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Thursday, 1 October 2015

12th Dimension - Holographic Observation

Written by Mathew Naismith

The Observer: Fist of all I need to explain what is meant by holographic. Holograms are to do with; the intermediate photograph (or photographic record) that contains information for reproducing a three-dimensional image by holography, length, width, depth. What I am going to state is that these holographs are created from blueprint plans that are still motionless until put into motion by a consciousness, this of course takes an observing consciousness to put these blueprint plans into motion and create a holographic image, in our case a 3rd dimensional reality.   

The observer is referring to a consciousness of the 12th dimension, a consciousness that is observing, what is sort of  like, a blueprint plan of all the other dimensions. In our case in the 3rd dimension, this  observation created a full holographic 3D image. In actuality, these blueprint plans are always being observed, but like any blue print plan, these plans don't come to life until expressed, in other words put into motion by a consciousness, the universe itself is a good example of this in my mind.

You can observe a blueprint plan without expressing it, but as soon as it becomes a thought, only at this point is this plan being expressed by a consciousness.

I'm not saying that there are actual blueprint plans in the 12th dimension, this is the only way I can explain how things are created from the 12th dimension. Because there is no time within the 12th dimension, there is no past or future, only the now (the present moment), this means everything exists in the same moment. This is due to everything having been already written, this however doesn't mean we can't change our destiny though.

What would have happened if we listened to the wisdom being expressed by some great people in the past like Jesus, Confucius, Rumi, Buddha and so on?  Our life would be somewhat different to what it is now, both scenarios of listening and not listening to these people were already written, we just had to choose collectively which one to live by.

There is absolutely no thought within the 12th dimension, this dimension is purely of observing without expression so how do these plans, that are already written,  become an expression in the first place?

Creation of Souls: At the very moment the 12th dimensional consciousness becomes thought, this is when this consciousness becomes an expression,  such consciousness's are then no longer of the 12th dimension. You could say at this precise moment is when souls are created.     

These blueprint plans within the 12th dimension are actually alive unlike actual blueprint plans creates by man. For man to create a blueprint plan, this already took thought therefore motion, however, the blueprint plans within the 12th dimension already exist but only as an observation even though these plans are already alive and in motion. 

For man to draw up blue prints takes thought therefore motion, to the person drawing up these plans, these plans are already alive within their thoughts, all they need now is to be physically expressed in 3D. As soon as man even thinks of drawing up plans, he has gone past observing to expressing, this is quite different in the 12th dimension even though the plans already exist.

The big difference between man's plans and 12th dimensional conscious plans is to do with time and timeliness. Man's blueprint plans do not come alive until they become thought, this is  due to man being influenced by time which needs a starting and ending point. 12th dimensional consciousness works quite differently mainly because it's not influenced by time, there is no starting or ending point due to timelessness, everything has always existed as there is only a present moment (the now).

In other words within the 12th dimension, there is no starting point of thought to draw up plans as there is no time, this means all thinking processes have always existed within the 12th dimension.  However, this isn't saying that 12th dimensional consciousness is of thought therefore motion, it's clearly only an observer without thought. Once consciousness is of thought, it becomes of motion, this is precisely when souls are created I feel.

You might think this 12th dimensional consciousness has to go beyond observing to thinking to create souls, this isn't the case because everything, including souls, have always existed but only as a blueprint. In other words these souls are not as yet of a holographic form. 

Look at it like this, when a certain blueprint  plan comes into action within time, this is when the souls consciousness observes and thinks of it's part within the blueprint plan, this is when the soul is created. You must remember here, these blueprint plans are determined by time within dimensions of time so have a starting and ending point of creation, this isn't the case in the 12th dimension which isn't determined by time. 

Holographic: Being holographic means 3D, a perception of length, width, depth. This perception of  length, width, depth, created a 3rd dimension consciousness, usually a consciousness that is unable to perceive beyond 3D perceptions. This doesn't mean holographs are only of a 3rd dimension though, even in the 5th dimension we still perceive in 3D, length, width, depth, but with an added perception of 5D. This means such consciousness's will also be able to perceive through 3rd dimensional physical form. It's like perceiving everything as vibrations without form.

The strange thing about the 1st and 2nd dimensions is you perceive in 3D and 5D, however, all consciousness is used and abused as a 3rd dimensional entity brought on by a high degree of egotism. You don't however have a high degree of egotism within the 5th dimension to contented with, the difference between the 1st, 2nd and 5th dimension is the extreme expressions of egotism within the 1st and 2nd dimensions.

