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Friday, 28 October 2016

Living by Truths

Written  by Mathew Naismith

In the last few days, I've been preoccupied with an ascension group, a group of people feeling the affects of their environment around them, be it the physical reality or the conscious reality that is around us all. For these people, the conscious reality is changing, they are literally feeling it, not just consciously but physically as well. This change or conscious ascension isn't easy to navigate or even comprehend at times, a lot of us are indeed faced with reconditioning ourselves to quite a different conditioning than what we were initially conditioned to.
This reconditioning of our consciousness is indeed filled with dilemmas. Being that this reconditioning is less judgmental and less about serving a controlling ego period, we often find ourselves being more judgemental and even more egotistical. This is because any kind of transition will entail a period of inverts (reverses). I think this reason for this lies within the controlling aspects of the ego itself, it just doesn't want to lose control, hay, what controlling aspect would? What controlling human conscious aspect is just going to sit there waiting to have it's control taken away from it? No human conscious controlling aspect is just going to do nothing, it's going to fight back and vigorously.

At times we will feel we are taking one step foreword and two steps back, at other times we will feel we are taking two steps foreword and one step back. Considering we are trying to recondition ourselves form a long term controlling human conscious aspect, we should expect, at times, taking two steps back, after all, it' apart of the reconditioning or ascension process.

In recent days within this ascension group, there has been a number of incidences of instability. A lot of people who are into labels, would just judge this as being negative or bad in some way, within this mentality or approach, these people would miss out on the benefits of such instabilities. For people like myself however,  it's a different  matter, I couldn't think of anything more ascending than to honestly come forth and tell it how it actually is, even be it from or through instability. In my mind, the instability within this group is a sure sign of ascension, as of any instability we learn from, we also come forth with open hearted truths, this is instead of covering up the truth, especially with various labels.

As of a few posts since the instability within this group, the following post surprised me, what a welcome addition, pure utter direct truth. I've participated on numerous discussion boards, some of them I was either kicked off or I left because of the difference in mentality. Very rarely do I actually witness open honesty, not just in regards to other people but oneself as well. I found the following refreshing to say the least. I think it's worthwhile reading the comments in regards to this post.                 

Part of me is really hesitant to say this. I fear I'll be shunned, and pple will... well ya know.. but I'm wanting others to be open and have the courage to speak up about this subject and simply share whatever it is they feel, so I better walk the talk. 

What was the catalyst for my rant here was reading about someone who is going through a rage full angry period, and actually being told that they needed to "get help"! That this was not a normal thing for ascension along with other suggested" fixes" for this awful condition! 

I'm so incredibly worn out with hearing about low vibration and the absolute certainty that there's something to be DONE about so called negative emotions. 

DO whatever it takes to get out of them or else! 

I mean absolutely no disrespect nor to offend anyone, however 
The shaming done in this entire community by SOME, surely not all, is the same as religion, just done in a more sugar coated way. 

I'm an incredibly loving overall positive person who is going through an irritable angry and frustrated time. Along with the anger and frustration is a lot of pain and tears. To some this means that I "need help" 🙈 am in serious shape, and the list of "what to do's,' is endless! It reminds me of old time exorcisms! 
I personally do not one bit like being in this, especially for so long, but there's a reason for it and if more people would allow ALL feelings, have the courage to admit that they have them, and share this openly, there would be much less downward spiraling for some. Maybe If people felt more comfortable talking about it, the crap would probably pass much sooner.

I should say, what we need from these emotions would come quicker. 
Imagine that you are new to all of this. You're vulnerable and lost. 
You find yourself experiencing this rage etc. you come here or elsewhere only to read ALL of the numerous things to do, and do fast to get OUT of the baaad feelings, up to and including.. Seek Help!! Translation... There's something wrong with You!! 

