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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

What Are We Doing!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

Everything is of the path of the flow of the water. No matter of what the water, everything else from this is simply a journey to be experienced........MG Naismith          

Indeed, what are we doing when we are forcing ourselves to change, forcing our path to be different to what the present reality determines? Are we living in the present while trying to force this change upon our own personal individualistic path? Of course forcing change upon our own path is in hope that this change will engulf the rest of the world, making for a collective path to be what we personally perceive to be right and positive. Have we the right to force change upon another person's path? No, so what right have we to force change upon the collective path to be more like the path we are trying to force upon our own path?

Our present reality is all about forcing one's own path onto others. As it is of this reality to force one's own path onto others, are we any different to this reality if we do the same, in any sense? Forget about changing your own path to be different to the collective path, for all this is of is the reality we are trying to change, the same mentality using different tactics to force change upon a path.

Spiritually, we are not supposed to be about forcing change upon other people's path. If we are not of this reality that is about separation and individualism, why do so many of us force change upon our own path separate and individualised through our own actions from the collective path? To force change upon our own path, is the same in forcing change on other people and the collective path, for there is only one path of many different journeys.

Yes, it is often said that there are many different separate and individualised paths of the same human journey. This human journey is of course different to and separate to other living entities journeys, within this perception, we have separated the human journey from every other journey taken by other species on Earth and even Earth (Gaia) itself. This separation is simply due to us perceiving that we are taking a different path while on the same journey; this is also while separating our own journey from all other journeys as if they are not of the same path. Our human journey is perceived to be different and separate to all other journeys, even though we are of the same path as the universe!! The human path isn't just of the same path than Earths path; it's the same as the universes path while experiencing a different journey while following the same path as everything else.

Look at this way, is experiencing time and space of the universe a path or a journey? Considering that journeys are of travelling from one place to another, therefore an indication of time and space, and that paths refer to an established line of travel or access that journeys are defined by, is not the journey of the path a line of travel or access? The journey is only an indication of the existence of time and space where the path is of time and space and timelessness therefore spaceless. Where is the universe travelling to? The universe is not travelling from one place to another, however, the universe is on a path from creation (birth) to a conclusion or end (death), and so is everything else of this universe no matter what. The universe is defined by time from its journey from creation to its end, while at the same time on a path of simply existing or being like everything else.    

Even if we go beyond time and space, meaning that any journey experienced is not governed by time and space, the journey is still governed by a path of existence or consciousness. Cannot some people access a state of timelessness? This state of timelessness is often experienced through practices like meditation where time has no meaning, this is a journey, not a path, that can be experienced through accessing certain states of consciousness. Accessing this state is a line of travel for the consciousness to experience a journey governed by timelessness within time. It matter not what path the journey takes, it's still a path taken by a consciousness to experience. It's the journey that determines the path experienced, not the path that determines the journey experienced. Once you enter into a state of timelessness, there is no journey to be taken but a path of being in a state of timelessness. Everything is governed by the same path while on a different journey. The human experience is not a path onto it's own but one of many journeys.

You will notice that a lot of Eastern literature or philosophy refers to many paths in life, where a lot of Western literature or philosophy refers to a lot of journeys in life. I am not sure if the interpretation of Eastern philosophy into Western ideological perceptions is correct in regards to paths and journeys here. All I can do is define that journeys are only of time, being that journeys are only experienced in time and space. A path of travelling and experience is not defined by travelling from one point to another, like from birth to death; the path is simply a line of travel in what ever state or reality experienced. Simply, paths are not defined by travelling from (A) birth to (b) death but a line of travel taken by a journey experienced.

Yes, there are many journeys to be taken therefore experienced but while on the same path. Paths are only separated and divided by the journeys experienced, in other words only while perceiving through the perceptions of time can we have the perception of many paths. Ask yourself, what defines different paths? The journey experienced along that path, it's therefore the journeys experienced that defines a perceived different path, not the path that defines a different journey. It's the journeys experienced that defines a different separated path to other paths. There is really only one path with many journeys to be experienced.

And here we are, trying to force change on our own and each others paths, when all we need to do is influence a change upon our journeys to become aware. To become aware that it's not the many paths we need to force change upon, but to simply become aware of what we are doing when trying to force change upon what we perceive to be many paths. You simply need to be aware that everything is of the same path but on a different journey that are not separate to the path. The path in time and space simply creates separate journeys to be experienced while still of the path. What is a path without an individual journey? Singular, it's simply the journey that gives us a perception of separate individual paths. Simply think the path to be singular instead of plural, meaning, of many individual paths.