Not every dimension is holographic but they can be holographic to a degree, actually, once a consciousness goes beyond the 5th dimension, it's no longer of a holographic  expression. Does this mean that these consciousness's beyond the 5th dimension, are unable to perceive in 3D? As we are mostly unable to  perceive beyond 3D, they too are unable to perceive anything of a 3rd dimensional consciousness, the only consciousness that is able to observe all dimensions is the 12th dimensional consciousness. This doesn't mean, like us, that these consciousness's from other dimensions don't know of other dimensions, it's that they are unable to perceive other dimensions not of their own conscious perceptions. The only way to perceive other dimensional consciousness's, is through experiencing these dimensions.

The 12th dimensional consciousness observes us as a holographic image, this same consciousness also, at the same moment, observes other dimensions not of holographic images. The only way it can do this is through only being an observer, as soon as any consciousness becomes expressive of a dimensional consciousness, it looses the ability to observe other dimensional consciousness's. In actuality, none of us have lost the ability to be the observer, right now at this precise moment, you are also observing your own and every other consciousness no matter what dimension they are experiencing. No matter how involved you become of other dimensional consciousness's, you are still being an observer, this is wholly due to you never being truly disconnected from the 12th dimension. 

We are at the same precise moment being a participant of these dimensions as well as observing these dimension, we can only perceive this if we perceive beyond these holographic dimensional images.              

Friday, 19 June 2015

Existing Beyond the Blues

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is quite a difficult post to write, I will be writing about a topic that will be difficult for others to accept. I should point out that my main forte is channelling, this is made difficult as the sources I channel from are not of my linguistic comprehension, it’s also not easy channelling from sources not of my own culture and understanding. This infers there is room for error within my channelling, don’t take what I’m about to say as being gospel in anyway even though my recent channelling is confirmed by various ancient predictions.

Reality creating: This is utterly mind blowing to me, I thought we could resurrect centuries of degradation but I was not entirely correct in this. Centuries of  degradation has manifested a state that is only going to end in one way, this is very much like a person who has been negative (destructive) most of their lives, this kind of mentality will in time create a manifestation in accordance with the mentality being expressed. This seems to also be happening on a collective human scale,  you can’t continually keep expressing this kind of expression without creating a reality in accordance with what is being expressed on such a huge scale. However, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom, in fact quite the opposite but only if we are willing to release ourselves from the present reality.

Using each cycle of influence the way we continually have as a species, has manifested/created a reality based on the way we have, as a collective, used these cycles of influence. If we were wised up to the way these cycles worked, we could have used them to create quite a different reality but we didn’t. Instead we created a reality based on chaos and destruction/degradation, any long term use of cycles like this will result in creating a reality in accordance with the mentality being expressed. You can only create a destructive mentality through ignorance, no matter what cycle we are existing within for only in ignorance can we destroy. You can’t be destructive if you are aware.

This seems to have contradicted what humans have done, the more aware humans  have become, the more destruction humans have caused. This is due to human awareness usually being based on bias/ego which only gives us a certain perception, not an over all perception. In this case it probably would have been better if we stayed ignorant, this is due to knowing just enough to be self destructive but not knowing enough not to be self destructive. In this scenario ignorance would have been better.

True spiritual awareness; to me is about being aware without judgement, it’s about expanding on our perception, at times, beyond human perceptions, however,  humans on a collective scale have not done this. We have had numerous opportunities to become aware beyond human perceptions, what we haven’t done is accepted these perceptions beyond our own limited human perceptions. This basically lead us to abuse these cycles that we chose to exist within instead of physically benefiting from such cycles. We should however be aware that our souls have indeed benefitted from experiencing such a reality in the way we have, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom that is for sure.

Spiritual  awareness is about being aware of our souls and the benefits to our soul in the way we experience these cycles. The soul chose to exist within a universe knowing that each universe is of a certain cycle as is every galaxy, solar system, planet and even our individual selves. We have many ways to experience these various cycles we exist within, consciousness is indeed infinite within it’s expressions of itself. You can experience these various cycles in numerous ways, we as a collective, chose to experience these cycles in the way we have, there is no wrong or right way to experience these cycles of influence, this means humans weren’t wrong in the way they expressed such consciousness even though our ego tells us otherwise.

