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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Choosing a Better Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

What are spiritually aware people doing? Choosing a better existence that is more constructive and aware, we of course could say modern day science minded people are doing same by becoming more aware and technologically advanced, to a spiritually aware person however modern day science seems to be destroying the very thing most spiritually aware people cherish, life itself and the very thing that life relies on to exist, our very own planet.

Now there is an obvious huge difference between these two choices of existence even though they are both about expanding on our awareness but the big difference is, one is destructive the other is trying to be constructive.  Is one wrong or right over the other? If we judge destructiveness as being negative we are judging destructiveness as being wrong however there are no right or wrongs in spirituality. The reason for this is there is no judgement so if we choose to live a destructive life, what kind of mentality is needed to live in a destructive existence, what do we deem this kind of life to be?  If we can’t judge what a destructive existence relate too what is it then?

Because there is no right or wrongs within spiritualty, because there is no judgement, a destructive existence is but a choice, no more no less, it is neither right nor wrong, negative nor positive, it’s a choice we have in the way we want to exist. Most spiritually aware people have chosen to exist in a more constructive existence, an existence that takes in the consideration of all of life not just the life of man himself over and above all other life forms.  Spiritualty is in contrary to what science is about as it’s quite plain to see that science is about egotism where’s spirituality isn’t or isn’t supposed to be.  Does this make modern day science wrong or negative in some way as it’s in opposition to spirituality in a lot of ways, it’s quite destructive for starters? The answer for me being spiritually aware is no, this choice of existence is neither wrong nor negative; it’s but a choice of what mentality we wish to exist under.

Do we really have a choice? Many spiritually aware and non-spiritually aware people say no, we live in hell or a negative destructive chaotic existence, there is no physical choice, we are entrapped in a destructive existence that’s it!!

I have had to endure a chronic injury since I was six years old, I am now 50 years old, you could say I was entrapped within a physical and mental existence that I had no way in escaping but that’s not true.  Even if I chose to live within a destructive existence, I still wouldn’t have been entrapped for the main reason I still had a choice in what mentality I was going to exist by.  I of course chose a more constructive existence but I know I still have a choice of choosing a more destructive existence if I want too, I still have a choice no matter what.

I don’t see my life experience as being any different to the choices we have as a collective, we all have a choice in the way we want to exist which is mainly determined by our mentality not our physical situation. This reality is quite destructive and chaotic for the main reason we have chosen such a way to exist, we now realise from our awareness there are many other ways we can exist  that are far more constructive. 

What happens when we change our mentality to a more constructive way to exist, can this literally change our physical reality? For me I don’t see a wrong and right, negative or positive as much these days in everything around me, I now see it as choices we make in the way we want to exist but can this kind of mentality actually change our physical reality?

I will answer this question like this; I have a chronic injury but I still performed physical tasks, at times, that fully able people didn’t want to do because it was too hard of work, I also accomplished these tasks without pain killers. Now can our choice of existence change our physical and mental reality?  It is obvious it can otherwise how did I do what I did!! Now let’s look at what this choice of constructive existence can do collectively.

The collective has already created an actual physical reality of destruction, why can’t we now collectively also create an actual physical reality of constructive existence that takes in consideration of all life forms not just one life form, man?  I’m a good example that this can quite easily be obtained but to do this we need to stop judging what is good and bad, negative and positive, right and wrong, this kind of judgment is only in relation to a destructive mentality  not a constructive mentality.  A constructive mentality is brought about only seeing choices to be made in the way we choose to exist, none of these choices are seen to be wrong or right over the other, they are just choices we can exist by.  

At the moment I’m conversing with a person who deems themselves to be science minded, they are noticeably highly aggressively abusive and stoop quite often to deceiving to prove their points, this isn’t the only time I have chosen to deal with such people, why would I bother? This is the question that is asked of me quite often by other spiritually aware people, the point is I haven’t judged them to be negative or bad in some way, it’s a choice of existence they have chosen to exist by, that is all. Just because there vibrations are different to mine, does this make their vibrations wrong or negative compared to my constructive mentality and their destructive mentality?  The only difference is one is constructive the other destructive, this is quite noticeable within the aggressive abuse and obvious deception by such people. Do I then judge this kind of destructive mentality as being negative or wrong?  No, it’s just a choice we make in the way we want to exist by, that is all.

When I most often read these people’s replies,   I can literally physically feel the vibrational change within my body, we could probably judge this as being a bad thing to experience but it’s not, actually it’s a very good sign.

The reason this is a very good sign is it shows me, in a physical way, that I am not of this kind of destructive vibration; I’m being told through my physical body that my choice of existence is more constructive than a person who has chosen a more destructive way to exist.  We could of course judge this reaction as being positive if we were to allow the ego to influence us to judge such things in the first place.  Actually this kind of reaction is neither positive nor negative; it’s just a sign that my choice of existence is more constructive.  I wrote about tribe mentality in past posts, this is a part of this tribe mentality in not judging a right or wrong but just a choice in the way we choose to exist, a choice of either a destructive or constructive mentality, nothing more or less.  