Look at it this way, how many people following the same path of, for example, materialism or spirituality experience a different journey even on the same path? It's the journey experienced that makes a path seem different to all other paths. To people like me, realities primarily governed by time therefore separation and division seem upside down. As I wrote some time ago, it's not the questions that formulate (create) the answers, it's the answers that formulate (create) the questions. Here we are looking for the questions to the answers when we should be looking for the appropriate answers to the questions, in actuality, when the answers simply appear by desisting in our separatist ways, the questions to the answers are no longer relevant. 

Simply influence the way we, not you as a separate entity, experience the journey.      

Monday, 26 February 2018

Genuine Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

This video was presented by a person who I took under my wing to all her friends; I looked after them because they were having trouble assimilating into Australian culture, very much on their own accept for a child. They were trying to assimilate that much that they tried to assimilate into a religion they didn't understand.

Because this person was from Cambodia, I gave them a book on Buddhism. It's OK to assimilate into another culture but you don't have to personally give up the culture you are conditioned to, this also means not giving up an ideology and/or philosophy you are conditioned to. Of course if the ideology and/or philosophy are in conflict with the culture you are trying to assimilate into, often compromises have to be met.

I am so proud of this person presenting such a video on genuine love to all their friends, my guidance has proven itself to be true. So often do we guide people down our own path when they have their own path to follow. Yes, be expressive of your own path, which may or may not be helpful to other people's path, but avoid leading people down your own path.

What does a teacher do, do they guide their students down their own path or guide the students down the students own path? The teacher is simply being expressive of their own path that may or may not be helpful to the students own path. As they say," You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. "You can guide a student to your own waters but you can't make them of your own waters, this is unless the student's path is a part of your waters.

You could imagine how I feel that someone I have guided presented such a compelling video to all their friends. Genuine love isn't of attachments or desire, it's of the release of attachments and desires, Even attachments to ideological concepts that teach/preach love are not of genuine love. Attachments period are not of genuine love but of a desired love.

My own path is not to follow ideological concepts that I attach myself to but to use these ideological concepts simply as a guide, of course other people's path is to become attached to ideological concepts and use them as everyone's path. One is expressive of genuine love the other isn't.

It's not about what the teacher feels but of what the student feels. Genuine love is all about what the student inwardly and outwardly feels; this is the teacher's role. The student within us must also be guided in the same way without losing the teacher's guidance of genuine love.

Monday, 5 February 2018

A Journey to Behold

Written by Mathew Naismith

I feel like a charlatan at present. Having posted over two thousand posts on topics like letting go in one sense or another, I still have an attachment to a journey I have no passion to belong to for I have my own journey to follow. I am not talking about a path as in our own personal paths that we follow through the collective human journey; I am talking about a journey that my path has lead me down to.
My family individual paths are following the present human journey, a journey conditioned to one order trying to dominate each path being followed. This means that all paths must follow the present dominating journey or perish, however, my path is leading me down a different journey, a journey where a particular order doesn't dominate all other paths lead.

The Roman Empire, the Napoleon Empire and the world order of Adolph Hitler's fascism, are of world orders; the human collective consciousness has been conditioned over thousands of years to the dominance of an order over all individual paths. All paths are to serve the order or perish, this is apparent today as a one world order once again tries to dominate over all other orders and paths lead.

Confucius died disheartened in China because he was unable to influence his countries journey to a great degree, his countries journey was of course following what China was conditioned to on a collective human scale. I would say Jesus was also disappointed at his attempt to influence the collective human consciousness as well, as of anyone with a true sense of love and compassion would for the collective consciousness.

You could say people like this tried to change the collective conscious journey rather than just simply influence the collective human conscious journey. The influence wasn't done in a way that inferred force, deception, lying and brutality under one order, so it wasn't to change the collective journey but to influence it in a way to be more moderate within its order.

A one world order will denounce or, if applicable, totally ignore anything it's proclaimed as being negative, especially if it's of toxic vibrations. It's of course understandable that a one world order will feel that other orders are of bad toxic vibration, these people will literally feel bad vibrations from other orders it sees as a threat or has disdain for.