Now for my channelling; which was endorsed by the dreams I had, like my dreams, the channelling wasn’t about doom and gloom but a transformation of consciousness for some people and not others. Not everybody’s soul has chosen to transform, or if you like ascend, this might seem sad at a human level of understanding but it’s not at the soul level. Once you understand the purpose of the human self in relation to the soul, your perception of human experiences changes, the human is serving the soul as the soul is serving consciousness itself. In other words, the human self is an expression of the soul as the soul is an expression of consciousness itself, however,  don’t get the idea that the human self is subservient to the soul, the human self is serving the soul quite merrily at the soul level of understanding, it’s assisting the soul and consciousness itself to be as expressive as it is. It helps to look at the human self as being an assistant to the soul as the soul is to consciousness itself. 

What I channelled was a simple channel, we are not going to be able to resurrect or redeem ourselves within this consciousness, in other words this consciousness has run it’s course, it has nowhere else to go. This means the people who are fixated to this present consciousness, will not transform into the next cycle of influence, we must accept and respect that there souls have chosen not to transform.

Like the Mayans, anyone not fixated to this, or any other particular consciousness, will transform into another reality conductive to there vibrations, this means you will most probably, but not definitely, physically transform into another reality. Many of us will, at the soul level, make this transformation, this will take some of us to pass on, die, while others will physically transform. You will of course get many other people who won't transform even after there demise, their journey will take them on a completely different path at the soul level.

We are going to resurrect centuries of degradation through transformation to a different consciousness, it would seem we are not going to resurrect this present consciousness as it is, it certainly seems it’s run it’s course going by what was channelled through me, however, what I channel isn’t gospel, it’ just one of many perceptions.

There is darkness but there is more light than darkness now, we seem to have indeed evolved.       

Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Difference between Souls & Ghosts/Spirits

Written by Mathew Naismith

Yet but another interesting little discussion going on that I thought I would share with you on the difference between souls & ghosts/spirits.  We all seem to have a different perspective on this topic which is quite interesting, it’s just different perspectives we all have making one neither right nor wrong over the other just different.   

What Do Ghosts Think?

Ghosts to me are formed by attachments gained through a life or lives lived. Ghosts can only interact with the physical through their own attachments that they have taken with them in the afterlife I believe, that is why we notice them at times otherwise we wouldn't know of their existence.

 Ghosts interact therefore think through their attachments that they have taken on in the afterlife & of course can be taken on into the next life they live which I believe we call karma.

 The reason the world isn’t full of ghosts is because of the difference between fixated & non fixated attachments. When we pass on most of us only take on attachments which don’t fixate our spirit to the previous physical life but fixated attachments can which we call ghosts I believe.

Sunder, if we were all the same, we would have the same personalities. You are incorrect in your assumptions which draws into question all of you supposition. I don't care about goals and souls. I am here to express this information since I Know I am on my last lifetime. Theosophy has been around for many years and that is what I practice. I've written a new updated version which is 29 pages at this time.
 I'll likely add more in the future. I would love to have you read my understanding on Facebook since you seem to need me to read yours...

G'day Eric
What makes our souls seem different is our attachments & experiences we have had through various lives, this in my mind doesn’t affect the core of the soul even though it seems too.

Humans seem to have to put humanistic attributes on everything so to us all souls have to be different however when you throw away these human attributes & related emotions we then see that all souls are the same especially initially from when it was created.

If you look back to when the soul were created how would all souls be different at that point when they came from exactly the same source & what seems to change them? They can’t be different so Individual experiences & attachments must seemingly change the soul & I do say seemingly because the core of the soul stays the same I believe.  

Yes the soul seems to become more aware through various lived experiences so this has to make all souls different however souls are of no time, there eternal. The reason why there eternal is everything has always existed just not in physical form but in pure conscious form. Yes it seems that our souls, once they reach a certain point, reach Walhalla but if you think on this there is also no time therefore any real starting or ending point however when we bring in time there’s a starting point & ending point therefore Walhalla.

