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Friday, 28 October 2016

Living by Truths

Written  by Mathew Naismith

In the last few days, I've been preoccupied with an ascension group, a group of people feeling the affects of their environment around them, be it the physical reality or the conscious reality that is around us all. For these people, the conscious reality is changing, they are literally feeling it, not just consciously but physically as well. This change or conscious ascension isn't easy to navigate or even comprehend at times, a lot of us are indeed faced with reconditioning ourselves to quite a different conditioning than what we were initially conditioned to.
This reconditioning of our consciousness is indeed filled with dilemmas. Being that this reconditioning is less judgmental and less about serving a controlling ego period, we often find ourselves being more judgemental and even more egotistical. This is because any kind of transition will entail a period of inverts (reverses). I think this reason for this lies within the controlling aspects of the ego itself, it just doesn't want to lose control, hay, what controlling aspect would? What controlling human conscious aspect is just going to sit there waiting to have it's control taken away from it? No human conscious controlling aspect is just going to do nothing, it's going to fight back and vigorously.

At times we will feel we are taking one step foreword and two steps back, at other times we will feel we are taking two steps foreword and one step back. Considering we are trying to recondition ourselves form a long term controlling human conscious aspect, we should expect, at times, taking two steps back, after all, it' apart of the reconditioning or ascension process.

In recent days within this ascension group, there has been a number of incidences of instability. A lot of people who are into labels, would just judge this as being negative or bad in some way, within this mentality or approach, these people would miss out on the benefits of such instabilities. For people like myself however,  it's a different  matter, I couldn't think of anything more ascending than to honestly come forth and tell it how it actually is, even be it from or through instability. In my mind, the instability within this group is a sure sign of ascension, as of any instability we learn from, we also come forth with open hearted truths, this is instead of covering up the truth, especially with various labels.

As of a few posts since the instability within this group, the following post surprised me, what a welcome addition, pure utter direct truth. I've participated on numerous discussion boards, some of them I was either kicked off or I left because of the difference in mentality. Very rarely do I actually witness open honesty, not just in regards to other people but oneself as well. I found the following refreshing to say the least. I think it's worthwhile reading the comments in regards to this post.                 

Part of me is really hesitant to say this. I fear I'll be shunned, and pple will... well ya know.. but I'm wanting others to be open and have the courage to speak up about this subject and simply share whatever it is they feel, so I better walk the talk. 

What was the catalyst for my rant here was reading about someone who is going through a rage full angry period, and actually being told that they needed to "get help"! That this was not a normal thing for ascension along with other suggested" fixes" for this awful condition! 

I'm so incredibly worn out with hearing about low vibration and the absolute certainty that there's something to be DONE about so called negative emotions. 

DO whatever it takes to get out of them or else! 

I mean absolutely no disrespect nor to offend anyone, however 
The shaming done in this entire community by SOME, surely not all, is the same as religion, just done in a more sugar coated way. 

I'm an incredibly loving overall positive person who is going through an irritable angry and frustrated time. Along with the anger and frustration is a lot of pain and tears. To some this means that I "need help" 🙈 am in serious shape, and the list of "what to do's,' is endless! It reminds me of old time exorcisms! 
I personally do not one bit like being in this, especially for so long, but there's a reason for it and if more people would allow ALL feelings, have the courage to admit that they have them, and share this openly, there would be much less downward spiraling for some. Maybe If people felt more comfortable talking about it, the crap would probably pass much sooner.

I should say, what we need from these emotions would come quicker. 
Imagine that you are new to all of this. You're vulnerable and lost. 
You find yourself experiencing this rage etc. you come here or elsewhere only to read ALL of the numerous things to do, and do fast to get OUT of the baaad feelings, up to and including.. Seek Help!! Translation... There's something wrong with You!! 

Wow! I shudder to think how that could effect someone! And yes, our actions do effect others, even the most evolved, high vibrating of us has times when we are vulnerable to what others say and do. 
Now if I were spewing hateful hurtful things, by all means tell me to knock it off! I don't, haven't, wouldn't, and I'd bet big money that it's the same case for this person I'm referring to. 
Part of this process, if not THE most important part is to rid ourselves of judgment. Judgment of all kinds. Labeling anger as negative, and happy as positive IS judgment. Judging the emotion and the one feeling it. 
It may be childish of me but the quickest way to push me deeper into a space, feeling whatever, is to tell me I shouldn't be there! 

Many of the people who give suggestions and ideas for "healing" of course mean well, are doing out of the place of Love etc. and there's a need for that at times. There are also times when support, compassion, an "Oh me too" or just an etheric hug is all that's needed or ' asked for!' 
This person didn't say, please tell me what to do about this, or I need to hear all the things that I already know, AND said that I have done. They simply specified how they felt, and asked if anyone else was going through it. This is the case so often. 

I guess I just struggle with the fact that SO many, SO often feel the need to FIX! 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Quietness- A Supposition of Uncontrollability

Written by Mathew Naismith

Believe it or not spirituality isn’t about more control but less mainly because control denotes a controlling ego which sort of makes no sense especially when we need control to just meditate.  At the human level we are controlling & seems like the only way we can obtain anything which is going to be beneficial to us & at the human level of understanding that is true however spirituality isn’t just about what is at the human level.  Once we fall within our own quietness we are no longer just at the human level of understanding so in this state of consciousness is everything uncontrollable because we are not controlling ourselves?     

