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Friday, 7 February 2014

Inspiring Confirmative Video

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was just going to insert this video in the section on my blog under the title interesting vid’s however I’m being nagged to present this in post form as well. It’s becoming harder these days to ignore the inner child within. It‘s quite a popular video that confirms what I have been writing about recently in relation to control & time, we are starting to become aware & think of the same things at the same time which seems to denote collectiveness. Things seem to be definitely on the move as we are seeing this more often these days which of course denotes synchronistic moments which again denotes a more heightened awareness.  Please sit back & enjoy this short vid.

The thing is we do seem to have forgotten how to be human in it's totality, once life was about mysticism & the magic of life itself but at present it's about science, technology & consumerism. One is about time & timelessness & the other is just of time. It's fine to be of time but we have forgotten how to be in timelessness as well I feel.   


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Knowing About Ourselves & the Creative Core

Written by Mathew Naismith

Synchronicity is incredible; here I was writing up about time & space & how this type of reality induces different opposing polarities which lead to indifference's in our mode of thoughts because some of us live the light & some of us the dark shades of life, (opposing polarities) & then we end up seeing quite positively how our own home invasion has made my wife & I see more clearly in how others are feeling & living their lives in many ways.  On top of that I’m presented with what is written below which is exactly what I have been writing about myself, we are obviously connecting with each other.

 It’s funny seeing our home invasion in a positive way especially as time goes on but it was but of course if we dwelled on the negatives we couldn’t or wouldn’t see the positive effects of such an incident.  We were lucky though because at one point that night of the incident my wife & I at the same time felt serene & got a message everything will be alright however if we were aggressive or hatful in any way we wouldn’t have felt this so no it probably wasn’t luck at all, it was just rewards for our disposition.   

The main point here is we are all living our lives out in a different shades or hues either it be light or dark as the light has different hues to it as the dark has different shades to it , this means even if we were all of the light we still wouldn’t have the same mode of thought to live by but it’s not so obviously opposing like with light & darkness. We are going to all think differently & act differently which we should be more accepting of.   

Below is a reply that someone else had written in regards to the link directly below.  

I ask my question again - what would a supreme single consciousness desire most of all? The question is not the "where from" or the "then where from"
 ,it's "I know what it would feel like, and I know why I would do it" - we both love.
Knowing thyself and doing the oneness work is not the end of the journey folks. You must then reconnect with your life using your new eyes to put it all together - you feel it in everything.
The Creator - God - call it whatever - wants to know what It is. We exist as a longing to witness its own evolution. The thought created us - and we created......DOUBT.
 Anyhow - I could go on for days on this one.

My reply:

G'day Three14......Very well said in regards in saying that the creator wants to know what it is or experience its own knowing through soul beings like us, we are indeed witnessing the creator’s evolution I believe. I don't think the creator or creative core, as I like to call it, is just love because love is an emotion & if this core was just of love we wouldn't have other emotions like hate or anything else that the ego induces emotionally. However the creative core is serine & peaceful which to emotional humans would obviously feel like pure love especially to us living in a reality of chaos & aggression.  

Egotistical emotions including love come from the souls creating such emotions & I believe everything is of the creative core but the core itself doesn’t have prejudices therefore is unable to feel one egotistical emotion over another plus it’s impossible to feel emotions as we know them because it has no ego, in other words it’s the ego that has created existence for the creative core to know & expand its consciousness of itself. The funny thing is we including the darker form of life have a job to do & that's t serve the creator but in saying that we are also serving ourselves because we are a part of that creator or creative core, we are creators in our own right.


To an emotional human or anyone being/entity supposedly dead or alive, this inner creative core is utterly beautiful for the main reason it’s of pure calmness & serenity, anything attached to the physical in anyway which is of the ego will feel utter love within this core, in actual fact one wouldn’t need to be within this core the feel this love just near it or connected to it is enough to feel this.

I feel at this point in human evolution we need to start to understand what we are connecting ourselves to which will allow us to know more about what we are doing here & most importantly who we are, in actual fact if we knew who we are we would automatically know what we are doing here giving us purpose in life.  

As I was writing I checked my email for some reason & in one of these emails the following link was inserted to join in a workshop either in person or over the net which relates to what I am talking about here, uncanny.