Wow! I shudder to think how that could effect someone! And yes, our actions do effect others, even the most evolved, high vibrating of us has times when we are vulnerable to what others say and do. 
Now if I were spewing hateful hurtful things, by all means tell me to knock it off! I don't, haven't, wouldn't, and I'd bet big money that it's the same case for this person I'm referring to. 
Part of this process, if not THE most important part is to rid ourselves of judgment. Judgment of all kinds. Labeling anger as negative, and happy as positive IS judgment. Judging the emotion and the one feeling it. 
It may be childish of me but the quickest way to push me deeper into a space, feeling whatever, is to tell me I shouldn't be there! 

Many of the people who give suggestions and ideas for "healing" of course mean well, are doing out of the place of Love etc. and there's a need for that at times. There are also times when support, compassion, an "Oh me too" or just an etheric hug is all that's needed or ' asked for!' 
This person didn't say, please tell me what to do about this, or I need to hear all the things that I already know, AND said that I have done. They simply specified how they felt, and asked if anyone else was going through it. This is the case so often. 

I guess I just struggle with the fact that SO many, SO often feel the need to FIX! 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Being Aware - A More Placid Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's obvious to me that being aware gives me a more accepting disposition, this in turn gives me a more placid existence, this state however is only acquired if one is aware beyond certain conditionings set down in the following.

I have observed that many people are struggling with what is going on in the world at present, I have also observed that others who ignore and /or separate themselves from these adversities, seem content and placid, this is until they are themselves directly influenced by these adversities adversely.  

The following is but a guide to a more aware and accepting placid existence.

~ Condition yourself to all of  what is going on in human consciousness, even to the adversities, this will allow you to cope better with these adversities when they influence you. Staying ignorant or separate to these adversities actually makes you a lot more vulnerable than other people who are conditioned to these adversities. This however doesn't mean you allow these adversities to condition you to become these adversities, it means to only become aware of these adversities. You can be within these adversities without being of these adversities.

~  Now this is a big one, try not to judge what is wrong or right, good or bad, negative or positive, black or white, this also means not to judge what is judged to be positive because one will always create the other to the same extent. To also judge what is positive, means there has to be a negative to compare a positive to, wouldn't it be better if we didn't have a judged negative to begin with?

~ Observe instead of judging. A true observation will only observe a difference without the separation of judgment, for example, one will observe what is and isn't destructive without judging a positive or negative within this observation. Observation means to become aware of your environment where judgment means to stay ignorant to our environment. Observation also means to become aware of all perceptions without bias, however, judgment means to stay ignorant to any other perception but your own.

~ Now we come to love. Love naturally detracts from destructive tendencies, this is because once a consciousness truly loves, it is quite unable to destroy anything. A true sense of love is also of awareness, this is the main reason why this kind of love is unable to be destructive for only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy, a truly aware consciousness is unable to express destructive tendencies, however......

~ It's wise to be also aware that human consciousness is conditioned to abuse and misuse any trait that will seem to benefit it, religion, spirituality, politics, materialism, are good examples of this abuse and misuse, this abuse and misuse in turn will of course create extremes. Human consciousness is but one journey with infinite paths to follow, however to make things interesting, we also have a choice to evolve further from this human consciousness or not.  

~ Become aware that human consciousness is but one journey we are all on no matter what path we are following, however, be also aware that another consciousness that is evolving from human consciousness is developing. This means that some of us will evolve and some of us won't and one consciousness will become more constructive, the other more destructive and some people will be comfortable with what is going on in the world at present, some people won't, there are no wrong or rights with this.

~ Some of us are indeed splitting away from human consciousness, it's likened to human consciousness forking of into a different journey to human consciousness, however, don't get the idea that human consciousness isn't ascending, human consciousness is ascending but it's not evolving into another more aware consciousness. Human consciousness is ascending into a more destructive consciousness, it's wise not to judge this as not being an ascension because it's unbecoming in some way to us. Ascension isn't governed by how a consciousness thinks and expresses itself, an ascending consciousness only has to improve on itself, in anyway.

