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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Spiritually Making Real Changes- A Re-connection

Written by Mathew Naismith

To be totally honest straight up I should mention that I will be making reference to the Antediluvian period of time, if you are not a believer of this time period it’s probably pointless reading on. This post is based on the collective of this universe, a collective that I feel we have allowed ourselves to become separated from; this has made a huge difference to our existence as I will further explain.

What’s actually happening to us, why are spiritually aware people feeling and knowing that there is a much better way to exist?  I feel it’s all to do with becoming reconnected to the collective again through our heightened awareness.

A soon as we become spiritually aware we are in my mind reconnecting ourselves to this collective, while we are doing this we are feeling there are much better ways to exist. What I think is happening is we are literally becoming aware of actual existences within this and most probably other universes, these feeling we are getting are normal when we become reconnected to this collective.

Recently while in conversation with other people, snippets (fragments) of memory have been coming back to me. While talking about vibrations and healing, I realised back in the ancient Egyptian times we knew about vibrational signatures, being a healer back then I realised this is how we healed.  DNA is a vibrational signature not just of an individual but a species as well; we used vibrations to bring people back into health at times changing their DNA. How was this possible back then?  It all comes down to becoming reconnected to the universal collective I feel. This knowhow actually came from other worlds, existences, through becoming reconnected to this universal collective.

Why wasn’t this carried through from ancient Egyptian times? Ego, the people in power had no direct control over this re-connectedness so they dealt with it in one way or another, this kind of egotistical driven action broke off the connection to this universal collectiveness (universal consciousness), the same thing is obviously happening today, there are people in power that don't want us to become reconnected to this consciousness because they know they can’t control it.

What happened in the antediluvian period, why did this period just vanish without seemingly any trace of it existing?  

If you look closely and with an open mind, the traces of this period are abound as the following link will show.  

What did indeed happen was ego, no one in power wanted anything they couldn’t control, these people could not control what was coming through from this universal collectiveness so they did basically what we are doing today which eventually destroyed themselves.  Once you become totally disconnected to this universal collectiveness you become vulnerable to any and every source, this source is usually egotistical and destructive even to itself.

Now if you know it or not, if you are feeling there are indeed better ways to exist you are most probably connected to this universal collective (consciousness).  You can see why so many spiritually aware people are so unsettled, they don’t want to know about what is actually negatively happening in the world anymore, all they want to know is about a better way to exist mainly because of their re-connectedness to this universal collective.  

Certain people however need to be aware of what is happening in the world, most people who are reconnected to this universal collectiveness don’t in my mind, all they need to do is become aware of their re-connectedness and what it means, in other words focus on this re-connectedness.  

So why do certain people in the world need to be aware of all of what is happening in the world?

To be aware that what is happening in the world today has happened a number of times before, this allows such people to remember and know what is happening is all to do with becoming disconnected to this universal collective and to pass this on to others who will listen and in turn make them more hopefully aware.

What can I say; it’s all to do with being a part of the whole collective again.   

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Learning from the Past

Written by Mathew Naismith

While in discussion with another person about my last post mythology, biblical prophecies & the antediluvian period came into the discussion mainly because it relates to the way a lot of spiritually aware people are feeling today.  How would past human history reflect on the way we feel? In timelessness there is no past or future obviously so everything that seemed to be in the past is still very much of the now, also the past in time didn’t occur by accident I believe, it was for us to learn from.  Let me put it this way, do most of us learn from our mistakes in our lives? Human history is no different from living a normal human life accept in time it’s much longer however if we think beyond time we see the whole of human history likened to one human life lived, now look at human history again.

Yes of course if we look at human history as a lesson to be learnt, just like we do in everyday life, we can see it occurred to give us guidance in time however what has happened is our egos have taken the past as just being of the past & is seen to be antiquated even though a lot of the technology in the past has been shown to be quite advanced. The ego doesn’t want to know that in certain points in the Earth’s history we were more advanced than we are now in a lot of ways especially in awareness, this brings us to the antediluvian period of time in Earth’s history.

The following link has a problem with the home page but in my mind is still worth a read.

Most people don’t know or don’t want to know about the antediluvian period of time in Earth’s history mainly because of the ego is telling us how could there be anything else than what our belief system is telling us, there can’t be anything more grandeur than what my belief system is all about surly.  This brings us back to the antediluvian period of time before the great flood, did there ego cause their demise? I’m going to theorise it did mainly because we are doing the same thing today.

I believe in the antediluvian period of time they acquired knowing we are still on the brink of knowing & most importantly understanding so how did they cause their own demise? To answer this we should ask another question, if we look at our own period of time what is going to cause our demise bar a natural disaster?  It all comes down to the controlling factors of the ego & always has right throughout human history. How many different cultured people have been wiped off the face of the Earth in human history because of ego? We couldn’t have wars if we didn’t allow the ego to take control of us, that would be an impossibility.

In the antediluvian period they were quite advanced mainly because of their awareness beyond knowledge, knowledge didn’t hinder their advancements because of their awareness beyond their current knowledge at any given time. And no I don’t believe knowledge & awareness are the exact same thing as knowledge is more controlling than awareness as explained in past posts of mine, knowledge denotes control & control of any kind can hinder one’s awareness beyond our knowing. However this didn’t seem to occur in the antediluvian period mainly because of influences from other sources to begin with.  What I think happened is they were so aware of advanced technology they became unaware of the self especially of the ego self & how it can be quite controlling & noticeably destructive. The ego self is quite constructive until it becomes controlling. I believe the ego self, through it’s constructiveness, was why the people of the antediluvian period became so aware & knowledgeable however the knowing of so much high tech knowledge overwhelmed their egos turning their ego self’s into controlling egos. If you look through the known & accepted part of human history this kind of occurrence is quite prevalent, the Roman Empire is a good example.  

I think this is why we are so aware of the controlling factors of the ego today especially in relation to spiritual awareness so we don’t make the same mistakes of the past however just because the controlling ego is noticeably destructive doesn’t men the ego self is. Demonising the ego all together isn’t the way to go I believe, understand the controlling factor of the ego is. Any extreme action is only going to bring more extreme living conditions like the controlling ego has done however complete awareness can only bring us balance. Will we learn from our past? That is a question yet to be answered in time but is already known out of time!!