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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Two Minds Are We

Written by Mathew Naismith

Recently I've been queried on what I have been writing and justifiably so, this is because what I write is only a perception, other people also have their own perceptions in relation to the same subjects I write about. Being only perceptions, there is no depiction of right and wrongs, there can however be a strong belief that certain perceptions are closer to the truth than other perceptions. 

One of these perceptions of mine came to fruition when one of my posts was queried from a good internet friend of mine, this perception is in relation that we all are of two minds, one time based, the other based on timelessness. It's similar to a physical based mind and a non-physical base mind, a mind we become aware of again after our demise. This perception however is more based on a mind predominantly influenced by time and a mind predominantly influenced by timelessness, or, a consciousness that has some kind of balance between these two minds. When you think on this, are not spiritually aware people of both minds in some way, an awareness of the physical world and the non-physical world?

The following query brought forth some interesting perceptions from me based on two minds.            

So faith is the perception of timelessness? Maybe, I struggle with when is faith belief and when it is knowledge.
I believe I know my own mind, for example.

I think it is Richard, faith gives us perceptions beyond reasoning, reasoning being a creation of time. 

Our reasoning comes from our immediate environment which is predominantly finite based. 

I also believe we have two minds, one time based and the other based on timelessness. 

I think faith comes to being when we are thinking from a time based mind to a mind based on timelessness, however, it's no longer faith when we become our mind based on timelessness. The reason for this is we become aware, once we become aware, it's no longer faith.

Time and timelessness are yin and yang, we are always trying to predominately live by one or the other thus stating the other is an illusion. We do this on a human level, we presume the weaker sex is the yin, this mentality often leads to abuse and neglect of the yin. At present, a lot of spiritually aware people are trying to neglect and reject time and time based realities. How abusive are humans to everything of the finite?  We have become highly abusive and neglectful for a very good reason.

Get this, mother Earth or Gaia is represented by the yin, how abusive are we towards this time based reality?

As I have always stated, balance is the key, the balance between yin and yang, time and timeless based minds.......

What I have stated seems far fetch, however, I think it's wise not to totally disregard my perceptions, there are too many points that make sense.

- Our reasoning seems to be purely based on time therefore the finite, the finite of course being limited, restricted and bound by certain boundaries time conditions us to. I find it strange that we put so much credibility on a consciousness or a mind purely based on limitations.

- While a consciousness is predominantly influenced by time, any perception that is based on timeliness, the infinite, will of course seem only based on faith, this is until such minds also start to think in timeless modes of thought. It is quite understandable that any mind that is predominantly influenced by time, will see any other mode of thought as being purely predominantly based on faith alone.

- Another perception of mine is relating yin and yang to time and timelessness, the yin representing time and yang representing timelessness. Mother Earth or Gaia is also represented by yin. I think it's ironical that yin is usually the one being neglected and abused within time itself, to me there is a connection here.

I also think it's ironical once we become aware of timelessness modes of thought, such consciousness's become more passive towards the yin, however, the more of the yin or yang we are influenced by, the more aggressive a consciousness becomes. Is it no wonder why yin is represented by the dark negative feminine principle in Chinese dualistic cosmology. Don't get this wrong, this isn't saying that the feminine is dark and negative, it's stating that the light needs the dark to exist and the positive needs to negative to exist, they compliment each other. One without the other can't possibly exist, especially in harmony.

Indeed, time can't possibly exist without timelessness as one mind can't possibly exist without the other mind. It's duality but it's not, not when it's working in harmony. In harmony, there is oneness, a non-duality however in disharmony, there is separation therefore duality.

One mind is winning out over the other, this will only enhance the dark negative energies in time. It's also advisable not to look at dark and negative energies as something bad or something to be avoided or abused and neglected. Without the dark, we have no light and without the negative we have no positive. No wonder that yin and yang working in harmony are so constructive for one being unbalance with the other is always going to be destructive. I should also state, a consciousness predominantly influenced by yang, will naturally become destructive as well.

Positive light energy can also be destructive, the sun is a prime example of this, also, how destructive is a consciousness of light to anything the light judges as being dark and negative? Now how destructive is the light and dark working in unison? It's not for a very good reason, there is no judgment to start with.      

Being predominantly influenced by one mind at the cost of the other, will always create what we are presently experiencing.....a state of consciousness way out of balance with itself.