~ Indeed, the consciousness that is evolving from human consciousness, will once again entail infinite paths while this evolved consciousness is but once again one journey, one consciousness. These paths within this consciousness will be nothing like the paths that are followed in human consciousness's journey, they will be quite different because the journey (consciousness) will be different. One consciousness = journey, individual consciousness's = paths, one journey being taken by many consciousness's on different paths.

~ This new evolved consciousness will be very different to human consciousness, try to let go of this human consciousness, this human consciousness is ascending through technology and corruption but it's still a consciousness that will never be truly aware and passive, it's purely unable to for any length of time.

~ We don't just have a choice of paths to experience, we now have a different journey to choose to experience our paths through, it's indeed a lively time to exist as a 3rd dimensional consciousness.

~ One more thing, try not to judge each other, the journey you have chosen to follow, either it be spiritual or materialistic, is but a journey, one is not wrong or right over the other even though either side might have disdain for the other!! There are of course people who have not judged one journey being more worthy than the other, however, these people have observed that one is more destructive than the other, in the end, you must go with what you feel is the right journey for you to take. 


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why Dimensions Are Not Levels!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was asked to elaborate on my last post about dimensions, I'm reluctant because the post I wrote about dimensions wasn't that well written, it also took me 4 hours to write, this is because I sort of turned everything upside down. Most concepts tell us that consciousness  starts off at the 1st or 3rd dimension and go from there until we become one with the creator, I'm actually advocating that all consciousness starts off at the twelfth dimension and can, but not necessarily, end up at the 1st dimension. Instead of a consciousness from the twelfth dimension progressing or ascending from this dimension, it seemingly regresses or descends from this state.

Ascension: Something to consider here,  there is no ego what so ever in the twelfth dimension, would not a consciousness, with no ego, express itself in a more humble way if the need arose? A consciousness with a controlling ego on the other hand would actually act and perceive the opposite way, it would always want to ascend, this is why we think all consciousness is ascending from a lower level to a higher level of the twelfth dimension, or another way of putting it, to be one with God's consciousness.

The point is, all of what is, has come from one source, in my perception, everything came from the twelfth dimension, or if you like, the light. No matter what dimension a consciousness is experiencing, it's initial beginning was from the twelfth dimension, this only becomes unapparent when a consciousness experiences dimensions that keeps a consciousness unaware of it's initial beginnings. Even a consciousness experiencing the 1st dimension was initially created from the twelfth dimension, it matters not how unaware a consciousness becomes of this, all consciousness, to me, was created from the twelfth dimension, not the 1st or 3rd dimension.

Consciousness does not have to ascend or descend from any dimension, any consciousness at any time can just stay within a certain dimension, this is until a consciousness expresses an intention to experience another dimension other than what it's experiencing in the present. There is however no true perception of ascending or descending in the twelfth dimension, even in other dimension of wisdom there is no perception of this, this can only be perceived of a consciousness that isn't wised up to their being no true ascending and descending. If there is no ascending or descending of a consciousness, there is no levels of consciousness.

We have twelve dimensions, to a 3rd dimensional mentality these are perceived as levels, this is quite normal perception for this mentality of the 3rd dimension to have, this however isn't the same in dimensions of a wiser consciousness. There are no levels for a consciousness with no or little ego, only experiences to be had.

Levels: Each dimension actually makes up a whole consciousness, even the twelfth dimension isn't a whole consciousness without the other eleven dimensions. If these other eleven dimensions had no purpose, they couldn't exist even as an illusion. I cannot imagine a twelfth dimensional consciousness even creating an illusion for no purpose what so ever, everything has it's reason for existing in some way.

Illusions indeed have a purpose. Many people in the 3rd dimension have no perception of  other dimensions,  this is why many people can't  imagine a creative energy source of some kind existing, in this case of a creator, we are talking about the twelfth dimension, you can understand why so many people can't perceive a creator or a point of a conscious creation of some kind existing from a 3rd dimensional state.

