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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

There Are No Human Faults Just Differences

Written by Mathew Naismith

On this particular site we are having a discussion about someone who has experienced a state of unconditional love & one person mentioned that everyone has faults & I said I don’t. The following reply explains my stance on this.

G'day Billgreenjeans

Faults are a funny one, what one sees as faults others don't as it's all defined by our perception.

I don't have faults Bill myself, what I do have is differences because faults are usually defined by a difference to something else. A good example of this is religion or any belief system for that matter. If I went into a Catholic church & sprouted on about Buddhism for example I would be at fault but of course if I did this at a Buddhist temple that would be a different matter.

You could look at egotistical tendencies as being a fault but other egomaniacs wouldn't. There are really no faults at all just differences in my mind.

Talking to strangers is a funny one. I will pull a joke on people I don't know however I usually know their partners or friends before I do this but not always. If I smile while doing this most of the times it's taken lightly however if I don't smile, as at times I can portray a dry humour, most of the times they either take offence or frown. A smile goes a long way.

If we could only train our minds to think only in differences than from faults or a condemnation life would change somewhat to what we perceive now.  Our perception is brought on by how we look upon ourselves & the rest of the world around us. We tend to look at the world & think this is what is giving us our perception but it’s not, it’s the other way around. Let’s take a look at all the hatred & aggression in the world today, it would seem this is what giving us our perception of the world but it’s not. For anything to happen, including war, it would have had to be perceived by certain people first to happen in the first place.  Our perceptions are what makes the world what it is not the world making us what we are.

We tend to look at everything as being of fault because it’s not of our perception so we see fault or an opposing force but all we really need to do is look at everything as just being a difference. Let’s take war for a good example, for war to start some individual or group must see a fault in someone else or another group of people for war to be perceived however if we saw them as just being a difference war wouldn’t be perceived. This is showing a problem here & the problem is even if we can’t perceive war ourselves war can be perceived upon us by people who can see a fault instead of just a difference, that’s called life I’m afraid.   Yes, if we could all just see a difference instead of a fault & become more accepting through just seeing a difference, life on this planet would be somewhat different to what it is today. It only takes one thought process to change our perception & our existence as a whole but of course this takes wisdom not just knowledge to occur.

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