People with a destructive mentality can be very forceful and influence us in their own destructive ways, the ego in this case will not doubt judge this as being negative, how do we stop these people influencing us so and how do we stop the ego from influencing us to judge these people negative?  

It all comes down to our mentality, if we are ourselves constructive within our own mentality or not!!  If these people can still get to you and influence you, you are still of their mentality and will judge what is and isn’t negative and positive.  How do we strengthen our mentality to resist other people’s destructive mentality?  There is a huge array of spiritual and psychological information out there that will assist in strengthening our mentally but in most parts, if we come in contact with a person with a destructive mentality, try to see that it was their choice to exist in such a destructive existence, it’s just another way to exist that we can all choose or not choose to experience.  Some people choose to be destructive some don’t, it’s just a choice we all make. Just because we chose to exist in a more constructive way doesn’t mean everybody else should. Being of a more constructive mentality, we really don’t have a right to push our way of existing onto others even though that is what these people do who exist by destructive mentalities.   

Be constructive if you choose and see the way we choose to exist is only a choice as it is for anyone.  

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Being More Positively Expressive on the Net

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: I was asked a couple of questions in relation to the quote, I will insert this at the end of the post in bold.  

Hopefully the following might help a few people deal with others that are more about control when trying to converse with others on the net.  It’s fine avoiding these people but spiritual awareness isn’t just about our own awareness but the awareness of all collectively I believe which means at times we may have to deal with controllers when conversing with others.  Spirituality to me isn’t about taking control but releasing it. Recently I became involved with a spiritual site that was all about knowledge & knowledge on it’s own is all about control because anything I put on this site about wisdom was quite destructively ridiculed.  Is this sites concepts wrong in some way? No because it’s like any belief or view others abide by, it’s each to their own, this site just wasn’t for me so I found out.

On this site I experienced quite a lot of high cap replies which denotes yelling & aggression which would explain the destructive criticism I was receiving from these people. High caps are fine if we are trying to point out a particular point however we should beware that we could be displaying an aggressive stance & even if we weren’t others might take it this way.  This is a good thing to remember when conversing with anyone on the net.  There is also a big difference between constructive & destructive criticism, the links below give a good outline of the difference of constructive & destructive criticism.

Extract:  Destructive criticism aims to destroy the target of criticism, by making the destructive criticism (e.g. "you should shut up and follow the program"). The aim is to show that the point of view of someone else has no validity at all, or lacks any merit.

Constructive criticism aims to show that the intent or purpose of something is better served by an alternative approach. In this case, making the criticism is not necessarily deemed wrong, and its purpose is respected; rather, it is claimed that the same goal could be better achieved via a different route. Constructive criticisms are often suggestions for improvement – how things could be done better or more acceptably. They draw attention to how an identified problem could be solved, or how it could be solved better.

We can deduct here that constructive criticism is more of awareness but destructive criticism is of control.

The link below gives some very helpful hints in being more constructive in our replies. We can also see from this when others are being destructive within their criticism which at times is hard to detect. The following info will also help with this by allowing us to detect sooner if a person is being constructive or destructive within their criticism. This will help us determine if the discussion is worth going on with before it gets totally out of hand.

Extract: Most people are very thin-skinned and easily upset when it comes to receiving criticism.

Even when criticism is constructively intended, the receiver may be sensitive and respond with feelings of anger, sadness, or guilt, especially when the criticism is delivered in a way that tends to arouse defensiveness such as sending it in the form of a "You-message." (See "I-Statements" below.)

This is because when people receive messages that start with "You," such as "You didn't do this," "You never do that," "You always do the following," it is natural for them to feel attacked and take a defensive or even a retaliative position.

Fortunately, there are several excellent methods for giving constructive criticism that are unlikely to trigger bad feelings.

If we incorporate the word you with high cap letters this will enhance the effectiveness of destructive criticism used. We should also remember here some people converse in this way deliberately, spammers are a good example of this.  

I hope this will assist anyone wanting to express their own free thinking & awareness to others on the net, hoping they just might help others become more aware. Spiritual awareness is about the awareness of the collective not just of the individual so feel free to express yourself more confidently.  Now get out there & express yourself away.

+Deb Putman I wasn't always positive either Deb.

Is there a reason why we attract negative people & responses? A very good question & should we feel obligated to help? Just by being positive is helping even though they feel threatened by this positivity.

A positive person attracting a negative person is a positive sign from the negative person because they feel threatened for some reason so a question mark goes up. Once they feel threatened something is telling them there is something wrong here but of course it's usually the positive person who is in the wrong according to them & they will pull out all stops to prove so.

The conscious self is telling them someone else is at fault but the subconscious self is telling them wait a minute I'm at fault. When I get a seemingly negative response from a negative person it's really a positive response because they have just become aware of a difference. It's a start & that is all we need to do because the subconscious usually does the rest but of course that isn’t always the case.

There is an old saying that goes like this,"You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink"..