Do you see where I am coming from in relation to new age spirituality? It's of the same order it's trying to extricate itself from so it denounces anything not of its order as what? Toxic, bad vibrations and so on it goes. Yes, while being of another journey collectively, we will feel that the present journey is negative and even toxic to our new order, the trick is to not treat a break away human collective journey as being an order. As species have evolved from other species over millions of years, I believe a new consciousness will evolve from the present human consciousness, this can't be obtained if we are still of the old order or of any order to be precise.

Yes, it is possible that western perceptions like love and light are of a different path while following the same human collective journey, in actuality this seems to be the case but I don't think it's meant to be.

The more unconditionally loving we become, the more accepting we become, our acceptance should be more unconditional not less. There is simply more conditions in what we don't and do accept, considering that to truly love one must be accepting, being less accepting isn't truly love, it's a desire. Try loving something you don't accept, within this unacceptance there is a huge amount of conditions. How many conditions are their to a world order? This is why there is no true love within a one world order, only desire. Yes, many of us simply desire a new human journey which will only continue us on the present journey unbeknownst to us.

I accept my family's journey as being their journey and not mine; this is the same on a collective human scale, within this I can truly love what I am parting from. Yes, the present human journey feels simply not of my own, should this really mean it's toxic or even negative like a world order? You will find what you truly love hard to detach or extricate yourself from, as it should be if we are truly becoming a part of a new consciousness.

You should love what you are detaching yourself from, this is simply not occurring. You must love it for what it is, not what you desire it to be in accordance with your own order. The journey to behold is simply not of an order, it's far more accepting than that...... 

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Chosen Path

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've experienced some interesting interactions with other people recently. Are people like me critically judgemental or simply expressing what we observe in the absence of a black and white mentality? It's wise to be aware when people lash out at other people, it's good sign their being controlled by the ego. This reaction of course needs a depiction of one thing in reference to something else, for example, the comparing of a negative in reference to a positive. It's what I call a black and white mentality; it has to be one or the other.

When an ego in control lashes out in critical judgment, this has to be done through a black and white mentality, being that the ego in control is always positive and the critically judged is always negative. How often do people like me critically judge like this, it's simply wrong or right, negative or positive, black or white? Now, how many other people judge through a wrong or right, negative or positive, black or white mentality? It is however natural for the ego in control to turn the tables or the emphasis from itself to anything else threatening it's control and existence, people like me are a prime example of this.             

I will now share a recent post I posted on a forum that is in relation to this topic, I also inserted one of my replies I wrote.   


I don't get this, maybe someone on here can assist me with this.

People like me are often critically judged as being narcissistic, negative, egotistical, toxic and so on it goes, for simply expressing our own experiences and observations. People like me usually observe through the absence of a black and white mentality, an ego in control obviously finds this most threatening.

People's egos who judge through a black and white mentality, will often define anyone not of their egos liking narcissistic, negative, egotistical, toxic and so on, how else would anyone critically judged other people in this way?

Through the judgment of a black and white mentality, people like me are supposed to be (judged) narcissistic. Just recently I wrote a post stating first up that I know little of this particular subject, I also often state that a lot of what I write is channelled through me and not from me. I have even stated that what is being channelled through me I know very little about.

I'm also suppose to be (judged) egotistical, a strange egotism when I often express myself in a way that a controlling ego finds threatening, in the process making myself exceptionally unpopular. Just because someone expresses their experiences that questions the control the ego has over us, doesn't make the person egotistical but of course it will to an ego in control.

It's like a drug addict addicted to an addiction, the controlling ego will lash out at anything questioning it's existence and it's control. The controlling ego sees people like me as being a huge threat to it's control, of course the ego in control is going to lash out like this, just like a drug addict.

People like me are also supposed to be (judged) as being judgmentally critical. If I was to judge in accordance with a black and white mentality, of course I would be judgmentally critical. Honestly, I would be exactly like the people who judge people like me so critically through their black and white mentality.

Of course an ego in control is going to lash out like this, it's perfectly natural for an ego in control to lash our in fear of it's own control and existence. In actuality, if people's egos didn't lash out at people like me, I simply wouldn't be following my chosen path in life.


My Reply
Making reference to old energy patterns refer to the past, you can't have a perception of time without making reference to the ego as time is motion and all motion is ego.

So, if I was to refer to certain patterns as being old, I am in actuality making reference directly and mainly to the ego. 