How does one go back or forward in time? Predictions are made ahead of time because time doesn’t have to exist however the paradox is time has always existed but only when we want it too.  We as humans perceive there is a starting & ending point which gives us differences & ghosts/spirits which are of time & so is Walhalla. The funny thing is all these things of time also exist in no time as well where pure consciousness abodes, so to speak, but they are only in pure conscious form until we incorporate time within the equation. 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Beautiful Souls-A New Beginning

Written by Mathew Naismith

I recently attended one of my nieces weddings & directly seated opposite of me at the reception was a lesbian couple, one of the women was a teacher & the other a psychologist & of course we hit it off quite well because I once had a job tutoring people with all sorts of disabilities from anxiety/depression to total physical inabilities & I love psychiatry so we had a fair bit to talk about. Later on in the night their child awoke & they brought him over to meet me, well he flawed me, you could literally see the inner beauty immediately. This wasn’t a normal child because I’ve experienced this once before in my life with another person. So the question is, was he expressing this inner beauty because he was with a lesbian couple or was it because he could express he’s own feminine self? You would have to in this case answer yes to both these question however!!

Some years ago I was living in a caravan park & a straight couple arrived at the park, being a small park I met up with them quite quickly. I got 10ft of the bloke & immediately had to take a couple of steps back, he blew me away. I immediately recognised he’s soul as being very beautiful just like the child of the lesbian couple. Latter on I found out he was a male nurse. Don’t get me wrong these people aren’t particularly drop dead gorgeous but they had that feeling about them plus there expression oozed feminine, they were allowed to be expressive of their feminine self which a lot of males aren’t allowed to do.  The problem, which I also had to contend with at times, is if you expressed any form of femininity especially at a certain age you were accused of being gay in some way. The other problem is for the bloke expressing such feminine tendencies, they usually query themselves of being gay or not because they are so expressive of such feminine tendencies. The answer of course is not necessarily so & believe me this is a very hard time for blokes who want to be more expressive of their feminine selves in such a mescaline run world. We live in a society, especially when I was growing up, that blokes are blokes & should act accordingly & of course this stifles one’s own expressive will to express the feminine self by other who are more expressive of their mescaline selves. I should mention here that mescaline denotes dominance & aggression, feminine denotes love & nurturing.

According to the Mayans & a few other cultures & belief systems we are now entering into the feminine cycle of mankind & leaving the more dominant aggressive masculine cycle behind us, could you imagine being brought up in a loving nurturing society like this? That I believe is what is happening. We have more gay men being more expressive of their femininity because of this shift & eventually I predict we will actually see less gay men about in years to come because women won’t expect their men to be like macho mescaline men but expressive of their own free will.  We are conditioned from birth to be & act in a certain ways & anything that expresses anything away from this is labelled as something untoward or unsavoury in some way, that I believe is changing. Men will be able to freely express themselves without being labelled as a gay & inturn these men won’t label themselves as being gay either but just a feminine male person being expressive of their feminine self which we all have in us, what a world that will build.

As the dominant mescaline self of man becomes less & less dominant the famine self of mankind will………No not become dominant but loving & nurturing!! This might sound like it’ a play on wards, anything that dominates another thing has to be dominant but only because we are brought up to believe this to be so.  Mescaline is the opposite of feminine so the outcome of such influences would also have to be of the opposite; mescaline denotes dominance so therefore the opposite meaning of dominance is weakness & weakness means being meek, the meek shall inherit the Earth.

What seems like weakness in some isn’t in others like to be other than a mucho man is seen to some as a weakness but once you take or lesson these mucho mescaline aggressive human dominating tendencies what does meek then pertain to? Meek becomes but another human tendency that’s all, it’s neither no longer pertains to weakness. There is another way of looking at this, is it weak for a male person in particular to express their gay &/or feminine tendencies in an aggressive intolerant macho world? To express any part of oneself that is not tolerated in such an aggressive world isn’t weak to me but courageous not weak or meek at all  so when the bible says the meek shall inherit the world it didn’t mean it literally. We must remember here that the bible was written in the masculine human cycle of man so meekness is going to pertain to weakness however now we are entering into the feminine cycle of mankind weakness or meekness won’t have the same meanings because of the conscious change within this feminine cycle so this mean this little boy I first mentioned in this post will be able to express his feminine self how he freely wills. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if the soul of this little boy didn’t purposely choose a lesbian couple so he can be as expressive of himself as he wants not what someone else wants unlike we have had in the last mescaline dominated cycle of mankind.  

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bright Glowing Souls

Written by Mathew Naismith

Entering into a heaven like reality bright iridescent balls of light came to beckon for me to play & play I did. Intertwined as one we darted off everywhere in utter ecstasy which is very similar to great sex but much much more rapturous & exciting as it seems to be of every ecstasy moment that one could ever experience rolled in one moment. These balls of light were souls that my own soul became entwined with.  The only problem with this is one has to be asked to participate & yes at a certain stage of our souls development we can all be these balls of soul lights assisting those who are ready.