The only way to experience a true 3rd dimensional state, is to perceive in levels, however, these levels are determined by what a 3rd dimensional consciousness is aware of, if it's not aware of other dimensions existing, it's even unable to perceive these dimensions as levels. The 3rd dimension is all about measuring, if it can't measure it, it doesn't exist, this isn't the same in dimensions that are conductive towards wisdom. When their is no purpose to measure, there are no levels, this includes the twelve dimensions.

When a conscious becomes aware of these twelve dimension in the 3rd dimension, it automatically perceives these dimensions as levels, this is quite normal. This is when we perceive we have to be ascending from the 3rd to the twelfth dimension. Perceiving these dimensions as levels is actually a good thing because we will perceive to be ascending, you certainly don't want to descend to the 2nd or 1st dimension unless that is your intentions. Perceiving levels actually assist us in going to a more aware state of consciousness, people who can't perceive these dimensions, especially as levels, will most likely stay in the 3rd dimension or even go onto the 2nd dimension, depending on the intentions and mentality.

The ego actually serves us well here in helping us to perceive levels, the ego wants to ascend not descend however!!    

Mentality: We could change this 3rd dimension into a 2nd dimension or we could change this dimension into a 5th dimension, in actuality, both are likely to occur, this however doesn't mean we will all experience a 2nd and 5th dimension at the same time. What will occur is a persons/souls consciousness will only perceive, thus experience, a 5th or 2nd dimension. No consciousness but the twelfth can experience more than one actual dimension at one time, this is due to the mentality that is a part of each dimension.

Each dimension has it's own unique mentality, could you imagine a destructive mentality existing the 11th dimension?  It couldn't occur as each dimension has it's own kind of mentality. Could you imagine a highly constructive 11th dimensional mentality existing in a 2nd dimension of utter destruction? Any consciousness existing in the 2nd dimension would become instantly constructive, such consciousness's would then no longer be of the 2nd dimension for only a destructive conscious can exist in such a dimension.

A destructive mentality cannot exist in a highly constructive dimension but a constructive mentality can exist in a highly destructive dimension. Destructive mentalities cannot enter into a constructive dimension and influence the consciousness's experiencing such dimensions, this is due to the influence of constructive mentalities. This is wholly due to there being way too much love and understanding in a constructive dimension for a destructive consciousness to have any influence what so ever upon such a consciousness.
The opposite however can occur, how many people have been influenced by Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Rumi for example?  Am I advocating that these people were from another highly constructive dimension? They might not have directly come from these dimensions but they, in my mind, were well connected to dimensions more constructive than the 3rd dimension.  This is due to wisdom not being a strong attribute of this dimension, if it was, this dimension would no longer be of a 3rd dimension, it would become a more constructive dimension driven by a more constructive mentality. To me, these people obviously had a more constructive mentality.

Religion/spirituality: The role of spirituality/religion are apparent to me, they help keep us connected to the twelfth dimension, when we no longer use religion/spirituality, we loose our connection and become basically lost even at the soul level. Even the belief in a God of man or of many God's and Goddess's, assist us with this connection, these beliefs certainly didn't occur by accident, you could say they were preordained to assist us no matter what dimension we are experiencing.

This connection however becomes more difficult to attain or acquire in a destructive dimension like the 3rd dimension but especially in the 2nd and 1st dimensions. You could imagine the disconnection experienced in the 2dn and 1st dimensions, it would be insurmountable. A well connected consciousness however would of course be able to stay connected even in the 2nd and 1st dimensions. These dimensions of utter destructing can create the most beautiful consciousness's/souls but only if these consciousness's/souls stayed connected.

The 2nd and 1st dimensions, or any dimension, are not levels, they are experiences. Levels usually go from the lower level to the higher, this isn't the case in relation to dimensions, you actually do quite the opposite so it's not actually a level we scale up, it's mentalities we experiences as we go through each dimension. These experiences are not bettering a soul or consciousness either, they are just experiences, yes, they can produce the most beautiful consciousness's/souls but this isn't an attainment/achievement, it's a privilege. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Ascending, an Illusion

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wish to affirm with my readers in where I am coming from with what I write. I’m not into ascending, I have no need to ascend and I certainly have no desire, we are already ascended beings within a descended state of consciousness. There is a saying that goes like this; “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence”.