Old is in reference to new, a black and white mentality, which can only exist in an ego based reality/existence.  This is exactly how the ego tricks us in thinking the new isn't of the ego when it's just as much if not more of the ego.  There is simply no new or old in relation the divine consciousness, why? The divine consciousness is infinite in nature, not finite, this simply means it's not based on time but timelessness. Because there is no time, the perception of old or new can't exist because the perception of old and new needs a starting point of origin to exist  to start with, there is simply no starting point of origin within the divine consciousness.  In actuality, the divine consciousness isn't above human consciousness, only the ego in control perceives this to be the case. One being over and above another is pure ego, nothing else.     

Also, having any kind of disdain for the old consciousness is egotistical; this includes having disdain for anyone who defends this so-called old consciousness.  In my mind, too many people into spirituality today exist in disdain, this is pure ego for only can the ego express disdain. 

Do people like me truly defend this old consciousness?  When you truly live by the divine, what is old and new, black and white? This kind of consciousness in my mind can't possibility exist within the divine consciousness but many people obviously think it  does.  The ego can be exceptionally deceptive, it's wise to be aware of this, but as always, the ego will at all cost refute what I have stated here, or, it is simply unable to acknowledge what I have stated here. 

 Are people like me narcissistic or egotistical for pointing out the obvious? The ego in control will always say yes, however, the ego that isn't in control will say no for obvious reasons.  Please don't be duped by the ego, it's a tricky little devil but only when in control.   
I should point out, when people like me make reference to egotistical in relation to myself or others, this observation isn't of disdain like the ego in control  perceives, it's simply pointing out an obvious that motion is naturally limiting, nothing more. People like me simply don't have disdain for egotism for it's not of the divine consciousness to do so. If to the controlling ego defending old consciousness is ego, people like me are happy to be of the ego in the egos mind, for this shows we are not of the ego but of the divine.  Simply, the ego is a trickster, it will always accuse itself of being of itself, within this, the ego will always be in control.

Ok, I see now, acknowledging that the divine consciousness isn't of some higher stature than human consciousness is going to be impossible to imagine.

There is no true separation between the divine consciousness and human consciousness, within this understanding, how can divine consciousness be of a higher stature? Only through ego is everything separated and of levels/separations. 

As I understand it, divine consciousness only observes a difference in motion between itself and human consciousness. Human consciousness is merely seen as limited in nature, it's not judged as being of a lower stature to itself. Yes, the ego will see that a more limited consciousness as being of a lower stature, only can the ego judge in levels like this, this is not the case for the divine consciousness.

So if a consciousness is limited, it's of a lower stature!! Only to the ego in control is this the case, so why an ego in control? The perception of levels is all about control, the control and dominance of a lower level, in other words, control and dominance over a consciousness that is limited.

Divine consciousness simply means a limitless consciousness, an infinite consciousness in nature.   

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Spiritual Primary Objectives

Written by Mathew Naismith

We will certainly find ourselves in a different reality than what we are presently experiencing collectedly at times, this shows in the different ways we respond to various situation in our lives. We tend to behave differently  at times to situations that others around us also experience, this can feel isolating and alienating. Our response can also be misinterpreted by other people around us, most often in relation to their own responses, their perceptions have to be also of ours!!

We also need to be aware that other people's perceptions are not going to be ours either. It's obvious that we can exist in a different reality while experiencing the same collective reality, this is likened to that we have our own personal path to follow while experiencing the same collective human journey.

It's quite understandable that life, while experiencing quite a different path to the human journey, will become daunting to us at times. We will at times be subject to unjust ridicule and abuse, this is inevitable. It's like living as a Christian in an extremist Islamic region of the world, and yes, it can be this daunting at times, actually, for some people it can indeed be this frightening and isolating/alienating.

We can ourselves also become extreme within our judgment of other people following the human journey itself, just because our path might not be of the human journey, doesn't mean the human journey being followed by the mass is wrong or incorrect. We must remember, we are the one's deviating from the collective human journey, within this action, we should expect to be abused and ridiculed. However, the collective human journey is not fixated to a certain journey and yes,  everyone has a right to influence what path this collective human journey takes.