This is an interesting question because I can neither say no or yes to this question for the main reason once you obtain true inner quietness within oneself control isn’t needed which also signifies that the ego is no longer needed or even exists or shouldn’t especially if we are within a true state of inner quietness.

Again this is funny, because at the human level of understanding we think if one isn’t in control they have to be not in control, out of control, but that is what our human conscious understanding is telling us, in other words the controlling ego wants us to think there has to be a yin to the yang.  Once we start to experience true inner quietness there is no yin & yang’s believe it or not & this is why so many people have trouble understanding most concepts of spirituality & inner sacred quietness.  For these people to understand these concepts they need to beware of the controlling factors of the ego that the ego is telling us there has to be a yin & yang because we need control like to succeed in our endeavours with meditating for example.  Having knowledge of meditating isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be!!  

Knowledge is a controlling factor of the ego as well, the more we know the more in control we feel & at the human level of understanding the more we are able to do however because it’s still all about control we are not within our own quietness & it’s within this quietness we will obtain true control even when it’s not controlling in nature.  Most of the times while in this quietness we are quite more accepting than in our human state of understanding  & the more accepting we become the more quietness will befall upon us & of course the less we will use human conscious understanding on its own.  How do we obtain quietness without some form of meditative state?  You don’t but the less controlling we are about mediating the more successful we will be mainly because we will have no expectations driven by a controlling ego, just let yourself drift without any thought of control even of your own breathe.  It is also important to realise meditation isn’t about control just like spirituality isn’t supposed to be about control, we don’t meditate to take control but to release it.

The reason I said we will obtain true control  is that is what it feels like in this quietness state but not exactly alike mainly because there’s no big deal, the only reason we feel we have more control is we are more accepting mainly because there being no yin & yang therefore no controlling ego. There is an ego present however because one can’t be aware of oneself being aware without an ego telling us so however it’s not a controlling ego.    

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Intrepid Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

Negative Traits of the Ego: I think most of us realise what the ego portrays at its worst, conflicts, the ego is about conflicts either it be through military war, social war, political war, financial war or war within ourselves it’s all to do with conflicts & this is why the ego especially within the spiritually aware fraternity is despised or unwanted & at its worst it’s no wander we think like this. If we didn’t have the ego to contend with as a species life would be somewhat more peaceful & harmonious in every way obviously.

The ego at its worst can deter us or hinder our growth especially for the spiritually aware, if we put ourselves above others in any way we are doing the opposite to what we should be doing as spiritually aware people, we are not being humble & it’s this humbleness that is impossible for a person caught up on the attachments of the ego to express. How many attachments do we have one should ask ourselves? Any attachment is of the ego & yes an attachment to spiritually feeling good is an attachment & of the ego as well so if attachments are of the ego, what isn’t an attachment or of the ego? If you are existing that is an attachment so in physical life in particular it is impossible to detach completely therefore we are always of the ego unless we do away with ourselves which proves nothing because even after death we can still have attachments as ghosts & alike show us.

As physical beings it would seem it is impossible to rid ourselves of the ego & associated attachments even when we are spiritually aware, to have a need or a want of betterment in anyway is of the ego, to paint or clean your house is of the ego, to dress nicely is of the ego, to talk about your children is of the ego & to take pride in your mind & body is of the ego so what isn’t of the ego in this reality? To even express one’s dislike of the ego is of the ego so I would have to say nothing.

This sounds that everything that is physical & mental is of the ego not just the negative things but all the positive things as well like taking pride in oneself & others especially of your family so if we got read of the ego we would have to go around in rags, have very little communication with others, don’t care for what you eat or drink, never bathe & in actual fact live to die. Is this taking humbleness too far to rid ourselves of the ego?  Well that is quite obvious what the answer would be, yes, so what do we do just let the ego rule & do nothing about it?

Controlling the Ego: Control the ego instead of it controlling you, we have allowed ourselves right through human history with the ego calling the shots in other words taking control of us instead of the other way around, it is obviously impossible for us to rid ourselves of the ego completely nor should we even try which just depicts more egotism, what we should be doing is taking control of the ego.  So how is this possible? Not through egotistically trying to better oneself by trying to rid ourselves of the ego but by seeing the ego’s benefit’s not just seeing how harmful it is all the time which is awfully negative.

So what are the benefits of an ego, its positives? Life itself for starters, if we were born with no ego what prospects would we have to further ourselves in any way which includes becoming spiritually aware or reconnected to our inner selves or God? Absolutely none because it’s the ego that propels us on to develop not to just sit there & stagnate.  Yes there are spiritually aware people like gurus who sit around as humble as they can & stagnate, could we all do this? No because we would all starve to death so someone has to be of the ego & have associated attachments to grow food.  

“The ego is very powerful & intrepid as it has no fear within itself but causes fear especially in those who fear it the most”….Love Mathew

So what’s the answer? Seeing the ego’s positive points & by doing this in time these other negative traits of the ego will disappear as if they never existed, it is obvious we can’t rid ourselves of the ego & associated attachments but we can cut them down to size & take control. How do we look at the positive points of the ego when they can be so destructive & disruptive?   “Take what you need not what you want”, this is a very good start, if the want is going to make you become more aware this is more of a need not just a want, see how positive it becomes when you look at it consciously differently!!  It all comes down in the way we perceive it than what it really is however to feed the ego through just wants is going the other way thus the ego is taking control of you again not you taking control of the ego through positive awareness. Tackle the ego positively & negatively!!