We are at present in this descended state of consciousness, on one side of the fence, but we are assumingly aware it’s greener on the other side of the fence, an ascended state of consciousness.  Once we ascend to this other side of the fence we then realise how green it was on the other side of the fence from where we were in our descended state, you realise you were always in an ascended state.  What is causing us from knowing this is in what we desire as opposed to our needs.  

All our needs are on this side of this descended conscious state side of the fence however what we desire is always on the other ascended conscious state side of the fence.  There is absolutely no need to go onto the other side of the fence, our desiring ego wants to be ascended so we are unable to see what we already have and it’s certainly unable to see we are already ascended.  Actually there isn’t another side of the fence; it’s an illusion of the ego. The ego of course is going to want something more glamorous no matter what side of the fence it’s on, so to do this it’ creates an illusion.  It’s actually the other side of the fence that is the illusion; it’s supposed to give us ascension when we are already ascended.

So we definitely have a need to change what we are doing  so ascending to the other side of the fence seems the only way, what else is there to do?

If the collective realised they are already ascended beings in a descended state of consciousness this reality would change quite dramatically and quite automatically because by realising we are ascended beings in the first place we would again automatically ascend to a higher consciousness.  One of the worse things we do to stop this automatic ascension is idolisation which fixates us to a singular ideological standardised view, by doing this we presume our ascension is somewhere else other than where we are.  This of course gives us the illusion; to ascend we need to go to the other side of the fence.  If you like, God is everywhere so there is no other side of the fence, God is where you are right now and so is your ascended self , all you have to do is truly realise this.

Once you truly believe you are already ascended you become a lot more accepting of your present situation even if it’s being in a descended state of consciousness, you become humble and a lot more at peace with the world. Yes we and others will act inappropriately at times compared to our known ascended self, that is a part of the experiences of being in a descended state of consciousness. If we wish to change this all we need to do is remember who we really are, an already ascended being however there are people like myself who are accepting of our descended state of consciousness but not to the point of our own or anyone else’s harm.  I’m quite accepting of my ignorant self in this descended state because I don’t see myself as being destructive, just experiencing.  

Yes we need, as opposed to desire, to collectively change our ways if we want to create a better existence, that would seem to be a must.  

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ascending: What’s the Big Deal?

Written by Mathew Naismith

On the human level it’s a huge deal. Each & every conscious change this species has gone through has ascended us to a higher human development mainly through changes of our modes of thoughts. Yes for sure there has been set backs like with the dark ages for example however we might have taken one step back in our collective consciousness but we have taken far more steps forward than backwards obviously. It would seem we have reached a plateau in our human development, if we go on any further in the way we are still thinking this species isn’t going to be around much longer, so what comes next? Ascension to a different way of thinking all together.

As a species we can no longer ascend along the lines we are without causing our own demise, this isn’t saying we have reached our peak in technological development only in the way we are reaching for this development. At the moment we don’t seem to care what cause & effects that this technological development has on ourselves & the environment which shows us exactly how our modes of thought have got to change too. At the moment we are gorging ourselves on consumerist materialism & a lot of us can’t see or don’t want to see any other alternative & not necessarily just at the human level either. What is the alternative for a consumerist materialist at present that is going to be more appealing? If we were all ascended to a higher conscious level this question wouldn’t even materialise but because we are still at this particular level of understanding this question is very important to the majority of people. So what is the alternative that’s going to seem more ascending to us at the human level?