Individually, I've been abused and ridiculed, at times to the extreme, not just by strangers or friends, colleagues and acquaintances, but by family in particular only because I have chosen to follow a different path on my journey. Because I can instantly separate myself from other people's path's, including family members paths, I'm often labelled hateful and spiteful only because I no longer feel at home intermingled within their paths. My whole journey became a completely different path to theirs. You can actually liken this to a spiritualist who goes out to find their inner truer self, they most often separate themselves from friends and family. Within certain cultures in the world, this is accepted, in other cultures it's not.

I can be very close to people and instantly severe this closeness when my own path beckons me to. Yes, I have emotionally hurt certain people by being able to instantly separate myself from their present path, this is by no way intentional. I must, as we all should, follow our own path, this at times isn't always accepted by some people around us. This can't be helped when being true to yourself and following your own path and not being of someone else's path. My families path in particular became no longer of my own path, this was evident in the obvious difference between our paths. The difference between our paths became more and more evident as time went by, I was no longer comfortable or felt at home within their path for various reasons.

As they have become hateful or intolerant of me, I was also supposed to be of them, they perceived that I too was of their path still so I had to hate them but of course that couldn't be further from the truth. I simply no longer had no similarity with my families path, we were obviously going in quite different directions. When I instantly make a decision to separate myself from a path I no longer associate with, there is no malice or hate involved, it's a simple  decision to separate myself from a path that no longer belongs as a part of my path. My journey has become indifferent to the collective human journey, it's this simple but it is then easy to judge how wrong or negative the human collective journey is, this of course isn't the case.

Each journey has it's own paths to follow, as of each and every path, the journey itself has a reason to exist, it's worthy to the souls experiencing a particular journey, maybe not to us any more but it is to them.

This will no doubt seem cold hearted to some people, I can emotionally detach myself from anyone not of my path no matter who they are. I am not permanently fixated to anything through emotions, of course at times separation can be emotionally draining and upsetting for me, after all, separating oneself from someone's path isn't easy, especially when a lot of emotions are involved. As I become more of my primary self, truer inner self, I will indeed feel I no longer relate to a reality, a human journey, that is more of a secondary existence, an existence that is of anything but of it's truer being.

A secondary existence is all about motions. Our hair grows so we have to cut it, we get dirty so we have to wash, we go to work to earn money to survive in a world based purely on motion. A primary existence is anything but of this kind of motion, there is no need of motion to exist. Motion doesn't determine if something exists or not, motion, which all secondary existences are based on, only refers to expressions of motionlessness, motionlessness being of a primary existence. Basically, motions refer to an expression or movement of our motionless primary existence.

The reason why our truer being is associated with our primary existence, has to do with motion itself, as soon as our primary existence is expressed as motion in a secondary existence, these expressions become distorted. The reason for this lies entirely on that motion is created by an ignorance, to one degree or another, of our primary existence. How much motion today are we creating or expressing and how fast is time now seemingly going for us? Now how destructive have we become? Destruction relates directly to motion and how fast motion or time seems to be going, for an example, is a car going slow going to cause more damage when it crashes than going fast? Any energy going fast will cause more damage to anything in it's path than energy going at a slower pace.

Meditating is a prime example of how to slow down our own energy flows. When we meditate, we become more of our primary self, numerous other spiritual practices do the same. In a reality primarily of secondary existence (motion),  a balance of our other existence, the primary existence, is wise, especially when a secondary  existence becomes overly destructive, especially onto itself.

Primary Existence = motionlessness + slow or sedate energy flows

Secondary Existence =  motion + fast or chaotic energy flows

There is a distinct difference between writing
 from experience, and writing from the knowledge of experience.
Wisdom is gained from direct experiences, not knowledge from experiences!!

~Mathew G~

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Being Aware - A More Placid Existence

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's obvious to me that being aware gives me a more accepting disposition, this in turn gives me a more placid existence, this state however is only acquired if one is aware beyond certain conditionings set down in the following.

I have observed that many people are struggling with what is going on in the world at present, I have also observed that others who ignore and /or separate themselves from these adversities, seem content and placid, this is until they are themselves directly influenced by these adversities adversely.  

The following is but a guide to a more aware and accepting placid existence.

~ Condition yourself to all of  what is going on in human consciousness, even to the adversities, this will allow you to cope better with these adversities when they influence you. Staying ignorant or separate to these adversities actually makes you a lot more vulnerable than other people who are conditioned to these adversities. This however doesn't mean you allow these adversities to condition you to become these adversities, it means to only become aware of these adversities. You can be within these adversities without being of these adversities.