We can experience similar things in the astral plain.  Once these balls of light let go of your soul you feel like you drop but not hard similar again to coming back into your body at times after astral traveling. After you are back it feels as if you’re been totally revitalised in every way, an unreal feeling indeed. So how does one enter into a reality like heaven to experience such a thing? Think of yourself as the soul not just this human vessel in this you will let go of most attachments & inhibitions at the human level.  You can just think on this, meditate on this, day dream it or visualise it & eventually you will obtain it!! 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Creating a Better Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going to be a little humbling to me; here I was trying to stay as disconnected as possible without being totally disconnected from my inner self so that I could experience human existence in its rawest form but ended up neglecting my connectedness too much. In doing this I inadvertently became too disconnected thus I started ignoring signs & feelings especially in regards to others.

It’s funny about things that seem negative at times they can always, in my view, have a positive effect if one is willing to see it as I will explain further. 

Insensitive Traits: As mentioned in my last post my wife & I experienced a non-violent home invasion recently which has brought out a lot more stories of others going through similar experiences, some of them where utterly terrifying to the victim which incurred a certain amount of long term  psychological distress.  I was myself on the wrong side of the tracks when I was in my late teens at one stage, nothing hurtful just inappropriate luckily enough this didn’t include home invasion, coupled with working in the welfare arena twice over by my 49 yrs the darker side of life didn’t seem as terrifying as in how most people acted to it until our own home invasion.  It wasn’t just experiencing this for ourselves first hand that made me realise I was being insensitive but the horrifying stories that were being told to us afterword’s about what other victims suffered  & were still suffering long after the home invasion took place. There are draw backs in disconnecting.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t that insensitive that I didn’t feel remorse or compassion for these victims in the past in actual fact I was very supportive but I lacked the understanding of people who haven’t experienced the darker side of life or didn’t want to experience such a said life in anyway but was forced too.

Before I go on I better explain a little more about realties of time & space & no time & space for those who don’t know as it has a lot of relevance here.  Realties of time & space are realities that are like ours, they have a past & future however were I think we have evolved from or were created from was a reality of no time & space therefore everything is happening within the now, it’s as if everything has already occurred & is in blue print for us to see & experience at any given moment in a reality of time & space.

Realties of time & space give us opposites & at times extreme opposites like with day & night, positive & negative, bad & good, darker & lighter, yin & yang within everything of time & space including boy & girl, male & female believe it or not., the question here is does everyone have to or even want to experience being a male & a female in one life, so why does anyone need to or want to experience both sides of the light & dark sides of life? To have an understanding of both polarities can be quite beneficial but is it a must or did we come here in the first place to experience such things?  Some of us did some of us didn’t or even had too to make a better existence for us all & ourselves.

My insensitivity to these people who no longer or want to in the first place experience such phenomena is quite noticeable, I was catering for those who wanted to or want to experience such things in life which comes down to living within a reality of time & space however these people who want to have little to do with the darker side of life shouldn’t prejudge or condemn those who accept the full extent of experiences in a reality of time & space because that is what these realties are all about. So is it wrong to want to just accept & live a life without the darker side of life thus giving us far less extremes?  No of course not but we must accept that we still live in a reality of time & space which give us apposing polarities at the time.

Living within the Shadow: The funniest thing is the people who live their life in the shadow of darkness like a druggy &/or home invader for instance are actually living within this darken reality or mode of thought because they don’t want to experience terror, they feel fear but not the same fear as their victims. Living within the shadow of darkness actually lessons the effects of terror because it’s a part of you, it’s your reality.  If we were all a part of this reality we wouldn’t feel as terrified because we would have an understanding of this existing reality first hand but if you are living or tying to live within the lighter side of this reality the terror of such opposite will affect you a lot more than someone on the darker side of life.  Coming from knowing & existing in both polarities I didn’t quite humanly understand what the people who have only lived in the lighter side of life were actually going through, they didn’t want to understand the other side of the coin or polarity nor do they have to or should have too.