We must remember the majority of humans want to better themselves in some way, if we can’t see a better ascension level than what we have now why put all our cards on the table when we could lose what we have for something quite unknown? For humans to ascend they need a carrot to entice them to lay down their cards without total loss or taking a step backwards from their present ascension level, they are just not humanly going to do it & can you blame them? The majority of people either don’t know what to do or they are happy with the way things are going only because they can’t see an alternative to replace what they have at present. It really comes down to the minority to show the way who know how to ascend to a better way of thinking & existing. Believe it or not there are people up top running the show who just don’t know what to do next, they are solely relying on technological advancement to bring us out of this mess but without losing the benefits of consumerist materialism however they are not sure if this is going to work & this is where a total change of our modes of thoughts is going to change things around for us.  Yes we will still ascend within our technological advancements but we will have the wisdom to know how to keep ascending within these advancements without destroying ourselves.

Now this leaves us with the nitty gritty. There are also people who don’t wish to ascend themselves not just because they have fixated attachments to this physical world/reality but because ascension is no big deal to them plus to desire to ascend relates to egotism which they have no desire or need to express however this is only at the personal level. Collectively it is obvious we need to ascend to a higher level of thought at the human level so really we need these people to show us the way but will they when any kind of ascension is no big deal to them? Most definitely they will even if they don’t personally want too because they will feel what needs to be done & they will eventually just do what needs to be done mainly because that is one of the reasons they are here.

To think in a totally different way to the way we have been brought up with isn’t easy so we need these carrots to show us the way. These carrots will come in many forms to entice us to leave these old modes of thought behind us so we may ascend even further without harming ourselves or our environment any further. These are indeed wise old carrots who themselves wish to not ascend but realise the only way we, as a collective species, can survive is for all of us to ascend to at least a different way of thinking.    


Thursday, 27 June 2013

To ascend or not to ascend that is the question??

Written by Mathew Naismith

To most spiritually aware people it would seem there is no question but an answer which is to ascend to one’s higher self & collective consciousness which of course will make a better existence for us all which makes perfect sense but what doesn’t make perfect sense is the way we are doing this. To separate & demonise any part of what is spiritual like the ego & judgment for example without truly understanding there role & how they have been instrumental in assisting us to become aware in the first place is non-accepting, conflictive & has very little to do with oneness. To be truly at one to ascend one must be totally accepting of all not what makes us feel good or what we desire but the totality of everything which by the way isn’t very easy to do in our present mode of thought that we have all been brought up with however by shifting into a different mode of thought one can accomplish our own ascension much quicker & easier.

Below is a couple of links to a thread on this discussion of; to ascend or not to ascend that is the question??

I’ve inserted the following replies in this post not because they were the first replies to this question but because they are one of the better answers to this question I have ever read, the second reply brings up an interesting debate in what is meant by ascension!!

Reply to this question by Somnium
I like to transcend myself, and the confines of my ego. I see that too much energy is trapped in habitual routines, and self-importance. When I stop investing in it my energy is free to flow into new channels of potential. Just because I enjoy sailing to new heights doesn't mean I am unhappy with the world. It means I see the world in a higher vibration, or a higher state of awareness. To enhance awareness, to enrich our lives, is a worthy goal. To realise that we are more than what we thought we were, is liberating, and for myself very much a part of life.

Hi Matthew,
Do you not think we can be content in both?.
We can ascend and be content in accepting where we are now.
I suppose it depends on our definitions of ascending.
This is just my opinion but I believe we are always ascended but we are not aware of it. When we meditate, love, see beauty, do an act of kindness that to me is ascended and is when we do become aware of it.
I don't believe we have to be one or the other or that we have to leave the physical entirely to be ascended.
Entrapped in ego is a state of mind as is everything that we feel.
If we see ourselves as separate from love then there is something to ascend to, if we see ourselves as not separate from love then we are already ascended.
take care

My reply to Tawmeeleus

Good reply........We do seem to look at ascension differently, some think we are all going to be separated in different realities however I'm like you it's all going to happen here within this reality however I do think after people pass on the one’s caught or have strong attachments to this reality won’t come back to this reality because it would have changed to a higher level of consciousness, they will move onto a reality, another world, more suited to their attachments I believe but that won’t happen until they pass on.