoming more aware of other ways to exist.