~  Now this is a big one, try not to judge what is wrong or right, good or bad, negative or positive, black or white, this also means not to judge what is judged to be positive because one will always create the other to the same extent. To also judge what is positive, means there has to be a negative to compare a positive to, wouldn't it be better if we didn't have a judged negative to begin with?

~ Observe instead of judging. A true observation will only observe a difference without the separation of judgment, for example, one will observe what is and isn't destructive without judging a positive or negative within this observation. Observation means to become aware of your environment where judgment means to stay ignorant to our environment. Observation also means to become aware of all perceptions without bias, however, judgment means to stay ignorant to any other perception but your own.

~ Now we come to love. Love naturally detracts from destructive tendencies, this is because once a consciousness truly loves, it is quite unable to destroy anything. A true sense of love is also of awareness, this is the main reason why this kind of love is unable to be destructive for only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy, a truly aware consciousness is unable to express destructive tendencies, however......

~ It's wise to be also aware that human consciousness is conditioned to abuse and misuse any trait that will seem to benefit it, religion, spirituality, politics, materialism, are good examples of this abuse and misuse, this abuse and misuse in turn will of course create extremes. Human consciousness is but one journey with infinite paths to follow, however to make things interesting, we also have a choice to evolve further from this human consciousness or not.  

~ Become aware that human consciousness is but one journey we are all on no matter what path we are following, however, be also aware that another consciousness that is evolving from human consciousness is developing. This means that some of us will evolve and some of us won't and one consciousness will become more constructive, the other more destructive and some people will be comfortable with what is going on in the world at present, some people won't, there are no wrong or rights with this.

~ Some of us are indeed splitting away from human consciousness, it's likened to human consciousness forking of into a different journey to human consciousness, however, don't get the idea that human consciousness isn't ascending, human consciousness is ascending but it's not evolving into another more aware consciousness. Human consciousness is ascending into a more destructive consciousness, it's wise not to judge this as not being an ascension because it's unbecoming in some way to us. Ascension isn't governed by how a consciousness thinks and expresses itself, an ascending consciousness only has to improve on itself, in anyway.

~ Indeed, the consciousness that is evolving from human consciousness, will once again entail infinite paths while this evolved consciousness is but once again one journey, one consciousness. These paths within this consciousness will be nothing like the paths that are followed in human consciousness's journey, they will be quite different because the journey (consciousness) will be different. One consciousness = journey, individual consciousness's = paths, one journey being taken by many consciousness's on different paths.

~ This new evolved consciousness will be very different to human consciousness, try to let go of this human consciousness, this human consciousness is ascending through technology and corruption but it's still a consciousness that will never be truly aware and passive, it's purely unable to for any length of time.

~ We don't just have a choice of paths to experience, we now have a different journey to choose to experience our paths through, it's indeed a lively time to exist as a 3rd dimensional consciousness.

~ One more thing, try not to judge each other, the journey you have chosen to follow, either it be spiritual or materialistic, is but a journey, one is not wrong or right over the other even though either side might have disdain for the other!! There are of course people who have not judged one journey being more worthy than the other, however, these people have observed that one is more destructive than the other, in the end, you must go with what you feel is the right journey for you to take. 


Monday, 1 December 2014

Learning to Live within Our Present Environment

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had a simple reply to my last post, “Pacifying the Chaos within Our Lives”, it made a very good point, it certainly isn’t easy giving up self-empowerment and control blindly but I will explain why giving up such attachments doesn’t have to be done blindly.

Giving away "personal" power blindly can be PAINFUL . . .

My reply
Yes indeed that's the point, you can't expect yourself or anyone else to blindly give up any kind of self-empowerment and control, if we do it's going to be seemingly difficult.

However, I find it easier realising what my actions and reactions are going to create, the more I react the more chaos I'm going to create. The only thing that off shoots this is our self-empowerment and that is why we self-empower ourselves, this in turn however only creates even more chaos through our reactions. It's easier to do but what it creates only makes things harder in the long run and not just for the human race either.

We have been self-empowering ourselves for thousands of years which has produced what we have today, total chaos and destruction. The only other way we could destroy this planet any better than we are now is to white light the whole planet.

