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Monday, 22 July 2013

Soul Connection & Religion

Written by Mathew Naismith

This isn’t a topic I know much about but then again there isn’t too many topics I write about that I actually do know about as it just comes as insights brought on by various circumstances.  In this case I have been recently in a conversation about atheism & spiritualism & other conversations about souls/spirit & realities of time & space & no time & space, the following is the result. 

To an atheist religion is either of distorted facts or plainly of blind faith period & has no relevance to life & in actual fact can distort life & brings on conflict instead of bringing peace, this of course can be the truth of the matter however it’s not the faith of religion that is flawed it’s the people of the said faith.  Science is proving a lot of religious practices are very beneficial to ones psyche like praying, singing hymns or chanting & having faith period like I have written up in past posts. I wouldn’t call myself a religious person myself as I follow no set doctrines or belief systems however I am aware enough that religion does have it’s place still within society because it works but what doesn’t work much these days is pushing ones ideology on to others against their own will & saying this is more right over any other ideology, we are becoming too intelligent & aware to accept such things these days.

What is actually happening when we engross ourselves within a religious/spiritual based ideology? In past posts I have written about the soul/spirit, whatever you want to call it, a number of times trying to show how more important it is than human vessel self however the human vessel is important to the soul because the human vessel self is it’s teacher.  By focussing on the importance of the soul instead of on the attachments of the human vessel self we can become more aware humanly & at the soul level but if we focus on the human self alone our awareness isn’t just human based but is choked by our importance of our attachments& this is where religion/spirituality can come to the rescue. Religion just doesn’t move us closer to our creative source (God) but to our soul/sprit selves, when we are reconnected with our souls/sprits/inner selves we become closer to our creative source & this is why we feel so much inner peace & harmony while conducting ourselves in religious practices.

It really doesn’t matter what religious or spiritual order you follow it can all reconnect us with our inner selves/souls/sprit especially when we become engrossed in it which also include practices in all pagan practices like wiccan, witchcraft & so forth. No matter what it is unless it’s black it will bring you closer to your inner self & the creative source I believe.  Anything of the darker side is of attachments & will lead one away from our awareness of our truer selves however everything has it’s place so it’s up to each individual what they will.

Why do so many people these days say religion/theism is dying? It’s because of fixated attachments. We have never in the known history of man ever been so fixated as a race to attachments so you could say we are actually living in the darkest time in human history. Religion/spirituality isn’t perfect because the people of any said religion aren’t perfect however it’ a lot better than continuing on our fixated ways of thinking & living!! Realties of time & space, for which we are presently in, are of attachments however realties of no time & space aren’t, by reconnecting with our soul/spirit/inner self we are reconnecting with our creative source which is of no time & space & of no attachments which help us out in balancing out attachments in realities like this one so is religion/spirituality still important? I would have to say a definite yes otherwise we will kill ourselves off with fixates attachments, it’s that simple. I would like to state here that a soul that has fixated attachments will need guidance to become un-fixated & that is where religion/theism/spirituality comes into it as it has it’s place in balancing out attachments in any reality of time & space.  

“Balancing our attachments is the key here by any means possible”….Love Mathew