In actual fact the people who have chosen to live within the shadow have far more fear within them than those who live in the hue of light, to feel this much terror & discomfort is too much for them so they have opted to dwell within the shadow to lesson this discomfort, this makes anyone who wants to build or create a reality of light within a reality of opposites quite courageous.  So what about people like me who accept & have lived within both realties/modes of thought, where do they go?  Where they want or feel more comfortable with or where they are needed. I know & understand, to a certain extent, of living within the shadow of darkness from personal experience but mostly through others, this has given me an insight into life within a reality of time & space of both polarities which isn’t that bad of a thing to have. Many people in this reality have experienced this.

Reality of opposing Polarities: So what are the people of the light trying to do? Reconnect themselves  with what created everything in the first place, the reality of no time & space however the big question here can we or should we change this reality of time & space into a replica of our initial creative reality of no time or space?  No one has a right to change this reality into a different reality of no time & space completely for the main reason people still want & use this reality the way it is however we can & have to a certain extent became reconnected to our initial reality that created us thus this has & can help us bring some of this reality back to this one to change some of its attributes making it more harmonious & peaceful like the creative core of the initial creative reality of no time & space but we should never try to replicate it exactly nor can we I believe. The reality of no time or space has no polarities or opposites as it’s perfectly balanced within itself, if we could replicate this reality all polarities would become non-existing including light so in trying to create or change this reality to just light by replicating our initial creative reality wouldn’t work however creating another reality of just light is possible which would make this existing reality turn completely to the darker shades.   We need to remember no matter what we do we would still be living within a reality of time & space so polarities still exist just in different realties instead of one like we are living in now.    

Living in realties of different polarities isn’t easy as one is always trying to dominate the other which we have seen right through human history however if we could separate the light from the dark would this still be in a reality of time & space?  It would & the opposing polarities within these realities would be somewhat more subtle remembering they would only have one set mode of thought like darkness or light not both. Realties of light & dark still have differences but they are not opposing differences like with the different shades of light, they are a lot more subtle as they are of the same polarity.  Instead of having two completely different polarities within one reality like this one which have different shades of light & dark as well we would only have one polarity not two to contend with. Mixing these two opposing polarities together in one reality was obviously going to be chaotic nothing else which of course it was & is.

We haven’t got the right to change the core of this reality however we do have the right to change it’s attributes & ourselves for a more balanced harmonious existence, in actual fact if we changed various attributes that we want changed we would be doing both the light & dark realties & polarities a service, they would be both balanced within their own reality & mode of thought. You would probably think that the people who are actually of the dark not just living within the shade wouldn’t want to separate with the lighter shades of life as this causes more chaos but they do because there is always a threat that the light will swallow up or become completely dominant over the dark side. The people living within shade will have to choose which way they want to go, it comes down to souls choice.

The creation of Time: The reality of no time or space is utterly blissful as it has no opposing polarities but at the same time it is everything so if it’s of everything it must be of opposing polarities as well?  The core of creation which is this reality of no time & space is the creator of everything but anything else outside the core is of its own creation. Within the core there is no time or space therefore no past or future & if there is no time or future we have no differences in polarity only in realities of time & space does it seem we have polarities but in actual fact we don’t. So does this mean everything of time & space is an illusion? If we were living within the core yes but where not as we are living within a reality of time & space itself which is self-creative but only within realties of time & space. You can’t have time creating no time but you can have no time creating time also you can’t live within the core as an individual which also includes souls so this means only in soul/physical form can these realities of time exist but the paradox is if it vibrates it exists. Time & space only exist because we do or more to the point our souls as only through the soul can time & space exist, the creative core can only consciously exist through us, we are the cores consciousness, now that’s special.  

How can no time create time when there is no time to create within the core?  The creative core itself is of no time but to experience itself & it’s knowing it created souls which desired physical realities to further its experiences of its knowing which inadvertently created time, we or our souls created time directly but the creative core created it indirectly through consciousness expanding into physical realities of time & space through souls. If the creative core wasn’t conscious how did it know of its knowing to create souls? Every intelligent living thing has instinct, could you imagine being the creative core & all of a sudden realising instinctively that everything that you know exists is you, of course you’re going to want to instinctively experience yourself & the best way to do this was obviously through souls which are parts of the creative core itself.    

So in all what the people of the light want to do is create another reality of just light which will take the understanding of the creative core & its influences which will help us create this newer reality, the reality of dark will just be created through this separation process.  We just don’t need to become reconnected with the creative core but to understand what it is to create a better existence & hopefully I have done that with my recent posts.