If we realise what we are recreating time and time again, chaos, through our endless reactions, are we truly blindly giving up empowerment? Where not because we are now aware of what our actions and reactions are continually causing. Within being aware of this you are not blindly giving up anything, you are quite aware in what you are giving up, a never ending stream of chaos and destruction.  If we are unaware of what our reactions are causing, yes we would be blindly giving up self-empowerment but were not once we become aware of what less reaction actually gives us.

Self-empowerment and control at the human level is a must only if we desire to control the environment we are living in instead of just living with the environment we are living in.  Because I don’t really like writing, I must be self-empowering myself to write when in fact all I am doing is going with the flow of what comes to me, I am living within the environment I am presently in not against it, this is my path. This is the same with anyone who has long term trauma, we can live and work with this or we can work against this thus creating more chaos and trauma not less. Just taking painkillers or drinking alcohol for example seems like the easy path to follow but the harder path is much more rewarding mainly because it’s not of a destructive chaos.   

Do I have a choice to follow this path or not? Yes, the other path is to take control of the path I am on and create it to my own liking, this is self-empowerment.  Once we have changed this path to what we desire through self-empowerment and control, is this path still a part of the natural environment?  It’s no longer a natural part of the environment but it’s a lot easier to walk on but what is this unnatural path creating? It’s creating chaos because it’s a reaction to what was a natural part of the environment, nature, our original true path before we changed it through our empowerment and control. What have humans always done through their self-empowering?  Created a perfect world of chaos and destruction because it seemed like an easier way to go, an easier path to follow once we changed such paths through our own self-empowerment.  

Don’t be conned, we don’t need to be self-empowered and controlling to find peace and tranquillity actually it’s quite the opposite, just live with the environment we are living in, in the  present  moment without push and pull, cause and effect.  This isn’t easy but it’s a lot better than creating a never ending stream of destructive chaos.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Walking in Each Other’s Path

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is strange how we help others out within their path by walking along our own path which at times becomes intertwined with others; this is indeed a very common occurrence. The funny thing is with me I was going to change where I was going numerous times in my life but never did which would have quite dramatically changed where I am now. This of course would have changed my path’s direction which of course wasn’t meant to be obviously.  

I’m a simple down to earth carpenter/joiner who never in a million years considered taking up writing until I could no longer enjoyably & successfully continue in my trade & even then I still had no aspirations to write, it just eventuated. I started off writing my insights down on paper over three years ago, going on the net & starting up a blog was never on my mind at this stage. My writing skills have improved to one degree or another over the said three years. My first blog, which is no longer with us, was titled Science of Spirituality; it was focused more on the sciences of spirituality however with my current blog it’s probably a little more about the spirituality of life & science. My first blog was well received especially by metaphysical minded people however going back & rereading some of my earlier posts from this blog I realised my writing skills have improved believe it or not, I see my earlier posts as being quite….how would I really put it….Yucky. My writing style has also changed.

This brings us to intertwined paths; wanting to further improve on my writing skills I have recently asked my stepdaughter (Karla) to proof read/edit my posts seen as she has a double major in English & music. Karla also wants to go back to uni to study in publishing & editing. Karla is thrilled to help me out but in turn I will be helping her out with her future studies for the main reason that Karla will have to learn to edit such written work.

Many times have I come close to changing my path to the extent I wouldn’t have even met up with Karla’s mum which of course would have changed Karla’s destiny to some degree. At times it’s the little changes that occur in one’s life that can be the most life changing. In my late-teens I could have easily gone off on another path, a seemingly much easier path than what I took but if I did would my stepdaughter have had the help that she will be getting now? It’s not the proof reading that will be challenging but keeping the content of the written work intact, the content within my posts is a little daunting within itself & I can see it will be quite a challenge for her as Karla’s not spiritually minded like I am.

When I write my insights & views down & insert them into my blog I really don’t know if I’m helping anyone or not until someone confirms that I am, this can be quite daunting for a writer at times.  If all I’m supposed to do is help Karla out it’s all well worth the trials & tribulations.  At times we can all feel that life is quite daunting for us in anything we do but then comes the connection that makes the daunting parts of our lives seem worthwhile & ineffective within their discouragement.

It is said that I’m supposed to write a book, at this point in time I can’t see that happening however the interconnectedness I seem to be going to have with my stepdaughter probably infuses such foretelling. Even if a book isn’t on the cards at least Karla will hopefully help me to improve on my posts & writing skills, I certainly need that!!  My best advice is with life period, listen to the gut feelings/intuition & go with the flow.